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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 5


Volume 07 Chapter 5 - The Inheritance of Yun Mo Planet's Master

’’Let's find a quiet place to talk.’’ Luo Feng said, following that, he and Jia Yi headed straight towards the corridor end's elevator, followed by the two colonels behind.

Besides Luo Feng and Jia Yi, nobody else uttered a sound.

This was the scene of the two of them leaving through the elevator.


’’My god, did you see their ranks? Two generals.’’ When the two had left for awhile, noise erupted in the hallway.

’’That's a being that surpasses a wargod Jia Yi. When we were escaping during the Grand Nirvana period, I saw him battling a monster.’’ shouted the hospital deputy director, whose hair was all silver.


’’Its senior official Jia Yi, the other representative was definitely Luo Feng.’’ Special forces head Li Dong was covered in sweat, ’’I was just about to prepare to capture Investigator Luo, I was really courting death.’’ While he may never have seen Luo Feng in person before, as the head of the Tian Jin city's police system, he knew of his name and reputation.

’’Wang Xing An, I was almost killed because of you!’’ Li Dong turned to Xing An, who was lying in a chair that was moved to the side.

Xing An's face was ghostly pale.

’’It's over!’’

’’It's over!’’

Xing An's mind began to recall vividly the conversation he was having before... ’’Under any circumstance, background or connections, I hereby declare...the court's final decision will still be death, immediate execution!’’

Suddenly his phone rang.

’’Your phone is ringing.’’ Li Dong shouted. Xing An's two bodyguards beside immediately picked up the phone and answered, putting it to Xing An's ear.

All he heard was his father's roars of rage and orders.


Xing An looked as though he was hugging on to his last strand of hope, ’’That was Luo Feng in the ward earlier...’’ At this time, he didn't dare to hide any single piece of information. He explained it from start to end, hoping that his family could help him out. Yet his all his father could do was hang up and look for the Head of the Family.

Just five minutes later.

In the hallway.

Three army personnel dressed in black uniforms walked directly to Xing An's side, one of them taking a piece of paper out, at the bottom of it was a very special seal: ’’Wang Xing An, you are suspected of murder, you'll be arrested immediately.’’ The other two handcuffed him and lifted him away. They left immediately without even looking at Li Dong.

’’It's over, no one can save him.’’ Li Dong knew there was no chance when he saw the seal.

The earth was filled with savage and lawless people.


As the saying goes, one who constantly walks by the river will someday wet his shoes, heaven's net is wide and nothing ever escapes it. One day, he'll meet his just deserts! Wang Xing An, in the eyes of Luo Feng or Jia Yi, was nothing but a small figure, not worth that much trouble at all. Just a word and they could kill him.

Kill him personally? That was a waste of strength.


Within a quiet waiting room of the hospital.

Luo Feng and Jia Yi sat facing each other with cups of hot tea.

’’To allow you to encounter such a thing in Kyoto headquarter city.’’ Jia Yi shook his head, ’’However, there is definitely darkness on earth, without it, there can be no light! So...there's no way to avoid darkness in any era. This Wang Xing An will be immediately executed through the courts.

Luo Feng nodded.

He understood this point well, it was inevitable for darkness to exist.

’’Jia Yi, what's the purpose of you looking for me?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Mu Ya Crystals.’’

Jia Yi smiled,’’ I'll be frank, no choice, these crystals are too important. One of them can create a representative. And those loyal to their countries are how many? One more would increase the influence of our country and also its position.’’

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Of course, we won't just take the crystals without returning anything, we'll be very fair.’’ Jia Yi said, ’’Whatever condition you want, just mention it.’’

’’I'm not attracted to any mundane things.’’

’’Luo Feng continued, ’’However, the ancient civilizations have many different apparatus that I'm interest in. A few treasures, weird things and even the remains for some of them. I hope Jia Yi can arrange for list for me so that when the time comes I can pick the ancient civilization items that I want.’’

’’No problem!’’ Jia Yi smiled while nodding his head.

When the ancient ruins were first discovered, the countries had acquired many treasures. However compared to the Mu Ya crystals, they were far less important.

’’However that list, with images and video will take two to three days to complete.’’ Jia Yi said.

’’Then we'll talk again then.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Ok, I'll personally go to Yang Zhou then to talk to you.’’ Jia Yi smiled and nodded.


Right now on earth, Babata had already prepared training methods for Luo Feng! The only things that could truly catch Luo Feng's attention were the ancient civilization items. Be it Luo Feng or Babata, they could only hope to be able to gather enough remains to build a small spaceship.


