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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 25


Volume 08 Chapter 25 - Slave Market

Two Star Traveller youths, four Star level bodyguards, 2 liquid silver guards, and finally a Dream Shell Clan female servant.

This was the group Luo Feng was currently in.

’’Even though Star levels are considered powerful already, the Universe levels are the true emperors! The rulers of an entire galaxy!’’ Luo Feng thought as he walked, ’’Only when my Golden Horned Beast reaches the Universe level! Would that be considered having enough power! However, the amount of metals needed for the Golden Horned Beast to swallow requires so much money to buy!’’

’’Money, money money!’’

’’How about, I sell off the arc cutter blade?’’ Luo Feng considered.

Having both the soaring shuttle and the arc cutter blade, usually in battle, all he needed and used was one of them. What's more, he had his trump card, the hybrid copper essence shard!

’’To sell or not to sell the arc cutter blade?’’ Luo Feng was struggling with the decision.

’’Luo Feng, there's a treasure shop right in front, there are various kinds of treasures within, whatever scraps and weird things are all sold there. The one common thing is that, they are all treasures! That's why they are all expensive, let's go take a look, afterall we are not far from the slave market here.’’ Gao Sheng smiled as he shouted out.

’’Treasure shop?’’

Luo Feng was curious as he followed Gao Sheng into the treasure shop.

This treasure shop's interior was vast, comparable to the huge plazas on earth. Within, according to the categories and districts, there were armors, tamed beasts, spirit weapons, special fruits, robots, etc. It was a big collection of almost everything. All of them had image simulators and pictures, their prices incomparably expensive.

’’This treasure shop cannot compare to several specialist spirit weapon shops or robot shops, etc. But it's specialty lies in it's complexity.’’ Gao Shen complimented, ’’Take a look around brother, I too will go have a look.’’

Luo Feng looked at the various images on the screens, before looking at their prices...


Too expensive!

’’They even have cloud contact seeds? Amethyst fruits, that's sick!’’ Luo Feng was calm on the outside, but his emotions were raging within.

Even selling the Earth wouldn't give him enough money to buy several items in the shop.

’’This is...’’

Luo Feng suddenly saw a small piece of metal, from his inherited memories regarding the <Deity of the World>training, it was an extremely crucial piece of metal that he required. ’’This is it!’’

<Deity of the World>first level, this was the most crucial metal!

’’The price, converted to Earth measures, 1g was 200 Black Dragon dollars?’’ Luo Feng stared hard, ’’grams as the measurement?’’

’’With the Golden Horned Beast's body, it eats the metals in tons!’’ Luo Feng felt a sense of helplessness.

In the universe, this sort of metal was sold in grams!

Just like on Earth, gold is sold in grams! Suddenly a beast that eats gold in tons comes along, even the wealthy on Earth would be stunned.

The same idea.

’’One gram for 200 Black Dragon dollars! One ton, that would be 200 million Black Dragon dollars?’’ Luo Feng blinked hard, ’’The Golden Horned Beast's training of <Deity of the World>, requires about a ton everyday, so in a year...’’ the numbers were astronomical, a large amount of numbers appeared in his head, it was hard to blame him!

It was no wonder that even after generations of Golden Horned Beasts, <Deity of the World>was usually only trained up to the first level.

’’Brother Luo Feng, what are you looking at?’’ Gao Sheng walked over and looked, ’’Memory type metals? These sort of metals are good stuff, infusing them into your weapons and sorts would allow them to regenerate and recover automatically!’’

There were many types of memory type metals.

They were all sold in grams!

They were extremely expensive!

’’I'm going out to get some air.’’ Luo Feng grew angrier and more helpless the more he looked.

There were many treasures in the vast universe.

Things to increase one's power, one's soul, there were many items!

There was no lack of treasures, just the lack of money!

With enough wealth, buying a planet was incredibly easy, making hundreds of millions of people as your slaves too was easy!

’’I won't look anymore either, I have no money. Let's go, let's head to the slave market.’’ Gao Sheng said helplessly.

The slave market, had an area of over 300km. If it were put on earth, it would an enormous city.

But here on Dragon Star, it was only a small portion of the Dragon City.

The slave market was packed full of people, it was the biggest slave market in the closest one hundred galaxies.

’’These Tieluo people are all very strong, even though they are rather stupid and can't be trained that well, but each of them is comparable to a Student level 9 fighter! Each only costs 20 Black Dragon dollars, buying in bulk even adds a discount!’’ Outside each of the huge slave stores, there were people outside attracting customers and enthusiastically introducing their goods.

Luo Feng was speechless.

Student level 9? Isn't that the equivalent of Earth's advanced level wargods?

Only 20 Black Dragon dollars?

Spending just one hundred million, wouldn't one be able to buy 50 million advanced level wargods?

’’People below the Star Traveller level cannot become citizens, hence their prices are very low.’’ Gao Sheng said as he walked, ’’Under the Star Traveller level, unless they are absolute beauties, or have special properties, most of them are normally about 10 Black Dragon dollars. Look, over there, they are all beautiful women!’’

In the distance, a group of absolute flawless beauties of different races and clans, some had white pale skins while some had bushy tails, some had cat ears while some were very similar to Earth's humans...any one of them would be capable of devastating an entire country on Earth.

’’They cost 5000 Black Dragon dollars each, they are all first class women, buying in bulk even gets you a discount.’’ A beautiful lady was shouting out from the side.


Luo Feng looked at another huge space, it had a huge aura from fighters expanding their energies, Star Traveller levels 6, 7, even 8 and 9 fighters, spirit readers all stood there. There were barely any Star Traveller levels 3 and 4. Amongst them, many of them had auras and energies that were no weaker than Hong's or Thunder God's.

