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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 14


Volume 08 Chapter 14 - Luo Feng's Assets

After sweeping through the entire underground iron city, Luo Feng flew out through the entrance.

’’Luo Feng, wait a minute.’’ Babata shouted.

’’Why, Babata?’’ Luo Feng was curious, ’’Does the iron city still hold more treasures?’’

’’Stupid! The entire iron city is valuable, not the black iron essence or even the black iron spirits! But...almost the entire city is made from black iron!’’ Babata couldn't help but say.

Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Luo Feng, haven't you realized that right now you are extremely poor?’’ Babata smiled evilly.

’’Very poor?’’

’’Do you have any money? I'm talking about the currency that will allow you to function in the universe, not the money of Earth. Do you have any?’’ Babata asked.

Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

On Earth, money had no meaning for him, however in the vast universe, he was indeed extremely poor. First, he had zero money on hand, second, he had zero money in his universe bank account.

’’Your teacher has indeed prepared three back accounts for you, but that's for when you actually reach the star level, the universe level, and the sector lord level. Only then can you access these accounts.’’ Babata said, ’’Before his demise, he made these three accounts through the universe virtual network He also requested that you to personally retrieve them with your own power.’’

’’While your golden horned beast's body has reached the star level, however, would you take your golden horned beast's body to the bank?’’ Babata asked.

Only after reaching the star level would he be able to accept the first bank account's treasures!

However, he didn't dare show his golden horned beast's body around and his human body wasn't at a sufficient level yet!

’’That's why, Luo Feng, your current amount of cash is zero, so the bank accounts are as good as nothing.’’

’’You do have many treasures, the Yun Mo Planet ship alone is a priceless treasure! The black dragon ship too is extremely valuable! However, if you take out the Yun Mo Planet ship now, there'd be no question, even the sector lords will come and fight for it, even the undying fighters will come snatch it! It would be suicide! And the black dragon ship, you need for yourself.

’’The cloud contact vine, already recognized it's owner.’’

The soaring shuttle or the arc cutter blade, you require for yourself.’’

’’The only things that you can sell are, the liquid silver guards and the Mu Ya crystals, power crystals in my possession.’’ Babata said. ’’And the Mu Ya crystals, the cloud contact vine requires to grow! The power crystals? The black dragon ship too requires energy maintenance. In the future, we'll frequently use the black dragon ship and my storage of energy may not even be enough, we'd still need to buy more next time!’’

Luo Feng was dumbfounded.

He was a disciple of the Yun Mo Planet, and yet, he was completely broke! Treasures? Black dragon ship, spirit reader weapons, Mu Ya crystals, and energy crystals were all necessities.

’’So right now Luo Feng, before your human body reaches the star level, you are very poor.’’ Babata said helplessly.

’’Don't we have the ship remains?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’Those are remains, deemed as rubbish, even smelting them again would be too troublesome.’’ Babata said, ’’How much can they sell for? One Mu Ya crystal alone would be able to exchange for countless remains.’’

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

He who gave no thought to far-flung problems soon found suffering nearby. Luo Feng was very clear that he would venture into the universe in the future. However the metal required for <Deity of the World's>training could only be bought. If he searched for them by himself in the universe, how long would he have to search for? In the vast universe, even the undying beings recognize the worth of money.

Of course, it was the universe's currency! Not just like Earth's currency which was limited to just one planet.

How would he function without any money?

Without money, he wouldn't even be able to open a universe virtual network account.

’’Luo Feng, I'll strike a deal with you!’’ Babata said, ’’The energy crystals I have in my storage, if you frequently use the black dragon ship, they'll be depleted in about 10 years.’’

’’The Mu Ya crystals, are enough to let you reach the star level 1 along with the cloud contact vine reaching star level 5 or 6. Babata said, ’’Nothing else. I'll let you decide how to deal with the energy crystals and the Mu Ya crystals.’’

Luo Feng began to consider carefully!

His wealth was separated into three levels.

The highest level: The Yun Mo Planet ship, the undying corpses etc, were sources of extreme wealth! It was pity the moment he took out these treasures, it would be akin to suicide!

The second level: the three bank accounts left behind by his teacher, he required power to retrieve money from them.

The third level: the items he was currently using: the black dragon ship, soaring shuttle, arc cutter blade, liquid silver guards...and the Mu Ya crystals and energy crystals with Babata.

’’I can't bear to, can't bear to at all.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’That's why, your largest source of money, has to be this black iron!’’ Babata shouted excitedly, ’’These are all black iron materials! Not those worthless remains! The ship remains are the most useless in pricing, but these original materials can be used to build tools, weapons, etc, they are still quite valuable.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Just like Earth's iron mining and their worth, in the universe, while the number of places to actually acquire and dig out these metals are plenty, there were still costs for these things!

’’Black iron, is an A8 grade metal and priced cheaply. However with such a quantity.’’ Babata shouted, ’’Back then they specially used an interstellar fleet to transport millions of miners here to dig,’’

’’Looks like this is my first monetary reward.’’ Luo Feng looked at the iron city, his gaze burning.

