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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 13


Volume 08 Chapter 13 - Plunder

Mars, Underground Iron city.

’’This underground iron city is pretty huge.’’ Luo Feng, clad in his blood red armor, used his spirit energy to sweep his surroundings, beginning his search in the ancient underground city.

’’Luo Feng, head to the warehouse!’’ Babata said, ’’the black iron dug out by the miners back then should all be safely stored in an important warehouse.’’


Luo Feng's spirit energy expanded to a 6000m area, spreading over several pathways, constructs etc within the underground city. There were words all over these places! The words were in the universe language. With these wordings, within an instant, Luo Feng easily found the most important place in that iron city...the black iron ore and material warehouse!

When Luo Feng descended upon the large warehouse, he couldn't help but get shocked and cursed quietly as a result.

This was going to be troublesome!

The warehouse in front of him had huge amounts of black iron, almost like a little mountain. It wasn't just the internal part of the warehouse that was packed full, even the outside courtyard was littered in black iron.

’’Haha, back when the miners were trapped on Mars, even with large amounts of black iron they had no way to transport them out. The black iron thus became the least valuable of everything. The entire iron city is made from black iron, of course they would just casually dump it here.’’ Babata said, ’’Luo Feng, search carefully, see if you can find any black iron spirits!’’

Luo Feng looked at the little mountain in front of him and felt helpless.

Using force to rush in?

How would that work? The A8 grade black iron, just its sturdiness was difficult for a star traveller level 8 fighter to destroy. Luo Feng, using the soaring shuttle, would still find it difficult to break through! Breaking through earth and mud was extremely easy, but using his body to break through a little mountain of black iron? It was just like an ordinary person trying to break through the earth...extremely difficult!

’’Collect! Collect! Collect!’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved.

Hu! A large amount of black iron vanished, another pile vanished...

Using the storage space ring, Luo Feng swiftly collected a large amount of the black iron.

’’Babata, My storage ring isn't big enough, help me collect them’’ Luo Feng said, his own storage ring was only about 600m long, 500m wide, 100m tall. The space, was a little more than 30 million cubic meters, if he cramped everything in, it might still be possible.

However, Babata had his own storage space, why not make use of it!

’’Sly Luo Feng! No problem, I'll take care of it.’’ Babata said easily.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

He watched with his naked eyes as the mountain of black iron swiftly vanished pile after pile. Within an instant, the outside of the warehouse, including the huge courtyard, which was littered with a little mountain of black iron, was cleared with everything being stored into Babata's storage space.

’’Hm, a total of 1.18 hundred million tons, too little, too little. It can barely build a small interstellar battleship.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng laughed, striding towards the warehouse.

With the black iron obstruction out of the way, the appearance of the warehouse was now visible. It was huge and rectangular, it's big doors shut tight.


Luo Feng stared at the huge thick black iron door, the hybrid copper essence shard became a beam of light and violently slammed into the door, slicing through to the inside.

’’It's really thick.’’ Luo Feng could clearly feel the big usage of spirit energy. The hybrid copper essence could easily slice through the black iron, but because of the thickness, he still needed to expend quite a bit of spirit energy.

Using half a minute, he finally managed to cut a hole big enough for a person to go through.

Within the warehouse.

The same old method was used, letting Babata store the huge amount of black iron into his storage space.

’’Hm, dark red color?’’ Luo Feng's attention was brought to the distant little pile of dark red metal, from his huge amount of inherited memories, scanning through the black iron data, he deducted that the metal in front of him iron spirit!

’’Finally found it!’’ Luo Feng was excited.

The golden horned beast's internal world, currently required swallowing B grade metals for its growth speed to increase!

’’Babata, check it out, how much black iron spirits are there?’’ Luo Feng walked up to the black iron spirits, shua! A liquid silver guard appeared out of thin air, it stared at the black iron spirits, its pupils glowing with light, it was obviously collecting information on the black iron spirits.

’’It's volume is about 35 cubic meters. About a total of 1200 tons.’’ Babata said.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng was about to commend him, ’’1200 tons? Right now the swallowing beast can swallow about 100 tons of B8 grade metal everyday, which means, this is enough for about 10 days?’’

Key information.

If the star level 3 golden horned beast were to swallow the grades of metal from earth, it could swallow up to a 100 million tons of metal! For example the bases, they exceeded 500m long and wide, these enormous iron bases, each one of them was about 10 million tons of metal. When it was at the star level 1, it required swallowing a few bases for it to be full.

Now at the star level 3, it's capacity has increased, requiring even more swallowing.

A8 grade metal, it required tens of thousands of tons a day. The B8 grade however, close to a hundred tons was about enough.

’’Too little, too little.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

After collecting all the other black iron from the warehouse, he still didn't find any more black iron spirit.

’’Babata, the black iron spirit here is so little?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’It's not little, it's the golden horned beast that swallows too much. 1200 tons too little?’’ Babata said, ’’Of the elite bloodlines among the space beasts, everyone of them is extremely powerful! The flame beast swallows stars, you, as a golden horned beast may not swallow stars, but your requirements are still extremely steep. When you reach the sector lord level, you'll be swallowing E grade metals, swallowing that much...even your teacher, the master of Yun Mo Planet, would go broke from feeding you!’’

