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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 6


Volume 07 Chapter 6 - Secret Technique

Luo Feng looked at Babata, shocked.

Soul imprint? He didn't feel anything at all!

’’Why are you so shocked!’’ Babata waved his hand. A chair appeared beside him, Babata lay on it, swaying on it contently, as though rocking a baby's cradle, ’’The master was an undying being, if the soul imprint he created cannot permeate your soul without a sound and without you actually noticing can he still be called an undying? With master's level of soul imprinting, even sector lords would not notice a thing, much less a star traveller punk like you.’’

Luo Feng was helpless.

Facing the teacher that had prepared everything before he died, Luo Feng had no resistance ability at all!

’’Luo Feng!’’

Babata crossed his little leg, waved his hand and a common apple from earth appeared. He began gnawing at it, ’’From today on, whenever you enter this virtual space, your main motive is to train and study! And today, we will determine which path you will take!’’

’’You should know, no matter what you do, it's always good to have a plan, before taking one step at a time, this is the only way you can go far. Without a target or plan, blindly training will only waste time.’’ Babata said, ’’I can give you suggestions, but I cannot make decisions for you!’’

Luo Feng nodded: ’’I understand, what suggestions do you have?’’

’’One, you must recognize the importance of fighter training, you cannot neglect it!’’

’’Two, the manuals, <Control>, <Illusion>are both basics, you have to completely master them. And the <Mixed>manual is a treasure of the Yun Mo Planet legacy, as one of us, these are treasured secrets, you definitely have to learn them! Whichever path you take later on, be it a controller or an illusionist, you pick for yourself!’’

’’Three, take out some time for me to teach you the common language of the universe.’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh.

Out of Babata's three suggestions, number one and three were things he definitely had to do, the 2nd point was a choice he had to make down the line.

’’Common language of the universe? Luo Feng just opened his mouth to speak, ’’Don't we have translating devices?’’

Even earth has translating devices, why would the universe not? Why should one have to waste effort and time to learn another language? Honestly speaking, Luo Feng has never liked learning languages. Back in school before, he studied 12 years of English as a second language and could roughly understand everything. He could roughly speak it too.

However, compared to the other students, foreign language was Luo Feng's weak point.

It was lucky the College Entrance exams didn't test foreign languages. However, it was still a tragedy for Luo Feng.

’’You have to learn it.’’ Babata said, ’’In the vast universe, while you can use translating devices, those who do not understand the common language of the universe are instantly looked down upon! People will say that you are uncivilized, and come from a barbaric place. Whoever has position and rank can speak fluently in the common language of the universe. You are Yun Mo Planet's representative, how can you not speak the common language of the universe?’’ Babata's blood red eyes were staring so hard they looked like they were about to pop out.

’’Ok, ok, I'll learn it!’’ Luo Feng nodded.


Babata nodded his head contently.

’’Babata, these fighter trainings, I'm a spirit reader, training a strong enough body is sufficient. Everything else...I'll just do the minimum. I don't need the rest.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Your foresight is too lacking!’’ Babata was so angry he threw the remaining half of his apple to the ground.

’’Let me tell you!’’

Babata explained seriously, ’’The main two divisions in the universe are the fighters and the spirit readers! Both have their pros and cons, the spirit readers however have more diverse and weird methods. For fighters to evolve and breakthrough, they must focus on spirit and willpower. For spirit readers to evolve and breakthrough, they must also realize the importance of body and genetic energy.’’

’’You will not be able to see it now!’’

’’However, the universe level, especially the domain lord, sector lord, be it spirit, willpower, energy, body, all have very high demands!’’ Babata said, ’’For a wooden pail to be able to store more water, it has to rely on its shortest board! That's why;fighter's training should never take a backseat. Your training on the fighter's side currently is too weak, too weak, and only capable to using 3.5 of your body's strength? Blade technique and body technique are all at the basic level?’’

Luo Feng interrupted: ’’My blade skills are at the expert level and my body technique is at the perfect level’’

’’That's how you call them on earth!’’

Babata couldn't help but raise his head, ’’According to the universe levels, your blade technique and body technique are all at the basic level, belonging to the lowest level of all. Your multiplier is at 3.5? It's just pitiful. In the Yun Mo Planet, the student level 9 are capable of a multiplier of 10!’’

’’10?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

This was higher than even Thunder God!

’’And your earth's training methods have so many problems!’’ Babata said, ’’For example, with a brute force of 1 million kg, multiplier of 3 times, your attacking strength is only 3 million, your speed also increases a lot! So why can't your defensive capabilities also increase?’’

Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

Attacking power along with speed multiplies, defense...Earth's fighters were all researching, only their defense hasn't been able to multiply.

