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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 21


Volume 08 Chapter 21 - The Five Great Leviathans

’’Sir, please head towards your left, the second innermost room.’’ said the receptionist lady.


Luo Feng smiled as he turned to walk with the two liquid silver guards following behind him. The eyes of the lady lit up, she thought: ’’He actually said thanks to a receptionist such as myself, wow, now this is really the upbringing of a big family with proper manners. Even though he has two liquid silver guards, he isn't prideful at all!’’


Luo Feng surveyed the room door, on it were some words.

’’Knock, knock, knock.’’ Luo Feng knocked on the door.

’’Please enter.’’ From within, a strong voice resounded.

Luo Feng pushed open the door and entered, it was a spacious room within. There were two workers, black skinned and very thin, their pupils blood red. One of the two casually lifted his head to take a glance. However, after spotting the two liquid silver guards behind Luo Feng, an enthusiastic smile immediately appeared on his face: ’’Sir, what can we do to help you?’’

’’I would like to join the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The low leveled civilizations of the universe had the weakest nationality.

And the middle leveled civilizations like the Black Dragon Mountain Empire weren't too bad. At least when he was still weak, Luo Feng had no intentions of leaving the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's star field boundaries. Once he becomes a Universe level fighter or even greater, it doesn't really matter what his nationality is.

’’Oh, what nationality did you have before? Is there any reason for dropping the previous one?’’ One of the black man with red eyes smiled.

’’I didn't have any.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’No nationality?’’

The back man with red pupils seemed slightly shocked, carefully examining Luo Feng with both eyes, looking once again at the two liquid silver guards behind him.

Ordinary folk from any planet, are unable to acquire a citizenship until they reach the star traveller level. To acquire one, the conditions has to reach the Star Traveller level. This was also the reason why during the calamity on Earth, Luo Feng said that even if they left earth, his wife and children would have to live on the ship for decades, since they had to reach the Star Traveller level to be able to enter other planets.

Without a citizenship, the empire won't protect you when you enter certain planets.

For normal people who reach the Star Traveller level, the first thing they do is register for a nationality!


The man before them, has two liquid silver guards as bodyguards. Could someone like this be a normal person?

’’He's probably an elite trained by some big organization and just entered the universe.’’ The black men with the red pupils thought.

’’Sir, please stand here and stay still.’’ The black man smiled.

’’Alright.’’ Luo Feng was very clear on what they were doing.

The black man with red pupils pushed a button on a machine in his hand, beep, a dreamy light shone on Luo Feng.

’’Di di!’’

The machine made several noises, the black man with red pupils lowered his head to look at the screen, on it were universe language words... ’’No prior information.’’

’’Since you've never actually joined any other nation, we can bypass many steps and directly begin.’’ The black man with the red pupils smiled, ’’Sir, you just need to pay the administrative fees of 50 Black Dragon dollars, and everything will be settled.’’

’’On Dragon Star, a lot of places use Black Dragon dollars huh.’’ Luo Feng flipped his hand and tossed out 1 Ganwu dollar, ’’Help me convert it’’.

’’Ganwu dollar.’’

The black man with red pupils was secretly delighted, swiftly retrieving from his pocket thin delicate special currency notes, a small stack of notes passed on to Luo Feng, ’’Sir, this is 950 Black Dragon dollars.’’ At the same time, he placed the Ganwu dollar into his pocket, retrieving from the same pocket 50 Black Dragon dollars and placing them into the deposit section of machine beside, allowing it to swallow the money in.

’’Haha, Big brother, you are treating tonight.’’ Beside him, the other black man with slightly bigger eyes shouted out.

’’No problem.’’ The black man with red pupils was extremely happy, smiling enthusiastically at Luo Feng, ’’Sir, please follow me, I'll help you settle all the paperwork. It'll be very quick.’’

These type of people working within the government office had many connections.

To change a Ganwu dollar to Black Dragon dollars, the total exchange would be 1.45k, meaning, just exchanging it would mean he would have made a few hundred black dragon dollars (several hundreds of thousands of Silverblue dollars)! Even if he had a good job, this was still about one or two months of extra pay.

After about 20 minutes, Luo Feng had acquired his identification card, from then on, Luo Feng was officially a citizen of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, leaving his name and information in their records.

’’This card's material is interesting.’’ Luo Feng complimented.

’’This card material is extremely durable and sturdy. On Earth, the basic level wargod has to use his full strength before he can actually tear it. This material, usually lasts two to three thousand years, only after that will it begin degrading.’’ Babata explained.

’’Oh.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng was in a good mood.

With the Black Dragon Mountain Empire citizenship, he could do a lot more things. As once said...The path is harder for one without an identity.

’’Babata, where do we go to open an account for the Virtual Universe Network?’’ Luo Feng was highly anticipating this.

Virtual Universe Network!

Just from the name itself, within that Virtual Universe Network, all of the human races from the universe gathered, the Ganwu universe, and other universe countries, their population all frequented the virtual network. If one were to count numbers...indeed, it would be uncountable! It was just too many, too much!

’’It's about 100km away from here.’’ Babata began to explain the route in detail.

Luo Feng floated into the sky.

