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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 36


Volume 07 Chapter 36 - Resurrection

Jiang Nan headquarter city Yang Zhou city, Times Square, there were flowers filling up the entire plaza.

The Swallowing Beast calamity had placed more stress and destruction on humanity than the Great Nirvana before. However, with the sacrifice of Earth's eight strongest warriors, humanity had overcome the disaster. Hong and Thunder God were deep in coma, while their heart beat was still there, there no mental functions or signals at all.

They could be said to be living dead!

The entire world's headquarter cities had initiated their own events and parades to celebrate the eight heroes, expressing their gratitude and respect.

And Yang Zhou city, as the hometown of one of the eight, Luo Feng, within the biggest plaza, countless people had gathered to grieve. In this battle...Luo Feng was the youngest among the eight, and also the most genius and talented, just 22 years old and he could easily kill a Grand Emperor monster.

With such talent, many people had believed him to continue growing, surpassing Hong and Thunder God was a very high possibility. Many even said...Luo Feng, being able to easily kill a grand emperor, was already on par with Hong and Thunder God.

However, there was no point in saying all these.


Times Square, bouquets of flowers filled the entire floor.

Groups after groups of people came to bow and deliver their respect.

’’Luo Feng.’’ In the crowd, a young man accompanied by a young lady was in immeasurable grief, looking at Luo Feng's statue, ’’You, you...’’

’’Ah Wen.’’ The young lady tried coaxing.

’’He and I grew up together since we were infants, who would have thought he'd just go like that.’’ Wei Wen's expression was filled with pain, ’’Ever since he entered the dojo, he had always been the most outstanding. From early on, becoming a high level student and onto a warrior. Step after step...I saw him grow stronger and stronger.’’

’’I knew, he would soar even higher. Who would have thought...’’ Wei Wen shook his head.

Wei Wen and his girlfriend were bowing in the plaza, before disappearing into the crowd after.

Ming Yue District, Luo Feng's house second storey, bedroom.

The warm sun in winter, shone past the windows, Xu Xin's face while lying in bed was white and pale.

’’Little sister.’’ Xu Gang sat beside her on the bed, consoling her, ’’Don't be too upset, Luo Feng's death was for the highest of reasons, it was worth it. Also...You being so upset, along with being pregnant with child, is not good for the child.’’

’’Big brother.’’ Xu Xin said softly, ’’I know, you can leave.’’

’’Take care of your body, even if it's for Luo Feng, you have to give birth to the children.’’ Xu Gang consoled her and left.

From the relationship standpoint, Luo Feng, as one of earth's eight great heroes, the Xu family definitely wished for Xu Xin to give birth to Luo Feng's children.

From the logical standpoint, Luo Feng was Earth's greatest spirit reader, his genetic inheritance was more worthy than anything, these children definitely had to be kept.


Luo Feng's house first floor.

’’Doctor.’’ Gong Xin Lan asked, ’’How's our Xu Xin doing?’’

In Hua Xia's medical elites, the one at the top was Mr Hua, he came personally to check up on Xu Xin, as a form of respect to Luo Feng. He said solemnly: ’’Mrs Luo, there's actually no problem with the patient's body, only...emotional scarring, no matter how healthy the body, if she continues to wallow in despair, I'm afraid her body's condition will continue to decline.’’

’’This...’’ Gong Xing Lan's expression changed slightly.

Yesterday, while watching the broadcast, the moment Luo Feng's life force signal had completely vanished, Xu Xin actually fainted on the spot.

Even though the Luo couple were in unbearable pain themselves, they didn't want to let their son's legacy experience any problems, hence inviting the doctor, all they could do for their son was to protect his bloodline.

’’No matter what the cost, Doctor Hua, you definitely have to protect the children within her.’’ Gong Xin Lan emphasized.

’’I understand! Mr. Luo Feng's bloodline, I will do my best.’’ Doctor Hua stressed, ’’I'll immediately request from the country some spirits of nature and some other medicinal herbs to help her.’’

’’My family has spirits of nature.’’ Gong Xin Lan nodded.

’’That's even better.’’ Mr Hua nodded happily, saying, ’’The spirits of nature and a few other medicinal herbs can help nurture and strengthen her body. However...the root, still lies within her heart. If she drowns in sorrow and worry...I'm afraid she'll have a miscarriage before she can give birth.’’

Gong Xin Lan's expression changed.

’’That's why, we need to support her emotionally, help better her mood.’’ Doctor Hua said.

’’I understand.’’ Gong Xin Lan nodded.


On the bed.

Xu Xin lay in bed, unknowingly gently rubbing the steel ring on her finger, teardrops beading from her eyes, muttering: ’’Luo Feng, you, are you really gone? Have you really left me?’’

Pacific Ocean, the place where Luo Feng had battled with the Swallowing Beast.

A large number of creatures had gathered.

More than 60 Emperor class monsters, among them was even the only Grand Emperor monster left...the Thunder Dragon Emperor! So many creatures gathered at the seabed, all for the body of the devouring monster! According to their rules of evolution, eating a stronger monster's body would most certainly lead to evolution.

The Thunder Dragon Emperor was hoping to eat the body of the golden horned beast!


The Thunder Dragon Emperor stared angrily at two people ahead of him...liquid silver guards!

