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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 15


Volume 08 Chapter 15 - Earth's Three Fighters


Luo Feng was with his wife Xu Xin, each hugging a child watching television.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng picked up the telephone, looking at the number displayed on the phone, shocked.

’’What's wrong?’’ Xu Xin asked curiously.

’’It's the Head, Hong's number.’’ Luo Feng suspiciously creased his eyebrows, ever since the swallowing beast incident, Hong and Thunder God have been in a coma.

Xu Xin too was shocked, ’’Who dares to use Hong's phone?’’

’’Hello.’’ Luo Feng answered the call.

’’Luo Feng!’’ That resounding energetic voice sounded.

’’Head?’’ Luo Feng was extremely shocked, even Xu Xin who was beside him looked on wide eyed.

Hong has awoken?

After being in a coma for two years, he's awoken? This was definitely earth shaking news.

’’I've just awoken, Thunder God has woken up too. I just came to know of the things that have happened since we were comatose. Thanks for saving both of our lives, and also for saving the entire human race.’’ Hong's voice was filled with deep happiness, ’’If you're free, come over here to Hong Ning headquarter city for a bit.’’

’’Alright, I'll head over immediately.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Alright, I'll be here with Thunder God.’’ Hong laughed.

Hanging up the phone, Xu Xin couldn't help but exclaim: ’’Hong is back up?’’

’’Thunder God too.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’I'm going over now for a bit, I'll probably be back late tonight.’’

’’Ok.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle, swiftly leaving the Jiang Nan headquarter city, heading to the Dojo of Limits headquarters with his fastest speed.


Dojo of Limits headquarters exterior, filled with battleships, was extremely bustling.

’’Investigator Luo.’’ The guard at the headquarters paid their respects.

Luo Feng swiftly entered the base, under the direction of the base's personnel, he headed directly towards a particular room.

Within that room were Hong and Thunder God.

’’Luo Feng.’’

Two men, one in black and one in white, stood up and approached as they saw Luo Feng.

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you've really made a name for yourself.’’ Thunder God laughed loudly as he bumped Luo Feng's chest, ’’I'll let this matter go on the account you saved my life, Haha.’’

’’Second brother's skin is really thick, don't lower yourself to his level.’’ Hong said to Luo Feng, Thunder God stared back: ’’You...’’

’’Yep, I can tolerate this kind of behavior, I won't lower myself that much.’’ Lou Feng said firmly.

’’Damn, you two!’’

Thunder God stared angrily, Hong and Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh out loud as they saw this.


’’Let's all sit.’’

Under Hong's instructions, the three sat down, these three were the three strongest fighters on Earth!

’’Luo Feng,’’ Thunder God wasn't joking like before, he said seriously, ’’This incident, after knowing about it from Big Brother, we were really afraid of humanity's destruction! Thanks.’’

’’Hm, we shall dispense with the ceremonies, and celebrate with wine.’’ Hong personally poured three glasses of wine, ’’Come!’’

All three lifted their glasses.


They downed their drinks.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Hong laughed, ’’Your previous actions of dealing with Atkin and those other scum, thank you. If you had left those people to run amok, who knows what else they would have done.’’

’’Especially my Thunder Dojo! Hmph, Sago Nehru wanted to take the Head position? Hmph, to be shameless enough to lay hands on the families of the heroes who sacrificed themselves for humanity, those kinds of people...really deserved death!’’ Thunder God couldn't help but scold, after learning of the news after waking up, he was really enraged.

Luo Feng laughed: ’’These are small matters, dealing with those black sheep immediately helped stabilize the countries and bring about peace.’’

’’Let them be used as examples.’’ Hong nodded.’’ The matters on Earth are but small, after Thunder God and I woke up, we discussed about it and came to a decision.’’

’’Decision?’’ Luo Feng looked suspiciously at Thunder God and Hong.

These two had been in a coma for two years, what decision did they make right after waking up?

’’Luo Feng,’’ Thunder God said seriously, ’’Hong and I both acquired information and history from the ancient ruins and can even make translation software. You should be able to see that we both know a lot about the universe! In the vast universe, there exist so many, too many strong planets and systems, our milky way is also a part of the Silverblue Empire!’’

’’Also, for planets like ours without a master, the moment we are discovered, that would be a nightmare!’’ Thunder God's expression grew serious.

Hong nodded: ’’Right, a nightmare! If we are lucky, our Earth may become the territory of a powerful fighter. However, the bigger possibility would be...all of the humans on Earth may become slaves and get sold off, and after, the entire planet may be sold to yet another powerful being.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Regarding this matter, Luo Feng was very clear. Status and position in the universe were differentiated, slavery and other existences, etc. In short, there were countless human races and clans in the universe, everything was based on competition, based on filtering out the strongest! These strongest could attain high status, high ranks and salaries, while the weak would be subjected to pitiful lives.

’’The Swallowing Beast may have been powerful, but since it was alone, we could defend against it.’’ Hong's expression was extremely serious, ’’However, the great powers from the universe can easily deploy an interstellar fleet, we wouldn't even have the power to resist.’’

Thunder God nodded: ’’The only thing we can do is...make ourselves stronger! Only that way can we protect our home!’’

Luo Feng's heart was very heavy.

He knew even more than Hong and Thunder God. In the universe, the fates of several aboriginal planets were extremely tragic! These things had become the norm. In the universe...occasionally these aboriginal planets may have a powerful fighter, able to fight for his planet, protecting his planet's races and home!

