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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 4


Volume 07 Chapter 4 - The Meeting

Wang Xing An was paralyzed on the floor of the ward as he looked at the phone screen's display.

Jia Yi? China's army's number one person!

Isadora? The underground empress who controls more than half of the world's economy!

Hong? The invincible no.1 in the world!

These three names, any one of them was sufficient to shake the world. And right now these young man had these numbers in his phone! To be able to take directly through phone to them, was harder than trying to call a country's government to discuss matters!

’’This, this...’’

Within the ward, Tang Yong Qing, Tang Yong Yuan and the rest of their family, along with Xing An and his bodyguards, everyone was staring at Luo Feng. Just who in the world was this youth in a casual black shirt and where did he come from?

’’You're kidding me!!!’’

Wang Xing An was raging uncontrollably, his expression was struggling, lying on the floor staring at Luo Feng, ’’You think you can randomly show me numbers and expect me to stop? You say you know the HR Alliance Chairman and the Dojo of Limits head. I can say I'm Hong's son, random lies, who can't do that?’’

’’In this whole world, the people able to directly communicate with these three people are too few! There probably aren't more than three people on this earth who can do such a thing at a young age like yours!’’ Wang Xing An laughed, ’’If I have such luck to meet one, I can go win the lottery!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh.


’’I can see you are a spirit reader with some background.’’ Xing An lay on the floor, staring hard at Luo Feng, ’’You want to play with me civilly or with force?’’

’’Civil, force? Luo Feng curiously looked at Xing An. ’’Humor me.’’

’’Force, meaning you are crazy enough to kill me here! The hospital is a public place, under the base's supervision system, it's everywhere in this hospital...whatever goes on here, will all be recorded in the base's recording system very clearly. When the Wang family goes through the court systems, even if you are a higher Wargod, you'll still be put to death!’’

’’If you kill me, the court will put the death sentence on you, this is through force!’’

’’The civil way is simple, you let me go! I won't leave, I'll stay here outside this room...awaiting the headquarter city's police force! Based on our own methods, we'll see who's more unlucky, you or I.’’ Wang Xing An stared at Luo Feng with a crazed look in his eyes.

Luo Feng looked down on him.

The Tang family within the room were scared silly, the legendary 'Wang' family, was not something they could deal with. Right now, this relative whom they just met...was actually a spirit reader. And not some ordinary person! No matter, their Tang family was a small one.

’’Wang Xing An.’’ Luo Feng looked calmly at him.

’’Speak.’’ Xing An stared back.

’’Even if you are not afraid of death, you have some capability.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’However the amount of people who aren't afraid of death are too many. Just like the fighters who are constantly fighting in the wild, constantly on the brink of death! I'm curious, why do you force so many women to submit to you?’’

Xing An seemed a little proud from that: ’’Hobby! My one and only hobby! Every exceptional girl, are all creations from up above, they are the best collector's items!’’

’’So if they refuse, you use force?’’ Luo Feng continued, ’’if they still refuse you destroy them. Why do you destroy girls who don't submit to you?’’

’’They are just ants! To be able to join my collection is their honor.’’ Xing An confidently said.

Luo Feng stared at this youth on the floor.

’’They have no history or feud with you or any relations. You actually get to decide what to do with people's fates?’’ Luo Feng looked at him, ’’You let me know whether you want to do this the civil way or the hard way.’’

’’I'll tell you!’’

’’If we go by force, you die! I'm fine!’’

’’The civil way, you'll still die! I'm fine!’’

Luo Feng looked calmly at him, ’’without any feud or history with you, even my cousin who does her country service as a researcher, has never done any evil. She rejects you and you want to send her family to hell? Just based on that one point...Xing An, I can tell you this!’’

’’I can wait for the police to come!’’

’’I can wait for the army

’’I can wait for your Wang Family people to come down!’’

’’Even if you had ample preparation and then go to court! Whatever method, whatever background and connections, use them all, I hereby declare...The court's final decision will be death...immediate execution!’’ Luo Feng's voice was calm, almost like saying some very mundane.

Luo Feng looked at the two guards: ’’Take your master and leave! Clean him up!’’

The two bodyguards looked at each other, one of them began dragging the paralyzed Xing An out, the other began cleaning up the bloodstains on the floor.


Outside the ward.

The hospital's security guards along with the department head was there, however after reviewing the tapes in slow motion, they realized one of them was a spirit reader and were too frightened to go in.

’’Master Wang!’’

’’Master Wang, are you ok?’’

Head Tian and Head Fu ran quickly as they saw him being dragged out.

’’Not dead yet!’’

Xing An's expression was cold.

Within Kyoto headquarter city, whoever with a little position would know of a few special princes, Wang Xing An was one of them! Director Tian, as a higher ranked department head in the hospital, definitely recognized the important people and treated Xing An with respect.

’’Young master, what do we do?’’ The 2 bodyguards looked at Xing An.

’’Kyoto headquarter city and its eight cities, among the elite, who doesn't recognize me? Tian Jin city's special forces head Li Dong has even drank with me before, he'll be the first come! Also send this news to my Wang family.’’ Wang Xing An had a crazed look, ’’He's crazy! Crazier than me!’’