When the news of Wang Xing An's sentence of death reached Luo Feng that day, his new cousin Yong Qing was extremely happy, she had finally left that nightmare behind. She had always thought Xing An was a god beyond rules, and that she'd be trapped in that nightmare forever.

The Tang family were very happy.

As Luo Hong Guo had been separated from them for over 40 years before meeting up again, they decided to stay for a few days to keep his aunt company. Luo Feng and his family temporarily stayed at a peaceful villa prepared by the military.



It was snowing heavily, yet the villa was filled with warmth.

2nd story, training room.

Luo Feng sat cross-legged.

Luo Feng, I will transmit your thoughts straight into the virtual space I have built for you.’’ Babata's voice sounded in his head, ’’At the same time, I will have security defense raised for the surrounding 1000m, you can focus within the space.’’


In the virtual space.

There was an enormous mountain reaching the clouds. Dressed in white, Luo Feng suddenly appeared on it.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings.

The mountain was so deep he couldn't see the bottom, all he could see were the clouds and sky...he actually even saw a huge planet! It almost took up 1/3 of the sky.

’’Shocked?’’ With two horns, red pupils and dressed in black, Babata floated beside him, ’’The universe is mysterious beyond belief, two planets this close, or one of them being especially big will result in this phenomenon.’’

Luo Feng nodded gently.


’’You will officially accept the teachings of the master!’’ Babata lifted his head, face full of confidence, ’’First you have to understand, to build a skyscraper, one's foundations must be solid and steady! This is also why you have to spend 50 years in the star traveller level to build your basics!’’

’’If you do not care about anything else, and train as crazily as stuffing ducks, within three years, I can help you get to the star level. However the price would be you'd forever be stuck and unable to reach the universe level!’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng listened carefully.

’’To become a domain lord, and a sector lord! You have to treat each step seriously!’’

Babata waved his little hand!


A blood red castle appeared suddenly behind him.

’’Follow me.’’ Babata flew towards the castle.

Luo Feng ran behind him.


The castle doors opened.


Eighteen tall stone statues that were 8m tall stood by the castle door entrance respectfully greeted.

Babata shook his head, ’’These eighteen iron towers, used to follow the master, they are extremely loyal. However when Yun Mo Planet was destroyed, they too lost their lives. I'm only emulating them now. Within this castle, I've simulated eighteen iron towers and thirty six concubines.’’

Following Babata, he saw a wide bevy of beautiful women from different ethnicities along the way. It wasn't long before they reached a large room on the 2nd level of the castle.

’’This is your training room!’’


Babata pointed to the four walls of the training room, shua! Immediately, the four walls were covered by bookshelves. ’’And right here, I've already prepared for your star traveller level, star level, universe level, domain lord level, sector lord level books to study.’’ Saying that, the shelves began to fill themselves with books.

The entire training room was filled with over 10 thousand books.

’’You are currently in the star traveller level!’’

’’That's why, these two shelves of books, you have to study them.’’ Babata pointed to the top two levels of a particular bookshelf. ’’The top level is for training as a fighter. A strong spirit reader also requires a strong body. Your powers, body strength all require training.’’

’’Your body is currently at the student level 9, consciousness also at its peak, to break through to the star traveller level 1 body would be easy.’’

’’The 2nd level is for the spirit reader side, even more important! It's mainly broken into the sections of <Control>, <Illusion>and <Mixed>, every one of them is profound and deep.’’ Babata said, ’’Master's teachings are unique and special even in the universe.’’

’’The master's fighter training structure demands are very high, the spirit reader side is even more demanding!’’

’’The master had nine undying underlings!’’

’’These nine undying beings, had actually had their souls permeated by mysterious powers long ago, they were controlled by their souls, these nine undying underlings! These nine had all their knowledge and memories, the only thing was that they'd be 100% loyal to the end to the master! When they were being controlled, one of them was at the universe level, six were domain lords and two were sector lords!’’

’’As the master's powers rose, they were gradually training and rising too!

’’Master's mysterious methods, allowed the underlings to have self-awareness and the ability to train.’’ Babata proudly spoke, ’’And these underlings would never hesitate in their loyalty, once the master died, they would die along with him. The five undying beings in the Yun Mo spaceship died because their master died’’

Babata looked at Luo Feng, ’’Of course, master's teachings are extremely difficult to learn.’’

’’That's why before he died, he created an inheritance soul print, when I first interacted with you awhile ago, I had already imprinted it into your body.’’ Babata said, ’’It will subtly, permeate into your soul without any trace. I estimate, in about three hours, it will be fully complete.’’


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