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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 33


Volume 08 Chapter 33 - The Universe Scout Ship Has Arrived

China time, Oct 29th, 8.30.

The weather was cool and refreshing this autumn.

The West Lake Courtyard had turned into the center of the entire world this day, armies and soldiers had been standing guard since early in the morning, the security surrounding the entire street was extremely strict. Fighter jets from the various countries and headquarter cities were landing in the Courtyard's grass patch, the leaders of the five great countries had all gathered in this place.

This was all because one of the three strongest in the world, Luo Feng, was holding an important meeting here today.

Luo Feng's strongest servant and guard team however, were all waiting in the west wing of the castle, not coming out at all.

And the persons in charge of welcoming and taking care of the large number of people, were personnel specially arranged by China.

The main floor of the castle, first floor grand meeting room.

The lights were resplendent.

Beside the enormous round table, stood many of the world's countries' and headquarter city's leaders enthusiastically engaging in conversations.

On Earth, there were a total of five great countries plus twenty three headquarter cities.

These headquarter cities mainly came from Asia, South America and Africa. Dark skinned people, light skinned people were all engaged in conversation. And as the owner, Luo Feng, was standing at the entrance of the meeting room beside Hong and Thunder God, welcoming every guest and leader.

9.00am, the meeting was starting.


In the air above the center of the round table, mini explosions occurred, shocking the leaders. From the explosions that gradually scattered and dispersed, appeared three virtual screens, depicting images from the vast space.

’’Attention all!’’

Luo Feng stood up, beside him sat Hong and Thunder God, his gaze sweeping past all the leaders in his surroundings, saying solemnly, ’’Today's meeting's importance is no less than the Great Nirvana or even the Swallowing Beast incident.’’


There was an uproar from the leaders.

’’Everybody look.’’ Luo Feng was pointing at the space image above the round table, ’’This is the universe, the vast universe! I believe everyone knows that out there, there are other humans and life. And I believe that many of the people sitting here actually know a lot more.’’

’’Our Earth, is a planet within the milky way that contains life, one of over 200,000 planets.’’ Luo Feng said directly, planets swiftly began to appear in the screen, amongst them the Bai Lan Star and some of its images, following that, the planets all shrank in size, a large image of the entire milky way took their place.

’’And the milky way, beta galaxy and the other eight great galaxies, form the Silverblue Empire!’’ Luo Feng's words shocked everyone in the room.

An empire that governs over eight great galaxies?

How powerful it must be!

It was something that was infinitely bigger than Earth itself.

Luo Feng listened to the leaders who had begun discussing in low voices, emphasizing solemnly: ’’However...the Silverblue Empire, is incredibly weak and small! It belongs to the lowest level of Empires, extremely weak and small.’’

’’How can that be?’’

’’The lowest level?’’

’’These are the eight great galaxies, one galaxy has about 200,000 life planets, such a huge empire.’’ These leaders, especially the leaders from the headquarter city had very little knowledge about such matters. They were all stunned by the news.

Luo Feng continued, ice cold in his expression, introducing the universe.

An hour and a half later.

There was silence in the meeting room.

’’Let me introduce to everyone a race.’’ Luo Feng pointed towards the changing image above the round table a huge planet appeared and in it, human silhouettes were flying about, ’’This is called the Black Meng race, they are one of the many human races planets about. A large portion of the Black Meng race's population have reached the Star Traveller level, numbering in the millions.’’

’’And among them there are even Star levels!’’

’’Their Star level fighters and spirit readers are high in numbers, they're incredibly shocking! There are many Star level 5 and 6 among them! Do you know, what do these Star level 5 and 6 represent? It means that every one of them is able to deal with the Swallowing Beast from back then!’’

’’The Black Meng race is much more powerful than the Swallowing Beast back then, and much more numerous!’’

Luo Feng's introduction perked the curiosity of many of the leaders.

Knowing the universe was vast wasn't enough, now Luo Feng was even introducing for the first time other races...From the leaders' points of view, this should be one of the stronger races in the universe.

’’How powerful, their powers can match the Swallowing Beast, and there's so many of them!’’

’’Beings that surpass the wargods, in the millions? That's crazy!’’

’’It's too crazy.’’

’’They reach the Star Traveller level so easily? The total number on Earth don't even add up to a hundred.’’

The various countries' and headquarter city's leaders were looking in envy at the virtual images.

When will it happen...

For Earth to be able to catch up with the Black Meng race?

Right now on Earth, there wasn't even one Star level!

A Star Traveller level 1 on Earth would already be a representative of the wargods! A position even bigger than a country's leader! However the Black Meng race...have too many of them to count. Just the image of their planet alone showed countless flying Star Travellers.

’’The Black Meng race, are a race in the universe that have been enslaved.’’ Luo Feng's voice grew more serious.

The entire meeting room's leaders were all dumbfounded.

A race that was thousands and tens of thousands of times stronger than Earth, was a race that was enslaved?

’’Their entire race and it's countless citizens have been enslaved! They are slaves, their later generations of children will remain as slaves! Slaves that have been implanted with the living microchips, sold off just like livestock and goods! Their children and grandchildren, generation after generation, have been unable to rise up!’’ Luo Feng's voice was as chilly as the underworld, causing the leaders to tremble in their seats.

Many of them had perspiration beading from their foreheads.

Children and grandchildren? That was extremely brutal!

They were slaves, slaves that were bought and sold!

’’Dare I ask Mr. Luo one question, how do you know all these?’’ Europe's female prime minister stood up.

’’Because I've entered the universe once.’’ Luo Feng said seriously, ’’However, I was scared by the brutality and truth of the universe, so much that I returned.’’


