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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 35


Volume 07 Chapter 35 - A New Chapter

In the deep ocean, Luo Feng and the five others were rushing downwards, Luo Feng had the Cloud Contact armor, and the five others had Black God sets protecting their bodies, allowing them to head deep underwater.

’’Luo Feng, that swallowing monster is currently at 1200m below the surface, won't we wake him if we get too close? Won't he interrupt you while you while you unleash your technique?’’ The Indian Tripathi Singh couldn't help but ask, the other four too looked at Luo Feng, Luo Feng was the leader of this mission.

Afterall, they didn't know what secret technique that was.

’’Don't worry.’’ With a thought, a liquid silver guard wearing black battle armor appeared beside them.


The other five were shocked at the sudden appearance of the Liquid Silver Guard, just looking at its face, they deduced...this wasn't a real human, and it was the one that saved Hong and Thunder God before, the special 'robot'.

’’This is something I got from the ancient ruins.’’ Luo Feng said as he landed on the seabed, the five followed.

’’You guys command an autojet to come here.’’ Luo Feng said solemnly.

’’Why?’’ The other five were startled.

The autojets were indeed capable of flying and going underwater, but why command it to come here?

’’The moment I use the technique, you will die. I'll put your bodies in the autojet to leave here. As for me, I'll immediately begin my battle with the swallowing monster.’’ Luo Feng said, the other five nodded as they heard this, they understood that in this battle, they were but pawns for sacrifice, to allow Luo Feng to grow extremely strong within a short time.

And Luo Feng, may die without even leaving a body behind.


From high up in the sky, an autojet swiftly rushed towards the sea bed, reaching very quickly.

’’Sit down, close your eyes, remember, don't resist.’’ Luo feng said seriously.


Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi and Sokolov, these five people glanced at each other, their faces each having a peculiar smile on, smiles that held the power capable of shaking people's souls.

The five all sat crossed legged.

The five, plus Luo Feng, made six in total. They formed points of the <Six Blades>secret technique's 'Sacrificial Ritual'.

’’Let's begin.’’

Luo Feng too closed his eyes.

Within his mind, there was a total of three mini planets, in the center, the mini planet was one that appeared when he reached the Star traveller level 1, the other 2 were respectively when he reached level 2 and 3. The 2 planets orbited around the middle one, like the earth around the sun.

The one in the center was the largest.

Three mini planets, all of them were entirely red. The three mini planets emanated threads of red fog, filling the entire space within his consciousness...Tower of the Void!

A blood red tower, the space within in vast like the universe, Luo Feng's three mini planets were within that.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Five blood red threads flew out from the Tower of the Void, leaving Luo Feng's body. The peculiar thing was, in the physical world, these spirit threads were transparent. The five threads of spirit immediately entered into Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi and Sokolov's consciousness.

’’Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!’’

The five souls immediately began to immolate!


Sea bed, six men sat cross legged.

When the five souls began immolating, their bodies began to emit a formless vibration, large amounts of spirit energy, under Luo Feng's precise control, began to follow the <Six Blades>wave to the center, Luo Feng, and enter into his consciousness Tower of the Void.

The five's life forces were declining rapidly.

Luo Feng's life force was rising rapidly

Yet, the five who were sacrificing themselves were all smiling.


Europe, Paris base, big screens were hung up in the streets.

’’The six have stopped movement on the seabed. The one in the center Luo Feng, his life force is the strongest, the next in line is Eastbourne...’’ The broadcast report resounded across the streets, gathered there were many European men and women, all glued to the screens.

’’Their life forces are declining! Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi and Sokolov's life forces are rapidly declining! Luo Feng's life force is increasing rapidly.’’

On the screen.

The silhouettes representing the six, five of which were rapidly beginning to blur, Luo Feng's silhouette kept getting clearer.


The five silhouettes complete vanished. It was obvious the apparatus couldn't detect any life force anymore.



Countless people of the streets couldn't help but cover their faces, they knew, once their life forces vanished, it meant death.

’’This is Mo Henderson's auto jet, it's already gone out to sea, according to my sources, the auto jet currently has five bodies within it, Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi and Sokolov these five heroes! They, for the sake of humanity have sacrificed themselves! Please always remember them!’’

