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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 11


Volume 08 Chapter 11 - Arrival on Mars

With such an explanation, Luo Feng was more than anxious to go.

That night, Luo Feng informed his family.

Year 2061, December 3rd, Morning.

After the family had breakfast together, Xu Xin drove to her office, Luo Feng informed his family: ’’Dad, mum, I won't be here until the afternoon, I'll be back at night for dinner. Ping Ping, Little Hai, listen to your grandparents at home...’’ He bent down to kiss his two sons goodbye, leaving the house. His body became a blur within the yard before vanishing altogether.

High in the sky.

Luo Feng flew swiftly in the air, past the clouds, continuously heading higher, the sun above the clouds was getting increasingly glaring.

Within one breath, he flew to 8000m above sea level, floating in mid air.

’’Babata, get the Black Dragon ship out. Right, first initiate the cloaking, don't get detected by the satellites.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts spoke.

’’Relax, the number one ship in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, if it was detected by Earth... that's what I'd call a big joke!’’ Babata said, at the same time, beside Luo Feng up high in the sky, a huge black disc shaped ship appeared, its diameter was 100m, on it's wing, a huge dragon was imprinted.

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

While a diameter of 100m didn't seem too big, up close, it was still shocking. In comparison, it was even bigger than some high school soccer fields.


The cabin door automatically opened, Luo Feng flew into the laser pathway, then the inner gate also opened.

Within the control room of the Black Dragon ship.

’’Luo Feng, demon Babata is at your service!’’ A crisp clear voice sounded, resounding throughout the control room, and on the screen above the control board, an image of Babata's head appeared.

Luo Feng let out a laugh: ’’Let's depart!’’

’’Alright.’’ Babata laughed.


A very soft humming sound, within the ship, even for someone of Luo Feng's level, one could only barely feel a slight vibration. This was definitely much much more comfortable than the normal cars of Earth.

’’Do I need to activate the scenic simulator?’’ Babata asked, ’’it can simulate from 10% to 100%, no problem.’’

’’Scenic simulator?’’ Luo Feng was startled.

’’As the ship's body is entirely made from thick metal, one cannot look out normally with eyes to see the outside, that is why we require the scenic simulator. It's similar to your Earth's 3D projectors, however, it's much more detailed and powerful than that.’’ Babata explained.

’’Activate, 100%.’’ Luo Feng said directly.


The entire control room's control board, chairs and floor totally vanished.

The surroundings became that of the hazy ozone layer.

’’The Black Dragon ship is currently flying within the ozone layer, it'll quickly, totally leave Earth. It has left!’’ Babata's voice resounded throughout the surroundings, with one glance, Luo Feng could see the endless space, the vast space.

Luo Feng turned to look behind him.

A large sky blue planet appeared in his sight.

’’Earth!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but hold his breath.

It was extremely, extremely beautiful!

Even though this scene could be seen all over the internet or television, when one personally sat on a ship leaving the Earth and saw this scene, that tremendous and moving scene...permeated all the way to one's soul.

The sky blue planet was getting smaller and smaller!

The Black Dragon ship and the sky blue planet were slowly getting further away from each other.

’’Earth, the Sun.’’ Luo Feng's gaze drifted behind Earth. Far away, there was a star that seemed to be on fire, the Sun.

’’The ship has already reached 100,000 km per second, it's currently stabilizing its speed, heading towards Mars.’’ Babata's voice sounded.

Luo Feng turned around again, looking in the other direction.

’’It's just like a dream!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to exclaim.

’’Oh, Babata, over there.’’ Luo Feng pointed to the left, far in the distance, a huge gaseous body covered in ice blocks was floating, the Black Dragon ship easily flew past it.

’’That's what you earthlings call a comet.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings.

In the mysterious and endless space, in the distance, once in awhile a planet would appear, even several small asteroids, star dust etc.

’’It's too beautiful.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

’’It is indeed very beautiful, however after seeing enough of it, you too would find it dull and uninteresting.’’ Babata said.

’’10% simulation.’’ Luo Feng said.


The surrounding stars suddenly became weak and translucent, as though there was a layer covering them, however, one could still see Earth behind, the Sun, just that they were much weaker than before. And the floor, chairs, control board, lights etc that were in the room all reappeared.

’’This 100% simulation, is like one is totally in space, if I didn't use my spirit energy to check, didn't use my hands to feel, didn't sit on the chair and floated, it would be just like the control room didn't exist.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but compliment it, 100% simulation was absolutely stunning.

’’Of course it's good, the 100% simulation, this is something only the B grade ships or higher have!’’ Babata said, ’’If it's a low level A grade ship, being able to simulate 50% would be extremely good already. Unless one personally installs a good scenic simulator, but that would be a very extravagant luxury to spend on.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask, ’’What's with the grading of the ships?’’

Even with the inherited memories, the Golden Horned Beast's inherited memories didn't have anything to do with the humans and their ship grades.

’’A grade, can deal with Star Travellers.’’

’’B grade, can deal with Star levels. C grade, can deal with Universe levels...E grade, can deal with Sector Lords, F grade, can deal with Undying beings.’’

