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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 30


Volume 08 Chapter 30 - Luo Feng's Future Home

Milky Way, Bai Lan Star.

As one of the millions of life planets in the Silverblue Empire with less than satisfactory conditions for life, the managers sent to this planet to manage definitely were people without any background in the Silverblue Empire.

Bai Lan Star northern district. An extremely cold region.

Buildings of warehouses were scattered all over the ice frozen land, every warehouse was built and designed beautifully. And at that time, in front of one of the bigger warehouses, there was a silver white ship parked there.

’’Bureau chief, when will that client arrive, we've been waiting here for half a day already.’’ Within the ship, 10 workers were sitting close together.

’’I say, bureau chief. Since the contracts have been signed and the money has been paid, there's no real need for all of us to personally come down to welcome this client, wouldn't letting some of the workers just do it be enough? For our entire department to come out, aren't we giving him too much face?’’ Another middle aged man said slowly as he lifted his hot drink.

For this whole group of people to take a ship and come out together, on Bai Lan Star this was an excessive oddity, one could just guess how high their positions were on the planet. And this bureau chief was even one of the planet's biggest bosses.

’’What's the hurry?’’

The bureau chief with big fat ears grunted angrily, saying seriously after, ’’You bunch of idiots, to prevent you all from creating trouble for me later, I'll explain to you all now. Do you the Virtual Universe Network, when I signed the deal with this client and the contract went through, do you know which bank his money is coming from?’’

’’Which bank?’’

’’Noether Bank?’’

’’Bula Galaxy bank?’’

The other workers reported several other bigger well renowned banks.

’’It's the Universe Galaxy Bank!’’ The bureau chief with big fat ears said seriously.


The group of workers who were originally casually sipping on their hot drinks all looked dumbfounded at their chief.

Universe Galaxy Bank!

That was a bank that was dedicated to serving only the upper echelon of people, powerful warriors in the universe, to be able to open an account with that bank, the conditions were...the storage amount had a minimum of 100 million Black Dragon dollars! 100 million Black Dragon dollars, converted to Silverblue dollars, was more than a trillion Silverblue dollars. The richest of the rich of several normal planets was only about that much, and on Bai Lan Star, the richest was only worth a little over 600 hundred million Silverblue dollars.

Hence, the Universe Galaxy Bank usually only operated in the higher and middle level civilizations and empires, places such as the important Dragon Star and several other planets, along with several other branches around in the universe countries.

’’Universe Galaxy Bank?’’

’’My god.’’

’’Is it real?’’

The group of workers exchanged looks, dumbfounded. Even the richest on their planet Bai Lan Star had no rights to reach the bare minimum of the Universe Galaxy Bank! And that richest person already commands enough respect and flattery from the management group's upper levels. The administrative officials, army officials, no matter how much they worked, they couldn't even compare to a planet's richest.

’’So all of you better be careful!’’ The bureau chief ordered.


’’Relax chief, we will definitely make the client extremely satisfied.’’

’’Definitely no problems.’’

The originally casual group seemed to liven up by a hundred times.

’’Beep! Chief Ba Te, the client has arrived. The message has come in!’’ a voice resounded within the ship.


The fat headed big eared bureau chief immediately stood up, serious and ready.

’’Bai Lan Star's chief Ba Te, how are you, I am Luo Feng,’’ The message's voice resounded.

’’How do you do, Mr Luo Feng, I am Ba Te, I'm currently outside the warehouse base that you bought’’. The chief's face was all smiles, saying, ’’Also Mr Luo Feng, you don't have to stop your ship at the planet's docking bay, as a guest who owns property here on the planet, you can fly your ship here directly to the warehouse base.’’

’’I'll be there immediately!’’

The message ended.

’’Hurry!’’ The chief looked fiercely at the workers under him, ’’Leave the ship immediately and welcome Mr Luo.’’

’’Yes, chief!’’

Whether they were big bellied, or old and unstable, this group of old men immediately became extremely determined.


On the land outside the warehouse.

Eighteen upper level officials from the planet administration, including the chief bureau, the vice chief and sixteen other important members, in the cold weather, dressed in warm thick clothing, stood looking around in anticipation! One must know that such a desolate place had temperatures of negative 90 degrees.

’’Here he comes.’’

The eighteen men's eye's lit up.

In the distance, a black ship appeared, almost immediately reaching the warehouse and slowly descending.

’’This ship's logo is that of a black dragon, could it be a universe ship from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire?’’ as personnel from the lower planet Bai Lan Star of the Silverblue Empire, to face such a big person from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, they all naturally felt humbled.

’’It's a black dragon mountain x series!’’

’’Pure black? It's from the black dragon mountain x series luxury series?’’ One of the younger members said shocked, ’’The black dragon mountain x series cheapest is about 600 million Black Dragon dollars for one ship, the more luxurious ships' prices go up to even 10 billion Black Dragon dollars! Pure black! It's an expensive pure black color!’’

This particular ship enthusiast was extremely poor.

But that didn't stop his interest in the different series, expensive and different types of ships.

