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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 19


Volume 08 Chapter 19 - My Name is Gao Sheng

’’In managed areas, Ganwu currency can be changed to Black Dragon currency, and the Black Dragon currency can be changed to Silverblue currency.’’ Babata explained. ’’However conversely...the Silverblue currency, through the government, cannot be changed to Black Dragon currency. The Black Dragon currency too cannot be changed for Ganwu currency.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

He understood this logic.

If Earth joined the universe's big family, with goods coming in from the universe, some of the upper echelons would definitely be interested in buying them. However, using American dollars, Chinese dollars to exchange for universe goods? Would the universe countries be willing?

’’Of course, the reverse exchange is possible in the black market.’’ Babata said.

In conversation.

The black dragon ship had begun to gain speed, heading towards the distant Dragon Star.

Luo Feng stood within the black dragon ship's control room, before him was the external image simulator, he clearly saw that the ship was nearing Dragon Star. They were almost within the atmosphere, the planet's atmosphere was really unique, it was easily visible with the naked eye...various colors of gases were flowing about, causing the entire planet to look extremely gorgeous from outside.


’’We've received the tractor signal.’’ Babata said, ’’Luo Feng, the ship will follow the tractor signal to the planet's docking bay.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

He's also heard from Babata before, reaching a planet, one definitely couldn't fly his ship around randomly. They had to enter the docking bays! Of course...if one was as powerful as the master of Yun Mo Planet, he/she could force his way in. For high level planets like Dragon Star, only Domain Lords and above could ignore the tractor signals and fly directly in.

Of course, Sector Lords normally still respected Dragon Star's rules!


The owner of this planet was a Sector Lord himself!


The black dragon ship broke through into the atmosphere. Through the external image simulator, Luo Feng could see a large silver city below him, there was an extremely huge docking bay, and within it he could see blurry images of large numbers of ships docked there. There were big and small ships, the small ones were tens of meters long, even to the point of just 10 meters.

The larger ships, normally interstellar transport ships or such, were above tens of thousands of meters.

’’We've received the signal, we are going to the C grade region! Babata reported from the control board's screen.

’’The A grade region, houses mostly normal ships, battleships etc. The B grade region houses B grade ships, battle ships. The C grade region houses the C grade ships and battleships. Above that is the D grade region.’’ Babata introduced.

The large docking bay.

It was segregated into several large regions, in the C grade region, every ship and battleship was incomparably valuable.


The black dragon ship slowly descended, finally landing.

The cabin door opened.

’’This planet's gravity pull is about three times that of Earth's.’’ Luo Feng flew out from the cabin door, immediately feeling the difference in the gravity.


Luo Feng turned to look, a man dressed in a grey uniform, height about 2.8m, 2 horns on his head, green skin, flew over, landing in front of Luo Feng. He was humble and respectful,, with a smile on his face, using fluent universe language he spoke, ’’Respectable sir, welcome to Dragon Star, your black dragon x81 ship, annual docking fee here is priced at 600 black dragon dollars! Less than a year, we'll still collect 600 black dragon dollars, this is your docking card.’’ Following that, with both hands, he handed over a silver translucent card to Luo Feng, on it a C logo was imprinted.

’’Luo Feng, remember what I told you before.’’ Babata had carefully explained in detail about the things one would meet and experience in Dragon Star and how one should react.


Luo Feng smiled, with a flip of his hand, one coin appeared, and he tossed it over.

’’Ganwu currency.’’ The green skinned man's eyes lit up.

At the Black Dragon Empire government remittance, 1 Ganwu dollar could exchange for 1000 Black Dragon dollars, however, 1000 Black Dragon dollars was unable to exchange backwards for Ganwu dollars! If one went through the black was possible, however normally, it required over 1000, close to 2000 Black Dragon dollars to exchange for 1 Ganwu dollar. And ordinary citizens didn't even know where the black market was.

Ganwu dollars, that was mark of status!

’’Riding a x81, such a luxury good, owning Ganwu dollars, his status and background must be huge.’’ The green skinned man was extremely envious.

He, a Star Traveller level 9 fighter.

On Dragon Star, even the most ordinary citizens, if they were able to breakthrough to the star level, their status would immediately be raised. However...even a Star Level warrior, meeting someone who rode a C5 grade pure metal luxury ship, shelling out Ganwu dollars, would feel dejected!

No questions asked!

This must be someone from a big family, or has a large background and status.

’’No need for change.’’ Luo Feng said casually.

’’Thank you sir.’’ The green skinned man was extremely respectful, this sort of large family descendant, could easily command up to tens of thousands of Star Traveller level 9 warriors under him.

At this time...

A ship completely dyed in black and white with an odd design, descended onto the land less than 100m away from Luo Feng. Similarly, another worker in grey uniform flew over, the cabin door had begun opening from when it was descending. A fat and stout, black haired youth flew out, his face had two purple stripes, and his eyes were squinted, making his overall appearance adorable.

His height was similar to Luo Feng's.


The fat youth flew out, behind him immediately were four gorilla sized strong looking men.

’’Of the four behind, three Star level 3, one Star level 8. The fat youth is a Star Traveller level 3.’’ Babata immediately informed Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was shocked.

The fat youth actually had four Star level bodyguards, it was extremely vexing! Coming to this place, that was even more bustling and powerful than the Silverblue Empire's galaxy...Luo Feng had finally witnessed a real member of a big family.

’’Damn, damn damn!’’

The fat youth flew over to Luo Feng's black dragon ship, touching its body, eye's lit, screaming out, ’’Man, this is an old model from more than a million years ago, the black dragon mountain x81. Those with this ship have all already died! And it's even made from black yttrium such a luxurious metal, I actually got to see such a ship today!’’

