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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 2


Volume 08 Chapter 2 - Earth's Change

When Luo Feng was in the Pacific ocean receiving and organizing the large amounts of inherited memories, the people of Earth were going through a whole bunch of quick changes.

The swallowing monster event, back when the Golden Horned Beast was first killed, caused the Thunder Dragon Emperor to be terrified, so much so that it retreated. As for the later awakening of the Golden Horned Beast, it didn't order any of the other monsters to attack the human society, so the Thunder Dragon Emperor and the other sea monsters of course wouldn't initiate an attack.

Their intellect was very high!

If even the powerful swallowing monster almost died, who would dare attack?

Since that battle, technically each country's losses weren't too bad, it was only the loss of the eight heroes.

Hong, Thunder God, Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov and Luo Feng, these eight would be called humanity's most elite eight. Six of them had died, only Hong and Thunder God were still in a coma with no brain activity. The Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo were two large powers in the world, who wouldn't envy them?

These two powers, they were even more powerful than the five countries!

With Hong and Thunder God around, they were of course able to keep things in check.

But now...

The floodgates were immediately opened!

Hong Ning headquarter city.

Within the enormous ship headquarters, the three guards and five investigators had gathered in the meeting room.

’’Right now the virtual space has crumbled, every Star traveller warrior and Wargod has formed their own groups, without the two heads direction and leadership, the loose organization Palace of Wargods has crumbled. What should we do next?’’ A white robed black man said nervously.

’’Every Wargod has a consciousness sensor helmet.’’ Allure, wearing a mask said anxiously, ’’their subconscious minds are still willing to enter the Palace of Wargods. However, the head is currently in a coma, so the AI has automatically closed the virtual space, which means that no one can enter the Palace of Wargods. The most pressing issue right now is to immediately rebuild the virtual space!’’

It was as though...

If Luo Feng had died, Babata wouldn't bother serving humanity.

In the same way, Hong was currently in a coma not knowing whether he'd awake or die, so the AI System which only responds to Hong's orders wouldn't bother wasting any energy to maintain the Palace of Wargods' existence.

Palace of Wargods, the link between the Star traveller warriors and the Wargods was broken.

The form of the entire world was becoming even more chaotic!

Just power levels alone!

There were still several people out there stronger than the eight people in the Dojo of Limits. For the eight of them to fully control the Dojo of Limits, to bring it back to its former glory and authority, was extremely difficult. And the scariest thing was...if the eight of them didn't work in harmony, it would be even more troublesome.

Yang Zhou city, Ming Yue district, living room on the first floor of Luo Feng's home.

Luo Hua was sitting opposite a golden haired man.

’’Mr. Luo Hua.’’ The golden haired man sighed, ’’I was very good friends with your older brother, truthfully, it's with great regret, however truthfully, I really respect him. I believe countless people from the other countries all really respect him and remember him. However...the threat humanity faces still isn't gone. We don't know when the sea creatures might begin yet another attack.’’

Luo Hua nodded.

’’That's why, the proper usage of resources is very important.’’ The golden haired man looked at Luo Hua, ’’I buy a few items from Mr. Luo Hua.’’

’’Oh, what do you want to buy?’’ Luo Hua maintained his smile.

As the CEO of an investment company, Luo Hua was much more mature than before.

’’Mu Ya crystals, liquid silver robots etc.’’ The golden haired man emphasized, ’’Our HR Alliance, will definitely pay a high price, high enough to repay you.’’ Saying so, the golden haired man took out picture filled book from his chest pocket, ’’This is the special items our HR Alliance has, there's also some company stocks, housing and land etc. It's definitely a bargain.’’

’’Mr. Luo Hua, you can easily become a district's economic dictator!’’ The golden haired man smiled.

Luo Hua received the book and flipped through.

It was indeed very alluring.

Back when Luo Feng had disregarded his survival, along with the five other people heading to the pacific ocean, he had given his family ample preparation and a back road. Luo Hua just had to take out a little from his possessions to easily control a district's economy! This HR Alliance, was prepared to give several foundations to Luo Hua.

’’Five days ago, my country's leaders came over here, their prices too were exceptional.’’ Luo Hua looked at the golden haired man.

’’Before you came earlier, I had just received a call, it was a mercenary group.’’

Luo Hua shook his head, ’’However representative Wei Nuo! I'll tell you, no deal! Other than selling a little to my own country, I won't sell anything to any other group!’’

The golden haired man's expression changed.

He was a Star traveller who had personally come to talk to Luo Hua, that was enough respect given itself...the main thing was Luo Feng's influence was too huge, if he dared to use force, the entire world would reproach him! After the calamity had passed, humanity had already immortalized the eight heroes, raising them as gods.

To the countries however, dead people posed no threat.

That was why, no matter how high they were placed, it didn't really matter. As for Hong and Thunder God, they were already way up there before.

