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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 26


Volume 08 Chapter 26 - Coldness in the Heart

His mind was currently in a state of indecisiveness!

The arc cutter blade didn't add much to his current powers, but the moment it's sold, it would be of great benefit!

’’Look, there's more Dream Shell Clan people there.’’ Gao Sheng's eyes lit up, pointing in the distance shouting, ’’Shasha, they're the same type of people as you right!’’

Luo Feng too followed the direction of where Gao Sheng was pointing, beautiful jade haired young women were lined up, some were alluring while others seemed innocent and young, all of them were extremely beautiful. At the side were several jade haired handsome men, all made up to look dashing and heroic.

’’xxxx...’’ The group of Dream Shell Clan slaves saw Sasha, one of them shouted out in a language that was foreign to the ears.

’’Xxx...’’ The servant young lady behind Gao Sheng shouted back in the same language, her eyes red with tears flowing down.

’’Why, you recognize them?’’ Gao Sheng said shocked.

The Dream Shell Clan slaves were pretty renowned in the slave market. Their prices were all in the hundreds of millions. Who would've thought that the female servant from the restaurant would recognize this group of slaves.

’’Yes, I recognize them.’’ Sasha said, ’’Master, they all came here with me from the same hometown, we were all captured by the leader of the planet at the same time and sold to the slave trafficker.

’’Captured by the leader?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased beside.

Not only did the planet's leader not protect his own citizens, he captured and sold them?


Sasha bit down and said hatefully, ’’Our hometown is an extremely beautiful planet! Our leader is the strongest warrior there, he dominates the entire planet! Under him are two other demon kings, all Star level warriors! Star level, in our hometown, that's already invincible. Our ordinary folk have at most a few Star Traveller levels, no match for even the demon kings!’’

’’The two demon kings command an army, taking away a large number of matured young ladies and men, selling them directly to the slave traffickers.’’ Sasha continued to tear as she spoke, ’’Our race of people from the planet continue to reproduce and get sold, this, is our fate. Something we can never change!’’

The story chilled Luo Feng's heart!

My god!

There are actually warriors who specially own a planet to cultivate slaves? It was just like cultivating vegetables, selling one crop and cultivating another!

’’To peddle slaves is an extremely lucrative industry.’’ Gao Sheng said as he shook his head, ’’A planet with a population of hundreds of millions can reproduce that amount in a few decades. Selling a few hundreds of millions would mean enormous wealth! However, these sorts of things are extremely disgusting, the moment that race produces any powerful warriors, that planet's leader would be done for, hence these people usually only do such things to the weaker races. And the ones that dare to do so are leaders with extremely big backgrounds.’’

’’There are countless human races, some weaker races, that are still weak even after maturing. To even produce a Star Traveller level is extremely difficult. These races, for them to be sold as slaves, is a very common thing.’’ Gao Sheng said.

Ice cold!

Coldness that pierced to the bones!

The universe was too raw and brutal.

’’If, if Earth were to ever be discovered...’’ Luo Feng trembled within.

Earth's humans were far too weak!

Even reaching the Star Traveller level 1, was extremely difficult! This sort of race, if it were to be discovered by some big power in the universe, would immediately be deemed a slave race, reproducing generation after generation and being sold as slaves.

Generations would pass, the people would get poorer and poorer, it was a bottomless pit!

Like the Dream Shell Clan...

’’No, no!!!’’ Luo Feng felt a sense of rage within.


He couldn't resign himself to that!

He could never allow it!

Coming to Dragon Star and seeing the Star level warriors that could squash him with a finger, even just the restaurant manager, the more important slaves, the bodyguards...Luo Feng understood! This was why Babata wanted him to act as a big family's heir! Act as someone who had a huge background!

As it turns out...

The universe was this level of raw and brutal! If one was weak, he would be stepped on! No one would care about it!

If your race was weak, then, the entire race would be stepped on, even enslaved!

No one would help you! One had to rely totally on himself!

’’Big family's heir? Liquid silver guards? Black dragon ship? I'm definitely not some big family's heir. The disciple of Yun Mo Planet? It has already been destroyed! I'm just an Earthling, a weak human from Earth. I can only rely on acting and appearances to gather some form of respect here on Dragon Star. Otherwise, who would actually respect a Star Traveller level little man from an aboriginal planet?’’ Luo Feng was looking at the slave Shasha.

Looking at the group of Dream Shell Clan slaves.

The female slaves were weak, while some of the male slaves had already reached the Star Traveller level! Obviously, when it came to power, the Dream Shell Clan was even stronger than people from Earth!

’’Dream Shell Clan people, humans from earth...’’ Luo Feng muttered to himself.

’’I definitely won't allow it, I won't allow Earth to follow in the Dream Shell Clan's footsteps! Never!’’ Luo Feng muttered to himself.

A raging fire was burning within him!

Seeing the Dream Shell Clan, Luo Feng's mind was totally clear now.

In the vast universe, there were millions and billions of human races! The stronger race bloodlines, like the Manka, reach the Domain Lord level when they mature! And the weakest are even weaker than Earth! The weaker ones compared to those on Earth, the matured people's powers can't even reach the student level 1, they were simply too weak!

Why were the Manka so strong? It was due to the hardwork from their ancestors, that they managed to evolve the genetics of their descendants!

For any race to want to rise up, a hero is required to hack open a road for the others!

’’Since we do not have any powerful ancestors, then, let me be the one to open a path!’’

’’I cannot rely on anybody else, only on myself!’’