’’Hi, brother.’’ The fat youth struggled and rushed over to Luo feng, a face full of smiles, ’’Your x81 ship, when you don't want it anymore, how about passing it to me? Ten more years and I'll be able to afford it.’’

’’Oh, let me first introduce myself, my name is Gao Sheng Wei Di! Just call me Gao Sheng.’’ A fluent universe language came out.

’’Gao Sheng, this black dragon ship, I had to make various changes and repairs to get it fully up and running again. I can't bear to sell it now.’’ Luo Feng followed Babata's earlier warnings and said casually.

’’Oh, an old model from more than a million years ago, after more than million years, much of it would have degraded, repairing it must have been no easier than actually buying a new one. Brother is indeed of the same level as I.’’ Gao Sheng complemented, ’’This kind of pure metal luxurious goods, riding it out, that's what I call class!’’

Luo Feng smiled.

Truth be told, the black dragon ship was at the sea bed of Earth within that mothership wreckage and had not been used for over a million years, hence its degradation was light.

’’Brother, you still haven't introduced yourself.’’ The fat youth laughed happily.

’’My name is Luo Feng.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Brother Luo Feng you are on your own? No bodyguards? From here to Dragon City, there's still a few thousand kilometers of distance. And on Dragon Star, one is only protected within the city. There's no protection outside the city, on the way over, there might even be robbers.’’ The fat youth said.

Luo Feng smiled.


Beside him, two liquid silver guards wearing black clothing appeared.

’’Damn, liquid silver guards?’’ Gao Sheng nodded his head profusely, ’’two liquid silver guards, one for protection, another to wrap around the enemy. After they have enlarged themselves, they can easily surround and trap up to a hundred enemies easily. Even if the enemies break free, the other liquid silver guard can come and grab onto them. Two liquid silver guards taking turns, extremely safe.’’

Luo Feng laughed.

Back then, the liquid silver guards successfully wrapped themselves around the enormous Golden Horned Beast, as for human races, they would indeed trap up to a hundred in the blink of an eye.

’’If brother Luo Feng doesn't mind, we can go together, with my four bodyguards, no one would dare come stir up trouble.’’ Gao Shen laughed happily.

’’Take his offer, going with him would mean less trouble.’’ Babata said.

’’Let's go together.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he nodded.

Sou! Sou!

Luo Feng and Gao Sheng floated up, the 4 bodyguards followed behind.

While rising, the four bodyguards' armors simultaneously appeared on their bodies, the cloud contact armor also appeared on Luo Feng's body.


The group of six flew in the sky.

’’Luo Feng, how much did you spend on buying that black dragon ship?’’ Gao Sheng couldn't help but ask, obviously as a ship hobbyist, he was obsessed on that ship.

’’Babata?’’ Luo Feng shouted within his thoughts.

He had no clue how much he should reply.

’’Tell him, nine billion Black Dragon dollars, the repairs and changes cost 2 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’ Babata said.

’’That much?’’ Luo Feng was shocked within.

At the government remittance, 1 Black Dragon dollar could change for 1000 Silverblue dollars, meaning this ship was priced at 9 trillion silver blue dollars.

’’It's not much at all, this is pure black yttrium, the whole ship's weight is about 2 million tons. Every ton of black yttrium is priced at 3000 Black Dragon dollars, about 3 million Silverblue dollars, just the black yttrium metal alone, would have cost 6 trillion Silverblue dollars.’’ Babata said, ’’Luo Feng, don't use your standards from earth to view the universe! A ton of black yttrium metal is worth 3000 Black Dragon dollars! A ton of B grade black iron spirit, is only worth 9 Black Dragon dollars. A grade black iron, was even more valuable.’’

Luo Feng realized.

It was indeed not expensive;a ton of black iron spirit was only 9 dollars. 1 ton of the black yttrium metal was worth 3000 dollars. It was not expensive!

’’This is pure metal, if it was alloys then it'd be cheaper, after all, alloys were sturdier, their efficiency was higher. The same C5 grade ship, using alloys, would only be 10% of the price, maybe even lesser! So...using pure metals to build a ship, was classified as a luxurious thing to do. Just like on Earth, you people use gold to build cars and stuff.’’

Luo Feng secretly sighed.

No wonder Gao Sheng was so shocked...the pure metal was indeed luxurious.

One had to be extremely wealthy, not to be messed with!

’’This Black Dragon ship, back then I spent 9 billion Black Dragon dollars to buy, the repairs and upgrades took about 2 billion.’’ Luo Feng said.


Gao Sheng nodded, ’’Brother you've earned a little, this kind of old models, are extremely hard to get nowadays. In another 10 years, my dad promised to move an entire planet under my name. The planet has 11 billion people, a rough estimate, if every person can earn me 100 Kalor dollars a year, which is 0.06 Black Dragon dollars, then a year's worth of income would be more than 600 million Black Dragon dollars. 20 billion dollars from a single planet isn't hard to get.’’

Luo Feng smiled, but he was shocked in his heart.

My god?

A whole planet shifted to under his name? 11 billion people to earn money for him?

Luo Feng finally understood, the difference between the extremely wealthy people of earth compared to the extremely wealthy of the universe. Wealth of earth equated to maybe a few houses and land. The extremely wealthy on earth talked about buying entire planets!

Extremely wealthy!

At the same time, Luo Feng understood...

The owner of the black dragon ship that was under the sea on Earth was a man of prominence and background! He had no choice when he was swiped down by the master of the Yun Mo Planet, destroying the entire interstellar fleet and killing everyone! Within an area of 1000 light years, the star field around earth was all owned by the master, even one of such stature as the dead owner of the ship...obviously couldn't and wouldn't dare deal with an undying being.

That's why, he died in silence.


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