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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 22


Volume 08 Chapter 22 - Virtual Universe

Having a Black Dragon Mountain Empire citizenship made opening the account easy.

After paying 17 Ganwu dollars, everything was settled.

’’Sir, 10 untraceable accounts along with 10 consciousness sensor helmets, this is your change, thanks for your purchase.’’ The service lady smiled. Luo Feng casually placed the 10 helmets into his storage ring space, following Babata's instructions from was okay from him to reveal his storage ring on Dragon Star

However, he had to pretend as though his storage space was only 10m wide and tall. He should absolutely never try storing anything bigger than that in it.


Storage space equipment was categorized into levels. To be able to ride a black dragon ship, with liquid silver guards as bodyguards, having a small storage space was normal. Of course, Luo Feng's storage space which was more than 600m long, 500m wide and over 100m tall, that was definitely an extravagant item, if discovered, he could easily lose his life.

On Luo Feng, the Yun Mo Planet ship, the corpses of the Undying Beings and their weapons were invaluable treasures, the hybrid copper essence shard and the storage ring were extremely expensive.

And even the little leg hairs on the master of Yun Mo Planet were stronger than Dragon Star's Domain Lord leader!

However, for Luo Feng, the disciple of the Yun Mo Planet, if he ever dared to reveal his treasures, the consequences would be fatal.

Dragon City, within a relaxed restaurant, while the style of the restaurant was unique, there were many things similar to those on Earth.

Even on different planets, humans still had many similarities. For example, respect for privacy, gaining respect, etc, the older restaurants on Earth had private rooms, even the newer urban restaurants had private rooms! And this incredibly advanced place on Dragon Star, had the similarly high level private room.

Of course...the price was on another level.

’’Alright, you can leave.’’ Luo Feng ordered a glass of special fruit juice, asking the waiter to leave.

’’Sir, if you need anything, just press the button.’’ The waiter smiled as he left, closing the door behind him.


Luo Feng immediately closed the door from within the private room, ordering both liquid silver guards to protect him.

’’Babata, enter the virtual universe.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

’’Haha, I've long been awaiting this day.’’ Babata was extremely excited, wanting to enter ever since they opened the account. However once he entered the network, his consciousness would be in the network itself. While he was able to multitask, he didn't have the ability to split his consciousness. Hence he needed to find a safe spot.

’’Virtual universe accessing...’’

A low-pitched loud voice resounded within his consciousness.

Luo Feng's consciousness went all black.


This was an ancient city, on the streets were huge chunks of carved up rocks everywhere, the people of the streets looked peculiar, different heights, different races. Most of them however were dressed in simple grey clothes, and on all their shoulders was a little spirit.


A man suddenly appeared amidst everyone on the street, it was Luo Feng. He was wearing simple grey clothes, on his shoulder sat a little spirit the size of a fist, the demon Babata, he too was wearing the same clothing, only green. He looked adorable, like a little spirit.

’’This, this is the Virtual Universe Network?’’

Luo Feng stood in the streets, looking at the traffic as it passed by, stunned.

’’Of course.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng, ’’We are currently in the Ganwu continent of the virtual universe, on the border, a little island of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’

’’Island?’’ Luo Feng blinked his eyes.

’’All of those under the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, when entered into the Virtual Universe Network, will appear on Black Dragon Mountain Island.’’ Babata explained, ’’Even though in name it's an island, but the star field of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire has over 8000 galaxies, and countless planets have large numbers of humans online. That's why, the appearance of this island, is actually larger than any of the planets in the universe.’’

Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

’’Anyone who enters the virtual universe will have an assistant.’’ Babata said, ’’Which is the little spirit on everyone's shoulders.’’

’’The assistant's intellect level, is directly linked to the online person's usage of the consciousness sensor helmet, the quantum computer, AI, or the living AI. The little spirit for the helmets, cannot think on their own, they can only answer simple questions and orders. Whatever you order, they will react.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng nodded.

’’In the universe, you can chat with your good friends far away. You can even spend money to convey that you want to meet somewhere in the virtual universe.’’ Babata explained. 'Also, things such as stocks and bonds, finance, business and such can all be done in the virtual universe.’’

’’You can settle the bank accounts from here.’’

’’You can learn and practice martial arts from here!’’

’’You can trade or buy and sell stuff here.’’

’’You can play virtual games. These are 100% simulated virtual games, as lifelike as reality. There are many kinds of games can say, as long as you can think of it, the game companies will definitely be able to make them.’’

’’Games, delicious food, beautiful women, banking, deals, duels, learning...everything is here!’’ Babata said. ’’The virtual universe, is a market that's bigger than any planet. All the universe's elites are gathered here, whatever is impossible in reality can happen here.’’

’’There are some who even treat the virtual games as reality, playing for hundreds to thousands of years. Even getting married and having children in the game. The main condition have the money to play! Afterall, most of those playing are those who pay money. Only an extreme few earn money from the games’’.

Luo Feng was extremely shocked.

It was too vast!

Compared to the physical universe, the virtual universe was more advanced and alluring!