A red auto jet arrived, flying about the airspace above Tian Jin City.

The cabin door opened.

Dressed in a chinese tunic suit, Jia Yi sat there, posture upright.

’’Mr Jia, we'll arrive in Tian Jin city soon, Luo Feng is currently in the Number 1 hospital there.’’ Within the cabin, a middle aged man wearing glasses smiled as he said.


’’Luo Feng acquired quite a number of Mu Ya Crystals this time, if I can get one from him, it'll be considered a success.’’ Jia Yi nodded, ’’remember, I'll be doing the talking later, don't interrupt! This Luo Feng's growth speed is too shocking, on Misty Island he actually was on par with the 3rd chairman.’’

’’And he's only 21! Too young!’’ Jia Yi lowered his voice, ’’You never know, in the future, he might be just like Hong and Thunder God, existences whose positions cannot be challenged.’’

Hong, Thunder God!

That was a point where one's strength was already above a country's! The five great countries also treated the two with respect. Their overpowering strength dictates that. And with Luo Feng's growth speed...a few years and he's on par with the 3rd chairman, it'll be no surprise if he catches up with Hong and Thunder God.

No choice! Luo Feng was too young, his potential was too shocking!

’’Mr Jia, we've reached the hospital. Oh, why's there a police car below?’’

’’Let's go down.’’ Jia Yi said seriously.


Kyoto headquarter city, main city sector, Wang Family.

’’Who's their head of security?’’ Donning a lavish suit, a bald old man was roaring like a lion, ’’Don't tell me they've never seen a picture of Luo Feng before? After the news came from the Tian Jin special forces, he actually didn't stop the special forces from heading there!’’


The middle aged man beside him said, ’’Luo Feng is a representative, you know it. Representative pictures and news are kept secret, hardly ever leaked! The head of security Old Li may have seen his picture, but not the real person, even after seeing the tape from the Tian Jin city, to be able to identify that young man as Luo Feng wouldn't be easy.’’

’’Get out!’’

’’You're still yapping! Hurry up and call Xing An, are you not satisfied with the amount of trouble he's caused? Luo Feng! He's on par with the 3rd chairman, our Wang Family cannot afford to offend him!’’ The head of the Wang Family lost his composure as he raged.

No choice!

To face such a figure, one that was on par with the 3rd chairman, one that even countries had to treat with respect, what was his one family? A few representatives were in the HR alliance as temporary guests, but they were temporary after all! Even the HR alliance wouldn't easily mess with a regular representative, and don't even mention one of Luo Feng's level!


Tian Jin First hospital.

Special ward room.

The Tang family, along with the Luo family were in there. There was a huge number of special forces in armor outside.

’’It's quite a ruckus out there.’’ Luo Hua looked out, ’’big brother, a huge number of police are here.’’

’’Don't worry.’’

Luo Feng took out his phone, ’’Hello, you've arrived at the hospital? Haha, right, I'm here. Can you see the large number of police? I'm right in the center of their barricade. problem, I just met a piece of scum, handled it. Oh ok, you can come over then.’’


Outside the ward.

’’Team 1 is in position!’’

’’Team 2 is in position!’’

’’Team 3 is in position!’’

Hearing the responses from the communicator, the head of the special forces Li Dong said, ’’The target is a spirit reader. Everyone has to follow the plan, don't be careless, we have to take him down with one blow. Also...don't harm the other innocent people inside.




Li Dong shook his head, as Tian Jin city's most powerful special force, they had their methods in dealing with powerful fighters. Wang Xin An was being supported in a chair beside, looking as things unfolded.


Li Dong suddenly took out his phone from his pocket, getting a shock from the number displayed.

’’Yes, Senior official!’’ Li Dong immediately stood at attention, expression serious.



’’Understood!’’ Li Dong closed his phone, picked up the communicator, ’’Retreat, full retreat!’’ The troops that were already spaced out in critical points ready to move were all forced to swiftly retreat, under Li Dong's order, they quickly lined up in their groups to welcome the senior official.

’’Li Dong, what's going on?’’ Wang Xing An shouted from the chair he was sitting in.

’’Shut up!’’ Li Dong stared at him, ’’Senior official Jia is here.’’

’’Jia Yi?’’ Xing An was shocked.

The special forces formed two rows, in the corridor sides, everyone at attention. Walking in behind from the back, a skinny small middle aged man dressed in a chinese tunic suit, with two underlings following him, strolled pass! The rank displayed on these two underlings shoulders made the policemen stand even more at attention!

They were generals!

Two generals following behind? Just who was this leader?

’’Aunt, you take care here. Dad, mom, you two stay here and keep her company, I have things to attend to.’’ Following the commotion outside, a youth dressed in a black casual shirt walked out.

The corridor was silent!

The special forces policemen, the hospital head and others, along with Xing An stuck in a chair, were all unable to speak. The special forces were in two rows along the walls of the corridor, in the center...Jia Yi was walking towards Luo Feng. The moment Luo Feng stepped out of the room, Jia Yi walked over.

’’Representative Jia.’’ Luo Feng smiled as he walked over.

’’Representative Luo!’’ Jia Yi walked towards him.

The two smiled as they shook hands.

No one around could utter a sound. Xing An's face had gone ghostly pale.


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