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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 16


Volume 08 Chapter 16 - Training by Force Feeding

Late night, in the living room.

Hong and Thunder God seemed to be possessed for a bit, both were staring at their wrist communicator's screen, carefully reading the Yun Mo Fighter manuals that Luo Feng had just sent over.

’’My god, so that's how one uses one's energy.’’ Thunder God muttered to himself, ’’It's wrong, my <Nine Stage Thunder Blade>seriously pales in comparison to it.’’

’’So you can actually do it like this!’’ Hong's eyes too had lit up, lost deep in reading the secret manuals.

Luo Feng said from the side: ’’Training the foundation is the most important, if you want the starting speed to be greatly increased. Without it, you will meet barriers later because your foundations are lacking, the Star Traveller level 9 to the star level, the star level to the universe level will become very hard to achieve. Your foundations must be solid! Eh, are you guys even listening?’’

This was something Babata ensured Luo Feng said.

’’Alright, alright third brother. Even before the Great Nirvana, I was already practicing martial arts. I obviously know the foundations are extremely important.’’ Thunder God waved his hands, ’’This secret manuals are seriously too, too impressive. Stop distracting me from reading them.’’

’’This bastard...’’ Luo Feng forced a smile.

’’It's indeed an impressive manual.’’ Hong looked up at Luo Feng, his expression excited, ’’Luo Feng, this is definitely the most in depth, well versed and clearly explained, even to the point where several things which have to be naturally realized, unable to be explained things have been written very clearly. It's extremely impressive.’’

Luo Feng laughed.

Of course it was impressive, just who did they think it was that provided them these manuals! It was the Yun Mo Planet! Firstly, the Yun Mo Planet master had nine undying beings! Just these nine undying beings alone would have been able to contribute already impressive manuals. Much less the master who had spent so many years collecting such manuals.

Even in the universe, these were top notch manuals!

To the blindly progressing, self-training and creating Hong and Thunder God, the techniques they had created...couldn't hold a candle to the techniques of the Yun Mo Planet!

For example, force exertions.

<Nine Stage Thunder Blade>expands energy up to a maximum of seven times, the defensive capabilities have no way to keep up with the offensive.

In comparison!

The physical body's limit for expanding energy is 100 times! Only at this level, can one be said to be using his maximum body's explosive energy!

Which means to say, the brute force of the average fighter on Earth, were only using about 1% of their physical body's capabilities, even the highest levels of the <Nine Stage Thunder Blade> uses only up to 7%. To unleash a 100%, meaning one had to hit the theoretical limit...expanding energy up to a 100 times! It was hard, very hard.

Even the sector lords had difficulty doing it!

Just like the one's brain vigor, it's just how much one's mind has been opened. Luo Feng's previous brain vigor was 22, meaning he was using just 22% of his brain. For the average human being, just reaching 1% was already not bad. To expand one's mind to 60%, (brain vigor 60), 70%, (brain vigor 70), was as hard as reaching the heavens.

’’Haha, you both continue reading. But remember, you can't pass these to other people.’’ Luo Feng emphasized.

’’When we swore into the Yun Mo Planet sect, didn't we already take an oath? Relax.’’ Thunder God laughed, Hong nodded too.

Within the personal virtual space, a blood red castle, within the training room.

Dressed in a black robe, Babata sat on the desk, one hand holding an apple, shooting Luo Feng a glance. ’’Hey Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God's comprehension are very high, even without the manuals, they have their own domains. Their force exertions have also reached six to seven times, now with the manuals, there's going to be a huge leap in improvement in the near future!’’

’’I know.’’ Luo Feng held onto the <Soul Seal>book, reading it without even looking up.

’’Damn, don't you feel any pressure?’’ Babata's blood red eyes were opened wide, he revealed his fangs.


Luo Feng closed the book, looking at Babata: ’’Say what you want to say.’’

’’Not interesting at all.’’ Babata curled his lips, ’’Very simple, do you remember...when you first came here, what I told you? I'll give you a hint, it's in regards to the foundations.’’

’’Of course I remember, you said...I need to use a total of 50 years to train to the Star level.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’That's just to ensure my foundations are solid, if I really forced it and madly rose in levels, without care about the foundations, within three years I would have reached the star level 1! But the price would be that I'd never be able to ever reach the universe level.’’

’’Right.’’ Babata raised his head slightly, ’’However, the times have changed!’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’From the Star Traveller level 9 to the Star level 1, from the Star level 9 to the Universe level 1, from the Universe level 9 to the Domain Lord one and finally breaking through to the sector Lord level! Every phase, every bottleneck, is a life altering and evolutionary stage. It is extremely extremely difficult.’’ Babata smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’That's why the basics are so crucial, however, things have changed.’’

’’Changed?’’ Luo Feng suddenly understood.

’’Right now your core, is your internal world!’’ Babata said, ’’With the internal world's growth, your physical body's growth has no such bottleneck.’’

’’I know.’’

Luo Feng nodded, ’’The internal world requires swallowing large amounts of metal to grow!’’

The internal world was currently a Star level 3, so...Luo Feng's bodies, the Golden Horned Beast's body and the human body, both bodies and soul, could reach only reach the Star level 3.

Oppositely, if the internal world were to grow to the Universe level 1, then Luo Feng's soul and two bodies will have no such bottleneck, they could grow constantly! When that time came, it boiled down to aptitude, if the Golden Horned Beast's internal world grew, then it's physical body too would grow. But Luo Feng's human body, even without the bottle neck, will constantly grow too.

Even though the road was straight, it was still much faster than the Earth human's natural evolution speed.

’’Because your core is in the internal world, as long as the internal world grows, your physical body and soul will not be bottlenecked, or stuck.’’