’’However, the virtual is still the virtual.’’ Babata said seriously, ’’No matter how long you stay in this virtual universe, you cannot train your physical body! To the strong, this network is only a convenient pathway. You can through it meet and communicate with fellow strong fighters.’’

’’You can buy and sell things that you'd never be able to buy in reality.’’

’’And if you dive into the virtual universe and spend all your time in the virtual games, unless one is without stress or ambition and owns large amounts of wealth, most usually end in tragedy!’’ Babata emphasized.

He was very clear on the allure of the games, hence he needed to remind Luo Feng.

’’Of course, if you play some of the group training games, or single player training games, they are similar to Earth's training simulators, that's fine.’’ Babata added.

’’Training simulators?’’ Luo Feng was speechless.

That's called a game too?

It was pure training.

’’Babata, check for me, the metal groups that the Golden Horned Beast requires, and the metal groups needed to train <Deity of the World>.’’ Luo Feng asked. In the virtual universe, it was still safe to communicate with Babata through the exchange of their thoughts. The virtual universe company was guaranteed never to divulge anyone's personal messages or their personal information.

The two absolutes, these were the foundation of the Virtual Universe Network company.

’’Luo Feng, the Star level Golden Horned Beast, the optimum metal groupings to swallow would be 325 B grade pure metal groupings, they can increase the internal world's growth speed by 89, I've already collected information on these 325 types of metals, they are available in the universe!’’ Babata had very swiftly scanned through all the news and data online.

’’How about it, how much money do we need?’’ Luo Feng asked.

Eighty nine times!

From the Star level 1 to the Universe level, the slowest would be 100 years. The moment he began swallowing the metal groupings, a little more than a year and he could step into the Universe level.

The Universe level, even on a planet like Dragon Star, was someone of status.

In the milky way, it was even more sacred, almost like an emperor.

’’One year's worth, requires more than 60 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’ Babata said.

’’Why so much? A ton of B grade black iron spirits, wasn't it just 9 Black Dragon dollars? Even though they are metal groupings, eating them would be even better. But one hundred thousand tons for one year was the max! How was it still over 60 billion?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask. One hundred thousand tons of black iron spirits, were only worth a few million Black Dragon dollars.

’’Luo Feng, your thinking is wrong!’’

’’Even though A grade and B grade metals are cheaper, the B grades are cheaper than the C grade, the C grades are cheaper than the D grades...these are the normal situations. However, there are still some very special metals.’’ Babata said, ’’For example, the C grade liquid silver, which is used to build the liquid silver guards!’’

’’One liquid silver guard, approximate uses about one ton of liquid silver.’’

’’One ton of C grade black yttrium, is only about 3000 Black Dragon dollars.’’

’’However one liquid silver guard, do you know how much they cost?’’ Babata questioned.

Luo Feng was stunned.

Right, even the high leveled government officials and personnel reacted differently when they saw the liquid silver guards...obviously the liquid silver guards were extremely expensive! Otherwise, they wouldn't even care.

’’One liquid silver guard is priced at 280 million Black Dragon dollars! One ton of liquid silver is priced at 160 million Black Dragon dollars. Compared to the similar C grade black yttrium metal, it's much much more expensive.’’ Babata said. ’’It's because the liquid silver is a special metal, very rarely seen, hence it's extremely expensive! It's more expensive than many D grade metals.’’

’’And your internal world's growth, requires 325 types of B grade metals grouped together. Three of them are space type metals, they are the materials used to make the space storage items. Hence they are more pricey, plus you require large amounts.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng could only helplessly force a smile.

Those were materials used to create the space ring and other items, how could they be cheap?

And he required swallowing up to a 100 tons every day, he was going to continue for a year?

60 billion Black Dragon dollars, wasn't expensive!

But he didn't have any money!

900 Ganwu dollars, only equates to 900 000 Black Dragon dollars. Facing the 60 billion dollar sum, it was too huge a difference.

’’Of course, there are other metal groupings which are much cheaper. However, you still can't afford them.’’ Babata said. ’’For example, there's a type of metal grouping, you'd spend about 10 billion every year, increasing your training speed by 39 times. An another that uses about 3 billion Black Dragon dollars every year, the training speed will increase by 20 times. And another that uses one hundred million, raising your speed by 5 times.’’

Finding metals for the Golden Horned Beast was troublesome.

But as a human, finding these metals were a lot easier. Buying in virtual universe, what couldn't be bought?’’


It still required money!

’’The Golden Horned Beast eats too much, eating ton after ton every day.’’ Luo Feng was feeling the pinch.

’’As for <Deity of the World>and the required metal groupings, that was even more expensive...You should just drop that for now.’’ Babata said directly.

After Luo Feng shook off these thoughts, he asked the second important question, ’’Babata, if I wanted to place the Earth under my name, I can become the planet's leader! What are the conditions?’’ Stopping other people from other planets from buying the planet and enslaving the people of Earth...the best way was to become the leader himself!

Gaining the recognition from the empire and coming under its rule! There would be no one who would dare to fight against a planet with a leader!

’’Becoming Earth's leader? Let me check...’’ Babata blinked.


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