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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 31


Volume 08 Chapter 31 - Returning to Earth

’’Two castles?’’

The chief and the group of the men cleared their throats, this level of wealth definitely wasn't something they could imagine. The richest on Bai Lan Star could at most build one castle for themselves. To require buying such a lavish and movable castle, his capital must obviously be extremely high.

’’The style of the castle can be picked, the interior design too. And the castle itself, it's priced according to the materials used.’’ The fair blonde youth said, Luo Feng was quickly going through the images and picking, within a short time, he had picked the style, interior design and the materials for the castle.

’’Two castles at 1.2 billion Silverblue dollars each, a total of 2.4 billion Silverblue dollars. If you use Black Dragon dollars to pay, you can get a 8% discount, at 1.92 million Black Dragon dollars!’’ The blond fair youth said, his voice quivering slightly.

Such a huge sum.

2.4 billion Silverblue dollars, it was more expensive than the entire warehouse base.

’’Okay.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

These two villas were made from B grade battleship parts, especially the core master bedroom and some other important rooms, they were built using C grade alloys and mixed metals. They were all accorded for important and respectable guests.

After the business managers all left, Luo Feng returned to the black dragon ship.

After all, the warehouse base's residential area was cold and old and degraded, far from the comfortable interiors of the ship.

’’Babata, enter the virtual universe.’’ Luo Feng sat within a comfortable resting room in the black dragon ship.


Virtual universe, Ganwu Empire, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Luo Feng was alone, sitting in the corner of a wine bar, conversing with Babata with his thoughts.

’’Babata, begin ordering, buying the metals.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Buy which combination?’’ Babata asked.

’’I'm currently relying on the Jade Marrow and Mu Ya crystals to assist me, I believe it'll take the most half a year for my body to reach the Star Traveller level 7! And my spirit reader side to reach Star level 1. I'll be able to access the bank account my teacher left for me. So...Buy half a year of metals, the price mustn't exceed 10 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’ Luo Feng said in his mind.

The metals used for the Golden Horned Beast's consumption was his greatest expense.

It was only at the Star level now, the most expensive and best metal combinations would take over 60 billion Black Dragon dollars in a year!

<Deity of the World's>training was even more demanding and scary, Luo Feng couldn't even begin to worry it about it at the moment.

’’Alright.’’ Babata swiftly searched.

’’Luo Feng, I've already determined. There are two sets of metal combinations, for half a year of swallowing, one requires 6.28 billion Black Dragon dollars, increasing your evolution speed by 39 times. The other is 10.22 billion Black Dragon dollars! Increasing your speed by 51 times, the second combination exceeds the 10 billion limit, you decide.’’

’’The second combination.’’ Luo Feng didn't even hesitate.

’’Ok, then I'll place the order, the delivery address will be Bai Lan Star?’’

’’Yes, Bai Lan Star!’’

He swiftly settled all his matters.

Back when he sold his level 3 spirit weapon arc cutter knife and received 180 billion Black Dragon dollars, buying slaves used up 5 billion of it, buying the Jade Marrows used up 200 million, and the castles, warehouse bases didn't even really add up to much compared to the others. Now buying so much metals, his remaining total stood at 2.5 billion Black Dragon dollars.

’’Babata, buy the purple light drink!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Really?’’ Babata couldn't help but ask.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

There were many treasures in the universe that were beneficial to the body.

The more beneficial it was, the price too would naturally be more shocking! Just like the Jade Marrow that Luo Feng bought before which is beneficial for the Star Traveller level body, 1gram was 9000 dollars! For the Student level fighters, things similar to the spirits of nature these playthings, these were priced at about a thousandth of the Jade Marrow!

And the purple light drink Luo Feng intended to buy, it's price was cheap, it was a common drink in several wealthy families. It was sold in the kilograms.

1kg was worth 10 Black Dragon dollars!

’’Babata are you sure? 15 mg of purple light drink can make a high level student of Earth to evolve to a Student level 1?’’ Luo Feng asked again.

’’Relax, definitely no problem! You are buying something which was meant for high level students, these are people who aren't even at the Student level 1! Too good a treasure and their bodies won't be able to absorb it. For their type of bodies, 15 mg of the purple light drink will definitely have amazing results.’’ Babata said, ’’You haven't even made money relying on Earth and now you are spending so much on them.’’

’’Just buy, buy...100 000 tons of purple light drink!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’So much? You sure?’’


Luo Feng nodded.

The density of the purple light drink was lower than water, 15mm of it was about 10g. One kilogram of purple light drink could make a hundred of the higher level students become fighters! One ton would mean one hundred thousand people! One hundred thousand tons was enough for ten billion people to become fighters!

’’Being strong alone won't be enough to make the people of Earth rise up, the only way is to make everybody get strong together.’’

’’However, what I can do is only push and support from the side! The real hard work would still have to be from the countless people on Earth.’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

The number of fighters on Earth was too little, far too little!

An ordinary person compared to the number of fighters was about 10000:1, hence, the total number of fighters on Earth was just about 1 million.

The number of higher leveled students were many though.

Even though in a high school there were only about three high level students, the ratio was still about one thousand to one, the dojo higher level students majority were all above 20 years old! On Earth, normal people and dojo higher level students had a ratio of one hundred to one, this was why many give up and feel there's no hope.

One hundred to one, I want to make every dojo's higher level students become fighters! This way, of Earth's 7 billion people, there will be 70 million fighters!’’

’’With people knowing that reaching a higher level student would allow them to become fighters, they would definitely work much harder for it.’’