It's been here for over three days, however it's been unable to go ahead, all because of these two Liquid Silver Guards! Key information, the Liquid Silver Guards were able to even defend against the Golden Horned Beast, restraining the Thunder Dragon Emperor would only be too easy. While the Liquid Silver Guards attacks are extremely weak, opposite...their restraining abilities were extremely strong.

Behind the Liquid Silver Guards.

The enormous body of the golden horned beast which was blacker than black was just lying there, no sign of breath or life.


Inside the golden horned beast's body.

That crystal ball filled with gold engravings, was glowing very slightly, while it looked just like before, the truth was that there was some change occurring.

’’So, leaving one's body and possessing something else is so difficult! Babata, with these little steps, just how long would it take for me to be able to fully control this golden horned beast's body?’’

Luo Feng's thoughts spoke.

’’Don't be anxious, the situation you are in has probably never happened in a 100 million years, be patient! Slowly.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng never thought he'd survive!

Three days ago when he risked it all to attack the golden horned beast, Luo Feng realized, the golden horned beast's defense was too strong, and just when his own spirit planet was about to burn out...a square blood red crystal beam within the core of the mini planet separated and immolated, immediately, an immeasurable amount of spirit energy rushed though Luo Feng's spirit.

It was extremely large!

During the world broadcast, the reason behind the large surge in life force at a particular moment!

Luo Feng was very grateful!

He was grateful for his old teacher Yun Mo Planet's master, back then, he didn't know the power level of who he was passing on to. Star traveller? Star level? That's why, cautiously, he created the soul imprint, a soul capable of transforming a spirit reader to the Universe level!

And the soul imprint was but a tiny thing, just a small crystal beam.

But in fact, it was still something created by an Undying being! When this beam immolated, that immense energy swiftly surged through and broke through the Golden Horned Beast's defense, without any problem at all! Maybe the power of the Golden Horned Beast was stronger, but the character of the soul imprint was much too powerful.

One needle, piercing into tofu. Of course it was easy!

The Golden Horned Beast's soul was attacked!

And Luo Feng's soul was revitalized, becoming invincible. While his own flesh and consciousness had crumbled and he had nowhere to return to. That's the spur of the moment, he immediately began using the 'Possession' technique, breaking apart the golden horned beast's soul into pieces and devouring them. However fast the devouring speed, it still took more than a day.


Just like the storage space ring, the Cloud Contact Vine relies on the spirit imprint to remember its owner, Babata this AI, was also linked to Luo Feng via a spirit connection. The soul was the foundation! Several treasures in the universe, normally all rely on the soul imprints (Spirit imprint) to recognize their owners, that's why when Luo Feng's soul left his body, he naturally managed to reconnect with Babata again.

’’Luo Feng, you've taken over its consciousness. However, your fusion level with your soul and its body is still very low, you need to take it slow.’’

’’The moment the possession started, at most you can't even walk properly, that's normal.’’

’’Come, just start trying to move your eyelids, slowly.’’

’’Relax, I've already cut off all signals around here. Mankind would never be able to discover the Devouring Monster's life force here.’’ Babata was extremely excited. My god. Possessing a space beast? It was simply a dream!

Just discussing bloodlines in the universe, the space beasts' were the unquestionable leading and elites.

The golden horned beast, was one of the ones at the peak.

’’Babata, how can I regain my human body?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Damn, do you need to even think about your human body?’’ Babata said, ’’With this body, even if you want to become a sector lord, all you need to do is wait! Also...I've heard, the space beasts all have inherited memories, the higher the level of space beast, the more the memories.’’

’’Knowledge, knowledge is power!’’

’’Your teacher had only 60 million years of life, his amassed knowledge was only how much? While his secret techniques are powerful, in the vast universe, there were still those stronger than him.’’

’’And space beasts, especially the elite space beasts, generations and generations of inherited memories, almost up to the point where the universe first began.’’

’’When you have totally melded 100% with it's body, all these bloodline inherited memories will fully meld into your soul!’’ Babata was extremely excited.

Become the great Golden Horned Beast?

Travel and rule the universe?

’’As for returning to your human body, it's not too difficult. The dumbest way is to repossess a human again. The best way, is to acquire the legendary spirit readers' technique <Soul split>. You can split some of your soul into this body and another part into the human body. However this technique <Soul Split>, even your teacher had only heard of it before.’’ Babata said, ’’Don't think about it, at least you are still alive.’’


Luo Feng's mind shook.

At least, I'm still alive! Where there's life, there's hope!

There's hope of seeing his family, seeing his children get born...

Luo Feng began to work harder to control his body.

Blinking? Moving a claw? Waving his tail? Gently moving those scaled wings?

One step after another!

Luo Feng worked hard, after using 16 days of time...

’’I've succeeded.’’

At the bottom of the pacific ocean, a large Golden Horned Beast that had brought disaster and gave humanity a nightmare before, was gently swimming around, its cold dark golden pupils surveyed its surroundings, the surrounding Emperor class monsters, and also the Grand Emperor was so scared, it lay there respectfully.

’’Luo Feng, congratulations.’’ Babata too was extremely excited.


When he had fully melded, it was almost like his own body, suddenly, an immensely large amount of memories flooded into Luo Feng's soul, extremely vast, ancient, generation after generation of golden horned beast's inherited memories were appearing in his mind, the amount of memories, caused Luo Feng's consciousness to go into shock and stop thinking altogether!

It was too, too huge!


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