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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 28


Volume 08 Chapter 28 - Ganwu Dojo

Leaving the slave market, Luo Feng swiftly headed towards his final destination on Dragon Star...the Ganwu dojo!

’’Babata insists that I sign up at the Ganwu dojo.’’

Luo Feng stood in front of a huge door over a city lake!


This was a city within the city, the Ganwu Dojo on Dragon Star was the largest one within the surrounding one hundred galaxies, its level was also the highest. Many students gathered here. The entire territory of the dojo was an area of 280 squared km, one could only imagine it's size!

’’A golden leaf?’’ Luo Feng raised his head to look at the door of the dojo.

On the door, a flamboyant cursive writing of the words Ganwu Dojo was written with universe common language, also surrounding these words, there were golden leaf engravings.

At the door, students of the dojo were entering and leaving, there was no guard at all. Luo Feng followed a few others and entered the dojo.

’’So many!’’

’’So huge!’’

With a look, one could see the expanse of the huge plaza, blurred images or at least tens of thousands of students were sparring, engaging in group training. It was like a sea of people, giving off a strong visual sight to anyone looking, and there wasn't one student who was below the star traveller level!

’’It's indeed the best Ganwu Dojo within a hundred galaxies.’’ Luo Feng complimented.

Within the Ganwu Dojo, before arriving, Babata had told Luo feng in detail!

This was a school for fighters and spirit readers from the Ganwu Empire, it attracts a large number of fighters and spirit readers! Also, the Ganwu Empire had, within its vast starfield and hundreds of millions of galaxies, restricted any other dojo from teaching!

The Ganwu Empire had only one Ganwu Dojo!

Of course if any Domain or Sector Lord was to teach his own disciples on his own planet, the Ganwu Empire wouldn't bother!


Domain Lords, Sector Lords and even Undying Beings! They were all restricted from building dojos on many of the planets, accepting disciples in bulk.

’’This Ganwu Dojo, actually has three figures to represent them!’’ Luo Feng was looking at the three statues at the door!

They were three powerful human fighters!

The three humans were dressed in dark purple battle robes, and on their sleeves a golden leaf was embroidered.

One leaf Ganwu warrior!

’’A Ganwu Dojo on a planet usually has three universe level teachers. The Ganwu Dojos in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire area usually have stronger teachers. If the Ganwu Empire, with its hundreds of millions of dojos were to come together...’’ Luo Feng exclaimed, ’’This Ganwu Dojo's power is truly scary.’’

Ganwu Dojo.

Star Traveller levels were normal students.

Star levels were deemed elite students, with the rights to actually apply to be instructors. On a few normal planets, these instructors ran the dojos.

The Universe level, would be deemed as Ganwu warriors, with a rank of 1 leaf!

The Domain Lords, a 2 leaf Ganwu warrior!

The Sector Lords, 3 leaf Ganwu warrior!

Hence in the Ganwu Dojo, to be able to gain the name of a Ganwu warrior, wearing an embroidered leaf on one's sleeve, that was a huge honor itself.

’’Your teacher's biggest problem back then, was he was too solitary!’’

’’This was something even he admitted before his death, if he had joined a big power, like the Ganwu Empire, he could have mixed with the undying community in the Ganwu Empire. With that, the assassins wouldn't have dared to attack him so directly.’’

’’Your teacher instructed!’’

’’Without sufficient power, mixing with a community is still better. One warrior would have three others to assist. What's more in the Ganwu Empire's territory, joining the dojo would make a lot of things very convenient in the future, plus...the dojo doesn't have too many restrictions on its warriors. Sigh, your master back then...he was much too friends, no community!’’

Babata's voice was forlorn and grieving.

Luo Feng sighed.

According to Babata's depiction, his teacher was too reclusive.

Dragon Star, within the Ganwu dojo, an administrative office.

’’Knock, knock, knock.’’ Luo Feng knocked on the door.

’’Enter.’’ A forceful old voice sounded, the door automatically opened.

In the room sat a man with a head full of white, green skin and with eyebrows that stretched all the way down to his waist, the old man looked over, Luo Feng smiled, ’’I'm here to sign up.’’

’’Sign up?’’ The old man took a look.


Beside, the screen immediately displayed a list of information, Luo Feng's name, nationality, power, etc.

’’Your name is Luo Feng?’’ The old man nodded, ’’Star Traveller level 8 spirit reader? Black Dragon Mountain Empire citizen? Ok, registration fee is 800 Black Dragon dollars, in the future, you have to pay an annual fee of 10 Black Dragon dollars to continue receiving our Ganwu Dojo's various student services.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

The Ganwu Dojo's biggest site was actually within the virtual universe.

However, the virtual universe did have its own unavoidable detriments.

’’This is 1000 Black Dragon dollars.’’ Luo Feng took out a big note of currency, ’’800 for the registration and another 20 years of usage.’’


The old man nodded, swiftly finishing the documents for Luo Feng.

