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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 29


Volume 08 Chapter 29 - Returning to the Milky Way

’’All the slaves are in the big hall in the second level below. Mr Luo Feng, please follow me.’’ The green haired man led the way.

This ship was even bigger than Luo Feng's black dragon ship.

Of course, the material used was much weaker, this was a B grade ship. In the second level of the ship below was a very spacious hall with an area of over 100m. Within it stood either tall and sturdy, or grave and stern, and even beautiful and gorgeous slaves. If one didn't mention anything, no one could tell from the appearances that these were all slaves.

After all, the weakest one was still a star traveller level 9 spirit reader, stronger than Luo Feng himself! How could their auras be weak?

’’Mr. Luo Feng, please stand in front.’’ The green haired middle aged man said, ’’The entire process is going to take awhile.’’

’’No problem.’’

Luo Feng walked in front of the big hall, looking at the slaves that were all standing at attention. One thousand Star Traveller level 9 slaves all gathered together, and sixteen star level slaves were standing the closest to Luo Feng.


A strange sound resounded.

Immediately, all of the eyes of the slaves lost their focus, and within the corner of the big hall, the green haired man was arranging for his underlings to swiftly manage their apparatuses, with one of them directed straight at Luo Feng, as though it was collecting all of his data. Minutes and seconds passed, slowly and gradually, the slaves' eyes began to light up once again, regaining their focus.

About 12 minutes passed.


The group with over 1000 men and women, coming from different races, all neatly bowed together, respectfully recognizing their owner.

’’Mr Luo Feng,’’ the green haired middle aged man brought over a silver case, face full of smiles, ’’Everything has been settled, within here is the 1016 slave's controls for their microchips. One control for each chip, for each slave! The microchips are connected to the assisting computers and can be ordered and controlled through there.’’

’’The operation methods have been included in a detailed memory card with explanations within the case.’’ The middle aged man explained.

Luo Feng nodded.

With regards to these, Babata had already explained in detail to him long before.

’’Mr. Wula, then I'll immediately transfer the funds.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

Transferring the remainder of the funds straight into the slave shop's account, the two had completed their deal.

’’Haha.’’ Receiving the confirmation of the funds transfer, the green haired middle aged man immediately broke into smiles, ’’Mr. Luo Feng, it's been a pleasure doing business with you, this is my virtual universe contact number. If you ever need or think of buying slaves again, please look for me. Whatever requests you have regarding the slaves, do mention them and I will definitely give you preferential treatment and discounts.’’ Finishing up, he passed over his name card.


After Luo Feng received it, he turned to look at the 1016 slaves.

’’Follow me.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes, master.’’

Three Star level 7 Black Mongolian spirit readers followed right behind Luo Feng, behind them were the other thirteen Star levels, finally behind them were the one thousand other slaves. Some of the slaves discussed in hushed voices, ’’Recognizing an owner once gives such a headache, looks like our new master has a big background and status, I hope our lives will be better.’’

While the microchips were low in cost to make, their technology was incredibly advanced.

It was said that it was a piece of technology acquired from the human race battling the automaton race. The moment it melded with a living organism...that organism would be totally controlled. He would still have all his past memories, but a deep sense of loyalty towards his new owner would develop! Any smallest sense of disrespect would result in the microchip reacting adversely.


In the vast universe, even after countless years, with the living microchips controlling the slaves, there hasn't been a case of a slave betraying his owner.

Unless the slave becomes a domain lord, gaining the ability to resist the microchip, the strongest measure the chip can do is to detonate and blow one's head off...for domain lord warriors, this wouldn't kill them.

Dragon Star, the planet's docking bay.

’’Respected sir, we welcome you to visit Dragon Star again.’’ Dressed in a grey uniform, with a height of 2.8m, two horns on his head, green skin, the worker respectfully took Luo Feng's docking card, watching as the majestic three star level 7 led the rest of the army into the black dragon ship.

The black dragon ship lifted, leaving the docking bay.


This green skinned young man breathed a sigh of relief as the ship left, ’’A day hasn't passed and he's already leaving with such an army. And there's even three star level 7 spirit readers!’’ The green skinned young man looked at his own mini quantum computer and the power assessor, feeling his blood rushing.

Sixteen star levels.

One thousand Star Traveller level 9s, this sort of army could easily conquer a normal planet.


Dragon Star space.

Black dragon ship control room.

Three Star level 5 and three star level 7 slaves were respectfully standing behind Luo Feng, and the other ten Star level 1 slaves were managing the one thousand Star Traveller level 9 slaves, the 1010 of them were staying in the lower and middle level of the black dragon ship.

’’The ship has already left Dragon Star.’’

On the control board's screen, a small adorable demon head appeared, ’’Currently increasing speed.’’

A moment later.

’’There's another 10 seconds before the ship reaches light speed, travelling through the universe.’’


The ship gently vibrated.

It continued for 10 seconds.

’’Travel complete, we've entered the dark space.’’

It was only then that Luo Feng turned to look at the six Black Meng Star level slaves behind him, among the 1016 slaves that he bought, these were the six Black Meng race that were the most powerful. The other one thousand and ten slaves were picked from the thirteen races that he specified from, the one similarity from the thirteen other races was...their heights and appearances were close to that of Earth's humans.

