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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 20


Volume 08 Chapter 20 - Citizens of the Empire

’’It's so beautiful.’’

Luo Feng looked up at the sky, up above, it seemed as though there was a purple gauze covering the sky. And in the distance, it had become blue!

’’The color of Dragon Star's sky is indeed special.’’ Gao Sheng laughed as he complimented, ’’Some of the regions have blue skies, others are purple, or green, or red, etc, and they frequently change too! Especially when the sun shines through that layer of gases and onto the ocean, that's extremely beautiful!’’

’’Dragon Star, because of it's beauty, has enticed many powerful warriors to live here, gradually, it became increasingly bustling.’’ Gao Sheng praised.

Among this group of people, the slowest flyer was Gao Sheng.

However, Gao Sheng was riding on a sleek bizarre looking board, his speed could also reach up to 2000m per second. During their conversation, they had easily flown over hundreds of kilometers.

’’Wow.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, looking at the distant city.

This was a beautifully built city, similar to one of Earth's.

’’Brother Luo Feng, you seem to envy that place?’’ Haha, that is a living quarters that's considered extravagant even on Dragon Star, it is a castle with an area of 9.8km. To be able to afford such a place to live, one must be of extreme wealth and status.’’ Gao Sheng's eyes were lit, ’’Damn, I don't know when I'd be able to afford this.’’

’’Castle?’’ Luo Feng was stunned within.

’’Luo Feng, that's real estate, extravagant real estate. They are similar to Earth's villas.’’ Babata said, ’’The universe is vast, there are countless planets, hence the upper echelons of people in the universe are used to living in extremely huge places! Just like your teacher, an entire planet was what he used to live in. For a bustling city such as Dragon Star, the land is more expensive, that's why, an area of 9.8km for a castle is considered pretty extravagant already. If it were a normal planet, it wouldn't even be considered much.’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but silently curse.

This isn't even on the same level anymore!

Just a living space, and it's a castle with an area of 9.8km!


While Luo Feng was flying, he spotted another castle in the distance, and another after.

With the beautiful weather and the scenic views of Dragon Star, having one's own castle was indeed luxurious.


After flying for another 10 minutes.

Luo Feng surveyed below, he spotted a more densely built district, with 'little castles' filling up the place.

’’This is Dragon Star's cheapest living quarters district, these have an area of 1km. If it were our Kalor Empire, even on the main planet, a place like this would go for a billion Black Dragon dollars, and that's pretty impressive.’’ Gao Sheng cursed under his breath, ’’but here on Dragon Star, this cheapest little place, is also worth more than a billion Black Dragon dollars!’’

Luo Feng blinked hard.

Over a billion Black Dragon dollars?’’

’’Luo Feng, do you own any property here?’’ Gao Sheng asked.

’’No, I'm still too young.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Right, me too.’’ Gao Sheng nodded, ’’My father has been strictly controlling my allowance, even only giving me my own planet only after 10 years, after my coming of age ceremony.’’ Gao Sheng seemed dissatisfied, ’’otherwise I too will be able to buy such a place here on Dragon Star, relaxing and enjoying my stay here. Then, I'll be a resident of Dragon Star! On Dragon Star, that would be living it!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Before arriving here, Babata had told him. The moment one becomes a citizen of Dragon Star, one would get special privileges!


According to the price of the property here, to be able to just buy the small piece of land or even the more expensive castles, only the royalty of the higher level countries in the universe or some heirs from the big families could afford it. The most basic would be those who owned their own planets, the leaders of these groups.

Even if one owned one planet, they may or may not be able to buy a piece of property here.


After flying for half an hour.

Luo Feng finally spotted an enormous city, the entire city walls were black as ink. They seemed to extend forever out of sight, one glance wasn't enough to their ends! And above the walls, there was a transparent glass sort of decoration, exquisite and beautiful glass dragons occupied the top.

When Luo Feng drew closer, he realized even on the black as ink walls, there were complex engravings, they were carvings of single horned dragons.

’’What a big city.’’ Luo Feng and Gao Sheng descended, raising their heads to look at the huge wall, hearts racing.

Just the black wall's height alone was 120m, including the huge glass dragon statues above the wall, that alone was a few 100 meters. Also...The entire city, stretched far beyond what one could see. This kind of vastness, ancient flavor, shook one to the core.

’’Dragon City, has an area of 6000 km, this city's history is already more than 3 million years old.’’ Gao Sheng commented.

’’It's exactly what Babata told me.’’

Luo Feng realized...

Even though Babata had been on Earth for 50 thousand years, but, even after all that time, the changes in the universe were very very small! Be it science, empires, groups, etc, nothing major had changed. Obviously to existences like empires that have been around for hundreds and millions of years, 50 thousand years was no big difference.

The enormous city doors were close to 1 km wide.

People were weaving in and out.

Luo Feng, Gao Sheng and the others stepped into through the doors.

’’We've received the signal, Luo Feng, in the Dragon City, your communication number is 19287342325.’’ Babata said.

