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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 8


Volume 07 Chapter 8 - Upgrade

’’Luo Feng, I've chosen whatever we need to buy from the list. I'll send it over to your notebook immediately.’’

It took a total of about one second for Babata to come up with an answer.

’’So fast!’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’I am but the highest degree of AIs, a Living AI! My processing speed is of course fast.’’ Babata's voice in Luo Feng's head was all but modest.

In the study.

Luo Feng lifted his head to look at Jia Yi, Jia Yi, who was lifting his cup of tea realized his gaze and laughed: ’’No worries! There's quite a lot of information to sift through, it should take about three to four hours. Luo Feng, take your time!’’ As he said that, walked over to the nearby bookshelf to retrieve a book and began reading.

Luo Feng could only force a laugh.

Three to four hours?

A normal person would take a long time to go through the data, however, filtering through crucial data and making the choice were all done by the Living AI Babata! One second was more than enough to finish.

’’If I tell him I've already finished, he would think I'm a monster.’’

’’I just have to wait a couple of hours.’’ Luo Feng moved the mouse, opening the file sent by Babata.

The file opened.

It was a detailed list of items to purchase.

’’So many?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

The amount of ancient civilization items on the purchase list was extremely huge, so huge that 10 large passenger ships couldn't possibly transport it all.

’’Babata, we are exchanging for so many things?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Is it a lot? It's not much at all.’’ Babata said, ’’What are we trying to do? We are trying to build a spaceship! Under such impoverished conditions, to build a ship able to cruise in the universe, one that's able to travel from galaxy to galaxy! Just the materials needed for the ship's body requires a lot! Earth's natural alloys are hardly suitable for such a ship, we can only rely on such remains!’’

Luo Feng suddenly understood.

For a ship to be able to fly in the universe, it had to be very heavy. It would definitely require a lot of materials.

’’Those remains and materials are not worth it. One Mu Ya crystal can exchange for countless materials in the universe.’’ Babata wasn't fully satisfied.

’’That's in the universe! Earth is different.’’


Three hours later.

’’Jia Yi, I've made my choices.’’ Luo Feng passed the digital notebook over, facing the screen to Jia Yi, ’’This is the exchange list.’’

’’Oh that was fast.’’

Jia Yi smiled as he moved his chair closer to the desk. He began to carefully scan through the exchange list, getting a big shock as he finally went through it;’’Luo Feng, why are you buying all these ship remains? These ancient ship remains have been broken for years, they've also been separated by the different countries taking them away, the ship remains that we have, many of them have been disassembled, you want them?’’

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’1, 2, 3...’’

Jia Yi looked at the list, he was indeed very shocked.

He initially thought Luo Feng was going to buy some special apparatus, but he realized...none of the apparatuses were bought at all! Luo Feng only went for the many different kinds of ship remains, or pieces! Some of the pieces were of extremely hard material, not something earth's tools had the capability of cutting open.

The ship remains themselves, only a few could be dissected too.

’’Your order is huge, this particular ship remain weighs more than 800 tons!’’ Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng, ’’In fact, it's price is unknown, as a material for machinery and the fact that we've been unable to damage it! It's stronger than our SS grade materials by far. So the price for it...’’

’’Jia Yi, they are nothing but remains, don't be too brutal.’’ Luo Feng laughed. ’’, No one on earth knows how to deal with these remains. Since they are unusable, they are as good as worthless. Actually, I'm pretty sure the HR Alliance and the other countries have some remains too.’’

Jia Yi's eyebrows arched up.


Ancient ship remains were abundant in the different countries! Like Hong from the Dojo of Limits, the whole headquarters was a large interstellar transport ship. To say it was precious...these ship materials were indeed unique and priceless! However, they were worthless too as man has been unable to cut or use these materials, and unusable materials are as good as worthless.

’’The remains and parts all added up come to more than 5000 tons!’’ Jia Yi looked at Luo Feng, ’’even if they are just remains and worthless, these amount of weight and so many ancient remains, how about this, three Mu Ya crystals!’’

Luo Feng remained silent.

Babata raged angrily in his head: ’’5000 tons of rubbish! They don't mean anything, one of earth's aircraft carriers alone weight a few ten thousand tons! A small universe ship that weighs a few ten thousand tons is very normal. One Mu Ya crystal, in the universe, can easily exchange for ten small space ships. To exchange for rubbish, even if it was 100 million tons doesn't mean anything, for three whole crystals!!! He must really think the crystals are like vegetables!’’

’’That's too expensive.’’

Luo Feng shook his head.

’’5,000 tons of ancient materials.’’ Jia Yi said.

’’Our Dojo's headquarters, how heavy do you think that large space ship is?’’ Luo Feng looked at Jia Yi, ’’That is a spaceship that's longer than 10 thousand meters!’’

One interstellar transport ship, more than 10 thousand meters long.

If one was to weigh it, it would definitely be more than 100 million tons.

’’Does that mean that that ship would be worth tens of thousands of crystals?’’ Luo Feng looked at Jia Yi.

