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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 9


Volume 07 Chapter 9 - A Year of Growth

Within the next few days, the HR Alliance swiftly delivered the ancient civilization spaceship remains over, a few unique broken pieces were sent about a 100km outside Yang Zhou city. They were all stored in a huge warehouse in the wilderness outside! Shortly after, Babata put all these materials into his own virtual storage space.

Luo Feng had the storage ring! However, Babata himself had his own storage space.

The storage space could only hold non-living items, bodies etc. Babata's storage space was obviously much bigger! He could even fit all the materials, including tools and actually begin to build a ship within the space!

AI, machinery, power source etc, these are all non-living, hence began the construction of the spaceship within the spatial storage!

’’Babata, just how big is your storage space?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’Before, you actually kept the Yun Mo Planet ship in it, my ring can't even store that ship! Now, you've actually stored the whole warehouse and begun building the ship! Just how much space is there?’’ Luo Feng was extremely curious of his private hoard.

’’Bigger than yours.’’ Babata was frank and direct.

’’How long would it take to finish building the ship?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Five or six years!’’ Babata said.

’’My god, five or six years? Aren't you an amazing AI, why would it take so long?’’

Babata was unsatisfied, ’’We are building a ship to travel in the universe! Not a spaceship model! Also, to build the ship requires many very specific tools, I don't even have the tools and I'm working under such conditions, building from scratch! On earth, how long would it take to build an aircraft carrier? The thing I'm building is tens of millions of times harder and more complicated, five or six years is considered very fast!’’

’’Alright, I'm in no rush.’’ Luo Feng didn't push it anymore.

’’Right, having my help to build it is a blessing. Otherwise, with earth's technology, be it a 100 years or 1,000 years, you'd only be able to just enter space. To travel the milky way would require 100 thousand light years! To travel interstellar, earth wouldn't be able to construct a ship like that in 1,000 years.’’ Babata was very proud.

Luo Feng's knowledge was limited in that sense, he definitely didn't know what went into building such a space ship for universal travel, just how many obstacles were involved in the building process!

This was a real spaceship, not a model.

Five or six years for it to be completed was already unbelievably fast.


As the pinnacle of all AIs, Babata was able to easily build a basic AI support to help build the ship. All these while watching over Luo Feng's training!

’’Don't get complacent, all star traveller's level 1 muscles and bones are able to withstand 1,000 times earth's gravity! It's only because of your internal organs being weaker, that's why you have to start at 100 times only. Using 28 days to get used to 1000 times normal gravity is nothing to be proud of!’’

Babata's roar resounded within Luo Feng's mind.

Within the gravity room.

With nothing on but his underpants, Luo Feng stood barefoot in the gravity room, his body riddled with sweat, with the occasional drip of sweat falling to the ground! The screen beside displayed the numbers, 1088g!

Exceeding more than 1,000 times normal gravity, the force worked on Luo Feng's entire body, every muscle and every cell. These 28 days of getting used to it maximized his strength and training as a star traveller warrior. Everytime he trained, he used a Mu Ya Crystal and this enabled his internal organs to improve at an extreme rate!

’’Alright, it's almost time. Absorb a Mu Ya crystal.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng immediately sat crossed legged, a crystal appeared his hand. Its fragrant smell naturally caused one to drool, under the gene's induction, energy began to permeate his body swiftly. The Mu Ya crystal's energy was different from genetic energy, the crystal's energy was extremely pure! Its nature was extremely higher!

Moreover, it was filled with vitality! Filled with spirituality!

Once it had permeated Luo Feng's body, his body began grow almost like a little plant that had been watered, evolving at an incredible speed!

At the same time!

His consciousness entered the virtual space. Under Babata's teachings, when a person's consciousness enters the space, the body still has its own unconscious mind, with special training, even when his consciousness entered the virtual space, his body unconsciously worked on one thing, absorbing the Mu Ya crystal!


’’Let's begin the fighter's training, martial arts first, begin!’’

Beginning his martial arts training within the virtual space, in that space, Luo Feng's body essence maintained his initial wargod level, just like back when he was in the training camp in the virtual space.


Five months later.


In his underwear, Luo Feng walked into the gravity room, closing it behind him.

’’Babata, let's work on Control today. Help me scan, check out my condition.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Taking the initiative? Looks like someone is very confident.’’ Babata laughed weirdly.

Luo Feng laughed.

He started by pressing the buttons at the side, keying in 1910, the gravity force in the room immediately raised swiftly. There was a low hum in the room, at the same time, a scary amount of gravity began working on Luo Feng's body, he couldn't help but sink initially, knees slightly bent, before standing back straight up.

’’Phew.’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath.

’’It's begun.’’ Luo Feng used a little strength to lift his right hand, it in he grasped the hybrid copper essence shard, this shard, on earth weighed more than a ton, and in the gravity room with 1910 times earth's gravity, weighed more than 2000 tons! A wargod wouldn't be able to even lift it.