’’10 billion Black Dragon dollars?’’

’’This ship is worth 10 billion black dragon dollars?’’ the other members said shocked.

’’10 billion? And in Black Dragon dollars?’’

The fat headed big eared chief choked on his own saliva!

My god!

Even in the Silverblue Empire's most wealthy, most advanced and most powerful places...the empire's main planet! To be able to ride a ship worth 10 billion, only the most upper echelons, the biggest business owners in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire could afford something like that. These sort of people could easily remove the lower planet Bai Lan Star's poor management staff.


The cabin door opened!

Eighteen Bai Lan Star staff stood at attention, putting on their most enthusiastic smiles and watching the entrance of the ship.

Hu! Hu!

People flew out neatly one after another, powerful warriors continuously streamed out of the ship.

’’This, this...’’

’’They are all Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers.’’ Lowering their heads and looking at their assisting computer scans, shocked.

A majestic total of one thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers flew out.

’’My god.’’

’’This could easily level our Bai Lan Star.’’

The bureau chief and others felt their legs shiver, even their hearts tremble.

Their planet's strongest was only a Star level 1 fighter. However against one thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers surrounding and attacking, he would definitely die immediately.

’’Star level 1, one, two, three of them...’’

’’Look, Star level 5s.’’

Another group of people came out.

Over one thousand of them lined up in two rows, like a group of soldiers, awaiting their master!


Dressed simply, Luo Feng followed out under the close protection of three Star level 7 bodyguards, flying out of the cabin door.

’’7, 7, 7, level 7??? Star level 7? And spirit readers?’’ The staff all lowered their heads and looked at their scanners, feeling their throats go dry. There were a total of three star level 7 spirit readers and body guards...This Star Traveller level 8 youth, just where did he come from?


Luo Feng flew out from the cabin door, looking at the eighteen people welcoming him.

’’Which of you is Chief Ba Te?’’ Luo Feng said.

’’That's me, I am Bai Lan Star's business administrative bureau chief Ba Te.’’ The fat headed big eared chief stepped forward with utmost respect.

My god!

To be able to command such a scary force, with a total of three Star level 7 spirit readers! Even the emperor of the Silverblue Empire didn't have such treatment. The one thousand Star Traveller level 9 didn't even shake them as much as the three Star level 7s. After all, one Star level 7 spirit reader's price alone far exceeded that of the one thousand Star Travellers combined.

’’Mr. Luo, let me introduce you to some of the capabilities of the warehouse base.’’

’’Mr. Luo Feng, please look here, the entire warehouse base is solid and sturdy, they have the defensive capabilities of even a interstellar battleship. Be it earthquakes, etc, they wouldn't even be scratched.’’ Chief Ba Te enthusiastically introduced, joking, the base was after all built from using a large amounts of battleship remains.

It was indeed solid and sturdy, definitely not weak at all.


A length of 98km, width of 61km, about 6000km area, a huge warehouse! It definitely made people tremble.

In the center area of the warehouse base, there was a residential area, with an area of about 3km.

’’This is...’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

’’This is a residential area, should the warehouse base ever need any workers, or guards. They can live here! This area is very old, Mr. Luo Feng can demolish it and reconstruct it altogether.’’ The fat headed big eared chief threw a glance behind, from behind a fair blonde youth walked up, pressing his wrist computer.


A virtual image immediately appeared in mid air, displaying villas one after another.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, if you need any villas, you can pick any you want.’’ Chief Ba Te said enthusiastically, ’’These villas are easily dismantled, they are solid and can keep one warm, as long as we send the different parts of the villas from far away here, we can assemble one within a short amount of time.’’

’’Move, dismantle, and assemble?’’ Luo Feng was interested.

On Earth, there were movable residential areas too.

However, the technology and advancement was far behind compared to a developed planet.

’’Are there even bigger living areas?’’ Luo Feng said as he looked at the virtual image.

’’Even bigger?’’ The chief was taken aback.

Beside him, the fair blonde youth said: ’’The bigger ones are manors, even castles of sorts. However to send the parts over require things from other planets. They would take more time and are more expensive.’’

’’This is a manor, it takes up an area of 10 thousand to 100 thousand squares. These are the main construction dimensions, as for the can be however big you want it to be.’’

’’These are the castles, they can take up from 500 thousand to 5 million squares.’’

Looking at the castles, Luo Feng felt more satisfied.

’’Oh, give me two of the castles.’’

’’This ones which take up one million squares and has nine levels, two of them.’’ Luo Feng said.

Back on Earth, the little villas were obviously insufficient.

Afterall he had over one thousand servants!

And the building process on Earth was simply too slow, this sort of movable, dismantling and assembly type castles, even if he brought it back to Earth, he could rely on his over one thousand servants to swiftly assemble and finish them.

’’This Bai Lan Star, is going to be my future hub for contact with the universe, also my second base, I have to have a castle here.’’

’’Earth is my root, hence I definitely need a castle there too.’’

Luo Feng pondered.


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