Walking through the slave market with Gao Sheng and looking at the groups of slaves, many of the slaves were grouped according to their race and sold, even orders up to the thousands and tens of thousands were easily handled! This chilled Luo Feng's heart even more...If there was ever a day, where Earth humans were sold in the thousands and tens of thousands, amongst them were his fellow men, family and descendants.

That would be a nightmare!

’’Brother Gao Sheng, I still have some matters to attend to, let's separate here.’’

At the exit of the slave market, Luo Feng said goodbye to Gao Sheng.

’’No problem! Luo Feng, if any matters pop up, you can contact me through the Virtual Universe Network. I'll be here on Dragon Star for the next few years.’’ Gao Sheng said enthusiastically.


At that time, the two split up.

Watching as Luo Feng left with the two liquid silver guards, Gao Sheng muttered softly to himself: ’’Training for a sect? Or a test from a big family?’’ He shook his head, leaving with his bodyguards. He could never have imagined...This youth who seemed to have such a big background, was actually the strongest warrior from an aboriginal planet, and even though he was the strongest, he was still only a Star Traveller level.

’’I have to increase my strength as fast as possible now, increasing Earth's power.’’ Luo feng walked along the streets of Dragon Star.

There were two routes to increasing his strength.

One was to increase his human body's strength.

Two was to increase the Golden Horned Beast's strength.

’’The Golden Horned Beast has the strongest battle power!’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’However, to enable the Golden Horned Beast to reach the Universe level within a couple of years, even after selling the arc cutter blade, the money would still be insufficient! There's only one way to do this...’’

’’Increasing my human body's power, swiftly reaching the Star level.’’

’’After that, heading to the Universe Galaxy Bank, acquiring the first account my teacher left for me.’’

’’Relying on this account's money, to make the Golden Horned Beast's body swiftly reaching the Universe level!’’

Luo Feng easily formulated a plan for himself.

With the power of the Yun Mo Planet's master, even a random leg hair would have been stronger than the Dragon Star leader's Domain Lord! He believed the amount of money in the first account would not disappoint him.

’’Babata, I want to sell the arc cutter blade, where would be the best place to do it?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’You really want to sell it?’’ Babata couldn't help but ask.


Luo Feng was firm on his decision.

Having the Undying corpses, hybrid copper essence weapon, and the even more expensive eternal love, etc, taking them out would mean suicide! With these, why did he still have to work so hard? The hybrid copper essence shard and eternal love would all drive the Domain Lords mad. And the Yun Mo Planet ship, made even the Undying Beings crazy.

Luo Feng didn't dare to take them out!

’’If you want to sell, go to that treasure shop from before!’’ Babata said.

’’Treasure shop?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Yup, the treasure shop's goods cannot compare to the spirit weapon specialist shops, they will give you a better price.’’ Babata explained.


Luo Feng rushed over to the treasure shop.

A while later.

’’Oh, it's the customer from before. You've actually returned, you must have decided to buy something.’’ The helper within the store recognized Luo Feng, inviting him enthusiastically.

’’Respected sir, what can I help you with.’’ The helper smiled.

’’I want to sell a spirit weapon.’’ Luo Feng looked at him, this made the helper very shocked, Luo Feng continued, ’’A level 3 one!’’

’’Please, please wait a moment.’’ The helper seemed like he was trembling.

The spirit weapon was originally a luxury good.

Every rise in level had price leaps that were extremely shocking.

A level 3 spirit weapon's lowest price was still in the billions, and the highest quality ones could reach even trillions!

’’Sir, please come inside to discuss.’’ Very quickly, the helper ran back out, respectfully leading Luo Feng to a guest room within.

Within the guest room.

The originally sitting old man with two red and blue stripes across his face, a height of about 2.6m smiled and stood up, slightly bowing, ’’Respected customer, I heard you want to sell a level 3 spirit weapon?’’ This was a Star level 6 warrior, on ordinary planets, he was an invincible being.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’May I know what spirit weapon it is?’’ The old man asked.

Luo Feng flipped his hand, brandishing the arc cutter blade!

The old man's eyes lit up.

’’This is the arc cutter blade, a weapon sold in spirit weapon shops in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire. The arc cutter blade's quoted price is 21 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’ Luo Feng said.

With careful study of spirit weapons, one could easily create imitations of them.

Of course, regular level 3 spirit weapons, only Sector Lords could maybe try and imitate them. They went as far as requiring Undying Beings to make them. Peddling weapons has always been a very lucrative industry, things like the soaring shuttle was made by Hu Yan Bo, but the arc cutter blade wasn't. Hence the number of soaring shuttles in the universe was much lower.

The arc cutter blade actually belongs to the more commonly seen level 3 spirit weapons, this treasure shop was bound to have information on its usage and methods,


A green light covered the arc cutter blade.

’’Oh, it's an authentic arc cutter blade, its materials are not bad, it's also in perfect condition.’’ The old man smiled and looked at Luo Feng, ’’I can give you 16 billion Black Dragon dollars, closing price.’’

’’18 billion, I won't go any lower.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

This 18 billion was what Babata had instructed him to say.

’’18 billion? This...’’ The old man looked at Luo Feng, this youth before him seemed to understand well about their business and profits, for them to actually carry such weapons, the first step alone was hard. It required time to wait for the goods, spirit weapons were after all things that only Sector Lords could build and create. With all these, it would take more than 18 billion just to acquire one arc cutter knife.

’’Deal!’’ The old man looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng finally revealed a smile: ’’Let's draw up the contract!’’


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