’’A lot of items are sorted this way by their levels.’’

’’Just like the laser cannon from before, it was a B6 grade laser cannon. Just like the mother ship we discovered in number 12 archeological ruin, it was a B grade mother ship. Also, this Black Dragon Mountain x81 ship, is a C5 grade ship. Because it's a C5 grade ship, Universe level warriors would have to expend a lot of energy to destroy it.’’

’’Also, talking about crystals, power crystals are the same, sorted into A grade, B grade, C grade...the higher the grade of power crystal, the rarer and more expensive.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

It was a very simple system, one could understand it from one look. It was very clear, the laser cannon, the power crystals, the ships, they all belonged to which level.

’’Babata, what about the list of required metals that I gave you, are those sorted too?’’ Luo Feng said when he realized.


’’The metal list that Golden Horned Beast requires, can be clearly sorted into five grades. A grade metal, suitable for the Star Traveller level Golden Horned Beast, B grade, for the Star level...E grade, for the Sector Lord Golden Horned Beast.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng nodded.

The Golden Horned Beast's growth, was based on the growth of its internal world, and for its internal world to grow, it required swallowing metal!

Swallowing metal, was sorted into three main components.

First, swallowing some alloys, ship remains etc, or even low-level pure metal ores, their efficiency was the lowest. This was also the slowest method of evolution for the Golden Horned Beast, from the Star level to the Universe level required 100 years.

Second, swallowing special pure metal ores! For example, right now Luo Feng was a Star level 3 Golden Horned Beast, hence he could go swallow B grade metals with almost 100% purity! If Luo Feng reached the Universe level, he would require swallowing C grade metals. This method could double his evolution speed!

From the Star level 1 to the Universe level 1, fifty years would be enough. The only price was the large amounts of appropriate metal ores!

Third, metal groupings;just like how humans ate different types of dishes to ingest different vitamins and nutrients, that was the same logic! Swallowing a mixture of different metals may just create miracles for the internal world's growth! The evolution speed could be doubled or even sped up to ten times or more.

For a Star level Golden Horned Beast, the most optimum metal grouping... was 325 B grade 100% purity metal ores! Also, these 325 pure metal ores, must be precise in their portions.

That way, with just one swallow!

The evolution multiplier would be raised to 89 times!

’’Right now on Earth, there was nothing but normal or crude metal, even what you all call gold is nothing but an A3 grade metal! Even what you all discovered on the moon, that blue gold metal, is but a A6 grade metal.’’ Babata said, ’’there are no B grade metals at all.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

This was also the reason for the Golden Horned Beast's swallowing of bases, when it first reached the Star level 1, it couldn't find any B grade metals, so it randomly ate some normal metal.

Ship remains and metals, these categories of metals had the lowest efficiency, it was no different from eating normal metals, maybe just the volume was a little smaller.

’’The Golden Horned Beast's evolution, relying on the metal groupings, was the fastest way. However, even with normal metals, one could still train. However, the <Deity of the World>...’’ Luo Feng was extremely helpless, of the two secret techniques of the Golden Horned Beast he had picked to train...<Deity of the World>and <Absolute Space>, the <Absolute Space>relied on large amounts of training and comprehension.

But the <Deity of the World's>requirements were much more demanding.

<Deity of the World>, allowed the Golden Horned Beast's physical form to enlarge or shrink! That's why, its training required the consumption of several metal groupings. After eating them, by relying on the complex groupings, they would be absorbed by the body and therefore change the Golden Horned Beast's body structure and genetics. As a result, it can control its overall body size!

It could be said...

The main component for the training of <Deity of the World>relied on the consumption of metal groupings, and it's direct swallowing straight into the stomach. Not swallowing into the internal world.

The many complex groupings for <Deity of the World>, was even harder, more complex than the groupings for the evolution of the Golden Horned Beast!


’’Luo Feng, we've almost reached Mars, the ship will begin to decrease its speed.’’ Babata's voice sounded.

Luo Feng looked over.

The scenic simulation was at 10%, which allowed Luo Feng to see in the distance a red planet! It was red with a sense of tangerine yellow, appearance wise, it didn't look better than Earth.


The ship swiftly pierced through into Mars' atmosphere, obviously Mars' ozone was much thinner than Earth's.

’’Babata, get ready to open the cabin door.’’

Luo Feng immediately ran out from the ship's middle level cabin, while running, the cloud contact vine armor began to extend, quickly covering his entire body, even up to his head, revealing only his eyes.

The black disc-shaped ship slowly descended, while descending, the cabin door opened.


A human silhouette flew out, his entire body covered in a red armor, a pair of cold eyes surveyed below.

’’Hm? The gravity on Mars is really low.’’ Luo Feng could feel immediately the difference between Earth's and Mars' gravity pull, he immediately adjusted the magnetic field within his body generated from his miniature planets to suit the gravity pull of Mars.

’’This is...’’

Surveying below him, Luo Feng could immediately see in the vast sand dunes and plains, standing tall far away, what seemed like a degraded enormous building...pyramid! One pyramid, two, three...


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