’’Luo Feng!!!’’

’’Luo Feng is heading towards the swallowing monster!’’

The voices began to grow tense and nervous.

On the screen, the life force representing Luo Feng was swiftly heading deeper, closing up with the incomparably large swallowing monster's signal.

’’Let us pray!’’

’’Pray that Luo Feng will emerge victorious!’’

On the streets, everyone held their hands to their chests, looking at the screen.


At that time, countless people all over the world were praying, hoping...that victory would come!

Rock stratum below the seabed.

Luo Feng was swiftly heading down.

’’800m, 600m, 400m, 300m!’’ Babata continuously reported the distance between Luo feng and the swallowing monster, ’’200m!’’

Luo Feng fiercely stopped.

The surrounding rock stratum broke apart.

’’Golden Horned Beast, die!’’ Luo Feng's pupils were fierce and glowing.

Within his consciousness.

The enormous Tower of the Void, two mini planets were orbiting around the center planet, suddenly...

Rumble! Rumble Rumble!

The three mini planets suddenly became fireballs, correctly speaking, it was the large amount of red fog rushing out from the mini planets, entering the Tower of the Void. The originally collected power of five powerful warriors, made the extremely dazzling Tower of the Void begin to fiercely rotate.

Non-stop rotation!

This made the entire Tower of the Void look like a blur, the tip of the pagoda suddenly produced a dazzling shiny point.

’’Years of hard work, all gone.’’ Within the wrist cuff space, Babata sat on a chair, shaking his head, ’’I hope, hope it can be like Hong and Thunder God. At least maintain some sort of foundation and enter a coma afterwards. At least that way, he won't die.’’


Luo Feng could feel himself getting weaker.



A Tower of the Void invisible to the naked eye rotated to form a cone, drilling past 200m of distance, in an instance rushing straight into the golden horned beast's body.

’’Roar...’’ The enraged beast roared.


The surrounding rock stratum fiercely burst apart, Luo Feng could see the enraged Golden Horned Beast, those dark golden pupils staring angrily at him. However, 'shua, shua' two liquid silver guards defended Luo Feng's body.

’’It's consciousness, is not in its head.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

The Tower of the Void had rushed through the beast's head, there was no soul there! Luo Feng finally understood...why blowing off its head didn't kill it, it was because this golden horned beast, was different from humans, and also from the other monsters, its consciousness, soul wasn't in the head portion!

At that moment, the Tower of the Void was rushing down the neck portion swiftly, entering the Golden Horned Beast's torso interior!


The Tower of the Void swept past everything.

To the Tower of the Void which was formed from spirit energy, the flesh and blood had no way to stop it.

’’Eh? Here!’’

Within the body of the golden horned beast, there was actually something that was emanating a golden light, it was about 20 or more cm, a transparent crystal ball. The crystal ball had countless complex golden engravings, these engravings were emanating beams of golden light! When Luo Feng's Tower of the Void brushed past, it felt a strong resistance.

It's soul is inside!


The rotating Tower of the Void fiercely impacted the crystal ball!

’’Roar! Roar!’’ The golden horned beast roared within the rock stratum, its scaled wings were incomparably sharp, they became two large sabers. Its claws where even faster and sharper, its tail, incredibly powerful. At that time...they were all madly attacking at Luo Feng's body.

The two liquid silver guards were giving their all in defending.

’’No good, it's spiritual defense is too powerful!’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

Luo Feng's expression suddenly grew malevolent, gritting his teeth, ’’I'll give it my all!’’

Rumble! Rumble Rumble!

Three mini planets visible to the naked eye flew out from Luo Feng's consciousness, ’’Rumble...’’ Luo Feng's consciousness left its foundation, immediately, it began to crumble!


’’NO! LUO FENG, NO!!!’’ Within the wrist cuff space, Babata was pale from shock.

Hong and Thunder God may have used soul immolation, but they never let their souls leave their bodies!

Luo Feng had actually given up his physical body, putting his entire soul into the Tower of the Void! This way, it was akin to leaving no way out after. This way, the attack would definitely be the strongest. However, even if he succeeded, his original body's consciousness would crumble, he couldn't return!


