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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 7


Volume 07 Chapter 7 - Luo Feng's Special Ability

Luo Feng has met all the conditions and can breakthrough to the 'star traveller level one stage fighter' level. However, Babata still taught Luo Feng nine consecutive movements, which were kind of like the Dao Yin technique.


After performing the first movement, Luo Feng felt his entire body heat up. After he performed each of the movements, every cell in his entire body seemed to be boiling. The genetic energy in each cell that hasn't been absorbed yet started gathering together like droplets of water. These droplets formed a stream of water, and then a creek, a river.....

Heat emanated from his entire body and continuously gathered. It finally gathered in the dan tian* in Luo Feng's abdomen.


Spirit readers and fighters have one big difference: the essence of a spirit reader is the 'realm of consciousness' in the head, while the essence of a fighter is the 'dan tian' in the abdomen.

In the dan tian.

As if a new land was being born, the dan tian that didn't even exist before instantly opened! The spinning genetic energy started spinning even faster. It expanded and contracted constantly. Every time it contracted,it became even smaller! Luo Feng felt like his consciousness was trembling and his body was shaking!

He succeeded!

In his vast dan tian, a miniature planet appeared! Unlike the transparent 'miniature planet' that was born in his realm of consciousness, the miniature planet in his dan tian was the color of gold! The entire golden miniature planet was actually six large golden crystals combined as one!

This golden miniature planet continued to rotate and, at the same time, gave off an odd vibration!

’’Genetic energy!’’

With a thought from Luo Feng, a sliver of golden genetic energy instantly charged out of the dan tian and flowed through his entire body.



In an instant, all the bones, bone marrow, skin, veins, organs, etc. in Luo Feng's body began to undergo a transformation. This transformation was even more dramatic than the time when his spiritual force stepped into the star traveller level! Luo Feng felt like his bones were being smashed into pieces and then being gathered together again!

’’Let me see what your special ability is.’’ Babata laughed weirdly.

’’Don't be nervous, genetic energy is the most suitable thing for changing your body. It can change your body's ability amplifier, which is way better than the change resulting from spiritual force’’

’’Oh? Hehe.....’’

’’It's actually diamond body!’’

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you're pretty lucky!’’ Babata was extremely happy.

And the body transformation process was still undergoing.

Luo Feng's body was dramatically becoming more and more powerful. His transformation process was even more dramatic than a normal fighter stepping into the star traveller level! For example, even though the body of 'Li Yao' also underwent a transformation, it wasn't even near the level of transformation that Luo Feng's body was undergoing. And out of all the things that are transforming, the most dramatic change was occurring in his 'bones'!

Luo Feng's bones were giving off a 'CRACK CRACK CRACK' sound, as if they were being forged by a hammer. The sound even went out of Luo Feng's body. If someone came to the training room on the second floor at this time, they could probably slightly hear the 'crack crack crack' sound of the bones as they transformed.

’’Babata, you said 'diamond body'. What's that?’’ asked Luo Feng.

’’During the student level, spirit readers have an extremely large advantage!’’ said Babata, ’’however, once stepping into the star traveller stage, fighters also have their own methods! Their methods are their special abilities. Different star traveller fighters have different special abilities. Some of them might have the special ability of 'fire' while some of them might have the special ability of 'light'.....’’

’’This is just the basic way you earthlings say it’’

’’In the universe, the various special abilities are mainly categorized into eight main categories metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and light. Yours is the slightly rare 'diamond body' in the 'metal category'’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng became confused as he heard this.

’’Simply put, it's because of differences in the soul and body’’

’’The way your bodies absorb cosmic energy is actually different. So of course, the resulting genetic energy is also different!’’ said Babata, ’’Genetic energy is mainly split into the categories of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and light. And your special abilities come from your genetic energy!’’

’’Special abilities are also split into the eight main categories, but each main category can be further split into several subcategories!’’

’’For example, the category of 'fire' has subcategories of 'human torch', 'flame of refinement', etc. Even in the subcategory of 'flame of refinement', the flames that different people at the star traveller level one stage possess vary in temperature.


Luo Feng finally understood what was going on. Truthfully, no one main category is better than the other. Every main category contains extremely powerful special abilities, and every category also contains extremely weak special abilities.

And Luo Feng's special ability is 'diamond body' under the main category of 'metal'.

The training room on the second floor in the villa.

’’I'll wash off’’ after his transformation finished, Luo Feng entered the bathroom and lay in the bath. Snow flew around outside of the bathroom's window.

As he lay in the bathtub, Luo Feng's consciousness communicated with Babata.

’’Diamond body. This means that your bones and muscles will be more powerful than other fighters of the same level! This is quite a rare ability. If your bones and muscles strengthen, you'll be able to explode with more power! Your attacks will become more powerful too’’ said Babata, ’’This means your attacks, speed, and defense will all increase, especially your defense. Once your genetic energy merges onto the surface of your skin, your defense will be extremely amazing!’’

