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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 10


Volume 08 Chapter 10 - Near Light Speed

All the media people in the plaza, including the large number of normal citizens couldn't help but stare wide eyed at the human silhouette descending from above.

Right, they weren't mistaken!

It was him! The man that was repeatedly shown on the television!

’’It's Luo Feng.’’ Thousands of voices resounded.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’It's Luo Feng.’’ ’’Luo Feng! Luo Feng!’’

The entire plaza had erupted.

My god!

Luo Feng of the eight heroes, the man who transcended his generation, gathering countless of worshippers, the genius of his age was still alive! At this time, who knew how many citizens were getting extremely emotional, the various countries elites and leaders were all startled, a few greedy families, power hungry individuals too were in a frenzy. For a powerful warrior like Luo Feng, there was no need for an army, just one person alone would be invincible!

Back then, Hong and Thunder God were ranked above the countries.

After the loss of the eight heroes, the positions of the five countries rose by quite a bit. Even though Atkin's power was larger, his authority still wasn't like Hong or Thunder God, that undeniable unshakable absolute power.

’’Big brother!’’

Luo Hua was extremely emotional.


’’Little Feng, little Feng.’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan were watching the silhouette as he appeared on the screen, tears rolling down their faces, overjoyed.


In front of an office desk.

Xu Xin was watching the live broadcast from her computer, that silhouette that she had only dreamt about holding on to, appeared on screen, she couldn't help but get excited, rubbing the steel ring, extremely elated.

At this time, Xu Xin felt as though she had ascended to heaven.

The entire world's citizens were in an uproar, and within the Washington headquarter city's plaza, the HR Alliance Chairman Atkin was extremely excited: ’’Mr Luo Feng, when I found out about you being alive, I was extremely excited, I couldn't wait to let the rest of the world hear the news. that I've seen you with my own eyes, I'm truly, emotional.’’

’’I Atkin, hate myself for not having done anything during the Swallowing Beast incident!’’

’’And right now, even though that incident has passed, the threat of the sea creatures still remain. And Hong and Thunder God aren't around, without a leader, the entire world's warriors are just like scattered sand. Now that Mr Luo Feng has returned, this is great. I hope Mr Luo Feng can lead us and continue to protect humanity against the sea creatures.’’

’’I am willing to follow Mr Luo Feng into battle, to fight for humanity!’’

Atkin looked earnestly at Luo Feng, his voice going through the microphone, resounding throughout the plaza, throughout every television screen, every computer screen.

Luo Feng looked at Atkin.

He secretly laughed coldly, this Atkin, if he thought about escaping, with Babata's tracing through the satellites and his own speed, there was nowhere for him to run at all. And now, he actually created such a scene...obviously he wanted the billions of people on earth to witness and know, how much he respected and worshipped Luo Feng.

Saying he wanted to follow Luo Feng and fight for humanity!

’’Mr Luo Feng.’’ Atkin controlled the energy around, cutting off the surrounding sound from the outside of his barrier, his face filled with regret and embarrassment, ’’I admit, in my greed before I've made a mistake. However, I plead for Mr Luo Feng to give me a chance. The Mu Ya Crystals, spirits of nature that Sago Nehru took from you family, I will return. I only hope, you give me one more chance. Now that you've returned, even if given the opportunity, I would never dare to do such a thing again.’’

Atkin's posture was lowered.

However, deep within, he thought: ’’The only escape route is to fight desperately in the face of death! With the entire world witnessing, hundreds of millions of people watching, with the media reporting, Luo Feng's image is undeniably brilliant, perfect! The people's hero! And I am showing so much respect, worshipping him, how can he do anything to me?’’

’’If he attacks me, that would destroy his perfect image.’’

’’Attacking me, will raise countless people's suspicion towards him.’’

’’Atkin.’’ Luo Feng spoke.

’’Mr Luo Feng.’’ Atkin bowed, displaying high respect, even his gaze towards Luo Feng seemed to be filled with respect and worship!


A knife blade became a beam of light, in the short distance, it cut into Atkin's forehead, even the black skin that appeared...the black god set was instantly sliced through, straight into his brain, his consciousness and spirit destroyed, the knife blade returning swiftly through the same route through the wound.

The speed was extremely fast, so fast nobody on scene could see it clearly.

’’Eh...’’ Atkin opened his eyes wide, as though he couldn't believe Luo Feng would kill him in such a situation.


His entire body collapsed on the floor, blood trickling out from the wound on his forehead.

’’He was killed!’’

’’He's dead!’’

Chaos erupted in the plaza, the entire world's televisions and internet broadcasts had captured everything, the countless citizens all over were shocked, the broadcasts rewinded the footage and slowed down the scene, most televisions had a limit to how much they could slow it down...100 times, they could barely make out the shadow of the blade piercing through Gold Arthur's head and swiftly returning.

’’Mr Luo Feng, you, why did you kill Chairman Atkin!’’ The reporters said after having quickly confirmed the murderer after watching the slowed down video.

’’Mr Luo Feng!’’

’’Is it Mr Luo Feng?’’

’’How can this be?’’

’’If it's not Mr Luo Feng, who else could so easily kill chairman Atki?’’

The plaza was in a mess.

’’Mr Luo Feng, explain why you killed him!’’ A blonde female reporter didn't seemed to believe that the hero she worshipped was capable of such an act.