The entire air space within the Dragon City, was vast and spacious, thus traffic wasn't too dense. Luo Feng also managed to maintain a rather fast speed.

’’Babata, just how does the Virtual Universe Network work, it can actually work from wherever in the universe, communicating through the network?’’ Luo Feng was very shocked and curious by it, the universe was vast beyond compare, even travelling between universes, there were some places that required hundreds to thousands of sub universe travel.

However, this Virtual Universe Network, is actually capable of letting people meet and communicate.

What technology is it?

Just what technology does this network use?

’’This is something even I don't know.’’ Babata said, ’’This type of technology, even the Ganwu Empire has yet to grasp, only the Virtual Universe Network company owns it! Within the big empires within the universe, they all have a department from the Virtual Universe Network company.’’

’’This company must be really awesome.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

His own teacher, the Yun Mo Planet master 'Hu Yan Bo' may have gotten respects from the Ganwu empire, but against a universe country, this sort of enormously huge presence of a high level civilization, even Hu Yan Bo couldn't casually go up against them! Rather...the various large universe countries have been unable to grasp the technology that the Virtual Universe network company has.

It's no wonder the company has survived so well!

’’That's a given!’’

’’Luo Feng, even though the Ganwu Empire, and the other universe countries are all high level civilizations within the universe, and their powers and presences are extremely huge, in the universe...the biggest and strongest are hardly the countries.’’ Babata said, ’’These are actually the seemingly disordered, but actually much more powerful entities around.’’

’’What powers?’’ Luo Feng was curious.

’’The Universe Galaxy Bank, the Universe First Bank, the Battle-axe Coliseum, the Universe Mercenary Alliance, the Universe Virtual Network company. These are the universe's five Great Leviathans!’’ Babata said, ’’They have absolute monopoly and position.’’

’’The two big banks do business with only the wealthy, even the undying beings mostly store their money and treasures with them.’’ Babata said, ’’Your teacher's treasures are stored in the Universe Galaxy Bank, all three accounts are within that bank.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

’’The Big Axe Battle Ground, is the most fair battle ground. As for how huge and powerful it is, you'll find out in the future.’’

’’The Universe Mercenary Alliance, is a loose organization. More than 99% of fighters, spirit readers will join the alliance! Your teacher, back then was also a part of it.’’ This in particular shocked Luo Feng, more than 99% of fighters and spirit readers will join? This, this, who could fight that?

Luckily, it was a loose organization.

’’The Universe Virtual Network company, the virtual universe has already been named as man's 'Second World'. Owning this company, the various big universe countries are all unable to shake or even touch it, how strong do you think it is?’’ Babata exclaimed.

Luo Feng understood.

In the universe, universe countries like the Ganwu Empire and some others were already the strongest country wise.

However, those organizations that were deep rooted into every country, they were the real strongest.

’’Other than the Five Great Leviathans, below that are the universe countries. Of course, there are some secret powers that are comparable to them,’’ Babata said, ’’Of course, in the Ganwu Empire range, it is still very powerful, the most they'd have to do is pay some respects to the Five Great Leviathans.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

In the vast universe, looking at it now, his own teacher was powerful back then, was obvious he couldn't even pick a fight with the Ganwu Empire, much less the Five Great Leviathans.


Dragon City, Virtual Universe Network company.

’’Sir, how can I help you today?’’ A beautiful lady with a furry tail, dressed in red bowed slightly and smiled.

’’Open an account.’’ Luo Feng said directly.

’’Opening an account, how much will you pay upfront for the amount of usage? There are three categories to choose from, namely 100 years, 1000 years, and 10000 years. Every year, the price for the network usage is 10 Black Dragon dollars or 0.008 Ganwu dollars.’’ The service lady said very fluidly.

Luo Feng listened.

That's crazy!

10 Black Dragon dollars? That equates to tens of thousands of Silverblue dollars. Only the very few elites on the planet could afford it, and those that use it are normally Star Traveller and above.

’’You have the consciousness transmitting helmet here right.’’ Luo Feng said.

On Earth, the humans built their own helmets but they are unable to enter the Universe Virtual Network. However for a living AI such as Babata, it was simple for him to enter.

’’The consciousness transmitter helmet, one is 10 Black Dragon dollars.’’ The service lady's eye's seemed a little shocked, right now, those with status use auxiliary rays, or the even high level AI rays, who would still use the primitive consciousness transmitter helmets.

’’They don't trace the owner and his account?’’ Luo Feng asked.

In the universe, a few planet owners bought several consciousness transmitting helmets to give to their planet's inhabitants. Most of them do not track the accounts. However, those that do not track...usually only work for about a 100 years. When the time expires, one would have to buy a new account.

This form of untracking, made it impossible to determine who the user was.

Meaning to say, everybody uses them, for the time limit of a 100 years.

’’The untracking account has a limit of a set 100 years, every account is priced at 2000 Black Dragon dollars, or 1.6 Ganwu dollars.’’ The service lady smiled.

’’Very well.’’

Luo Feng nodded, ’’I require 10 untracking accounts, and 10 consciousness transmitting helmets. Open the accounts...the 100 years will suffice.’’


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