’’You are in charge of breaking it down, I'll be in charge of storing!’’ Babata shouted.

’’No problem!’’



A rumbling noise rang out from the iron city, under the combination of Luo Feng's dismantling and Babata's storing, the efficiency was extremely high. With an area of about 10km, large chunks of black iron material were being stored in Babata's storage space, some black iron that were aggregated to pillars were also kept.

After roughly eight hours, the entire iron city had vanished, all that was left were some degraded remains.

’’Luo Feng, other than those remains, we'll have collected a total of 92.8 hundred million tons of black iron material.’’ Babata said excitedly, ’’Haha, just with these, Luo Feng, you have your first source of capital.’’

Luo Feng flew out from underground.

From high above, he surveyed Mars' surface.

’’It's a pity, there are still many veins of ore underground, but extracting them would be too difficult.’’ Babata said helplessly, ’’even with strength, one person cannot possibly extract all of the ores. Unless it's those kinds of pure metal ores.’’

’’Don't be too greedy.’’ Luo Feng was very clear.

This place, was the hard work of over three million miners along with their machinery.

Earth, China, Jiang Nan headquarter city Yang Zhou city.

In the evening, the red burning sun was slowly setting in the west. A huge black disc-shaped ship was in the air thousands of meters above Yang Zhou. However, none of the countries in the world had noticed this ship. The cabin door opened, a youth wearing simple casual clothing leapt out.

The ship suddenly vanished.

The youth rushed downwards.

’’I'm back! How mystical, going to Mars in the morning and returning to Earth in the evening.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but praise out, ’’Also striking quite a sum of money!’’

Over three million miners' hard labor of digging.

This 92.8 hundred million tons of black iron, was even more valuable than the two tons of black iron essence. After all, the quantity was much more!

’’Dad, daddy!’’

In the courtyard, two running little children, one of them shouting excitedly. The other also raised his head.

Indeed, their father Luo Feng was flying down from the sky.

’’Ping Ping, Little Hai, come, give me a kiss.’’ Luo Feng knelt down and hugged his two sons, smiling.

’’Du, du...’’

A car's horn sounded.

Luo Feng turned to see, Xu Xin was driving her car into the garage, purposely pressing the horn, causing the two children to shout, ’’Mom, mommy.’’

’’Dinner will be ready soon, Little Feng, you and Xu Xin have arrived at a good time. What a coincidence.’’ Gong Xin Lan laughed as she said.


Luo Feng led a very comfortable life.

The golden horned beast was deep within the internal world, engaged in the <Absolute Space>training, the internal world was receiving and absorbing close to 100 tons of black iron spirits everyday.

Two birds with one stone, to Luo Feng, dividing his attention like this was extremely simple!

Just like an undying being, a soul's functions and operation speed was no weaker than a living AI, every second it was capable of operating on billions of things! Luo Feng's soul was already at the star level 3, if he divided his attention and controlled multiple things, he could control up to several hundred or thousand items to orbit individually with ease.

Even if he gave every one of them full power, with the consciousness of a star level 3, he could control up to 32 threads of spiritual force!

This meant to say, Luo Feng could do up to thirty two things at a time! Every one of them with maximum results!



Thirty two!

Back when Luo Feng was at the star traveller 3, his consciousness could control up to nineteen threads of spiritual force! And right now at the star level 3 consciousness, he could do thirty two threads of spiritual force!

Luo Feng frequently sat on the ship leaving Earth, visiting the other planets in the solar system.

No one detected it, after all Luo Feng returned too quickly. Even the furthest planet in the solar system, using the black dragon ship, took a total of the most 2 days to go and return.


Earth was in a state of peace.


Hong Ning headquarter city.

Year 2062, Spring, in the Dojo of Limits headquarters...within the enormous ship, in one particular spacious room with two separate beds there were large amounts of apparatus beside them, all used to maintain the lives of two powerful warriors.

On the left lay Thunder God clad in a white robe, on the right lay Hong clad in black.


Outside the room, two people were staring in through the glass window, their eyes filled with sadness and pain.

’’Ice Mountain, when will the Head awaken?’’ Allure couldn't help but ask softly.

’’No idea. But I'll wait, I'll continue to wait on.’’ The ice cold man beside said.

’’Okay.’’ Allure gently nodded.

Suddenly, ’’di...di...di...’’ an ear piercing warning sound rang from outside.


A group of doctors suddenly rushed in from outside, the two royal guards Allure and Ice Mountain witnessed this scene with their eyes opened wide. The ward door immediately opened, two doctors went in, the rest were stuck outside.

’’The mental capacity detector has detected some brain waves.’’ An old white haired doctor shouted excitedly.

’’Both Heads' have brainwaves, also, they are increasing in strength!’’ Another doctor shouted excitedly.

The brainwaves displayed on the apparatus.

Both Heads' brainwaves began to fluctuate, almost as though the two were in contest with each other, one stronger than the other. Both were becoming stronger!

Suddenly, the black clothed Hong's eyelids fluttered, and after, he slowly opened his eyes.


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