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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 32


Volume 08 Chapter 32 - Setting the Plan

Earth, China, Jiang-Nan headquarter city Yangzhou city.

Yangzhou City's most posh and bustling little district, was without question the West Lake Courtyard. This courtyard took up a vast space, the appearance of the river flowing was also modeled to pre Great Nirvana period when it was the Shou West Lake, on the sides of this remodeled river, the people had grown lots of trees.

The entire West Lake Courtyard had a total of twelve luxurious villas.


Even in the headquarter city era, status still existed, these twelve houses, if they didn't have any connections with the military, they would just simply have large amounts of wealth, having power and authority in society.


’’Take all the important items and documents and leave swiftly, after 15 minutes, the entire West Lake Courtyard shouldn't exist.’’

’’Hurry, hurry, hurry!’’


Vehicle after vehicle swiftly transported the families' important items. In mid air, three disc shaped battle ships were floating above, rushing them! The twelve families previously high in authority and position were a sorry figure as they were forced to leave quickly.

’’My god, it's actually the highest senior official giving the order.’’

’’While the territory we own here at West Lake Courtyard is big, the main district, the Jiang-Nan Mountain River sector has a bigger piece of land than ours. Why are they forcing us out?’’ Within the many luxurious cars, the important people from the families were feeling a sense of injustice and dissatisfaction. They however didn't dare to rebuke, after all, they must have guessed by now...

This order, came straight from China's highest authority!


When Luo Feng's ship appeared in the air above the West Lake Courtyard sector, the entire district, except for the army personnel welcoming him, was empty.

’’Very high efficiency, my call ended less than half an hour ago! Also, giving me the best place, the West Lake Courtyard...’’

Forty five minutes later.

Two cars left Mingyue sector, reaching West Lake Courtyard.

’’Daddy, these three words are West Lake Courtyard, right?’’ In the car, Luo Feng was hugging his two sons on his lap, Luo Hai, the younger son pointed out at the district entrance's big four words. This year, Ping Ping and Little Hai were 3 years old, under the tutelage of Xu Xin and their grandparents, they had already begun to recognize many Chinese words.

They even memorized many Tang poems and Song characters.

’’Right, Little Hai is so clever.’’ Luo Feng gave him a peck on the cheek.

’’Daddy, why are we here?’’ Ping Ping asked.

’’Right, Luo Feng, you haven't told us why we have come to West Lake Courtyard.’’ Xu Xin, who was sitting beside asked.

’’You'll find out in a moment.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

In the car behind were his parents and little brother and his wife, they too were clueless.

Entering West Lake Courtyard, the car followed around the grass patch, Luo Feng and the rest of his family could clearly see the Shou West river, along with the willow trees on the river sides swaying in the breeze, the scenery here at West Lake Courtyard was indeed beautiful. And in the distance in the tallest grass patches, was what was supposed to be twelve luxurious villas.

And now!

A castle that was up to 60m tall, taking up an area of 1km, it was a castle from the fairytales! The walls were decorated with plants and vines, covering a good half of the walls, as though they had been growing for years.

’’This...’’His younger brother Luo Hua was shocked.

’’When did Yangzhou have this castle built?’’ His father Luo Hong Guo too was very shocked, ’’Such a high castle, we should have noticed it when it was in construction.’’

’’Right, and the surrounding walls are covered in vines that seem to have been growing for a very very long time.’’ Luo Hua nodded.

’’And the twelve villas?’’ Xu Xin was extremely suspicious, ’’I even made a call this afternoon to a business partner, he was living here in West Lake Courtyard.’’

Luo Feng smiled.

Twelve villas?

They were all directly absorbed into the storage space ring, that was the quickest dismantling option. And this castle! With the help of almost one thousand servants working together, the assembly time was even faster than what the initial description from the seller mentioned, after all, all of the servants, the lowest of them was still at least a star traveller level 9, their combined force was shocking.

They didn't need any machinery, using just their physical strength to move things, carry things, was extremely swift!

And the vines on the walls, these were special popular vine decorations from the universe.

’’Open the door.’’ Luo Feng looked at the castle, shouting.


The big entrance doors of the castle opened, a large number of neatly dressed uniformed servants swiftly ran out, the vast team of servants shocked Gong Xin Lan, Luo Hong Guo, Luo Hua and Zhen Nan, Xu Xin and finally the two children.


Close to one thousand warriors neatly lined up, all bowing slightly towards Luo Feng, saying in unison, ’’Master!’’

These slaves didn't know Earth's languages, hence Luo Feng installed a translator in everyone of their microchips, translating universe language to Mandarin, English, French, etc, to the various languages of the world! In the universe, these microchips were very normal.

These slaves' prices were very high, naturally the slave owner prepared them with the best basic microchips.

They could even converse through their thoughts through the microchips.

Whatever they wanted to say made the chips react and speak in Earth languages with a robotic tone.

’’This is?’’

’’This...’’ Xu Xin and the group of people were stunned.