’’It's not a good comparison.’’

Jia Yi said, ’’That's your Dojo of Limits headquarters! In addition, it's not even possible to cut open that huge ship.’’

’’Alright, how about two crystals.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Luo Feng, are you stupid!!! Two crystals? I find even one is too many!’’ Babata was shouting in his mind.

’’Two crystals?’’ Jia Yi stared, before nodding his head, ’’Alright, I'll show you some respect, two crystals it is! I'll arrange for my men to transport the remains that weigh more than 5000 tons to Yang Zhou.’’ Jia Yi was extremely happy.

These remains had been lying dormant, unable to be used. They were worthless just sitting there. To be able to exchange them for two Mu Ya crystals was a good deal! He initially thought that just getting one crystal would be pretty good already.

’’Luo Feng, where shall I leave these materials?’’ Jia Yi asked.

’’In the wilderness outside Yang Zhou City, I'll designate a destroyed factory somewhere in the wilderness as a large warehouse, you can put it there.’’ Luo Feng smiled.


Once the negotiations were complete and both parties had signed on the agreement, Luo Feng gave one crystal as a deposit.

’’Luo Feng, you've become stupid, two crystals to exchange for 5,000 over tons of rubbish? I can bet that even with one crystal, Jia Yi would have agreed.’’ Babata was extremely unsatisfied.

’’In this time and era, when the countries and monsters battle, there'll be much losses. By giving one more, I'll be supporting my country.’’ Luo Feng said.

Babata was speechless!


The 2nd day, Luo Feng sat alone in his intelligent battleship to go visit Lady Isadora.

From Isadora's side, he bought over 9,000 tons of remains and materials. However this time, he only used 1 crystal! This exchange was easy, the transportation was however very difficult! It was lucky that the HR Alliance had a lot of remains and materials in China itself, transporting by train was possible.


The business was done, the goods however would require one to two months to arrive.


Jiang Nan base Yang Zhou city, Ming Yue district.

Luo Feng's house 2nd story training room. It had already been separated into two sections, one for training and the other was sectioned to put the ancient gravity device! The device's length was six meters, its height too was six meters! It punctured the ceiling, as install it, Luo Feng's villa had to be remodeled.

2059 January 13th.

Luo Feng's house, within the gravity room.

’’1 1000 times gravity? Luo Feng took his first step into the gravity room.

’’This has been remodeled? It's terrible!’’ Babata scolded, ’’This is afterall a universe basic level gravity room model, its specifications should go from 0-1000 universe gravity force, damn...take a look, it has been remodeled to power with earth's electricity! Using electricity to power this gravity room? I don't know whether you guys are smart or stupid.’’

’’What's wrong?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’You said, universe gravity force?

’’In the universe, the unit for gravity is 8.89 times of earth's! Meaning to say, one unit of the universe's standard gravity is 8.89g! This particular gravity room, was meant to go from 0 8890g of gravity force, now it's only going from 1- 1000g!’’ Babata continues, ’’I can't blame this on you earthlings. You people don't have the proper power for it, to be able to use electricity is not bad.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

When earth discovered the ancient civilizations, they found mostly nothing but remains. From within they found this gravity room. Without the proper power, they had no choice but to remodel it to use electricity. This was already considered a success.

’’Leave it to me!’’

’’I'll upgrade the gravity room to surpass its old self, before using a C12 power crystal. This is considered an excellent power source that even the higher civilizations would only get to use sometimes. I deduce that I can push it to 0-90,000 times earth's gravity force. That's probably the limit. Any more and the gravity room itself won't be able to take it.’’ Babata said, ’’No choice, it's like the cars on earth, if its basic materials are that way, if it moves too fast, it'll just spoil! If I try to further upgrade the circuit power of this gravity room and raise its power capabilities, it'll probably crumble.’’

Luo Feng wiped his forehead: ’’It's enough, it's enough.

Its highest point was 90 thousand times earth's gravity!

It was unbelievable!

However when he thought about the scene he witnessed, two universe level fighters battling on the white dwarf planet, Luo Feng calmed down. That scene alone, that white dwarf planet, that was 300 million times earth's gravity!!!

90 thousand times compared to 300 million times, it wasn't even worth mentioning!

However, to his current self, it was more than enough!


Under Babata's work and his intelligent control over tools, it only took one night's work for the ancient gravity room to be completely remodeled!

’’From today, Luo feng, you will train in here everyday!’’

’’Fighter's training, in the gravity room. Spirit Reader's training, also in there! For someone like you whose basics aren't solid enough, the effects will be very beneficial.’’

’’Oh, even though you might be a star traveller level 1, your muscles and bones are able to handle a greater amount of gravity. Your heart, liver and other internal organs however are weaker, this is due to your basics not being solid, your internal and external are not equal. So, you'll start from 100 times earth's gravity. This'll help your internal organs grow stronger quickly.’’

Under Babata's orders, Luo Feng began to work on his foundations within the gravity room. The days of his training had just begun.


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