’’So 'diamond body' is quite a rare ability’’

’’The most common special ability under the category of metal is 'sharpness'! Which gives your attacks more piercing power!’’ said Babata.

Luo Feng slightly nodded.

Luo Feng was quite satisfied with his special ability 'diamond body'. This means that, on the same level, his body will be more powerful than others! And his defense will be amazing!

’’Diamond body!’’ with a thought from Luo Feng, genetic energy immediately merged onto the surface of Luo Feng's skin. Luo Feng could even clearly see his skin shine with a metallic light. HUALA! Luo Feng walked out of the bathtub and stood in front of the mirror. This mirror had a function to remove fog.

The Luo Feng shown in the mirror was like a god of war!

You could feel the immense power just by looking at that body with a slight metallic shine on it.


It was already the third day at Tianjin city.

Places like the lawn in the small sector were covered in snow. After Luo Feng and his family ate lunch with his great aunt's family, all of them walked on the street of the sector.

’’Yong Qing and Yong Yuan were only able to come back by taking some time off from the research center. After a bit, they'll have to rush back. The rules at the research center are strict’’ Tang Cheng walked with his cousin Luo Hong Guo side by side. Both of them experienced the Grand Nirvana period when they were kids.

’’Work is important.’’ smiled Luo Hong Guo as he nodded.

’’Thanks a lot for back then. Otherwise, that Wang Xing An would definitely cause our family to.....’’ Tang Cheng couldn't help but to shake his head.

’’It's all in the past.’’ said Luo Hong Guo.

’’Maybe it's nothing much for your family's Luo Feng, but for our family, this is a great blessing. Yong Qing, Yong Yuan, how can you two be so shy. Hurry up and go thank your cousin!’’ yelled Tang Cheng. After hearing this, Tang Yong Qing and Tang Yong Yuan turned their heads towards Luo Feng.

’’Cousin, thank you’’ Tang Yong Qing was a bit nervous beside Luo Feng.


Not only Tang Yong Qing, the entire Tang family couldn't help but to be a bit nervous after knowing Luo Feng's identity! There's no helping it. If your relative turned out to be the president of a powerful country and was standing beside you, could you talk casually without any nervousness at all? This isn't something that a normal person can do.

’’Thank you, cousin.’’ said Tang Yong Yuan.

’’It was nothing much. When you two have time, you can visit our home at Jiang Nan headquarter city's Yang Zhou city.’’ smiled Luo Feng.

As they walked on the road of the sector.

Luo Feng's cell phone suddenly vibrated.

Luo Feng picked up his cell phone and walked to the side. The phone's display showed that the call was from Jia Yi.

’’Hello’’ Luo Feng's face let out a smile. The treasures from the archaeological ruin are here.

’’Luo Feng, it's Jia Yi’’ Jia Yi's voice was filled with power, ’’Regarding the various items from the archaeological ruins, we've prepared the list. Are you at Tianjin city? I'll be right there. There's no problem right?’’

’’No problem’’

Luo Feng smiled, ’’Actually, madam Isadora from the HR alliance contacted me yesterday, but, I'm still going to exchange with you first!’’. This was actually the truth, since the HR alliance also prepared their list. However, Luo Feng still prepared to purchase the goods from his own country first. When he goes to Isadora later, there'll be no need to buy an object he already has.

’’Haha, thanks a bunch’’ Jia Yi laughed loudly, ’’I'll be there in 15 minutes’’


Luo Feng hung up.


After Luo Feng and his family sent off their relatives, his parents and his brother went to visit his great aunt in the hospital. Luo Feng stayed at home.

Villa's second floor, reading room.

’’Turn on this notebook and then enter the password. After that, accept the download.’’ Jia Yi stood to the side while holding some data storage device.

’’The password worked, I'm ready.’’ Luo Feng sat in front of the notebook.


After Jia Yi pressed the button, large amounts of information swiftly flowed into Luo Feng's notebook. In just a few seconds, the data transfer was complete.

’’Jia Yi, you can sit and drink some tea first. I have to take a good look.’’ smiled Luo Feng.

’’Alright, no rush’’

Jia Yi sat on the side and held his tea cup. In his heart, he was hoping that this Luo Feng would pick a few more items from the archaeological ruin, since even one extra Mu Ya crystal makes a huge difference.

Luo Feng started looking carefully in front of the notebook.

Each of the special items from the archaeological ruin had photos beside them. Some of them had special functions that were even shown through a video. Their uses and prices were all explained.

’’Babata’’ Luo Feng pretended to look at the data but said in his heart, ’’Did you receive the data?’’

Even though Babata was a living AI that could read various information via the internet, every country stores their confidential data offline because of the 'archaeological ruins'! The data never gets on the internet and any action of connecting them to the internet is forbidden.

Because of all these safety precautions, Babata wasn't able to read some of the confidential information.

And now...... this notebook has already been connected with Babata.

’’Received it!’’ responded Babata.

’’Alright, take a careful look and see which ones are useful.’’ Luo Feng pushed all the work to Babata. As for him, he had to pretend to look through all of the various items from the archaeological ruin.


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