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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 34


Volume 08 Chapter 34 - Arrival

Earth, in the sky above the Atlantic Ocean.

Hua Hua...

The dark and endless ocean rippled.

It was China time 9.30am, far in the distance, it was still dark, in the air above the raging sea, a silver grey ship floated. There was no apparatus on earth that detected it's existence.

Within the control room, a group of explorers were extremely excited.


A childlike figure appeared on the control board's screen, a clear and crisp voice sounded, ’’According to speculation, this planet has a spherical shape, with a diameter of 6400km. Its surface area is about 5 billion square kilometers, dry land takes up 29.2% of it and 70.8% is all water surfaces. Its gravitational pull is at 0.11 of the universe accurate gravity. Its air make up is nitrogen taking up 78% and oxygen 21%...’’

The ship's AI 'Atuka' swiftly reported the simplest and easiest figures.

’’Very good.’’

The captain's expression was serious, his eyes filled with a sense of madness, turning to look at the eight other crew members behind who were just as excited as he was. ’’Attention all, it's almost time for our hard work to bear fruit. However, it's most crucial at this time, that all the more we don't get cocky and careless! After all, this was a planet that an Undying Being once governed, and we have virtually no information about it at all!’’

The eight crew members held their breaths.

’’Discovering a leaderless planet, we have to be extra cautious and careful! Who knows whether this aboriginal planet has some absolute warriors.’’ The captain said seriously.

A ship can capsize even without any waves, after all, this sort of thing had happened before.

A few universe scout groups, have occasionally discovered several aboriginal planets, but because of their cockiness and carelessness, they were all killed by the aboriginal planet's warriors! They died just when they were about to taste victory and success!

’’Understood, captain.’’

’’Captain, you can relax, we won't get careless.’’

’’How can this ship capsize so easily, we are not people who've been through life and death experiences just once or twice.’’

The crew members guaranteed.

The captain nodded satisfied: ’’We'll approach everything with the greatest care, safety comes first.’’

’’If nobody on this planet is stronger than us, then, we will attain an incredible reward.’’

’’If there are strong warriors here, then, we will have two routes. One is to inform the slave owners, the other is to inform my family.’’ The captain emphasized, meeting a strong warrior on an aboriginal planet, this sort of thing was common in the history of the universe, the main job of the explorers were to discover the planet.

They didn't need to fight it out.

The captain looked at the screen: ’’Atuka, begin full detailed analysis of this planet, with the greatest speed, acquire this planet's information.’’

’’Captain, this planet has a news network.’’ The head figure on the screen seemed excited, ’’I can hack into the network and swiftly acquire the information.’’

’’Very good.’’ The captain's eyes lit up.

’’It even has it's own network?’’

The crew members were shocked as they laughed.

Normally in the history of the universe, newly discovered aboriginal planets were usually not advanced at all.

’’Swiftly hack in, from it's economics, religion, warriors, armies, science and technology, etc, we can understand this entire planet.’’ The captain ordered, ’’The most important thing is the data of the fighters! Put that as your priority!’’

’’Yes, captain!’’

Atuka complied, easily and swiftly hacking into earth's network.

This universe scout ship was incredibly advanced, far exceeding the current technology of earth, comparable to the black dragon ship.

Swiftly and silently, Earth's history along with much of it's information was gathered, besides several physical stockpiles or secret data that was hidden offline. Everything else that was freely circulated and easily found were all gathered! No one on Earth realized this at all.

At that time, China's Jiang-Nan headquarter city, Luo Feng's castle's balcony.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were sitting around a table.

’’I've long reached the peak of the Star Traveller level 9, why can't I seem to breakthrough?’’ Thunder God rubbed his bald head unsatisfied, ’’With third brother's secret manuals, my skills and energy expanse have greatly strengthened. Right now even Brother Hong has reached the Star Traveller level 9, but regarding the physique of the fighter, I've always been stronger than him.’’


Hong glared at him, ’’I just stepped into level 9 and you are already at the peak.’’

’’No matter what, little third brother is still improving the fastest!’’ Thunder God exclaimed loudly.

’’Don't call me little third brother!’’ Luo Feng rubbed his nose.

The three greatest warriors of Earth were relaxing in their free time, oblivious to the fact...that at this time, a scout ship from the universe had already entered Earth, and swiftly gathering data through the online network. The one thing the three had been worried about and afraid of, the thing that they thought would only happen a long time later.

Was currently happening...


In the air above the Atlantic Ocean.

Above the dark sea, a silver grey ship was floating motionlessly.

Within the control room.

The captain and the eight crew members were quietly waiting, waiting for the ship's AI to collect all the data.

’’Captain, the collection of data about the fighters is complete!’’ Atuka shouted.

The eyes of the explorers within the ship all lit up.

The fighters' data was what they were most concerned about, if there was a warrior on a planet stronger than them, then their rewards from a planet would greatly diminish! However if the warriors on the planet were weaker than them, then, that planet would be theirs for the taking, and their rewards would be the greatest!

’’Speak.’’ The captain ordered.