’’These are servants for our family, and also our family's guards.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’As for details, I'll let you know in awhile. Come, let's go in and take a look. This castle, is also a part of the rewards from my leaving for a month.’’

This was actually something prepared for the luxurious and extravagant in the universe, just looking at it, be it the old or young, everyone naturally liked this castle.


The second morning, the red burning sun rose from the east, two beams of light flew towards Yangzhou from far away.

’’This is the castle the third brother mentioned in the call? It's like seeing a ghost!’’ In mid air, the white clothed bald Thunder God saw the imposing enormous castle in Westlake Courtyard, a little dumbfounded.

’’Hm?’’ Dressed in black, Hong surveyed it from above, smiling, ’’third brother's rewards from this trip must be pretty good.’’

’’We must definitely give him a good knocking!’’ Thunder God rushed first towards the castle.

’’Haha.’’ Hong too followed behind.

The entire castle's automated defense system was extremely advanced, however Luo Feng had long given Thunder God and Hong access as friends, hence the two could rush in without being attacked.

’’Big brother, second brother, quickly come here.’’

Luo Feng shouted from one of the castle's high balconies.

’’Whoosh! Whoosh!’’

Hong and Thunder God landed on the balcony.

’’Third brother, you actually disappeared for a month, you...’’ Thunder God seemed to have eaten an angry pill or something.

’’Dear second brother, if you don't shut up, I won't be telling you the information and news from my hazardous and hard first journey into the universe.’’ Luo Feng mocked.

Thunder God's expression froze.

Hong too looked shocked.

Entered the universe?

’’Third brother, no, dear third brother, I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong.’’ Thunder God's eyes lit up.

Luo Feng smiled: ’’Let's talk inside.’’

Inside the castle.

’’You two have entered the Yun Mo Planet, you must know that before, I was the only disciple of the Yun Mo Planet. Hence, I naturally acquired my own AI assistant.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’You and big brother both have your own AI support, only I don't.’’ Thunder God muttered.

Hong said: ’’Continue listening to Luo Feng.’’

’’In archeological ruin #12, I discovered a black ship, that black ship's laser pathway...was still completely functional, obviously it's power supply was still working, without much damage.’’ Luo Feng emphasized, ’’So, with the help of the AI support, I've repaired it, and can now travel throughout the universe.’’

Thunder God and Hong's eyes lit up.

They too had acquired quite a bit of knowledge from the universe, they knew what travelling through the universe meant.

’’After travelling through the universe, I headed for a planet that was 320,000 light years from Earth...Dragon Star.’’ Luo Feng began to talk about the experience. Except for information regarding the Yun Mo Planet's master, the treasures he left behind for him, the bank accounts and other special specific information, Luo Feng didn't hide anything else from the two.

With one breath, he finished the story.

Thunder God and Hong were dumbfounded by the news!

From the wreckages and ruins, the 2 had found out before about how a star level in the universe was an absolute warrior. That was why Hong and Thunder God worked so hard to try and become star levels, with the power to protect their own planet. However, after hearing what Luo Feng said...

In the vast universe, Star Travellers could barely scrape a meal to eat! Star levels too were only higher leveled exponents!

Didn't they just see Luo Feng easily buying so many slaves?

’’So many slaves.’’ Thunder God muttered.

’’Sixteen star levels?’’ Hong could feel it too, as though sixteen mountains were standing right in front of him, ’’And Star level 7s!’’

’’Regarding the purple light drink, I thought about it that way, first and second brother, what do you say?’’ Luo Feng looked at the both of them.

’’Luo Feng, you are doing the right thing.’’ Hong nodded, his forehead filled with beads of perspiration, ’’Hearing you speak like that, I too feel a tremble! Our Earth, is indeed nothing but a drop of water in the vast universe, something too small to be noticed! Just relying on the three of us would be hard, very hard, hence we need to rely on strengthening the entire race.’’

’’Yes.’’ Thunder God nodded profusely.

’’The 100,000 tons of this purple light drink, I'll arrange for them to be distributed to the countries' governments once every decade.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows slightly, ’’ slave and guard situation, should I let the other countries know now? I'm still wondering!’’

’’This...’’ Thunder God hesitated.

The slave and guard army that Luo Feng owned was simply too overpowering, especially the three strongest Star level 7 slaves, they were much stronger than even the swallowing beast before! Just any one of them could easily decimate Earth! This invincible enormous power, whether to let the governments of the other countries know...that was indeed a dilemma!

’’We cannot say anything at the moment.’’ Hong's expression was serious, emphasizing, ’’Since you, Luo Feng, have decided to let everybody know the truth of the brutality of the universe and it's true face, also giving them the purple light drink...if you let them feel that there's such a powerful force protecting and guarding them, they won't feel the sense of urgency and danger, the efficiency would be greatly diminished. Only if we let them feel the danger, can we work together to find a way to increase the number of fighters, accelerating Earth's humans' evolution speed!’’

’’I agree.’’ Thunder God nodded.


Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng was now completely clear on what to do for the world summit of leaders a day from now.


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