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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 23


Volume 08 Chapter 23 - Spirit Weapon

’’I've found it.’’ Babata's search speed was extremely fast.

’’What are the conditions?’’ Luo Feng's eyes were lit.

’’For a scouting unit in the universe to discover a new planet, or discover a planet without a leader in the law books, there are three choices.’’ Babata said.

’’The first is to tell the empire and acquire their reward. The Black Dragon Mountain Empire will, according to the different planets, reward the lowest 10 billion Black Dragon dollars to the highest 100 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’

’’This way, of course, you won't be able to become Earth's leader.’’

’’The second choice is to immediately buy the planet. As it was discovered by you, hence the initial price for buying the planet will be low. According to the planet's grade, buying the planet would require, the lowest 300 billion Black Dragon dollars and the highest 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars.’’

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

That was too expensive!!!

However Luo Feng was clear that a planet's sale, the amount of money required was too extravagant. Afterall, owning a planet with life was akin to having one's own gold mine! The life span of a planet with life was usually very very long, lasting up to hundreds of millions of years, it could totally be a family heirloom or inheritance. This is because humans have a limited life span.

Hence, a planet's sale price would normally be in the trillions.

’’The third choice, is to jointly govern the planet with the empire. You just need to pay administrative fees of 100 billion, the highest 1 trillion Black Dragon dollars.’’ Babata said, ’’This joint governance, the empire will not interfere with any of the planet's actual affairs. All they'll do is monitor and tax the entries and exits from the planet. They won't bother about anything else!’’

’’The second and the third options both allow you to be the planet's owner.’’

Luo Feng listened and nodded.

A planet's main source of income was the entry and exit, for planet's within the universe, if one didn't have any interaction with the rest of the universe, how would one earn universe currency?

’’I don't care much about the tariff, I can work with the Black Dragon mountain. But I don't have any money.’’ Luo Feng was helpless.

’’Not just the money, you don't have the ability to actually request them to let you be Earth's leader.’’ Babata said.

’’Why?’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’How will you declare? Back then your teacher Hu Yan Bo used nothing but his flesh body to travel between universes, entering dark space, through special space techniques, enshrouded Earth and the surrounding 1000 light years in his cover, making it lost from the universe locators and maps. The other ships had no way to find this marker anymore, hence, they naturally cannot rely on passing through the universe to find Earth.’’ Babata said, ’’Normal ships can only rely on flying close within a 1000 light years, continuous flying for close to 1000 years before being able to reach Earth.’’

’’Don't tell me that when you apply to be Earth's leader, you'll flew almost 1000 years and discovered Earth?’’

’’Planets that are discovered after such a long flight, firstly have no value! No one would be willing to spend so much time!’’

’’Secondly, as long as they are not stupid, they might are the disciple of Yun Mo Planet!’’

’’Unless...there is someone who was able to break through your teacher's space technique. Another way would be, a new wormhole was discovered in the star field around, otherwise Earth is currently still very safe.’’

Dragon Star, a restaurant's private room.

His consciousness returned to reality.

’’At least right now Earth is still safe!’’ Luo Feng smiled, picking up the glass of fruit juice from the side, sipping on it, hm?’’ Luo Feng squinted, creasing his eyebrows, ’’This taste...’’

It was a peculiar taste.

After drinking it down, all his goosebumps stood up, after carefully tasting it, it was indeed a very unique taste, something that was totally new to him.

’’Wow, earthling's first taste of this drink, another sip.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Weng weng...’’

The wrist communicator started to vibrate, on this planet, only Gao Sheng had his number

’’Haha, Luo Feng, I've settled my matters! Let's go eat together.’’ Gao Sheng shouted.

’’Where?’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Dragon City north district, not far from the slave market, there's a place that's not bad, called One Hundred Flavors Restaurant.’’ Gao Sheng said.

’’Alright, within a half hour.’’ Luo Feng ended the call, raising his head to finish the fruit juice that he had just tasted for the first time. With two large gulps he headed out.

The milky way, Earth.

The sun was resplendent, shining down on the ocean and its waves, and in the air above the ocean, two human silhouettes were flying together, heading towards the Sahara desert.

It was Hong and Thunder God.

’’This third brother actually told us nothing and slipped away.’’ Thunder God was frustrated to the point he was gritting his teeth.

’’Third brother has to leave for a month, it probably is something really important.’’ Hong said calmly, ’’Everyone has their own little secrets, when he returns and is willing, he'll fill us in.’’

’’Hmph, I'll definitely lash out at him when that time comes.’’ Thunder God bit down hard.

Hong and Thunder God were flying and chatting along the way.

The days on Earth were indeed relaxed and carefree!

Ever since the swallowing beast incident, Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng, the three warriors had helped strengthen Earth by leaps and bounds. And the sea creatures, the two grand emperors were gone too, lowering the threats to the lowest ever.

It was peace on Earth.

These sort of days had already been maintained for over two years.


What the earth people didn't know, was that in a star field not too far away from earth.

A universe scout ship was constantly approaching with shocking speed!

320 000 light years away on Dragon Star.

Dragon City north district, One Hundred Flavors Restaurant second floor.

’’This way this way.’’ A voice sounded.

Luo Feng turned to look, Gao Sheng was standing and waving his hand, Luo Feng immediately smiled and walked over.

’’Brother Gao Sheng, you seem to be in a good mood.’’ Luo Feng sat.

’’I have good news, of course my mood will be good.’’ Gao Sheng's eyes were lit, laughing contently, ’’Oh, I'll tell you in a bit, let me first order. This One Hundred Flavors restaurant has a few very renowned dishes.’’ Following that, Gao Sheng waved his hand, a beautiful alluring lady with jade hair walked over.