’’Black Meng race.’’ Luo Feng looked at the six, four men and two women.

The Black Meng men were very handsome, the women too were very pretty, they looked close to that of Earth humans. The only difference was...within their mouths, they had fangs and their eyes were dark red.

’’What are your names?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Master,’’ One of the Star level 7 Black Mongolian women smiled, ’’My name translated to universe language is Aibolashadeniennidasina.’’

’’Master, my name is Weitiancikedenishentulade.’’ One of the black Meng men from the star level 7s who was more sturdy said.


The six reported their names one after another.

’’My god.’’ Luo Feng was speechless.

The Black Meng names were really long.

’’From today, whatever you call yourselves among yourselves doesn't concern me.’’ Luo Feng immediately pointed to the sturdy star level 7 man, ’’I call you Meng one, you'll be called Meng two and you Meng three.’’ With one breath, from Meng one to six, Luo Feng passed his order.

Amongst them Meng three and six were women.

’’Yes Master.’’

The six Black Mongolian humans happily complied, only giving a slight sense of helplessness as they looked at each other.

’’You can all return to the cabin to rest.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Yes.’’ The six left.

Only Luo Feng was left in the control room, it's large doors automatically closed.

’’Babata, connect to the Virtual Universe Network.’’ Luo Feng ordered through his thoughts.


Virtual universe world, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Large amounts of human traffic filled the posh and bustling streets, suddenly one person popped out, Luo Feng too appeared out of nowhere this way.

On his shoulder sat a large fist-sized little demon.

’’Mr Luo Feng, we've discovered your Universe Galaxy Bank account, would you like to bind it here?’’ A voice resounded in his mind, gentle and relaxing.

’’Bind it.’’ Luo Feng said.

The Universe Galaxy Bank account thus received a soul imprint.

This virtual universe, linked up consciousness and soul imprints.

’’Babata, act according to the plan.’’ Luo Feng casually strolled to an old wine bar, ordering a glass of fruit juice and sitting in the corner.

’’Luo Feng, I've searched, within 30 thousand light years of earth, there are many planets that fit your requirements to be our second base!’’ Babata said.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

Earth was the homeland, he would definitely work hard to become its owner, hence Earth was naturally his first base!


Because of the Yun Mo Planet master entering the dark space back then, using his space technique to hide Earth and it's surrounding 1000 light years, the difficulty of finding these hidden markers was extremely high. Even Undying Beings could hardly do it. Thus, besides Babata who was able to easily locate this hidden markers.

Other ships had absolutely no way to reach Earth directly!

They could only slowly fly!

And in the future when Luo Feng purchases more metals, etc, to allow the other party to send them to Earth was impossible. Thus...they needed to find a second base! This second base was the land for Luo Feng to receive the large amounts of metal in the future, an important place for him to meet and communicate with the other people from the universe.

’’As close to Earth as possible.’’

’’As cheap as possible.’’

’’As small a population on the planet as possible.’’

’’As big of a warehouse as possible.’’

Luo Feng said.

He required a large warehouse! In the universe, there were many such transport and storage services.

Be it unsuitable agriculture, or terrain that was more uninhabitable, these places were usually converted to large warehouses.

’’Luo Feng, I've found one on the network, it seems not bad. Bai Lan Star, a planet in the milky way, about 1.180 thousand light years from earth. It receives very low temperatures throughout the year, it's coldest regions reach 120 degrees below zero. The warmest places too are still about 10 degrees below zero. The entire planet's population is 2.1 billion, because of its low temperatures, they all mostly live in the cities.’’

’’In Bai Lan Star's cold regions, there are about 98 km long, 61 km wide warehouse bases. They are just about to give up and sell their business, this warehouse eternal deed is priced at 800 million Silverblue dollars.’’ Babata said, ’’After that, every year just requires 600 thousand Silverblue dollars to pay the manager.’’

Luo Feng's eye's lit up.

98km long, 61km wide, such a big warehouse? It was definitely the place for interstellar shipments, it was huge!

This sort of warehouse was mostly made out of ship remains mixed with things like debris, while it may seem big, the costs for building such a warehouse...definitely wouldn't exceed 100 million Silverblue dollars. Expensive, but only on the land itself. Of course for such extremely cold regions, there was no point in building places and communities for humans to live.

To be sold at this price was not bad.

’’Alright, Babata, contact the people in charge on the Bai Lan Star.’’ Luo Feng said immediately.

From then, the discussions lasted more than 3 hours.

Finally, the manager from Bai Lan Star agreed, with 800 thousand Black Dragon dollars, (Government price, 1 Black Dragon dollar = 1000 Silverblue dollars, the worth of the black dragon dollar was actually even higher) the price for buying the eternal deed for the warehouse base, along with deducting 500 years of management fees. The Black Dragon dollar was worth a lot more than the Silverblue dollar, normal citizens of the planet may not even earn 1 Black Dragon dollar in a year.


Days passed.

Nine days later.

’’We are just about to arrive at Bai Lan Star marker, 320 seconds later we will travel through universes.’’ Within the black dragon ship, Babata shouted from the control board's screen.

Luo Feng was all smiles.

The Bai Lan Star was really close to Earth, only ten thousand light years and a little more, with the black dragon ship's speed, it only took a day for him to fly to and fro from Earth to the Bai Lan Star.


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