’’That's why, you can totally do the force feeding mad evolution way now.’’ Babata said. ’’With the greatest speed, greatest efficiency to increase your body's strength!’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

The only thing holding his own power back, was his body's limitations.

’’From today, your evolution, will not rely on your internal world's metal universe properties.’’ Babata said, ’’While that universe is not bad, it cannot compare to the Mu Ya crystals, The crystals have a large life force, in aiding the evolution of life, it's efficiency is extremely high.’’

Luo Feng definitely knew.

He personally witnessed a Horde Leader monster evolving into an Emperor Level monster after eating the Mu Ya Crystal.

’’Oh, definitely <Mixed>, <Control>, <Illusion>must still be trained.’’ Babata said, ’’This concerns your battle techniques and control ability.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Even if his power was strong, he still needed to be able to use them.

’’From today, for the battle strategies, we'll increase your controlling ability training by six times, force feeding and mad training, jumping four times! This way, we can roughly guarantee your battle skills can keep up with your sudden increase in power!’’ Babata made the decision.


Luo Feng too was anticipating.

Force feeding to evolve?

Since then, Luo Feng had been consciously training in the Yun Mo Planet's secret techniques, battle controlling abilities, also the force feeding techniques, all to make his body evolve! As for his other times...he would spar with Hong and Thunder God occasionally, improving on his battle experiences.


Year 2062, Burning summer.

The vast pacific ocean, the ocean was sparkling under the rays of light from the sun, it was colorful and gorgeous.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three human silhouettes broke out from the ocean into the air, laughter was heard: ’’Luo Feng, you've really stolen my limelight this time. Originally, I was prepared to simply use one slash to kill that Thunder Dragon Emperor. You? I hadn't even flown over when you controlled the soaring shuttle from afar to kill it. The Eight Tentacle Emperor and the Thunder Dragon Emperor were all stolen away by you.’’

’’Well, who told you to move so slowly.’’ Luo Feng said in jest.

’’Damn, bragging after gaining an advantage! Come, receive my blow.’’ Thunder God shouted.


The surroundings were filled with roaming electric snakes, and within the domain Thunder God was holding a violet black battle saber, and wrapped around it were more electric snakes, almost like a spirit weapon. And when Thunder God's body itself moved, a blur of a shadow moved along with it, and the purplish black blade in hand produced a clap of thunder!

’’You think I'll be afraid of you?’’ Luo Feng laughed.

Thirty two knives immediately flew out, without any regulations, they flew directly to engulf him.

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Blade after blade clashed with the violet black battle saber, almost as though a highly skilled commander was controlling each and every knife, knocking, slashing, parry, surround...various methods, swiftly reducing the strength of the violet black battle saber. Luo Feng just waved his hand and the thirty two knives moved, as though they were on threads, surrounding his body, before increasing in speed, engulfing Thunder God!


Thunder God felt as though he was fighting thirty two highly skilled opponents, facing their perfectly coordinated attacks.

’’Thunder Movement!’’ Thunder God raged, his expression somewhat malevolent, his veins protruding.


The purplish black blade in his hand exploded loudly and fiercely, becoming an enormous thunder saber, quickly knocking the thirty two knives into disarray, the knives were knocked into all directions.

’’We're playing for real?’’ Luo Feng stared, his body's movement became a blur, at the same time he said softly, ’’Soaring Shuttle Swordfish Formation!’’

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Two of the thirty to knives flew towards Luo Feng's soaring shuttle beneath his feet. The remaining thirty knives distanced themselves from each other, thirty knives floating in mid air, suddenly took the shape of a swordfish, with a mouth, a fish tail, it looked totally lifelike, very strange.

’’Chi chi...’’ the thirty two knives simultaneously glowed with a golden light.

The golden threads linked together.

Immediately becoming a golden swordfish! Just like a fish, it wiggled it's tail, moving strangely. And it's mouth was extremely sharp.

’’Stop!!!’’ Thunder God shouted.

’’Why are we stopping?’’ Luo Feng floated in mid air, a golden swordfish floating beside him.

’’After getting hit by you the last time, you think I'll let it happen again?’’ Thunder God muttered. ’’It's disgusting, I'm already a Star Traveller level 9 with my own domain, and I can't beat you. Big brother is stronger than me, now even the third brother is stronger than me. It's frustrating, it pisses me off!’’

Luo Feng laughed.

Using the secret manuals, Thunder God and Hong have improved by quite a bit.

Thunder God was a level 9 Star Traveller fighter with a one layer domain.

Hong was a level 8 Star Traveller fighter with a two layer domain.

Relying on the force feeding mad growth method, Luo Feng, over the course of half a year had his body grow from a level 3 Star Traveller to a level 5. His spirit reading side too naturally grew by two levels.

Luo Feng was a level 8 Star Traveller Spirit Reader, his brain vigor was at 32, he could already use the technique, the soaring shuttle's swordfish formation. Using this swordfish formation, he was ahead of Thunder God and comparable to Hong.

The Soaring shuttle had a total of three formations.

The first, being able to control twelve external items.

The second, being able to control thirty external items.

The third, the final formation, required reaching the universe level, having one's own domain and being able to control forty eight external items.

With Luo Feng's brain vigor at thirty two, through hard work and training, he finally reached the soaring shuttle's second formation and made some progress with the swordfish formation. Be it flexibility, power, etc, the second swordfish formation was much stronger than the first Mountain Drill.

It was extremely powerful!

It's training process too was much more difficult! Unlike the first formation which he succeeded after first attempting it, Luo Feng had met the requirements for the second formation much earlier but was only able to execute it a few days ago.


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