’’Die, die, die!’’

Luo Feng's will had an incomparable sturdiness and madness within!

His entire soul had merged with the Tower of the Void!

The Tower of the Void had become a sharp cone, madly piercing in the direction of the golden crystal ball filled with golden engravings that were emanating countless golden lights! And the Tower of the Void's three mini planets were burning and constantly consuming, getting smaller as time passed.

’’Why isn't it breaking?’’

’’WHY ISN'T IT BREAKING!!!’’ Luo Feng was extremely worried.



The golden horned beast was painfully flailing its head, violently crashing into the rock stratum at the sides, its soul was under attack, causing it immeasurable pain. A few hours before, its soul had just received heavy damage. And now this human's attack, was no weaker than the attack from before!


’’Break! Break! Break!’’

Luo Feng's was going insane.

He wasn't afraid of death!

Just afraid of failure!!!

Within the Tower of the Void, the three spirit mini planets were shrinking quickly, puff, puff, the two smaller planets had shrunk into nothingness. All that was left was the center spirit planet! It's size too was left at only 1/3 of before. This blood red spirit planet too was constantly immolating, pushing large amounts of spirit energy into the Tower of the Void.

Immolate, immolate!

Smaller and smaller!

Luo Feng could feel his consciousness slowly getting blurry, he understood...he was dying.

’’Kill it, kill it, kill it!!!’’

Jiang Nan Base, Yang Zhou city streets.

Old people with heads full of white, crying hungry babies, at this time, everyone on the street was nervously looking at the screen, amongst them was Wei Wen, he was probably the most nervous: ’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng, my brother, you, you...must live on, live on!’’

On the screen!

The life force signal representing Luo Feng, had already been mixed with the swallowing monster's life force, it was obvious they were engaged in battle!

Stifled breaths!

The whole world held their breaths at this moment.


Two forces fiercely clashed against each other, it seemed much stronger suddenly. It was almost like a star exploding just before it dies out!


Rapid decline!

’’The life force is declining, declining, rapidly declining!’’ The voice finally spoke out from the screen, ’’There's no way to determine whose is whose life force, both are mixed together. Still declining!’’

Wei Wen watched wide eyed.

Nervously watching too were Xu Xin, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, Luo Hua and the others.

Everyone on Earth were extremely nervous!


On the screen, the signals of life forces were rapidly declining, getting weaker, and weaker...


They totally vanished!

The signals representing the life forces on the screen had totally vanished. Be it Luo Feng, or the swallowing monster, both had totally vanished!

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

’’It's dead?’’

’’Luo Feng and the swallowing monster both died?’’

Everyone on Earth had seen it happen before, the swallowing monster had revived before. Hence, the anxiety and nervousness!

One minute, two minutes, three minutes...

The swallowing monster life force didn't reappear, neither did Luo Feng's.

There was silence throughout the world!

Time in China, afternoon 4.10pm, three Star traveller warriors of humanity dived into the deep sea, discovering the enormous body of the swallowing monster, however, they had no way of breaking through its scales.

The news spread all over, the entire world erupted in joy!

’’The swallowing monster is dead, it's really dead!’’

’’Let us remember their names!’’

’’Hong, Thunder God, Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov and Luo Feng! It was them, who saved the entire humanity, them who gave us hope!’’

’’It's just like the myths and legends, only through hardship and pain will humanity gain a new flame, the gods and creators, giving humanity a place to survive and live.’’

’’And Hong, Thunder God, Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov and Luo Feng!’’

’’Them, they gave us the hope of survival.’’

’’We'll always remember their eight names!’’

’’The oldest amongst them was 89, youngest was only 22!’’

Afternoon 4.25pm, large numbers of monsters had gathered around that sea area, including the emperor class monsters. This made the humans retreat immediately, unable to enter the sea bed.

Nightfall, the entire world, the sea creatures originally madly attacking the bases all swiftly retreated!

When the next day's sun rose.

The Earth had regained its previous peace.

Humanity's history, had begun a whole new chapter.


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