The communication number, was similar to that of a phone number.

No matter how advanced one's communication system was, they couldn't communicate past that of a few light years of distance. Hence, several civilized planets naturally gave every visitor with AI aids and communication numbers. On this planet, one could then use these numbers and devices to communicate.

And when on different planets, the only way to communicate was one...entering the virtual universe network and chatting within there.

’’Luo Feng, what's your communication number?’’ Gao Sheng looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Mine is 19287342463.’’

’’Mine is 19287342325.’’ Luo Feng answered.

’’Alright.’’ Gao Sheng laughed, ’’The first thing I need to do in this city is to visit a few elders. Let's separate here. When night comes, I'll inform you then. I'll act as a host and we can eat dinner together.’’ Gao Sheng was influenced by his father's upbringing, he enjoyed making new friends and treating them well, a new friend meant new possibilities.’’

From his point of view, Luo Feng seemed like one of status and background.

’’Alright, then let's separate here.’’ Luo Feng smiled.


After Gao Sheng and his bodyguards had left, Luo Feng began to walk about in the extremely huge city, basking in it's magnificence.

The surrounding constructs, had their own unique styles.

Several constructs were so beautiful they made people's hearts race.

’’It's too interesting.’’

’’Three eyes, oh, this person's mouth and teeth are too interesting.’’ Luo Feng was walking along the district, the many people travelling back and forth. At the same time, about a 100 meters above in the air, there was a large number of people flying and rushing. Saying 'people', but each and everyone of their appearances were strange. Within a short 5 minutes, Luo Feng had witnessed among the 'people' the tallest going close to 10m, and the shortest close to that of an infant from Earth.

Their skin colors were also strange.

Even to the point where there were some with their heads long and weird looking.

However, most of them still had two eyes, a nose and mouth. Only their faces, be it more facial hair or had strange stripes etc.

’’That man, is oddly similar to the ancient stories of Buddha, his entire body is gold, his hair is even more interesting.’’

Luo Feng felt like a grandmother entering a scenic garden, he couldn't get enough of the sights.

’’Star Traveller level 6, Star Traveller level 9, Star level 3, Star Traveller level 1, Star level 5...’’ Luo Feng, relying on Babata, realized many of these people had power. On the streets of Dragon Star, blurred images of endless people moving, almost everyone was at least a Star Traveller, there were even many Star levels.

Randomly picking any and throwing him onto Earth, he or she would be an existence surpassing the wargod level.’’

Just looking around, one could easily spot warriors stronger than Earth's strongest, Hong and Thunder God.

’’Luo Feng, I've already dialed through to the planet's support service and asked, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire administrative office here is about 200 or more kilometers away from where we are now.’’ Babata said, ’’According to our plan, the first thing we should do here is...join the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, acquiring the citizenship.’’

’’Let's go.’’

Luo Feng immediately floated up, up to about a 100m away from the ground. The flying people were all flying at this height.


’’Star level 7, 8, 9. I've seen a bunch. How come I haven't seen one Universe level?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Star levels are already considered people with status. On smaller planets, they are hardly seen. However on Dragon Star, this sort of bustling planet, the Star levels are more commonly spotted. As for the Universe levels...out of the entire Silverblue empire there are only so few? There's definitely a few here on this planet, however spotting them would require quite a bit of luck.’’

During the conversation.

Luo Feng spotted an enormous black dragon engraving construct occupying a large mountain!

This, was the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's station of affairs on Dragon Star.

At the entrance of the huge building, there were two bronze skinned strong sturdy guards with heights up to 6m.

’’Oh? Liquid silver guards!’’

’’They're really liquid silver guards.’’

The two huge guards immediately stood at attention, wide smiles on their faces, as Luo Feng walked to the entrance, they even enthusiastically opened the door for him: ’’Sir, please enter.’’

’’Babata's words were indeed true, in the universe, power, status and position are very important.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he walked in to the large hall, behind him were the two liquid silver guards dressed in black uniforms. He glanced at the layout of the hall and it's several levels, before quickly finding the level that he needed to head to.

’’Level 32?’’ Luo Feng immediately stepped into the round sofa beside, sitting down, the liquid silver guards stood by his side. At that time, Luo Feng said: ’’32!’’


The tray below the round sofa began to emit a white light.


It immediately rushed upwards, Without a trace of swaying, it came to a stop, it had already reached the 32nd level.

’’Sir, how do you do?’’ A lady with rabbit ears, beautiful like the spirits in stories, gently bowed and smiled, ’’How can I help you today?’’

’’I would like to apply to become a Black Dragon Mountain Empire national.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

Having a citizenship was necessary for doing many things in the universe.

Luckily he had Babata's directions, Luo Feng could very easily and smoothly accomplish many things. If it were Hong or Thunder God, blindly entering into another planet, he was afraid they wouldn't know anything at all.

’’Nationality?’’ The lady seemed shocked.

At this age, who didn't have a nationality?


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