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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 3


Volume 08 Chapter 3 - Inherited Techniques

After Luo Feng learned about the three inherited kinds of techniques and the fact that he was able to return, he was in an extremely good mood.

’’《Deity of the World》 and 《Absolute Space》?’’ Luo Feng immediately thought of the effects and requirements for two techniques he read about.

’’《Absolute Space》, is an extremely messed up technique, the kind of technique that people around the universe would go crazy for. The only thing about it is that only Golden Horned Beasts can directly practice them.

The technique was split into three stages!

The first stage, is called 'Arc of Light'.

The second stage, is called 'Ever-changing'.

The third stage, is called 'Teleportation'.

The main requirement to learn this technique is a crazy level of comprehension and practice! You need to practice it a lot to get used to it. And only after you practice it enough...... can you have a chance to comprehend it.

This technique is mainly about bursts of speed!

According to the technique's theory ’’even if we say someone who steps into the Universe level one stage can fly at a speed of at most 500 km/s, that speed is reached only after the fighter accelerates over a long enough distance. As for that fighter's instantaneous burst of speed, it is way, way lower than 500 km/s’’

’’In a battle, bursts of speed is more important than your overall speed! To be able to instantly charge forward, change directions, stop, and go backwards!’’

Luo Feng understood this principle too.

Just like a race car on the highway. Maybe it can accelerate to 300 km/h, but how fast can it accelerate in 0.1 seconds? It takes time to reach its maximum speed!

Humans accelerate faster than race cars.

But in terms of bursts of speed, it doesn't even come close to their maximum flying speed.

’’Teleportation man, teleportation! LUO FENG, TELEPORTATION!’’ Babata was extremely excited, ’’Even your teacher, who was an Undying fighter, wasn't able to teleport!’’

’’So.....’’ Luo Feng said helplessly, ’’This 《Absolute Space》 is hard to learn!’’.

Even someone as powerful as the master of Yun Mo planet couldn't teleport. It isn't hard to imagine how hard it would be to teleport.

And even the technique's description says it.....

For the first level, if you work hard and long enough, you might have hope in learning it.

For the second level, even though Golden Horned Beasts live ten times longer than human Sector Lords, most of the Golden Horned Beasts that try to learn the second stage of 《Absolute Space》 end up stuck on a certain step. Very, very few manage to complete most of the second stage's 'Ever-changing'.

As for the third level,'Teleportation'?

That's basically a legend! Extraordinarily difficult! Hard work, comprehension, luck, etc. are all required.

’’Luo Feng! You don't understand how valuable it is!’’ said Babata in a hurry, ’’What kind of technique is this? Just a simple burst of speed? NO! This is a technique that lets you comprehend the essence of the laws of space itself! Your teacher didn't have such a technique and had to work bitterly by himself. If he had this technique, he might've attained the incredible technique of Teleportation’’

’’And once someone has the ability to teleport, damn, it would be extremely difficult to kill that guy. If your teacher was able to teleport, he wouldn't have died’’ continued Babata.

Luo Feng smiled: ’’I said it is hard to learn, not that I wouldn't learn it’’

’’Oh, HAHA.....’’

Babata laughed loudly, ’’Luo Feng, this technique not only improves your body technique, it even increases your flying speed! And once you merge it with 《Deity of the World》, oh, 《Deity of the World》 is even more messed up than 《Absolute Space》, even more messed up!’’.

It indeed was messed up!

Luo Feng was clear on the requirements and effects of 《Deity of the World》. This technique was one of the 18 special techniques in the inherited memory. In terms of value, effectiveness, efficiency, it is indeed better than 《Absolute Space》. But these 18 'special techniques' aren't necessarily...... better than the regular techniques!

The only thing special about them was how harsh the training methods of these 18 special techniques are. How were they harsh?

One, there were extremely complicated training requirements. If you don't meet some of the requirements, then it doesn't matter how much hard work you put in.

Two, there are shortcuts! But the requirements for these shortcuts are extraordinarily strict!

Three, only Golden Horned Beasts can learn them!

The 3,199 regular techniques were created by the generations of Golden Horned Beasts or inspired by the techniques of humans, automatons, and the other vast number of species. Only 'Golden Horned Beasts' can learn these techniques, but the techniques themselves came from other races. Other races also have similar techniques. Even though they might differ in some ways, the difference isn't too great.


These 18 special techniques are purely for 'Golden Horned Beasts'! Even if you spread them around, other races won't be able to change or learn them.

《Deity of the World》, is also split into three stages!

The first stage counts as 'beginner'. The second stage counts as 'advanced', and the third stage is 'ultimate'.

Basically, 《Deity of the World》 is a special technique that allows the Golden Horned Beast to change its body size! Being able to 'shrink' and 'enlarge', is an extremely scary ability. For example, if a 'Golden Horned Beast' is 180 meters long, its weight won't change even after it shrinks. This means its density increases greatly!

The density of its bones increase! The density of its muscles increase! Its claws, horn, etc. become much sharper and tougher!

A punch with 100 kg of force.

Compared to a piercing needle with 100 kg of force. The difference of power between them is like the sky and the earth!


After shrinking, the Golden Horned Beast's claws become even more horrifying, and the piercing power of its horn become even more shocking!

