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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 27


Volume 08 Chapter 27 - The Purchase Before Departure

Both parties agreed on the contract and deal.

As Luo Feng didn't have a bank card, hence...he made special request. He had to get a new bank card from the Universe Galaxy Bank, thereafter, the two completed their deal.

The arc cutter blade now belonged to the treasure shop.

And the huge sum of 18 billion Black Dragon dollars now belonged to Luo Feng!

’’This credit card is truly special, it's actually fused with one's consciousness, only the original owner can use the card. Even if it was stolen, it couldn't be used.’’ Luo Feng was singing its praises, this was definitely an absolute safe method, safer than any password, after all...everyone's spiritual mark was different.

Universe Galaxy Bank, it was one of the super banks of the universe!

In the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, it only dealt with clients and deals exceeding 100 million Black Dragon dollars, it wouldn't even bother handling anything lower.

’’18 billion, this is also considered a pretty big amount. For people like Gao Sheng, and the Wei Lin from the restaurant, they too wouldn't be able to produce such cash instantly.’’ Luo Feng's spiritual force felt the 18 billion within his storage space ring, feeling extremely excited.

’’What are you excited about? One hybrid copper essence shard alone is much more valuable, and the Yun Mo Planet ship, which is made from countless hybrid copper essence, would make the Undying Beings even more green with envy. That's the true wealth!’’ Babata couldn't help but say, he obviously couldn't stand Luo Feng's current expression.

’’No matter how valuable, I can't even take it out, where's the use in that?’’ Luo Feng retorted.

Babata was speechless.

The Yun Mo Planet ship, would probably entice the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire to risk it all and battle for it.

How could Luo Feng dare to bring it out?

Even after reaching the Universe level, Domain lord level, he still wouldn't dare to bring it out!

Along with the old man, the two walked out from the Universe Galaxy Bank and returned to the treasure shop.

’’Since I currently do not have enough money to make the Golden Horned Beast quickly reach the Universe level...I just have to swiftly increase my human body's power.’’ Luo Feng was very clear, in the vast universe, huge amounts of wealth represented a great power! He needed to as quickly as possible gain access to the first bank account his teacher left behind for him!

Hence, he needed to quickly raise his human body's power.

Only that way would his spirit swiftly increase in power too!

After all, the Golden Horned Beast's soul was a Star level 4, his human body didn't have any restrictions to breakthrough.

’’Luo Feng, the Mu Ya crystals have life force in them, to the human soul and body, they have a positive effect on its evolution. They don't have any side effects too. So...The crystals can make a higher wargod breakthrough to the star traveller level 1, it can also help the monsters evolve.’’ Babata said, ’’Of course right now you don't need your physical body or soul to strengthen...just your body!’’

Luo Feng's body was the main reason for his power currently.

’’Strengthening your body, with your current wealth, the best would be the Jade Marrow.’’ Babata explained, ’’The Jade Marrow is a treasure that's best for the Star Traveller level.’’

At different levels, different treasures had different effects.

Just like America's 'Elixir of Life', it allowed normal people to regrow lost limbs.

The spirits of nature allowed wargods' powers to increase quickly. A few special spirits of nature could even help treat and heal Star Travellers. However...they had no ability to increase or strengthen a Star Traveller warrior.

At that time, they required even better treasures!


’’Mr. Luo Feng,’’ The old man from the treasure shop smiled, ’’This is a member card for our treasure shop, you enjoy a 9.8% discount. We don't normally hand out member cards this easily.’’

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

This old man obviously knew Luo Feng had 18 billion Black Dragon dollars, of course he'd hope for Luo Feng to make a few more purchases.

’’Do you have Jade Marrows here?’’ Luo Feng asked, he couldn't care less to look at the other treasures, this 18 billion, he needed to use it to the best of his ability, raising his body's power! He definitely couldn't waste it some useless items.

’’We do.’’

This Star level 6 old man personally serviced Luo Feng, smiling as he brought Luo Feng to a corner of the treasure shop, there, several floating virtual images of Jade Marrows were on display. The Jade Marrows were a special and unique green color with hints of shiny mercury liquid around, beside it, it's price was displayed.

’’Jade Marrow, 1 gram for 9000 dollars?’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’I need 30 kg!’’

’’30kg?’’ The old man nodded and smiled.

This caused the recently entered customers to turn and stare at Luo Feng.

The Jade Marrow, an expensive plaything?

Buying 30kg in one go?

’’After adding the discount, that would be 264.6 million Black Dragon dollars.’’ The old man smiled, ’’Does Mr. Luo Feng require anything else?’’

’’Not at the moment. Thanks.’’ Luo Feng didn't even look at any other treasures.

The old man was a little disappointed but he still swiftly finished cashing the goods out, retrieving from a secret warehouse behind 30kg of Jade Marrow. It was only on Dragon Star, a shop in the core of hundreds of galaxies, would one be able to retrieve instantly such huge amount of goods. The lesser planets definitely couldn't produce such amounts!

’’This is the Jade Marrow, please keep it well sir.’’ The old man handed over a translucent glass bottle, in it, was a shiny green with bright sparkling silver of sorts liquid.

Just this bottle of liquid.

Who knew how many people died to collect this amount of this liquid! If converted to advanced level wargod fighters, it could buy over 10 million of them!

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng received the large translucent bottle, shua, it vanished.

This caused several other customers to be shocked into discussion after they witnessed the exchange.


This youth had a space storage ring!