’’Mr Luo Hua, calm down.’’ Wei Nuo said solemnly, ’’Your brother's shining glory may protect you now, but...the flame will die off someday.’’

What was most terrifying was a doll carrying a golden brick, it would get robbed sooner or later.

’’Thanks for your concern.’’

Luo Hua laughed, ’’Let me introduce you. No. 3!’’


A black silhouette appeared within the living room, giving representative Wei Nuo a shock. What appeared in the room was a huge black metal robot.

’’This was something my brother left in the house, a robot to protect my family, it was obtained from ancient ruin no.12.’’ Luo Hua looked at Wei Nuo, ’’The Luo family, doesn't need any other outside forces to protect us, we have our own power! I also know, many people around the world are just itching right now, but our Luo family has no intention to get mixed up in any of it.’’

’’When my brother left, he told me.’’ Luo Hua smiled, ’’Whoever dares to touch the Luo Family, just kill them!’’

Representative Wei Nuo's expression changed.

’’Also, I thought I'd mention that this robot, was one that even my brother wasn't a match for.’’ Luo Hua said.

That was the truth!

This metal robot was made from black yttrium, even Luo Feng using the hybrid copper essence shard couldn't hurt it. One of the robots was damaged by the Golden Horned Beast's golden horn. Only an attack like that could damage its internal control system. And on earth, no human was capable of such an attack.

That meant to say...Hong, Luo Feng and Thunder God, even if they were here and alive, facing such an impregnable metal, wouldn't be able to do anything.

Watching the representative leave, Luo Hua stood at the window watching, he squinted: ’’Hmph, after my brother left, they are coming one by one like hungry wolves, eyeing what my brother left behind. Right, the total number of Mu Ya crystals left behind by my brother is 60! You all wish to get them? Hmph, in such chaos, whoever dares to cross the line... I'll use him to set an example to the rest!’’

In a space that was distant from earth.

The quiet space, an ancient existence.


The space begin to warp like waves, at the same time a disc shaped silver grey ship flew out, the waves in the space began to dissipate, this ship was floating in that space.

’’Captain, captain, we've escaped, we've escaped!’’

’’Haha, we've escaped. Haha.’’

A few humans within the ship were shouting excitedly, speaking one of the countless human universe languages.

The control room of the ship.

Eight crew members were extremely excited, standing in front of the main controls, wearing silver grey battle uniforms, heights at an average of 1.9m, tall and handsome, their ears were pointy at the tips. One with red pupils shining, a handsome middle aged man, he was the scout ship's captain.

’’I'd never expect there'd be a wormhole here.’’ The captain revealed a demonic smile, ’’When the ship's B grade power crystal was depleted, it shouldn't have been able to travel in the universe anymore. In a last ditch attempt, it managed to dive into an asteroid field, and, and within it actually dove into a wormhole. Haha, this wormhole portal, who knows how many light years away. Unless that bunch of assholes, within that vast asteroid field managed to enter the same area, otherwise, they would never be able to catch up to us.’’

’’Atuka.’’ The captain shouted.

’’Captain.’’ A small child figure appeared on the control screen, shouting back sharp and crisp.

’’Hurry and record the location of the wormhole, our star maps totally missed that marker. Obviously, the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire doesn't know of this wormhole.’’ The captain was excited, ’’After that, determine our current location and immediately inform the clan.’’


The child figure on the screen shouted loudly.

’’Oh!!!’’ A sudden sharp voice shouted, ’’Captain, this is the void district of the milky way!!!’’

’’What?’’ the captain was shocked.

’’The void district, through the universe travel, the one with no way to make a marker, no way to enter, the void district.’’ The AI system child shouted.

’’Haha, haha...We've struck gold, we've struck gold with this.’’

The captain was extremely excited, ’’Depart, let us depart.’’

A very very long time ago, this district was originally controlled by the Silverblue Empire. However, ever since it was taken over by an incredibly strong warrior, that warrior even went into the 'dark universe' and buried this star field's space marker. There was absolutely no way to enter this star field.

30,000 years ago, there were stories of how this warrior had fallen, this void district thus became a leaderless place.

But the Silverblue Empire, along with the mighty Black Dragon Mountain Empire, none of them could find this marker and enter this starfield.

Who would have expected...

That this, they would actually find a new wormhole and enter this star field.

Earth, deep in the pacific ocean.

’’Who would have thought the three natural techniques were like that.’’

’’I can return, I can see Xu Xin, I can see my future children.’’ Luo Feng was extremely excited.


Under the sea, that dark black Golden Horned Beast raised its head and let out a low roar, the roar created waves that rushed out and dispersed, rippling into the surrounding sea creatures, causing many of the creatures to get shocked and explode.

’’Luo Feng, according to your natural talents, I've already determined your training route.’’ Babata said, ’’You should focus on the special technique <Deity of the World>and the normal technique <Absolute Space>, these two techniques are compatible with your natural talents, so they'll be extremely powerful.’’


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