Luo Feng's cold gaze surveyed his surrounding.

His formless spirit aura placed pressure on everybody, causing everyone to go silent.

’’He.’’ Luo Feng gazed down upon Atkin's body, ’’is scum, and deserved to die!’’


He flew into the sky, swiftly vanishing from the broadcast.

The group of reporters were left dumbfounded, before jumping to their sense.

’’Viewers and friends in front of your televisions, Mr Luo Feng suddenly killed the HR Alliance's Chairman Atkin, after which, he only said, ’’He is scum, and he deserved to die’’, there was no detailed explanation. As to the specifics of the situation, this station will investigate and report!’’ a blonde pretty lady said towards the camera.

’’Oh, my god! It's real, you are not mistaken, Mr Luo Feng just killed Atkin. He only said 'scum, he deserved to die.' While Mr Luo Feng's actions were violent, however, I, Black Jack, am an undying loyal supporter of Mr Luo Feng, I believe, Atkin must have done some very despicable acts. The details are still a big secret but I Black Jack will definitely get it out for everybody.’’


Ever since Luo Feng disappeared from the screen, the various television stations or websites all began to debate about the details of the incident!

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle and flew high in the sky.

Surveying the endless ocean, a rare smile appeared on his face.

’’You still have the mood to smile? Luo Feng, you just killed Atkin, that has destroyed your perfect image. You must know, as a hero, a man known as an unsurpassed genius, among the humans on earth, 100% of all the discussions on the internet were all in favour of you, they worshipped you. Your image was of absolute perfection. Right now, that's all gone. What a pity.’’ Babata said.

’’Perfect? I was never perfect.’’

Luo Feng gave an indifferent smile, ’’And I've never thought of being a perfect person, whoever deserves to die, I'll kill him!’’

Babata couldn't help but think: ’’Hm, this Luo Feng repossession has definitely been influenced by the Golden Horned Beast, his brutality and killing intent is much greater than before! However...Hehe, I like it.’’


The hot blistering sun of June, had no effect or way of diminishing man's passion.

Yang Zhou City, Ming Yue district, many citizens had gathered here, their heads all raised as they waited ...waiting for Luo Feng's appearance! Even the communities of Ming Yue were all excited and awaiting Luo Feng's return.

Maybe in other countries, there were people who were suspicious about Luo Feng's murder of Atkin.

However, as the pride of China, Luo Feng was undeniably and upright, almost everybody stood on his side!

’’Luo Feng!’’ A youth looking through binoculars shouted out.

Immediately, the countless citizens that had clogged up the district, even to the point where some were standing on cars, they all erupted in cheers.

A silhouette was swiftly flying over, landing in a grass patch in Ming Yue district. Luo Feng glanced over towards the district, smiling, before heading directly to his house. This smile caused countless of worshippers to cheer in complete excitement.


At his house door.

His father Luo Hong Guo, mother Gong Xin Lan, wife Xu Xin, Little brother Luo Hua were all present, including the now able to stand twin children.

Luo Feng walked over step by step.

His family's eyes were all wet and tearing.

’’Call out to your dad...’’ Xu Xin held the hands of the two children who looked extremely alike. The two of them looked over and opened their mouths: ’’Dad, daddy, daddy...’’

Luo Feng was so excited and emotional he cried.

Since Luo Feng's return in June, the violent undercurrents around the world suddenly halted, the greedy families didn't are make any moves! Thunder Dojo and the Dojo of Limits returned to their original activities, the entire world seemed, for an instant, to be extremely united, no one dared to disturb that peace.

This was Luo Feng's influence!

When Luo Feng returned home, he first went to pay his respects to the five good friends that sacrificed themselves... Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi and Solokov! Then, he went over to the Dojo of Limits headquarters, visiting Hong and Thunder God who were still in their comas.


Luo Feng organized a wedding with Xu Xin!

All was at peace, under the influence of Luo feng this super power, peace prevailed over the entire world.

Year 2061 Winter.

’’Good Ping Ping, come, eat another mouthful. Hm, good good!’’ Luo Feng carried a small bowl, going to feed his other son. ’’Little Hai, come, good, right, eat another mouthful. Don't be mischievous, your older brother has eaten three mouthfuls. You've only eaten one. Come.’’ Luo Feng looked lovingly at his son, coaxing him, feeding the children.

On the sofa beside him, Xu Xin was personally knitting a sweater, smiling as she looked over.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng.’’ Babata's voice resounded in his consciousness.

Luo Feng, carrying the bowl in his hand was startled: ’’What's up?’’

’’That black dragon ship, except for a few assisting functions aside, everything else is ready. Even though it still cannot travel through universes, but, it can at least reach sub light speed...100 000 km per second!’’ Babata said, ’’in my storage space now, I'm currently fixing the assisting functions systems, but the black dragon ship itself is ready for use.’’

’’Didn't you say, the metal gathered on earth was too little, there was no way to engage in the Golden Horned Beast's training? Especially the ’’Deity of the World’’, there was no way to train at all.’’

’’With the black dragon mountain ship, even though it hasn't exactly reached the speed of light, with one hour's time, it can reach Mars.’’

’’You can totally eat breakfast in the morning, head to Mars, return in the night and have dinner!’’ Babata said.


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