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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 18


Volume 08 Chapter 18 - Arrival on Dragon Star

His sudden departure caused his wife and parents to question him, which gave Luo Feng quite the headache. Since he didn't want his family to worry about him, he told them he was going to a secret place to ’’train’’.

Dawn of the second day.

Luo Feng and his family members were eating breakfast. After finishing this meal, Luo Feng had to leave Earth, leave the milky way, and head towards a planet far away from the milky way Dragon Star.

’’Bro!’’ Luo Hua walked in from outside, ’’I heard you're leaving for a month? And you didn't even tell me. If it wasn't for mom and dad, I wouldn't even know’’

’’I was going to tell you before I left.’’ said Luo Feng as he drank his porridge.

Nothing he could do!

Luo Feng wasn't even planning on directly contacting his brother and his two other brothers 'Hong' and 'Thunder God'. Since..... it would be quite a pain to explain. With Luo Feng's current speed, it wouldn't even take a day to go around the entire world. So what is he doing for an entire month?

If he says he's training.

He could trick his family, but he can't trick Hong and Thunder God.

’’Xiao Hai, Ping Ping’’ Luo Feng held his two children.

’’Daddy, kiss’’ the elder son Luo Ping stretched his little face over and kissed Luo Feng. Xiao Hai on the side also stretched his face out and kissed.

However, his wife Xu Xin, his parents, and his brother were filled with worry.

’’Don't worry, as of now, no location on this planet can threaten me. It's just that my training this time is really important, so I can't let anyone distract me. It is also very strict on the type of environment I am in, so I must go out’’ Luo Feng comforted his family, ’’Xin, when I'm not here, take care of mom and dad. If Hong or Thunder God call, just tell them I'm training and cannot be disturbed’’

’’Okay’’ Xu Xin nodded.

’’Then I'm off’’

Luo Feng set his two children on the floor and smiled as he headed out.

The whole family, including his two children, walked into the lawn.

’’Bye bye daddy’’

The two kids yelled crisply.

’’Bye’’ Luo Feng smiled as he waved his hand and slowly hovered into the air.

The family members watched Luo Feng continuously ascend until he disappeared from their field of view.

In the sky.

A gigantic black disc shaped plane appeared. The hatch opened and Luo Feng swiftly flew inside, and then the hatch closed.

After that, it quickly shot towards outer space.


Inside the Black Dragon spaceship, control room.

Luo Feng, who was in a blood red battle uniform set, stood in front of the control display. Demon Babata's little face appeared on the display. Babata revealed his little fangs with pride as he grinned: ’’Luo Feng, the spaceship has left Earth’’

’’Scenic view, 100% simulation’’ said Luo Feng.


The entire control room disappeared. Thankfully, he was standing on the floor and could still feel the floor's existence. His naked eye couldn't see the floor.

Around him.....

was the vast, infinite space. He turned and looked behind him where the huge blue planet was earth!

’’Babata, leaving Earth for the first time and heading towards another planet with life, I feel like..... I can't calm down’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say.

’’Just like when you were taking your high school exams, this is called being nervous!’’ on the display, Babata was chewing on an apple as he snickered, ’’Not weird at all, since you're just like a kid from the countryside about to enter an urban city for the first time! Of course you'll be nervous when going to a powerful, developed planet like Dragon Star from Earth!’’

Luo Feng slightly nodded.

However, the important part was..... a place like Dragon Star, according to what Babata said, was over one hundred times more prosperous than the capital of the low level civilized nation 'Silverblue Empire'! Luo Feng hasn't even been to the Silverblue Empire before, so how could he not be nervous by going to Dragon Star all of a sudden?

Thankfully, as a spirit reader, his will was extremely powerful and was able to quickly adjust his emotions.

’’Babata, the spaceship hasn't reached the speed of light yet?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask.

’’If this was the Yun Mo Planet ship, then of course we would accelerate to lightspeed quickly. However, this is just a C5 grade spaceship after all.’’ on the display, Babata shook his head in disdain, and then snickered, ’’But of course, a C5 spaceship in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire counts as a high quality spaceship. Some universe level fighters can only pilot spaceships like these’’

’’The Black Dragon spaceship has decent acceleration. If it was a common spaceship from some starfleet, then the acceleration would be horrendously slow!’’

’’And some low quality trashy ships accelerate too sharply so that the passengers even have to enter the 'safety room'. Otherwise, the passengers would lose their lives’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng suddenly realized.

Exactly, acceleration!

Accelerating to lightspeed. Even if the acceleration is 500 km per second, that's still 50,000 the force of Earth's gravity! But he doesn't feel anything at all in the spaceship.

’’This is the good part about high quality spaceships. The spaceship has an automatically adjusting gravity field system where it can maintain the gravity inside the ship at a certain level. The gravity inside the spaceship right now is 1x earth's gravity’’ said Babata.


Luo Feng came to be. He was walking inside the spaceship just like how he walked on earth;there was no difference in the gravity. If Babata didn't say anything, he wouldn't have realized it. Now that Babata said it, Luo Feng just realized..... in space, the spaceship was maintaining a gravity level equal to Earth's, which was quite important.