That's the shrinking part, so what about the enlarging part?

Becoming bigger won't increase your battle ability, however...... if a giant that is 10,000 meters tall randomly takes a step, then no matter how hard a regular human of equivalent strength tries, he won't be able to catch up.

The advantage of becoming big is

You can fly faster!

After a 180 meter long Golden Horned Beast becomes 1,800 meters, then the beast is practically a floating island. Its scaly wings are 10 times bigger than before! One flap from its wings can increase its speed much more than before!

In the first stage of 《Deity of the World》, your body can enlarge or shrink by a factor of three. Your strength can reach at most three times more than what it was before.

In the second stage, it becomes factor of nine! And your strength can also multiply by a factor of nine!

In the third stage? You can already become as big or as small as you want. However, your strength can at most go up by a factor of 36! Shrinking by a factor of 36 times, 100 times, 1,000 times, will all be the same...... because multiplying your strength by a factor of 36 via body size is already a limit. When you shrink even more, the power of your body starts to lower too, so your battle ability won't go up.

Of course, even though we say you can become as big or as small as you want, you can't become infinitely big or infinitely small. The legendary limit is 10,000 times! Which is to say, a 10 km long Golden Horned Beast can shrink to one meter. And it can enlarge to a length of 10,000 km!

Of course.....

The third stage of 《Deity of the World》 is way harder than the third stage of 《Absolute Space》! According to the records in the inherited memory, only the Golden Horned Beast that created this technique was able to reach the third stage. As for the others, after countless years and generations of Golden Horned Beasts, none of them were able to reach the third stage.

Most of the Golden Horned Beasts in the past stayed at the first stage.

It was rare for Golden Horned Beasts to even reach the second stage!

Because, this technique was just seriously messed up!

For example, powerful Sector Lord level nine stage fighters have reached the limits of their battle capabilities and don't differ from each other by much. Only an extreme few are able to stand out.

However, 《Deity of the World》 allows the Golden Horned Beast to multiply its strength even more from what it originally has! How can people not be jealous of that!


Golden Horned Beasts are already born with a talent, 'Enhance'!

’’Luo Feng, the three talents you are born with is the training talent, 'Swallow', the second is the battle talent, 'Enhance', and the third is the life saving talent 'Clone'’’ said Babata. Back when the Golden Horned Beast was heavily injured by the 'b6 laser cannon', it used its 'Enhance' technique to increase its speed! The attack power of its golden horn also increased!

Since it was born with this talent, its effectiveness won't change!

’’Your enhancing talent combined with the shrinking from 《Deity of the World》 can cause your battle ability to be amplified multiple times!’’

’’Your enhancing talent combined with the enlarging from 《Deity of the World》 can cause your speed to be amplified multiple times!’’

Babata continued, ’’And 《Absolute Space》 is your dodging and escaping technique. In the beginning, 《Absolute Space》only helps your dodging abilities. However, after that, it increases your comprehension of the laws of space itself. As long as you continue to learn, your flying speed will increase even more! The projectiles launched from the golden horn will also increase in power’’

’’So, the enhancing talent and these two techniques can assist each other, therefore maximizing their effects’’ said Babata.

’’Damn, that is just...’’ Babata couldn't help but to sigh, ’’way too messed up’’

Luo Feng laughed.

Indeed, but that also meant that these two techniques were extremely hard to learn. 《Absolute Space》 is acceptable. Even though it is hard to learn, many Golden Horned Beasts in the past were able to enter the second stage. But tons of Golden Horned Beasts were stuck on the first stage of 《Deity of the World》.

However, Luo Feng was clear.

Having such good techniques is dangerous too! So the number of Golden Horned Beasts is extremely small, even less than the amount of Undying level fighters!

In the universe, there are a total of 12 blood lineages out of the space beasts comparable to the Golden Horned Beast! And out of the countless number of races, some special lifeforms have special techniques that can rival the techniques of the Golden Horned Beast! The large number of humans also have plenty of techniques.

Even Luo Feng's teacher, 'Master of Yun Mo planet', has the super powerful technique 《Soul Seal》, which can transform fighters into servants!

You're talented?

Okay, I'll implant the 'soul seal' into your soul when you're weak and transform you into an extremely loyal servant! No matter how talented you are, you're only going to be my servant and bodyguard.


Luo Feng was clear, you cannot underestimate any powerful fighter.

As for the Golden Horned Beasts three talents, the training talent 'Swallow' can absorb large amounts of metal into its 'inner world' and can even directly swallow lifeforms weaker than it. However, the inner world will automatically stop absorbing things when threatened. For example, just like when Hong released large amounts of metal and bombs.

The battle talent 'Enhance' causes speed and battle ability to soar up. Of course, this comes with a price.

The life saving talent 'Clone'. In the Star traveler level, you can have one clone. In the Universe level, you can have your second clone. In the Sector Lord level, you can have your third clone. In other words..... Golden Horned Beasts can only have three clones in total. And each of these clones is an individual existence that can train themselves.

The universe is fair. This extremely rare race that is about to go extinct has been granted a life saving talent!

As for the 'Ice Mountain Beast' in the 12 lineages, their life saving talent is 'transformation', where they can change their appearance to anything they want.


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