’’With the 30kg of Jade Marrow, I can help my human body quickly reach the Star Traveller level 7, the spirit reader side to reach Star level 1. Then, I'd be able to access the first bank account my teacher left for me.’’ Luo Feng was high in anticipation, ’’The remaining Jade Marrow, I can use to help Hong and Thunder God.’’

30kg of Jade Marrow, Luo Feng definitely bought an adequate amount.

’’Please take your time sir, we welcome you to shop here anytime.’’ The old man smiled, watching Luo Feng leave.

Luo Feng once again reached the slave market that wasn't far from the treasure shop.

Within the slave market, it was still as crowded as ever!

The extremely beautiful female slaves capable of disrupting entire kingdoms only costed a total of several thousand Black Dragon dollars. A Student level 9 (advanced level wargod) fighter, was worth only about 20 Black Dragon dollars! Luo Feng could see tourists and travellers easily buying a few slaves all over the market.

’’I need time to increase my own power!’’

’’And in the future, I would need more helping hands, I'll be frequently leaving Earth too, there needs to be some servants in the house.’’ Luo Feng quickly made up his mind to buy a few slaves to bring back.

Very quickly, Luo Feng came to a rather powerful slave owner 's shopping center within the district.

Within the shopping center.

’’Respectable sir, what slaves do you require? Be it beautiful or powerful, we have everything you would ever need.’’ A man as skinny as a monkey, with a pointy and huge nose, came up and easily recognized that Luo Feng was a client with buying power.

’’Oh, I require some Star level slaves.’’ Luo Feng said.


The man in charge became happy, smiling, ’’Please come over here, we have a large number of virtual images of slaves for you to slowly pick from! The prices are definitely reasonable and if you buy in bulk, we can even give you a better discount!’’ The Star level slave prices are more expensive, hence his happiness.

In the spacious guestroom.

A large virtual image appeared in front of Luo Feng, large numbers of physical appearances, body measurements and data, power and strength details, races and information all appeared, including price!

A Star level 5 fighter is worth 80 million, a Star level 7 fighter is worth 500 hundred million, level 8 is 2 billion, 9 is 5 billion. The spirit readers' of the same level are 3 times that of the fighters. These are the standard pricings, unless one has a special ability, their price would thus be higher naturally!

For example, a Star level 9 spirit reader who was also a level 9 fighter!

’’I want three of the Star level 5 spirit readers!’’ Luo Feng pointed at the screen, ’’ The Black Meng race.’’

’’Alright.’’ The man in charge happily recorded.

Each of them were worth 240 million black dragon dollars, the total was 720 million black dragon dollars.

It was big business!

His eye for customers wasn't wrong, this youth was indeed a big client!

’’The Black Meng star level 7 spirit readers, 3 of them!’’ Luo Feng continued.

The Black Meng race, their bodies were strong and sturdy, and they usually had more spirit readers.

According to Babata, the Black Meng slaves quality were not bad.

’’Star level 7 spirit readers?’’ The man in charge was shocked, looking at Luo Feng, ’’Three?’’

Every one of them was worth 1.5 billion black dragon dollars!

Three of them would mean 4.5 billion black dragon dollars!

Even the big families of the Dragon Star, it had be some kind of very important or big figure to be able to take out so much cash instantly. And heirs of big families hardly ever had so much cash on hand.

’’Have you recorded it down?’’ Luo Feng looked over.

’’Yes, I've recorded.’’ The man in charge was extremely excited, if he managed to close this deal, his reward would be plenty.


Luo Feng nodded his head, ’’Can you give me a big discount?’’

’’9.5%! It's definitely the biggest discount.’’ The man in charge's sharp nose was shining.

’’Alright, I would like a complimentary gift of ten level 1 Star levels, five fighters and five spirit readers, along with another one thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers.’’ Luo Feng said.


The man in charge made a face as if his parents just died. He immediately widened his eyes, ’’I can't give you that much! You, you are simply asking for my life.’’

Ten Star level 1 half fighters and spirit readers, would cost a total of 20 million Black Dragon dollars. One thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers too would be worth one hundred million!

’’One price.’’ Luo Feng looked at the man, ’’5 billion black dragon dollars, plus the little 'extras' I mentioned earlier.’’

The man in charge was perspiring profusely, water beaded down from his pointy nose.

Calculations were going through his mind like crazy as if he was a calculator.

’’Deal!’’ The man in charge gritted his teeth.

This deal still allotted a hefty amount of earnings for himself. The rest of the earnings would be split by the upper levels themselves!

’’That's good.’’

Luo Feng nodded, ’’Black Meng Star level 5, Star level 7 spirit readers, three of each, along with five Star level 1 fighters, five Star level 1 spirit readers. Along with one thousand Star Traveller level 9 spirit readers! From the races, you can pick from the thirteen different races I've allotted.’’

’’No problem.’’ The man in charge nodded.

’’I'll place a deposit of 100 million Black Dragon dollars first! Later on, I'll inform you to transport all the slaves to the planet's docking bay. When that time comes, we'll finish the deal there.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’But of course.’’ The man in charge was all smiles.

Over a one thousand slaves, most of them would be delivered at the docking bay..

Luo Feng nodded...

There were a total of more than one thousand slaves, Earth's aircraft carriers would easily hold up to a thousand, the black dragon ship had a total of three levels, a ship with a diameter of 100m, if they squeezed in, just one level could hold up to a thousand.

’’After signing up at the Ganwu Dojo, I'll leave Dragon Star with the slaves.’’ Luo Feng suddenly thought of the scene of him bringing such a big group of people back to Earth and couldn't help but to reveal a weird smile!


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