’’Haha, I've been on Earth for too long so I've gotten used to this level of gravity. I didn't even realize it’’ smiled Luo Feng.




On the display, Babata's little face was extremely serious as he counted down.




Luo Feng looked outside. His naked eye could no longer discern the planets in space. The surrounding space was all blurry, and slowly started to become black.

’’How peculiar’’ Luo Feng held his breath.

’’3...... 2...... 1......!’’ yelled Babata.

A black spaceship that was already becoming blurry in the vast universe. Suddenly

Space itself slightly rippled.

The ship disappeared!

It's not that it 'disappeared' to the naked eye because it reached the speed of light, but it actually disappeared from the universe!


Luo Feng felt the spaceship shake a bit. It shook for about 10 seconds. The surroundings were completely dark. Slowly, the ship stabilized.

’’Successfully passed through the universe and entered 'Dark Space'’’ yelled Babata on the display, ’’Turning off scenic simulation.’’

’’Dark space?’’ Luo Feng was quite curious, ’’Babata, what does dark space look like?’’

’’We can't capture the view around us because the ship is flying at the speed of light’’ said Babata, ’’we have to slow down to capture the images. However..... decelerating and accelerating uses up a lot of energy. Luo Feng, I'll directly simulate a few scenes from dark space for you.’’

A display appeared in front of Luo Feng's eyes.

A brilliant scene appeared on the display. This was a vast area with many bright spots emitting light like fireflies. This was a sea of 'bright spots'. Other than the beautiful spots of light, there was nothing else in this vast space. Oh..... there were also spaceships!

’’The coordinates in dark space match the ones in the 'origin space' we live in.’’

’’However, if you travel for a distance of like '30 light seconds' in dark space and then pass through back into origin space, you'll discover that you've moved forward by a distance of '30 light seconds times 10.081 million’’ said Babata, ’’The ratio between dark space and origin space is 1: 10.081 million.’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

If you fly at the speed of light in dark space for just a year, that'll simply be one light year. However, if you pass through space and return to origin space, you'll have covered a distance of 10.081 million light years.

’’In origin space, matter cannot pass the speed of light. Once it reaches the speed of light, it'll pass through space and arrive in dark space. In dark space, you can go past the speed of light’’ said Babata, ’’Right now, the spaceship is slowly accelerating. The maximum speed of this Black Dragon ship is 1.5x the speed of light, but keeping our energy reserves in mind, 1.2x the speed of light is just right.’’ said Babata.

’’I estimate that it'll take almost 10 days to arrive at Dragon Star. Luo Feng, you can use this time to rest well or to train’’


The days of flying through dark space were quite boring.

Nine days later.

’’Luo Feng, 20 more minutes and we'll pass through space and arrive at Dragon Star’’ said Babata.

’’Oh yeah, Babata, if you need to reach the speed of light to go from origin space to dark space, how do you return? How do you pass through space from dark space to origin space?’’ Luo Feng was quite curious. This vast universe was too mysterious. How could people on Earth ever guess what would happen after reaching the speed of light?

As for the theory where time would reverse after reaching the speed of light, Luo Feng never agreed with that.

’’If people on Earth see a planet that is one million light years away from Earth, then they are seeing the planet in its state from one million years ago. According to some people, surpassing the speed of light as you fly towards this planet..... means you'll be able to see the planet go back in time and see the planet how it was before.

But from Luo Feng's point of view.....


The planet 'going back in time' is simply what our naked eye perceives. In reality, that planet is still becoming older and older!

’’Easy, just decelerate, decelerate until you stop! Then, you'll pass through space and return to origin space’’ said Babata, ’’In dark space, motionless objects do not exist’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng was quite shocked.

The spaceship slowly decelerated, from 1.2x the speed of light until it became motionless!

Luo Feng felt the floor beneath his feet shake a bit. The shaking lasted for around 10 seconds until everything calmed down.

’’Successfully passed through the universe and returned to origin space’’ said Babata.

’’Scenic simulation, 100%’’ said Luo Feng.


Luo Feng immediately saw the vast space. The most unique thing was..... he saw a planet far away that seemed to be shining. This planet seemed to have two natural satellites.

’’That planet, is Dragon Star’’ said Babata, ’’Luo Feng, after we enter Dragon Star, act according to our plan.’’

’’Babata, you said we need money to enter the planet, but I don't have any’’ said Luo Feng.

No matter how rich he is on Earth, how could the Silver Blue Empire and the Black Dragon Mountain Empire accept the currency used on Earth? Over here, they're just useless 'paper drawings'.

’’YOU DON'T, BUT I DO’’ yelled Babata, ’’However, there's no point in giving you master's credit card, since it's bound by a spiritual mark. However, master did leave some coins behind, the coins that the master brings with him at all times. Sometimes, some physical currency is a bit useful.’’

’’Coins?’’ Luo Feng froze.

’’Yeah, I looked through the entire storage space and found 932 Ganwu coins’’ said Babata.

’’932 coins?’’ Luo Feng blinked twice.

So poor.

’’These are Ganwu coins, not Black Dragon coins, and definitely not the cheap Silver Blue coins’’ yelled Babata, ’’It's enough for your stay on Dragon Star!’’


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