’’A fighter's training, you can study on your own, if you don't understand something, just ask me,’’ Babata waved his hand, a gorgeous glass table immediately appeared in front of Luo Feng, the table had six chairs beside it, the books that were all for his star traveller level training immediately began flying over, landing on the table.’’

’’Slowly study all these’’

Babata waved his hand again, the books pertaining to spirit reader training all flew over.

’’Your main focus should be these!’’

’’Especially the mixed manual!’’ Babata said, ’’You need to study this book especially well, the mixed manuals...every book has a golden cover. Very eye-catching.’’

Luo Feng surveyed the books.

Within that pile, over 10 of them had golden covers, the rest had black covers.

Randomly picking up one of the golden covered books, <Soul Imprint>! The top of the book had two very unnoticeable words, 'Mixed manual.'

Taking up another golden covered book, <Tower of the Void>! It too had the words 'Mixed Manual' by the side.

The 3rd book <Soul Transfer>

The 4th book <Six Blades>

The 5th book...


’’Every book is expansive and in depth, like the <Soul Imprint>, the only reason the master could control nine great undying underlings was because of this secret technique <Soul Imprint>. The 'inheritance imprint' left for you was also based off of this technique. It is a very mysterious power, what you have in your hand is only the basics. Once you learn it, I'll pass second volume of <Soul Imprint>to you.’’ Babata said.

’’These are Yun Mo Planet's unique and special secrets, not to be passed to outsiders.’’ Babata proudly said.

Luo Feng couldn't help but pick up the book <Soul Imprint>.

This is a treasure!

To be able to control underlings, along with allowing them to have self awareness and training, it was truly impressive!

’’<Tower of the Void>is another secret technique for soul defense from Yun Mo Planet. From the disciples master had before, only one managed to acquire the teachings from him. When master was alive, it was hard for even one of the disciples to get the chance to learn, and the skills wouldn't be passed down completely. You are very lucky, every skill is there for you, and they are all complete!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was extremely happy.

Teaching a capable student meant less jobs for oneself, when the master was alive, it was hard to get even one secret. But since the master knew he was going to die, he of course had to leave behind all of his secret manuals.


Treasure trove!

This was the true treasure trove!

While <Control>and <Illusion>was important, the other undying beings all learnt it too. <Mixed>however was a compilation of secret skills, be it defense, attack, technique, techniques that required risking one's life or controlling underlings...these were all extremely mysterious and special! To attain such skills in the universe required a huge amount of luck or treasures to exchange with.

Luo Feng? He managed to get all of them in one go!

From the star level to the domain lord, the teachings from the Yun Mo Planet were all complete.


He stayed in the virtual space, studying the books for awhile.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng felt a piercing pain.

Within the training room, he felt his body start to grow numb and blur, before disappearing altogether from the virtual training room.

’’Oh, three hours are up, the merging has reached its last step.’’ Babata laughed.


Tian Jin city, within the second level of the temporary villa's training room. It was snowing heavily outside. Luo Feng's mind had just undergone an amazing and shocking change.

In his consciousness.

In his vast consciousness, there was a miniature planet, one that was emitting light rays, this little planet was formed from several crystal pyramids closely packed together! It was a perfect structure, the whole planet was giving out a formless mysterious wave.

The core of the mini planet!

A prismatic blood red crystal lay at the core of the miniature planet! Formless blood red threads revolved around this crystal body as it's core, covering the entire miniature planet!

’’Chi chi...’’

Countless blood red threads continuously revolved and threaded through the mini planet.

Piercing pain, that was the soul trembling!

The miniature planet began to change colors at a speed which one could witness with his naked eye...from the semi transparent state before to gradually changing to pink, light red, slowly soaking through till the planet became very red, until it finally changed to the same blood red as the crystal body at its core.

As the planet changed, it seemed to have shrunk by a size.

’’Hu, it's so comfortable.’’ Luo Feng was extremely relaxed.

’’Luo Feng, congratulations on passing the hardest hurdle! Normal spirit readers are unable to accept Yun Mo Planet's secret techniques, they have to first change their psychic powers. Before, the disciples had to train by themselves for a long time. You, however, with the help of the master, have passed it.’’ Babata was extremely happy and pleased.

’’Babata, my spirit's core, that blood red crystal hasn't fully disappeared, what's going on?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’That's the soul imprint! The master thought that the newer disciples would be stronger, however you are only a star traveller level 1, the soul imprint has yet to fully be absorbed. Even so, the transformation completed successfully!’’ Babata said, ’’Right now, you are already accepted! However, you are only a student level fighter level 9, so...let's not waste time and step into the star traveller level fighter first.’’

Luo Feng was gleeful.

He was a star traveller level 1 spirit reader, but only a wargod level fighter.

’’Your willpower and spirit are definitely enough, your body has also reached the peak of the student level 9 stage, it'll be really easy. A few breathing exercises and it'll happen.’’ Babata said.


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