Even Luo Feng had to use quite a bit of effort.

Luckily the gravity force only worked within the room. If the gravity force was 5 tons, then no matter how strong the force was within the room, it didn't affect whatever happened outside! Even if the gravity force went up to 10,000 times normal gravity, the pressure it exerted outside remained unchanged. Maintaining the magnetic field of the gravity force was done by the power source.

’’Begin.’’ Babata said.

’’1st move!’’

Luo Feng used a thread of spirit energy to begin moving the shard.

’’2nd move!’’ Luo Feng used more spirit energy to move the shard.

’’3rd move! 4th move!’’ ...

The blade shard began floating up.

’’10th move! Luo Feng continued to apply more spirit energy.

Before his induction into Yun Mo Planet's training, he could control 18 threads of spirit energy, however he used these 18 threads to control 18 independent items. He had no way to unite these 18 forms of energy together. They worked independently. Combining them would mean they affected each other's attacking power.

Also, the way Luo Feng's initial spirit energy was used on his armor was weak. This was due to his detailed control being weak, thus his armor had little gaps and was easy to breakthrough.

Now it was entirely different!

’’19th move!’’

Luo Feng shouted his last move.

’’Whoa, you can control 19 threads of spirit energy now, combining them without affecting their power?’’ Babata was shocked. ’’Before you could only do 18 right?’’

’’I've improved a little.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Very good. Let's try 2000 times gravity force, controlling 19 threads of spirit energy and combining them without affecting each other. You've definitely made some progress on the Control side's Concentration stage. Babata praised him, ’’the remaining eight basic steps of Control, Disperse, Acute, Tenacity, Flexible, Strength, Dance, Illusion, Harmony. Since you've made some progress in the Concentration step, let's begin the Acute step!’’


Five months ago, Luo Feng could only control 18 threads of spirit energy, after five months of hard training, he can do 19 now!

However, with such small progress in the first step, his battle prowess had already risen by countless increments!

Following the demands from the nine steps from《Control》, once he's made progress in all nine steps, his spirit energy could be formed into an 'iron panel'. With more training, it could be formed into a needle to pierce enemies! Normally, when spirit energy enters a body, it would just permeate and come straight out, however after the nine steps, it would be a lot more concise and deadly!

It's piercing ability would be incomparable!

It could be used as a weapon! However without the proper technique, it would be difficult for one person to emulate.


Year 2060 January 12th. Afternoon.

Luo Feng's house, the 2nd level training room, within the gravity room.

Under a light yellow light.

A youth clad in full blood red body armor sat crossed legged, there was a shard revolving and dancing around him. Suddenly his eyes opened, the screen beside him displayed 3100g. Most star traveller warriors on earth would explode the moment they walked in!


Without a sound or trace, the blood red armor immediately vanished into his skin, revealing a fierce body!

He stood up!

Compared to a year ago, his body was slightly skinnier, he even seemed a few centimeters shorter. However, just standing there, he emanated a power that was similar to a king level monster, a power that made people tremble!

’’Spirit energy training is indeed harder than fighter's training, I just stepped into the 3rd level star traveller level 3.’’

’’Luo Feng, quit being narcissistic! These trainings are considered easy at the beginning;it'll only get harder! Look at Hong and Thunder God, as they grow, it gets harder and harder.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng laughed.

Four months ago, he had already broken into the fighter star traveller level 3, however it was only today that he broke into the spirit reader level 3 star traveller.

’’ Right now, even with my fighter ability, I can defeat the 3rd representative!’’ Luo Feng was extremely confident.

His foundation couldn't be more solid!

As a spirit reader, he was stronger than the 4th representative by countless times. As his foundations were solid, the soaring shuttle and arc cutter blade were easy to control, and Luo Feng's trump card, the hybrid copper essence shard and the awakened Cloud contact vine, which was a blood red armor before, was more developed with vines now.

The Luo Feng now...

Whether it was internal or external, he had changed drastically! He was now worthy of being a disciple of Yun Mo Planet!

Suddenly, the phone outside the gravity room rang.


Luo Feng walked out of the gravity room, picking up the phone and looking at the screen, it was Xu Xin! With Xu Xin running her own business and the base of operations being Yang Zhou city, the two often spent time together.

’’Hello, Luo Feng, I'm almost there. I was just buying the ingredients.’’ Xu Xin's voice sounded.

’’My parents have gone on holiday, I've also let my housekeeper go home. Didn't we say we were going out to eat today?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’I've just learnt some tricks from television, I'll personally cook today for you to try. Its also my first time cooking. Oh, I'm already at the district!’’

Luo Feng walked towards the window and looked out.

There she was...

A beautiful curved white car had pulled around the district, with Luo Feng's eyesight, he could clearly see Xu Xin dressed in a white cotton dress smiling with happiness on the driver's seat.

’’Xu Xin personally cooking?’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath, gritting his teeth, ’’Even if it tastes horrible I have to finish it. I even have to put on an excited expression and praise her!’’


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