’’Maybe the ratio would get better too, out of 50 people one of them might reach the higher level student!’’

Luo Feng anticipated!

The number of fighters on Earth, the moment it reaches the hundreds of millions! One must know, fighters could absorb energy from the universe, when that happens, they will gradually evolve. With such a big group of humans evolving, it would result in the entire human species on Earth undergoing a huge evolution! Maybe in 20 years time, the number of fighters would increase even more, in a few hundred years, everyone on Earth may be fighters!

Reaching maturity would mean reaching the Student level 1 fighter!

This was the first step Luo Feng had envisioned for Earth!


’’I've already purchased.’’

’’One hundred thousand tons of purple light drink, because of the large quantity, I've found out of the many dealers one with the biggest discount, 8%! The total is 800 million Black Dragon dollars!’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng nodded.

One hundred thousand tons, it could be used for 10 billion higher level students in the dojos! The total number of people on Earth right now wasn't even 7 billion, this much of the drink could last for a long time.

That night.

An interstellar transport ship reached Bai Lan Star, delivering two movable castles' parts, according to Luo Feng's request. Only one castle was fully assembled, the other was broken down to its parts. After 20 minutes, the nine levels which took up an area of 1km was complete.


On the second day of Luo Feng's arrival on Bai Lan Star, the first order's 's big batch of metals was delivered. (Luo Feng's order of metals was ordered from three different sources.)


On the third day of his arrival on Bai Lan Star, one hundred thousand tons of purple light drink was delivered.


As some metals were more expensive and rare, the delivery came from further and more distant places.

On the sixth day, all of the metals were delivered.

And in the process, Luo Feng also took the opportunity to sell some of the 92.8 billion tons of black iron he dug out from Mars before to these metal owners, selling about 90 billion tons. One ton of black iron was priced at 0.0032 Black Dragon dollars, if they were sold in Silverblue dollars, it would fetch about 4 Silverblue dollars. The price was in the tens of billions in Silverblue dollars. Finally, Luo Feng managed to collect over 20 million Black Dragon dollars.

If he hadn't sold the arc cutter knife.

His initial earnings from that of Mars would indeed have been a huge reward.

After all, 10 Star level 1 fighter slaves was worth only 10 million Black Dragon dollars.

On the seventh day on Bai Lan Star.

’’From today on, you'll be stationed here! If anything pops up, you can contact me through the Virtual Universe Network!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes master!’’

A Star level 1, and one hundred Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers complied to the order. This group would thus become Luo Feng's second base's guards.

Luo Feng turned around and ordered: ’’Let's go!’’

Commanding fifteen Star levels and the other nine hundred level 9 Star Travellers , he swiftly boarded the black dragon ship! As for the large amounts of metals, and the other movable castle and it's large amounts of components, they were all stored in Babata's storage space.


The black dragon ship left Bai Lan Star, travelling through universes and headed straight for Earth.

Eight hours later.

’’What's up, the ship is circling around?’’

In the control room, Luo Feng asked.

On the control screen, Babata's head appeared, ’’We've already reached the dark space where Earth is, however, the marker is currently camouflaged by your teacher's space technique from before. I need to orbit without any errors for about 5 minutes to determine the real universe marker.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Space technique?

That was too distant for himself! The secret techniques from Yun Mo Planet that he was studying right now didn't even have any space techniques, obviously it wasn't something he was capable of studying now.


Five minutes later.

In the Solar System's vast space, a strange wave rippled in the space, a dark black disc-shaped ship appeared through it just like that.

The universe travel was a success!

’’We are back!’’ Luo Feng looked at the distant green and blue planet in the space, his heart excited.

Without leaving Earth, how would he be able to fully comprehend the feeling of missing home.

This green and blue planet!

That was his real root!

’’Earth, I've returned.’’ Luo Feng said passionately.

’’Babata, let's return to Earth.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Right!’’ Babata shouted back loudly.

The black ship increased its speed in the limitless space, heading towards the green and blue planet swiftly!

Earth, China headquarter city, it was currently nighttime.

A middle aged man with the rank of general was resting on his house's sofa, accompanying his family as they watched television, suddenly his phone rang.

’’Hm?’’ The general lifted the phone, shocked.

It was Luo Feng!

He was China's current main contact point for Luo Feng.

’’How are you Mr. Luo Feng.’’ The general answered the call, swiftly heading to the room beside.

’’General Wang, I'd really like for an area of land that's a more than 1km in area within Yangzhou city.’’ Luo Feng's voice resounded from the phone.

’’No problem, I'll let you know within half an hour.’’ The general said without hesitation.

’’Thanks, also three days from now in the morning at 9am, China's timezone, I would like to gather the upper echelons of every country and headquarter city to Yangzhou to have an important meeting that concerns the evolution of Earth's population.’’ Luo Feng said.

The general was shocked.

He didn't care much that Luo Feng wanted some land, it was only an area of 1km. It didn't mean much to the country. A larger company headquarters alone was that size! Even in China, just like Luo Feng's wife's family the Xu Family, they own that much land.


A meeting?

Every country, every headquarter city's upper echelon to participate?

’’Why is Luo Feng doing this? Why do we need such a high leveled important meeting for?’’ While the general was suspicious, he didn't dare to ask too much.

In the eyes of the entire world currently, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were constantly together, like three good brothers, and they were at the peak of Earth's strength!

’’Understood, I'll let the senior official know.’’ The general said.


Luo Feng hung up.

At this time, Luo Feng had just entered Earth's atmosphere, without even reaching home yet, he quickly made that call.


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