The Ganwu Dojo was an important pathway for attracting countless numbers of warriors in the universe, hence, once you reach the most basic star traveller level, registration would go without any hitches! No tests or anything else...of course, if you weren't a citizen from the Ganwu Empire, it would be more troublesome.

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng smiled and left.

The information was already keyed in.

From that moment, Luo Feng had acquired the status of a student of the Ganwu Dojo. Doing certain things in the future naturally became easier and more convenient.

’’Dragon Star's Ganwu Dojo?’’ Luo Feng walked out of the entrance, looking back and smiling, ’’I'm afraid I may not have the chance to ever return here ever again.’’ Glancing at the tens of thousands of students who were engaged in group training, with regards to their techniques and methods, Luo Feng couldn't care less about their teachings.

He had the secret techniques from Yun Mo Planet!

Maybe the Ganwu Dojo's core secret techniques could surpass the Yun Mo Planet's, however... even the Sector Lords within the dojo probably wouldn't have access to such valuable information.

’’Oh?’’ Outside the main entrance, a student looked suspiciously at the back silhouette of Luo Feng.

’’What's up, Wei Lin?’’ The other two asked curiously.

’’That man before, resembles the punk with two spirit weapons we met at the restaurant.’’ Wei Lin squinted a little.

’’Are you sure?’’ The other two said shocked.

’’Yes definitely!’’

Wei Lin's mouth curled into a smile, ’’Hmph, since you're from the Ganwu Dojo. That's good, I'll arrange something down the road, let's find out more about this little punk! Hmph, you actually dared to humiliate me in that restaurant!’’

Luo Feng was in the air in Dragon City, flying alongside others.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng was currently in contact with the slave owner.

’’I'm departing immediately! Right, wait for me, we'll rendezvous and leave together for the planet's docking bay.’’ Luo Feng finished and the communicator on his arm that was controlled by Babata immediately stopped the call. Luo Feng immediately made another call to Gao Sheng's number: ’’It's me Luo Feng! Brother Gao Sheng, I'm leaving Dragon Star, no need, you don't have to send me off! I'm leaving the city now.’’

’’Oh, next time then. The next time I come to Dragon Star I'll definitely look for you.’’

’’Alright, we'll meet in the virtual universe next time.’’

After the two conversations were completed, Luo Feng swiftly headed to the northern district of the city to the planned rendezvous point with the slave owner!


In a private room of the sixth level of a restaurant 3km away from the northern city entrance.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, this is our manager, he handles all the business here on Dragon Star.’’ The pointy nosed person in charge politely introduced.

Within the private room.

There stood a thin green haired man with ears that were slightly longer than usual, behind him were two bodyguards dressed in black uniforms, their bodies tall and sturdy!

’’Luo Feng, those two bodyguards are Star level 9 spirit readers. The green haired man is a Star level 3 spirit reader.’’

With Babata's warning, Luo Feng remained calm and collected.

As the main manager of the business here on Dragon Star who controlled so many slaves, arranging the two strongest slaves to protect himself before the slaves were sold was a very normal thing to do.

’’How are you Mr. Luo Feng, let me introduce myself, my name is Wula.’’ The green haired man smiled.

’’Mr. Wula, very nice to meet you. If there aren't any problems, I would like to leave immediately.’’ Luo Feng said directly.

’’The client's wish is our command.’’ The green haired man slightly bowed, smiling as he said, ’’The ship is already outside the city waiting.

Any ships entering Dragon Star from the universe were to be docked at the docking bay.

However, if a resident were to dock his ship in his own landing yard, or such slave owners with tens of thousands of connections, they could bring their many ships and battleships in without any problems.

A large ship was stopped right outside the city.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, please.’’ The green haired man was very polite.

Following that, the man entered the spacious guest room of the ship along with Luo Feng, sitting opposite him, beautiful women immediately filled the table in front of them with delicacies.

’’May I know where Mr. Luo Feng is from?’’ The green haired man asked curiously.

’’My apologies, I do not wish to divulge.’’ Luo Feng said directly.

’’Oh, I was impulsive, I hope Mr. Luo Feng doesn't mind.’’ The green haired man expressed his apologies. For him to meet such a client with business reaching 5 billion, it was also a rare and lucky thing. After all the competition in the slave market was very intense, with many slave owners. Meeting such a straightforward big client, he was definitely highly respectful.

The slave owners were cold and brutal towards their slaves.

However to their clients, they were incomparably respectful!

’’The ship has already reached the planet's docking bay!’’

A sound erupted within the ship.

Within the guest room, the green haired man immediately stood up, ’’Mr. Luo Feng, the ship has already arrived. Right now, we can begin the slave transfer! As it is the highest form of master recognition, from now on, we will be unable to ever regain control of these slaves. They will all only be controlled by you, and also, since there are over one thousand of them, the process could take a little longer.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng was anticipating the transfer.

Sixteen Star levels under him.

One thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers, they were all just about to be transferred over.


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