Luo Feng looked over.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was shocked

This jade haired lady, was indeed beautiful, the most shocking thing was...her power wasn't even in the Star Traveller level!

On Dragon Star the norm on the streets was Star Travellers, with small numbers of Star levels.

’’The restaurant I visited before for fruit juice, the waiter was an ordinary person. I didn't expect this restaurant to be the same! However...The Virtual Universe Network company, along with the government personnel, are all Star Traveller level.’’ Luo Feng pondered, understanding immediately...the ordinary people's wages were much cheaper.

Maybe they didn't even require a wage.

’’Luo Feng, that lady before looks pretty decent right, the women from the Dream Shell clan are all beautiful.’’ Gao Sheng winked, ’’If you like, just take her away, you just have to let the boss know.’’

’’Take her away?’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

’’For a beautiful lady who isn't even a Star Traveller, her fate is usually tragic.’’ Gao Sheng sighed, ’’They are not even citizens, they have no protection by the law. Anybody with a little bit of power can kill them if they wanted to, take them away if they wanted to! Just taking them away and they can be sold as slaves! If she were to follow someone like you, it'd be her good luck!’’

Luo Feng was shocked within.

Killing them as they pleased, taking them away as they pleased? Slaves?

Even though Babata had said before, those who are not at least Star Traveller level in the universe have tragic fates and lives, normal folk mostly live on their home planet, not even having the right to buy a ticket for ships. However...actually hearing it from Gao Sheng and seeing the beautiful lady from the Dream Shell clan, caused his feelings to burn even more after hearing her fate.

’’Look, she's actually glancing over to look at Brother Luo Feng.’’ Gao Sheng mocked.

Luo Feng glanced over.

Immediately, he saw the lady from the Dream Shell clan in the corner of the restaurant sneakily glancing over, she could obviously hear Gao Sheng's voice, hence she looked over...being discovered by Luo Feng, she blushed and ran into the kitchen.


Exquisite dishes began to come out one by one.

They were indeed delicious, incomparably delicious!

’’Today, I paid a visit to my Elder, haha, he really gave me too much respect. He actually agreed to let me follow him and learn for a few years.’’ Gao Sheng was smiling with delight, ’’That Elder of mine, he's a big shot in the energy business. Following behind him, one, I get experience, two I can start to build my network.’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

Energy business?

In the universe, whenever planet's trade among each other, they all rely on the ships, interstellar transport, etc. And the ships, battleships all require energy to function! Even the Undying Beings require energy! Be it Earth, or the universe, the energy business has always been a very profitable and hard to get in kind of business, much harder than the slave market.

Without any connections or friends, even with money, one can't get in!

’’This Gao Sheng, doesn't have an ordinary background.’’ Luo Feng thought.

When the son matures, he gets a planet.

Now Gao Sheng is even beginning to step into the energy business world...

’’Luo Feng, when are you leaving? Looks like I'll be here on Dragon Star for a few years.’’ Gao Sheng said.

’’I'll be leaving soon. Maybe even later today.’’ Luo Feng said.

The purpose of coming to Dragon Star and the tasks have all been almost finished, according to Babata, there was only one thing left, to go to the Ganwu Dojo to sign up. After that, he could leave Dragon Star already.

’’That fast?’’ Gao Sheng seemed disappointed, ’’What's your virtual universe number, when you return, we brothers can spend some time together playing some games.’’


Luckily he had just opened the account, Luo Feng passed his virtual universe number to Gao Sheng, and vice versa!

In the future, even if the two were tens of millions of light years apart, they could still communicate through the virtual universe.


In the restaurant, Luo Feng was chatting with Gao Sheng.

Suddenly, three youths walked up from the stairs, all of their heights were close to 2m, their silver hair swaying, their pupils were a very moving blue color. The three were all wearing black special uniforms, the one in the middle even had a colorful medal on the left side of his chest.

’’Luo Feng, look, these three are disciples at the Ganwu Dojo. The middle one is even a citizen of Dragon Star, he owns his own place here in this planet.’’ Gao Sheng said softly.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng looked over.

The black special uniform was the standard training uniform for the Ganwu Dojo.

That medal was the identification proof of a citizen of Dragon Star, with it, on Dragon Star, that was the safest form of protection.

’’Wei Lin, just lend me your spirit weapon for half a day to play with.’’ The disciple on the left said amongst the three.

’’I bought it myself!’’ The center disciple with the medal flipped his hand, in it appeared an axe like metal disk, on the disk itself were some unique engravings. ’’This is a level two spirit weapon of the highest quality, I actually begged my family for a long time before getting the bank card. If I'm unable to reach the Universe level, this spirit weapon will follow me for life! Six billion Black Dragon dollars, I could have easily bought several C grade ships, a swipe of the card, even I felt the pinch!’’

The disciple deliberately shouted every word, drawing the attention of everybody else.

Six billion Black Dragon dollars? Level 2 highest quality spirit weapon?

’’High quality spirit weapon.’’ The two other disciples at the side were staring with their eyes gleaming, ’’We can't even think about it for the rest of our lives!’’

A spirit reader was only capable of using his maximum battle prowess with a proper spirit weapon.

Also, since the construction of a spirit weapon was extremely complex, hence their prices too were very expensive. Much less the level 2 high quality spirit weapon.

’’Hehe.’’ The disciple called Wei Lin, as if massaging a woman's skin, gently caressing the spirit weapon in his hand, his gaze passionate.

A table in the distance, Luo Feng and Gao Sheng both looked over.

’’Spirit weapon?’’

Luo Feng stared blankly for a bit, before asking, ’’Babata, my soaring shuttle and arc cutter blade, what level spirit weapons are they?’’


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