’’Luo Feng, I'm sure you don't want to see Earth meet such a fate do you.’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng.

’’Do you even have to ask?’’ Luo Feng replied.

’’That's why, Luo Feng, come and train with us in the future. On Earth, not to brag, only me and Hong are geniuses in terms of fighter capabilities. As for a genius in spirit reader capabilities, that's of course you, Luo Feng!’’ Thunder God looked at Luo Feng, ’’The three of us are the strongest in the world, we must be united.’’

Hong also looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng laughed, nodding!



The three laughed together.

The heroes from before all said, the higher one climbed, the lonelier it got! After being invincible, there would be no other comparable warriors, one naturally grew lonely. Just like before when Hong and Thunder God were in their coma, Luo Feng was the invincible being on Earth. Truthfully...during that time, Luo Feng did feel a sense of loneliness.

And for both of them to awaken, Luo Feng was sincerely happy.

Finally he had some companions for the future!

’’Luo Feng, from today, you'll be the third brother!’’ Hong said happily.

’’Little three, little three.’’ Thunder God laughed weirdly, ’’The emperor is tired, return to the palace we shall.’’

’’Little two, hurry up and pour the wine, your master will spare you some change.’’ Luo Feng joined in on the banter as he looked at Thunder God.


The path of training will be very difficult. We will improve much faster when we help and spar with each other.’’ Hong said.

Thunder God nodded.

’’Their comprehension levels are very high, but Earth's human genetics are really just average.’’ Babata shouted, ’’Also, they have no teacher! They are purely just like the blind leading the blind! Without a teacher, without the proper genetics...all they have is comprehension. I can bet! The two of them will take 10 to 20 years to maybe just reach the Star Traveller level 9! However, for the star traveller level 9 to breakthrough to the Star level 1, that's hard, very hard, very very hard! The minimum would be at least 50 to 60 years.’’

’’Luo Feng, your internal world is already at the Star level 3, that's why, your human body can continuously evolve, even though it is limited to your Earth human body's limitations and slowed down. But it's still much faster than them.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng's thoughts moved: ’’Babata, doesn't our Yun Mo Planet have techniques and skills for fighters? Pass it on to Hong and Thunder God.’’

Without a teacher, even with natural talent and genius, the path would still be extremely difficult!

As fellow Earth humans, fellow warriors, the three strongest in the world, Luo Feng hoped for Hong and Thunder God to be able to keep up with his growth.

’’How is that possible, those are secrets from the Yun Mo Planet!’’ Babata denied it, ’’divulging the secrets is punishable by death.’’

’’Our Yun Mo Planet mostly looks for spirit readers.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’Even the teacher was a spirit reader, the secret techniques he created, like <Soul Seal><Six Blades><Tower of the Void>are all for spirit readers. Those fighter secret techniques, are probably just things the teacher collected from others.’’

’’Well...but they were still painstakingly collected by your teacher.’’ Babata said, ’’No divulging, those who are not disciples of Yun Mo are not allowed access to them.’’

Luo Feng's thoughts continued to bounce back and forth with Babata.

However, Babata just stubbornly refused...Luo Feng finally realized, the moment a living AI insists on one thing, there was no way to coax it.

’’How about this, accept Hong and Thunder God as Yun Mo disciples, how about that?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Huh?’’ Babata looked wide eyed, nodding, ’’That's possible.’’


Luo Feng was stunned, ’’That was too simple.’’

’’Accept them as disciples. Luo Feng, hurry up and do it. These are definitely the best potential disciples! Star travellers who have their own domains! Back then I even shed a tear for them when I thought they had fallen, luckily they've awoken. This kind of genius, two geniuses, people would fight over them all over the universe.’’ Babata said, even though the master of Yun Mo Planet was a spirit reader.

However one big power, couldn't be totally made of spirit readers. Just the undying beings and underlings of the Yun Mo Planet master were mostly made of undying fighters!

In the room.

’’What has made you so serious?’’ Thunder God looked wide eyed at Luo Feng, Hong too listened intently.

’’It's this way, I once inherited a set of secret techniques, among them were spirit reader training methods, and also fighter training methods.’’ Luo Feng said seriously, beside him, Hong and Thunder God immediately burst out in excitement, Luo Feng continued, ’’However, the sect I'm in inhibits external divulging of techniques, and I cannot oppose it. That's why, I would like to ask, if you two would be willing to join my sect and train?

’’What organization is it?’’ Hong asked, ’’What are the conditions?’’

’’What sect?’’ Thunder God too asked, ’’What kind of rules are there?’’

’’Right now, there's only me left in the sect.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Damn!’’ Thunder God looked wide eyed, ’’Why didn't you say earlier that there's only you left in. I originally thought joining the sect would make us underlings, cannon fodder! A sect with just you in it, we'd definitely join!’’

’’Right, join.’’ Hong too laughed, ’’Right, what sect is it?’’

’’This sect is called Yun Mo Planet.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’In the future when we leave, don't tell others we are from the Yun Mo Planet sect, afterall, the entire sect was destroyed by an enemy. That's why, revealing the name would be suicide.’’

Thunder God and Hong looked at each other.

The entire sect was destroyed?

That was a good thing!

’’That's a good thing.’’ Thunder God laughed as he commended, ’’This means we have no restrictions.’’

Hong too smiled.

’’Bastards, these two bastards. To not respect the master, they deserved to be punished!’’ Within the virtual space, Babata raged helplessly.


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