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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 17


Volume 08 Chapter 17 - Dragon Star

’’Second brother, now you know the difference?’’ Hong joked, ’’Then hurry up and go train! Be it adding a layer to your domain, or breaking through from the Star Traveller Level 9 to the Star level 1, whichever. Once accomplished, you will be able to surpass me and Luo Feng.

The boundaries were separated into four main levels.

Foundations, Conception, Domain, World, above that, is the Undying Being.

Every level was detailed and tedious.

The domain alone had nine layers.

Several Universe level or Sector Lord level warriors struggled on the nine layers of domain, every layer required a lot more work and had more difficulty.

’’From the Star Traveller level 9 to breakthrough to the Star level, the difficulty wasn't easier than going from level 1 to 9 itself. Not to mention the even more complicated domains.’’ Thunder God rubbed his chin, ’’Brother Hong, you've always suppressed me, third brother is even more abnormal. At such a young age he's caught up from far behind, this old face of mine is almost totally worthless now.’’

Luo Feng and Hong laughed.

’’Hm?’’ Hong's tactical communications watch suddenly vibrated, he checked it, ’’Something came up at the Dojo, let's disperse for today.’’

’’The Thunder Dragon Emperor has been killed, let's go home.’’ Thunder God waved and flew away immediately.

Luo Feng and Hong too separated, each returning to their homes.

Flying above the continent of China, Luo Feng surveyed below. He saw the degraded and destroyed cities, along with the scavenging and surviving monsters, and several fighters carefully training within the city. Seeing these fighters, Luo Feng felt as though he was looking at his old self.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng.’’ Babata shouted excitedly.

’’What's the matter, why so happy?’’ Luo Feng's thoughts questioned.

’’I've settled the auxiliary system, from now, the black dragon x81 ship is in perfect condition. I just need one more day to install the auxiliary system in, will be able to take the black dragon ship and travel through the universe, roam about in the vast universe and witness the countless races and clans!’’ Babata was extremely excited.

It had been too long.

It had been trapped underground for too long, he longed to travel and venture in the universe again.

’’We can travel through the universe and roam about in the universe?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, stopping mid flight, floating in mid air.

’’Right right right.’’ Babata said very excitedly.

Luo Feng couldn't help but feel hot blood rushing through his veins.

A normal Earthling would be so excited at just the thought of reaching the moon that he or she would probably lose sleep that night. Much less...Luo Feng now had the hopes of travelling and roaming about in the universe, visiting the countless human races in the universe. This feeling of excitement was something that was hard to suppress.

Towards his home planet Earth, he definitely would miss it.

But to occasionally visit the other planets in the universe, was something that was exhilarating.

’’Luo Feng! The moment your Earth is discovered by the scout ships or other empires, that would mean trouble. That's why, you need to quickly enter the universe. Only that way, will you be able to ensure Earth's future survival.’’ Babata was thinking of ways to coax Luo Feng to quickly enter the universe to venture.

’’Entering the universe, the most important thing need to open an account with the universe network, that way you can enter the universe virtual network and communicate with the countless races.’’ Babata said.

To a living AI like Babata.

The lure of entering the universe network couldn't compare to the real feeling of venturing into the universe.

’’As long as you can reach a planet, open an account, you can return home right after that.’’ Babata seemed anxious as he tried to coax him.


Luo Feng grinned, ’’I'm definitely going! I'm so anxious I almost want to leave immediately, however I just thought about internal world, probably has about a month or so to transform. When that happens, the power of the Golden Horned beast would increase greatly. It's better to wait till after the transformation before leaving!’’

’’One month? Oh, ok.’’ Babata was somewhat helpless, but he still agreed.


Luo Feng stood high in the sky above the wilderness, gazing over the vast territory, his mind however had long ventured into the mysterious and vast space.

Within the space in the universe, the milky way's renowned void district.


Maintaining a shocking speed, flying through the milky way, a disc shaped ship was constantly heading towards Earth and closing in.

Within the ship.

Wearing a silver grey battle uniform, a middle aged handsome man stood at the control board. At his side, a fit, tall and sturdy man, with some black facial hair, almost like a black gorilla with a height of about 2.2m stood worried: ’’Captain, right now the captain's family and fleet have already reached the void district. When the time comes...won't there be a struggle within the family for the gains? Leaving only a small reward for the captain?’’


The handsome middle aged man snorted: ’’Even though my relationship with my grandfather is rather rigid, he isn't that kind of person.’’

’’But this is a life planet.’’ The black gorilla man said, ’’Without seeing this planet, we cannot determine its worth. But it is afterall a planet that an invincible fighter used to own, it's worth is definitely more than a normal life planet. In front of such big rewards, even the closest blood brothers would begin killing each other, captain, you need to be careful.’’

The handsome middle aged man looked at the black gorilla man, turning around to survey his other crew, revealing a smile: ’’Attention all, no matter what, the rewards our squad will gain won't be small, after all, you are all buddies who been through life and death with me!’’