Entered the vast universe?

Luo Feng had been there?

’’Attention all.’’ Luo Feng looked at the leaders, ’’I've invited all of you here to tell you all, I believe everybody understands! As to whether you all believe or's very simple!’’

Luo Feng turned to a door beside: ’’Bring it here!’’

Immediately, a worker brought a black helmet up.

’’Consciousness transmitter helmet?’’

Some of the leaders reacted.

’’This isn't the type we use here on Earth, but the original source from the universe.’’ Beside, Hong said, ’’If the specialists from the various countries can come and take a look, they'll be clear that this is something from the universe. Many of the materials cannot be made or even found here on Earth.’’

’’This is something I brought from another planet in the universe.’’ Luo Feng looked at the leaders, ’’Through this consciousness transmitter helmet, each country can send one representative to use it, and enter the Virtual Universe Network.’’

’’Before, I've already explained the idea of the Virtual Universe Network.’’

Luo Feng's words caused an uproar once again.

Enter the Virtual Universe Network?

This was Earth, it was the first time ever truly connecting with the universe, they could clearly understand the news and information of just how vast the universe was.

’’Luo Feng, how many of these helmets do you have?’’ The senior official from china was excited.

’’For the consciousness transmitter helmets, I can provide six.’’ Luo Feng looked at the crowd, ’’Five great countries, twenty three headquarter cities, every headquarter city would have a one day usage period. The details, you can discuss on your own.’’ These were all prepared and planned himself earlier back when Luo Feng was buying the helmets.

To spur the evolution speed of the entire Earth's population, he needed to let them gain access to the external universe!

And entering the Virtual Universe Network was the best way, especially since these were untraceable accounts, anybody could use them.


The various countries all didn't have any universe currency, so even after entering the virtual universe, they could only see the normal news and information etc, they couldn't purchase anything or do anything else etc.

’’Mr. Luo,’’ The dark skinned prime minister from America seemed excited, ’’What you are saying is right, the magnitude of this is no lesser than the Great Nirvana, entering the virtual universe, this is the first step for us Earth humans to make contact with the universe, it is also a very crucial step indeed.’’

’’I still have more important things I've yet to say.’’ Luo Feng said.


The leaders in the meeting room had their eyes fixed on Luo Feng, awaiting the important news.

’’I have something called purple light drink, a very special liquid. Using just 10g of this, can make a high level student in the dojo evolve into a fighter.’’ Luo Feng said.


’’That's it?’’

’’This can't be a treasure.’’

The leaders, some of them couldn't help but break into discussions, the rest were staring at Luo Feng.

On Earth, there were other things that were better than the purple light drink, like the spirits of nature, back then, Luo Feng only used one portion of the spirits of nature to help his family members immediately become Student level 2 and 3. Its effectiveness was indeed powerful. they are extremely rare and small in portions, even wargods hardly had them.

The portions were too small, it didn't have any meaning.

’’I have a large amount of it.’’ Luo Feng said.

A bunch of the leaders were stunned.

’’How big of a portion, how many people will get to use it?’’ A headquarter city leader from Africa couldn't help but ask.

’’The entire world!’’

Luo Feng said seriously, ’’I can provide for the entire world's dojo's higher students, so long as there's any dojo with higher students, using the purple light drink, I can make them become fighters!’’

’’The entire world?’’

’’Provide for the entire world?’’

’’My god.’’

’’This, this...’’

Many people understood this theory, anything that was considered a treasure naturally was small in portions. Indeed, for such an amount of purple light drink, Luo Feng had spent 800 million Black Dragon dollars. Normal planets, like the Bai Lan Star and other planets' richest could never even reach such figures. It was indeed not easy to acquire such a huge amount.

’’The number of average people to the higher students in dojos, the ratio is about 100:1. Doesn't that mean that earth can produce up to 70 million fighters?’’

’’70 million?’’

’’Not just that many, many people give up after thinking there's no hope of becoming fighters. If they knew that just becoming a higher student would lead to an easy breakthrough to a fighter, many more will definitely work even harder! I believe the ratio has a chance of reaching 50:1, then, the number of fighters on Earth would increase by over a hundred million, the humans on Earth will begin to swiftly evolve, tens of millions times faster than the initially calculated evolution figure.

A bunch of leaders were so excited they seemed to have lost it for a moment.

This was something no amount of treasures and wealth could compete with, an excitement far beyond the materialistic gains could ever provide.

’’10g for one person, 1 kg would be one hundred people, a ton of purple light drink can provide for one hundred thousand people! Later, I'll go according to the population of each country and the ratio of ten to one, first providing close to seven thousand tons of purple light drink.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Seven thousand tons of purple light drink?’’

The entire group of leaders seemed to have been envisioning the great evolution of all the humans of Earth.

That day, Luo Feng went according to the various countries and headquarter cities and distributed set portions of purple light drink! This was the beginning of Earth's big evolution!

Every country could see the dawn of a new era.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God too were waiting in anticipation.


When all the countries and headquarter cities began testing the use of the purple light drink, celebrating from it's effects, it was China time, 23rd November 9.30am.

The sun was high in the vast sky, a silver grey disc shaped ship was closing in on Earth.

’’What a beautiful planet, green and blue, it's a moving color.’’

Within the ship's control room.

The tall and handsome, dressed in a silver battle uniform, captain looked happy and joyous, looking at the exterior through his virtual image simulator, the green blue planet. ’’It's intoxicating, I love it, yes, I love it! Because it can give me status, it can give me money!’’ Beside him, the crew were all shouting in excitement, totally unlike the captain's emotive expressions.


This planet without a leader, to these scout ships from the universe, was such a beautiful and joyous thing!


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