’’5000? 8000? That Star Traveller level 8 is worth 20 thousand? A star traveller level 9 spirit reader is worth 100 thousand?’’ Luo Feng was looking at their individual prices.

100 thousand Black Dragon dollars and one could buy a Star Traveller level 9 spirit reader!

Place him on Earth, and he'd be an invincible being!

Beside Luo Feng, Gao Sheng said casually, ’’Star Travellers can at the most be hired thugs, servants, they don't have much use! In the universe, only Star levels can be considered body guards, high class servants. However below Star Traveller level, the cost is about 10 Black Dragon dollars. The Star Travellers about 10 thousand, the Star levels however are 100 million.’’

Under Gao Sheng's leadership, they quickly arrived an emptier but bigger and more vast plaza, in it stood a total of 18 warriors all fighters and spirit readers.

They were Star levels 1, 2, 3...9, fighters and spirit readers! All of them had their own prices.

Eighteen Star level slaves, all automatically expanded their energies, displaying their strengths! Especially the Star levels 8 and 9, those were even stronger than the Golden Horned Beast back then. The aura gathered together from these warriors...caused Luo Feng to tremble involuntarily.

’’So powerful!’’ Gao Sheng muttered beside, ’’It's making my legs shiver involuntarily!’’

’’Indeed, very powerful.’’

Luo Feng held his breath.

The breakthrough from the different levels, was a leap of evolution of life every time! The further one grew, the bigger the jump! If one could say that the jump from a student level 9 to the star traveller level 1 was a few times stronger, than the Star Traveller level 9 to a Star level 1 was definitely more than 10 times, and the Star level 9 to the Universe level 1 was even more so.

The further one grew, the bigger the distance between the levels!

This was also why, back then, the level 7 and 8 Hong and Thunder God, with their own domains and soul immolation, couldn't even break through the Golden Horned Beast's scales initially! It was Hong's final expansion of power that broke through. One, the Golden Horned Beast was too strong, two, the distance between a Star Traveller and Star level was too huge, too far away.

These 18 slaves, all of their auras were much stronger than Luo Feng's.

Take a Star Traveller level 7 or 8.

One could definitely dominate the entire Earth! One finger would be enough to crush Luo Feng!

’’A Star level 1 fighter is really cheap, only 1 million. A Star level 4 fighter is 20 million? A Star level 7 fighter is expensive, actually 500 million! Star level 8 fighter is 2 billion and a Star level 9 fighter is 5 billion.’’ Luo Feng was looking at the prices, as for spirit readers, the same level was actually 3 times more than the fighters!

’’The prices are reasonable.’’ Gao Sheng evaluated.

’’Sir, do you have any interest in these Star level slaves?’’ Suddenly, the person in charge of this plaza ran over, obviously spotting Luo Feng and Gao Sheng's slaves, guessing they were big clients with spending power!

’’I've already got the Star levels.’’ Gao Sheng looked at the person in charge, smiling, ’’I heard before on Dragon Star, that there are Universe level slaves?’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

Universe level slaves?

A normal galaxy's evolution usually only produces one universe level warrior! A Universe level, that was the true tyrant and emperor.

Universe level slaves?

However, with regards to information on slaves, Luo Feng had learnt from Babata, their brains were implanted with microchips, which fuse with their brains, unable to ever be separated. With these, they were a 100% loyal to their masters! To destroy the chips, their brains had to be destroyed! And human warrior's souls were within their consciousness, where their brains were!

That's why, destroying their brains meant death. became a Domain Lord!

Domain Lord's souls could leave their brains! So they are able to destroy the chips in their brains.

That's why...

Theoretically speaking, with the implant of the living microchip, the strongest a slave could ever grow to was the Universe level 9! Of course, if it was the Yun Mo Planet's secret technique <Soul Imprint>, that was something that could control even an Undying Being! However those the vast universe, were techniques that were never shared outside their own circles!

’’Universe slaves? If you wish to purchase one, that's possible, our boss above can arrange it.’’ The person in charge smiled as he said.

’’I'm just asking, I can't afford it.’’ Gao Sheng laughed.

’’Universe slaves are expensive! No way around it, to capture a Universe level warrior alive is hard enough, plus having to implant the microchip is even harder. A Universe level is priced in the billions. They are more expensive than a planet.’’ The person in charge shook his head, ’’From my point of view, with that money, why don't you buy 10 to 20 Star level 9s instead, if you are lucky, one of the slaves may break through to the Universe level. When that happens, you can sell him, wouldn't that be a fortune made?’’

’’Are you trying to swindle me!’’ Gao Sheng stared, ’’Star level 9 breaking through to the Universe level? Are the chances even 1 out of 100,000?’’

’’I'm just saying.’’ The person in charge laughed.

Luo Feng looked at the slaves with envy.

Star level 8 and 9, they were thousands of times stronger than the fighters on Earth! Even if the Star level 4 Golden Horned Beast risked it all, it still wasn't a match. Without meeting a Universe level...this level of slaves would enable one to walk parallel with the universe. And the slaves with microchips implanted were the most loyal and obedient.

Countless years, there haven't been an example or case of a slave betraying a master.

’’It's just too expensive!’’

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’To strengthen the Golden Horned Beast required money! <Deity of the World>'s training required money! To become the leader of a planet also required money! Getting some powerful underlings also required money!’’

’’It's useless!’’

Luo Feng bit down, ’’I'm not using the arc cutter blade much, and I still have my trump card the hybrid copper essence shard, so I'll just sell the arc cutter blade! Then I'd have the money for training and even buying some slaves!’’


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