’’Established universe language, systems activated for translating this planet's aboriginal languages.’’

’’This planet, is called 'Earth' by their people.’’

’’Earth has a total of close to 7 billion people, amongst them the number of student level is close to 1 million! And the number of Star Travellers, close to a 100! There are currently no Star levels!’’ Atuka said directly.

There was silence in the ship.

The captain and the eight crew members were stunned.

’’Hahaha...’’ The captain was the first to laugh excitedly.

’’Haha, that's great.’’ The black gorilla looking explorer was extremely excited.

’’Their Star Traveller count only nears 100, the fighters of this planet are just too weak. Not even one Star level.’’

The group of crew members were excited.

On the ship.

The captain's strength was undoubtedly the strongest, and the other members all had their own skills and techniques, including the captain, there were a total of three star levels! The other six, four of them were Star Traveller level 9 and the other two were repair and maintenance people of the ship. This amount of strength was sufficient to completely dominate Earth's warriors.

This way, they could do whatever they pleased, plundering and acquiring the greatest profits from the planet.

’’Captain, there's more detailed data that you have to see.’’ The ship's AI Atuka reminded.

’’What data?’’ The captain smiled.

When he first entered Earth, he was more cautious and careful, however after hearing the planet didn't even have one Star level, he was much more relaxed. Regarding Luo Feng's powerful army that he bought on Dragon Star, very few on Earth knew, even the various countries didn't know, hence it was untraceable even on the online network.

’’Captain, Earth's most renowned and three greatest fighters, are called Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God.’’ The AI Atuka said.

’’This is the footage of Luo Feng battling a monster.’’


The virtual image in mid air in the control room depicted back when Luo Feng killed the Eight Tentacle grand emperor.

’’This Earthling's flying speed is pretty fast, what is he stepping on?’’ A green skinned lady said shocked.

’’It's a spirit weapon!’’

’’To be able to move so fast in this planet, with such a huge air resistance, it's definitely a spirit weapon.’’

’’A Star Traveller punk actually has a spirit weapon?’’

’’Stupid! This was a planet that was controlled by an invincible warrior, he must have left some treasures behind.’’ The explorers were engaged in discussion.

However in the footage, Luo Feng used the arc cutter blade to kill the Eight Tentacle grand emperor...

’’Arc cutter blade!’’

’’A level 3 spirit weapon arc cutter blade!’’

The captain and the black gorilla man were shocked together, the black gorilla man's eyes lit up, roaring: ’’Captain, we've made it big, made it big!!! This planet definitely has treasures left behind by the invincible warrior from before, there's no other way an aboriginal planet could have produced a level 3 spirit weapon!’’

’’Yes.’’ The captain's eyes too lit up.

He understood well...

This Earth wasn't like the average aboriginal planets.

’’Captain, this second footage, shows the ones called Hong and Thunder God fighting!’’ The AI Atuka played a second footage from the network that was widely shared.

Hong and Thunder God were combining forces and battling the space beast the golden horned beast.

On the screen...

Hong and Thunder God had unleashed their domains, soul immolating and fighting to the death.

’’Damn, these are Star Travellers right, how can they all have domains? Both of them have their own domains?’’

’’That's sick, Star Travellers with their own domains? And two of them at a go? Even in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, it's unrealistic for two Star Travellers to have their own domains.’’

’’Really sick.’’

’’Look, that black clothed man suddenly made a pile of metal appear before him, it must be a spatial storage item! And the capacity amount seems pretty big too.’’

’’Spatial storage item, it's really a place that was governed by an invincible warrior before.’’

’’Look at what they are wearing.’’

’’That black dressed man, his armor seems weird! Definitely not your average battle uniforms.’’

The crew members were all shocked.

However the captain's expression was extremely serious, staring dead on at Hong and Thunder God facing the Golden Horned Beast!

The data on space beasts was extremely rare and little, and there weren't many who paid special attention to this information! While there were several public pieces of information in the Virtual Universe Network, these were but general introductions to some of the space beasts. As for detailed explanations on the Golden Horned Beasts, there were none.

One must know...

Even the master of the Yun Mo Planet, this Undying Being, knew only basic information about the Golden Horned Beast. The other normal explorers, most of them knew nothing. Only few of them had a rough understanding about them.


’’This, this is?’’

The captain was staring hard at the Golden Horned Beast on the screen, as an heir from the Nuolan Shan family, with exceptional education, and deemed as an exceptional mercenary in the universe, he once saw an introduction to the most terrifying space beasts, one of them was the brutal and savage space beast...the Golden Horned Beast!

’’Golden Horned Beast, it actually is the Golden Horned Beast! And from the looks of it, it's only a Star level 1 Golden Horned Beast? It's still only an infant Golden Horned Beast.’’

’’My god!’’

’’Such a young Golden Horned Beast, if captured alive, it would be worth ten times that of a planet!’’ The captain went totally breathless, perspiration beading from his forehead, blood boiling from the excitement.

This was wealth beyond anyone's dreams!

There's definitely an Undying Being willing to fork out money to buy an infant of the leading bloodline of the space beasts!


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