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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 24


Volume 08 Chapter 24 - Wei Di Family

’’Luo Feng, the spirit weapons are separated into average, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and 5!’’

The average ones have almost no amplitude effects, hence their prices are cheap.’’

’’A level 1 spirit weapon is able to expand a Star Traveller spirit reader's maximum battle potential. The level 2 spirit weapon does that for the Star level...level 5 does that for the Sector Lord.’’ Babata said, ’’Your arc cutter blade and soaring shuttle can both be used till the Universe level, hence they are level 3 spirit weapons!’’

’’Level 3?’’ Luo Feng was surprised but delighted.

The youths that appeared on the second floor of the restaurant, his level 2 spirit weapon alone was that expensive! Luo Feng estimated that his own 2 weapons were much more valuable.

’’One weapon, the easier it's usage, the higher its price!’’ Babata said, ’’For example, your soaring shuttle second form, requires a battle ability amplifier of 30 to be able to use. It's because of your Golden Horned Beast's body, hence your consciousness is so strong. Usually, only a star level 5 or 6 is capable of reaching that level.’’

’’Especially the third form, it's even more messed up, a battle ability amplifier of 48, Universe level, and a domain, the three big conditions!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was shocked.

’’A similar level 2 spirit weapon, if it's requirement is a multiplier of 30 to be able to use, one with a requirement of 20 to expand the same amount of power, which do you think would be more expensive?’’ Babata questioned.

’’Oh.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’That's why, the weapon of this youth called Wei Lin has been deemed a level 2 high quality weapon because it is easy to use.’’

’’Your soaring shuttle's requirements are too high, hence it's only a level 3 low quality weapon. Your arc cutter knife has slightly lower requirements, belonging to the level 3 medium quality weapon. If you were to buy the soaring shuttle at a weapon store, it would cost about 5 billion Black Dragon dollars. The arc cutter knife, about 20 billion dollars.’’ Babata explained.

’’Such a big difference?’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

From his experience, he felt that the power difference between the two wasn't that different.

The price difference however was shocking.

’’Of course the difference is huge! One weapon can be used the moment one reaches the Universe level, and yours can only be used after reaching the Universe level 7 or 8. How can they be the same?’’ Babata questioned.

Luo Feng understood better now.

’’A level 3 higher quality weapon would cost about 100 billion dollars. A level 3 highest quality weapon, would be about 500 billion.’’ Babata said casually, ’’for the Universe level warriors, spending hundreds of billions on weapons is a very normal thing. To the strong...the most important things are weapons, armor, techniques and after that a ship!’’

Universe level warriors, joining an empire, can easily acquire tens of planets as their territory.

Such levels of warriors would indeed not be bothered by hundreds of billions of dollars.

The restaurant's second floor.

Many of the customers had focused their attention on the two youths due to his earlier bragging, 6 billion! For a star level warrior, that as a huge sum of money!

’’As long as my multiplier reaches 18, I can release the powers of its second stage.’’ Wei Lin, the youth said proudly as he waved his special golden disc, hu, the golden disc immediately floated up, flying about in the walkways of the restaurant's second floor, he was extremely satisfied!


The golden disc brushed past the waitress, shocking her and the others to jump.

’’Haha, haha, don't be afraid, my controlling skills are exceptional.’’ Wei Lin was extremely satisfied and proud.

’’What exceptional control’’ The two other disciples flattered him.


Walking out from the kitchen with a dish full of food, a jade haired waitress was shocked by the golden light sweeping past her, her hands faltered causing the dish to spill over. A plate of vegetables and meat with thick sauce spilled over onto the special revolving golden disc, causing it to get dirty and soiled.

’’My spirit weapon!’’ Wei Lin's expression changed drastically, screaming out.


The golden disc landed beside him as he looked at the black sauce staining it, he was trembling with rage.

Just like on Earth, if a newly bought car of a car enthusiast had been stained by food and vegetables, this was a similar situation! This spirit weapon was something that was much much more expensive than a car, costing 6 billion Black Dragon dollars, in Wei Lin's heart, this weapon was even more important than his girlfriend!

It actually got dirty on the first day!

’’Bastard!’’ Wei Lin's gaze swept past the pale jade haired waitress, gritting his teeth, ’’Slut, go to hell!’’


The golden disc became a beam of golden light, rushing straight towards the waitress.


The waitress's expression was stricken with fear, she had no time to evade or dodge at all.


A formless powerful thread of spirit energy, almost like a concentrated collection of vines swiftly wrapped itself around the golden disc, forcing the golden light to swerve and crash into the wall beside. ’’Rumble...’’ An attack with the force of a star level warrior caused a dent in the wall, but the windows around all shattered immediately, glass flying everywhere. One particular window frame brushed the arm of another waitress, immediately slicing her arm, blood flowing and staining the floor.

’’Sir, stop!’’ A silhouette suddenly appeared on the side, it was the restaurant's manager.

’’Who! Who stands in my way!’’

Wei Lin was roaring with rage, spinning around.

’’Sir.’’ The manager shouted.

’’Who are you!’’ Wei Lin pointed at the restaurant manager, ’’Didn't you see, your worker has soiled my spirit weapon? Do you know what weapon this is, how much it's worth? 6 billion Black Dragon dollars! Even after selling the entire restaurant you'd still not be able to afford it, you actually dare to dirty my spirit weapon.’’

The already Star level manager's expression changed after hearing the 6 billion number.

’’My apologies, sir.’’

The manager turned his head, his gaze cold as he swept past the workers, not caring at all about the waitress with the sliced arm, ’’Who, who dirtied the customer's weapon?’’

Being stared down by the manager...