The crew all smiled.

’’The moment we reach the life planet, we'll immediately begin sampling, gathering data. Just doing this would probably take a few days.’’ The middle aged man said, ’’When that time comes, I can immediately enter the universe virtual network and look for a buyer! The family definitely won't be faster than me.’’

’’Everything is within our hands.’’ The middle aged man smiled, ’’The more benefits the family gives me, the more I will return the favor. My dear brothers, our earnings will definitely not be small!’’

Immediately, there was cheering and laughter.

’’Atuka, how much further do we have before we arrive at the life planet?’’ The handsome middle aged man asked.

A child's image appeared on the screen, his clear voice sounded, ’’Captain, 91 days before we arrive.’’

’’Very good!’’

The handsome middle aged man smiled.


A silver grey scout ship was heading towards earth!

The end of September, China country, Jiang Nan headquarter city, in the air 8000m up, a black huge ship floated.

The ship, mid level in the study room.

Luo Feng stood quietly in the room, a wave of his hand, a small pile of dark red metal appeared on the floor surface, this was exactly ninety two tons of black iron spirit metal.

’’Ninety two tons! After daily swallowing ninety two tons of black iron spirit, the black iron spirits he had obtained in the winter the year before, were almost gone.’’ Luo Feng felt stressed, his internal world was just like a bottomless pit, while he didn't eat much everyday, but he still required daily swallowing, the millions of tons of black iron spirits were almost gone.

A year hadn't gone by and it was almost all gone.

’’Today, is the day of the transformation.’’ Luo Feng extended his right hand, the space around warped, engulfing ninety two tons of black iron spirit.


The black iron spirit vanished.

In the internal world, the surroundings were filled with gold fog, even in the air gold fog was all over.

In mid air, a fierce silhouette stopped suddenly, it was an enormous black scaled Golden Horned Beast, the beast looked at the pile of black iron spirit metal that appeared in the internal world, its huge dark golden pupils had a hint of glee.

’’Hu hu...’’

The pile of black iron spirit, seemed like it vaporized into a thick golden fog, it's mass shrinking gradually, the surrounding golden fog got thicker and thicker. In about 5 minutes or so, the ninety two tons of black iron spirit had completely vanished.


The internal world had massive tremors.

The golden fog which had engulfed both land and air covered everything, shrouding the entire internal world, a large amount of the fog swiftly solidified, becoming another part of the land, making the land grow bigger and bigger.

An indefinite amount of time passed.

Everything stopped!

The golden fog which had covered everything flowed in the wind, floating to outside the internal world, floating to high up in the air above the land! All that was left some of the golden fog which entered the Golden Horned Beast's body. The Golden Horned Beast's body was crackling and growing gradually, until it finally stopped, it's body had reached a total of 420m!

The area of the internal world had reached 40km! It's height was 40km, only 40km and above was there golden fog.


The black dragon ship, within the study.

’’The Golden Horned Beast has reached the Star level 4.’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, they had a hint of glee, ’’Using the black iron spirits may have been a great expense, but the speed was much faster!’’

During the growth of his internal world, the first three levels are the fastest. The middle three levels have a greater difficulty and the last three levels are the hardest! Finally the breakthrough from level 9, and entering the new level altogether...the amount of time needed, is the combination of all the levels before.

From Star level 1 to 3, normal evolution, one year is enough.

Level 3 to 6, normal evolution, requires six years (every level requires about two years)!

Level 6 to 9, requires thirty six years (Every level requires about twelve years)!

And from the Star level 9 to the Universe level 1, required more than 50 years!

It was obvious;the final step was the hardest of all! And this is the Golden Horned Beast, if it was other races, the difficulty was hard to imagine.

Night time.

Luo Feng sat in the living room, watching television, accompanying his wife and sons.

’’Luo Feng, why aren't you training today, have you come to accompany me and watch television?’’ Xu Xin was hugging the smaller son on her lap, smiling.

’’I'm keeping you company. Tomorrow I'll be getting ready to leave and deal with some business. I'll probably be gone a while this time.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Deal with business, how long?’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but ask.

’’Probably about a month.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’That long?’’ Xu Xin was shocked, right now on Earth, what matter could take up so much of Luo Feng's time.

Luo Feng clearly remembered what Babata had said to him before.

His destination this time, was 320,000 light years away from Earth, it was a bustling strong planet...the Dragon Star! It was a super planet that was hundreds and thousands of times more bustling than the Silverblue Empire, it was a place for warriors to gather. It was also a place within the universe, where the upper echelons of people with status liked to visit, that kind of place...had a lesser number brutal and uncivilized incidents, a much safer place.

Of course, the prerequisite was money and status! Otherwise, one didn't even have the right to even enter.

’’Dragon Star!’’ Luo Feng pondered.

’’Luo Feng, leaving for a month, where are you going?’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but ask.


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