Luo Feng forced a laugh.

That was right, as he grew, he required higher level metals. Unless Luo Feng was willing to grow at the slowest speed, that would save a lot of money.

However to grow fast, just buying the pure metals would require a large amount of money.

’’Let's continue searching, let's see if there's anymore black iron spirits in this iron city!’’


They plundered the huge area!

The entire city was made of black iron. However, the living quarters and some other places weren't. Over the long period of time, a lot of them had degraded.

Plundering over the huge area, Luo Feng would occasionally find small pieces of black iron spirits within the degraded living quarters, they were obviously kept by the miners. Each time, the portions would be small, but the amount and quantity added up, it actually added up to more than 1000 tons!

32 minutes later.


Luo Feng kicked in a basement door of a dirty and degraded mansion, the dust flew off the door, revealing the door's original color, dark red.

’’A black iron spirit door? If even the door is made from black iron spirit, what else would be in this basement?’’ Luo Feng was excited, ’’Collect!’’ immediately storing the heavy black iron door that was at least a few tons into his storage ring. After, he walked into the basement that had been deserted for more than a 100 000 years.

The basement was extremely huge.

’’My god!’’

Luo Feng stared, within the enormous basement, large amounts of degraded weapons were neatly organized! What took up the most space was the pile of densely packed dark red metal, in size alone, it far exceeded what Luo Feng had collected from the warehouse before! Also, in the center of the dark red metals, there was one piece of blood red metal!

’’Black iron spirits, so many black iron spirits! In the center, is that the black iron essence?’’ Luo Feng was stunned, ’’there's actually more stored here than in the warehouse?’’

Babata, hurry and calculate, just how much there is.’’ Luo Feng said.

Because of the effects from the pyramids, Babata could only use the liquid silver guards, through their eyes, gathering the data and calculating.

’’There's about 12300 tons of black iron spirits, the c8 grade black iron essence, is about 360kg.’’ Babata said.

’’It's much more than the warehouse.’’ Luo Feng was very shocked.

The warehouse's black iron spirits was about 1000 tons in total, there wasn't any black iron essence at all.

’’Luo Feng, I suggest heading over now to the underground iron city main monitoring office, connecting to the control AI system and checking up on the history of this place.’’ Babata said, ’’I suspect... this underground iron city, because of the miners being trapped for an extended amount of time, the internal political system may have changed. The black iron spirits and the places they are stored in may have changed too.’’

’’Alright.’’ Luo Feng agreed with what Babata said.

5 minutes later.

The black metal robot was working, directly linking into the iron city's main monitoring system, because it had the support of the energy towers, its monitoring systems were totally functional until the point Luo Feng cut off the power.

Very quickly, they hacked in.

’’I've found the data.’’

’’Back then, the master destroyed the interstellar fleet with one move. There were a total of about 3.2 million miners trapped here on Mars. Through the Universe network, they asked for assistance, even offering a reward for their rescue. However, after retreating underground and not receiving any assistance for a long time, the political system began to change!’’

’’Among the miners, the ratio of men to women was 20:1.’’

’’It's just like on earth when the warlords fought for control, these 3.2 million people began an internal conflict. Afterall resources were limited, women were limited, beautiful women were even more limited.’’

’’A few valuable black iron spirits, and the even more valuable black iron essence, were thus taken and stored by some powerful people in their own homes.’’

’’However, the resources on Mars were limited, collecting resources and creating food became increasingly difficult. This iron city, did not have the data required for building a universe ship, that's why they've always been researching building ships. Over a few thousand years, they finally painstakingly managed to build 3 small ships, sending some of their elites out from the planet to gather some hope for survival. Then, the remaining thousands of different races of people died in their sleep. This iron city has been maintained for over 3000 years, before it finally perished.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng sighed.

Over 3 million lives, constantly struggling. Mars had such a deficiency in resources and with no replenishment, there was no hope at all.

’’Luo Feng, let's go, I have the map to the leaders and those with power. Their houses are all here, let's go to all their 'nests' and check it out.’’ Babata said.

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

They searched a total of 12 houses, from among them there were 8 'nests' that were totally empty, they were obviously powers that were attacked and eventually failed.

The other 4 places, the rewards were all larger than the warehouse.


The entire underground iron city, Luo Feng totally cleaned out all of the black iron spirits and black iron essences.

In particular, the total amount of black iron spirits had reached about 33600 tons, the black iron essence had reached about 2.34 tons.

’’Over 30 thousand tons of black iron spirits, it's just about enough for 1 year of swallowing.’’ Luo Feng stood at the iron city entrance, looking back on the black city, his mind was somewhat troubled. To make the golden horned beast grow faster, the price was extremely huge. ’’When it reached the universe level, a universe level golden horned beast, its swallowing power would be even crazier. These black iron essence wouldn't even be enough for 1 day's worth of swallowing by then!’’


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