The jade haired waitress was extremely terrified, she was very clear on the manager's power! In her hometown, a Star level warrior was already an existence of that of a demon king, invincible and high up in power. And in such a place where there were powerful warriors all about on Dragon Star, her restaurant manager was a star level fighter!

’’It's her!’’ Wei Lin pointed at the jade hair waitress.

’’Sir, now she's yours, you can handle this situation however you want.’’ The restaurant manager smiled looking at Wei Lin, ’’All the costs from today will be complimentary.’’

’’Who interfered just now!’’

Wei Lin's gaze swept past every customer around, ’’Which spirit reader? What's wrong, you have to guts to save a beauty and now you're too scared to admit it? Scum, come out! Come out now!’’ As a resident of Dragon Star, he had the safest form of protection, even Universe level warriors wouldn't dare offend or kill a resident of Dragon Star.

This was the special privilege of a resident of Dragon Star.

That's why Wei Lin could act so unscrupulously.

’’Who? Too scared to admit it?’’ Wei Lin looked at everyone.

’’Scum, what are you shouting about?’’ An indifferent voice sounded.

Wei Lin turned fiercely to look.

The one who spoke was none other than the calm and collected young man with black hair with two liquid silver guards behind him.

The entire restaurant was silent.

One look and one could tell it was two big family heirs fighting, normal people maintained their silence.

’’Oh, who are you?’’ Wei Lin carefully examined Luo Feng.

Luo Feng couldn't be bothered about Wei Lin's background, ’’What's the use of having such a big background, I'll be leaving here and returning back to Earth soon! Earth's dark space marker is covered in his teacher's secret technique, even undying beings will have a hard time breaking through. Once I return to Earth, even if you were the prince of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, you couldn't do anything to me.’’

’’Haha, brother, I did say you fancied that lady before no?’’ Beside him, Gao Sheng laughed.

’’No, I just couldn't watch blood get spilled here.’’ Luo Feng laughed too.

Wei Lin grew more enraged as the two engaged in their own conversation, not even looking over to him. Beside him, the Star level restaurant manager was in a difficult position...on normal planets, a Star level was already an invincible warrior. Over here however, where fish and dragons are mixed together, he had to be extremely cautious.

Didn't he see that this side uses a 6 billion dollar spirit weapon?

Didn't he see that on the other side, there were four Star level bodyguards along with two liquid silver guards?

Both sides were not to be trifled with!

’’I say brother.’’ Gao Sheng gave Wei Lin a look, ’’Is there a need to bother with a poor lady who isn't even a Star Traveller, what a disgrace!’’

’’And who are you?’’ Wei Lin said to Gao Sheng.

’’Gao Sheng Wei Di!’’ Gao Sheng said casually.

’’Wei Di?’’

Wei Lin's eyebrows creased, turning to look at Luo Feng, ’’You still haven't told me who you are.’’

’’Just a spirit reader, that's all.’’ Luo Feng waved.



Two golden lights revolved around the surroundings, this scene led to the manager to break out in cold sweat: ’’Damn, two spirit weapons?’’ Some of the restaurant's second level guests' eyes lit up, to them, Dragon Star was a place that was more refined and bustling than any other planet, they were here to holiday and enjoy the scenes.

Coming to Dragon was indeed an eye opener!

’’Hm?’’ Wei Lin's pupils shrank, his gaze could easily easy, these two spirit weapons were no weaker than his.

’’Wei Di, Wei Di? Don't tell is the legendary Wei Di Family?’’

Wei Lin clenched his teeth. Without muttering a sound and not even leaving a remark, he just turned and left.

The other two disciples too followed him and left!

’’Haha, interesting, very interesting.’’ Gao Sheng laughed. ’’I never thought I'd encounter such matters on my first time to Dragon Star, hehe...’’

’’Did my actions bring brother Gao Sheng any troubles?’’ Luo Feng felt apologetic, he could easily just return to Earth, but Gao Sheng had mentioned he intended to stay here for a few years.

’’No problem, just a tiny brat.’’

Gao Sheng laughed, ’’On Dragon Star, there isn't anyone that I cannot mess with!’’

’’Damn.’’ Luo Feng laughed involuntarily.

This level of speech was absolutely daring!

But Luo Feng didn't heir of a big family, to receive a planet at his coming of age ceremony, this sort of treatment was shocking itself! If he truly realized, he would have understood the magnitude of Gao Sheng's family and background.

’’Manager.’’ Gao Sheng shouted.

’’Sir.’’ The restaurant manager ran over, he actually heard the words from before, there was no one of Dragon Star he couldn't mess with, who would dare say such words? Even the Emperor of the Silverblue Empire wouldn't dare to say such words! Unless it was the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's Emperor that came over, or an even bigger presence!

’’I'll be taking that waitress with me.’’ Gao Sheng said.

’’Yes sir.’’ The manager smiled, ’’It's her honor.’’


Gao Sheng nodded.

The restaurant manager left to go downstairs, Luo Feng smiled as he looked at Gao Sheng, ’’You fancy her now?’’

’’No.’’ Gao Sheng's fat little face was all smiles, ’’After this matter, this restaurant would definitely not dare to keep her, she would be sent to the slave market! When that happens, her fate would be extremely tragic. I am the type of person who cannot bear to see a beautiful lady suffer. Afterall I need some helpers on Dragon Star, so I just conveniently took her. Right...If you like her, you can take her.’’

Luo Feng smiled, ’’I tend to travel and wander a lot, she'd be better off with you.’’

’’Travel and wander? Are you training or what? Hm, take it that I never asked! Right, we've finished eating, let's...go talk a walk at the slave market, how about it? Getting a few slaves as helpers or bodyguards is not bad.’’ Gao Sheng suggested.

’’Slave market?’’

Luo Feng nodded, ’’Alright!’’


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