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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 33


Volume 07 Chapter 33 - Earth's Number One Spirit Reader

Earth's Number One Spirit Reader

China, northeastern headquarter city


A young beautiful lady was watching the broadcast on the screen, groaning and crying in pain, suddenly standing straight up, rushing into her own study. A few men and children in the same room watching the scene t oo were shocked in disbelief.

Within the study room.

The young lady quickly turned on her computer, entering into her emails and opening the latest and newest one. That particular email had a video attached, the lady bit her lip, trembling as she gently clicked the mouse once.


A video opened, the scene that appeared was a bald dressed in white Thunder God.

’’Little Lei.’’ Thunder God didn't have the same mischievous smile, it was one of tenderness, ’’We haven't seen each other in almost 16 years.’’

’’I still remember back then, the first time I brought you to the amusement park, the first time teaching you martial arts, the first time I scolded you, the first time I hit you.’’ Thunder God shook his head and smiled, ’’I know you hate me, however, if given a choice all over again, I would still choose to kill that useless fellow.’’

’’I also know you won't be able to forgive me.’’

’’Back then when your mum left you to me, I made a promise to let you live a life of happiness, not to ever let you go through any difficulties or hardship. I didn't expect things to turn out this way.’’

’’I won't say anymore.’’

’’In a bit, I'll be heading out with Hong. This time, I'm afraid it'll be difficult to come back alive. So I thought about it and decided to send you this email!’’ Thunder God wiped his shiny bald head, ’’Little Lei, don't worry, I, your father, will definitely kill that swallowing monster.’’

’’I told you before, I won't let you suffer any hardship, this is a promise I made to your mum, and also one I made to you.’’

’’Love always, your father!’’

On the screen, Thunder God smiled and the video ended.

’’Sob...Sob...’’ The young lady lay flat on the desk and cried, her tears non stop.

Only when one has lost something will he/she feel the pain.

’’Dad, dad, dad, come back, come back. I'm wrong, I'm wrong.’’ The young lady kept crying, she cried till her voice went hoarse, memories flashing in her mind, her mother died young, she was brought up single-handedly by Thunder God, he had pampered her a lot with incomparable love.

The only thing was she was only 16, because of her first relationship, Thunder God had actually killed her boyfriend. Having been spoilt and pampered since young, she was extremely enraged and left home, and even left behind some cruel words...


She suddenly realized, just how much her father had loved her.

Kyoto headquarter city, outer wall defense. Jia Yi was looking over the injured soldiers.

’’Don't move, just lie down and rest.’’ Jia Yi said.

’’Yes sir.’’ A disabled and bandaged young soldier shouted.

Jia Yi stood up straight.

’’Senior Official.’’ One policemen ran over.

’’What's the matter? ’’Jia Yi asked, the policemen lowered his voice and said: ’’Senior official, Liu Ning has been sacrificed.’’ Liu Ning was Jia Yi's youngest disciple, he was only 19 this year, and he was also Jia Yi's most favorite disciple. When the battle occurred, Jia Yi had sent almost all of them immediately to the battlefield.

’’Oh.’’ Jia Yi responded and went silent, only his facial muscles moved a little.

’’Little Ning...’’ Jia Yi grimaced within, looking at the entire patient ward, many of the injured soldiers had taken out their handphones and were looking through either pictures or messages.

’’They are all so young!’’ Jia Yi felt a pain within his heart, yet he was helpless.

Hong and Thunder God's failure had left the entire upper echelon of the world in pain and turmoil, and they also found out from Luo Feng...the liquid silver guards didn't have the ability to kill the swallowing monster, which was even more disappointing.


While the upper echelon was in dismay, the broadcasts weren't!

At that moment, the entire world was still broadcasting the battles, however they were only replaying scenes from the battles, saying Hong and Thunder God were only injured heavily and not dead. They even say the two silver giants were earth's latest technology, humanity's hope!

This led to countless commoners and communities to be filled with hope!

Countless soldiers to carry on fighting!

Luo Feng had reached home.

Within the living room, the television was on.

’’These two silver giants are the results of research from the various countries. Just like the countless battles over these thousands of years, humanity will definite emerge victorious!’’ The voice from the television said, Luo Feng couldn't bear to listen and immediately left the living room for the third floor.

On the balcony.

A cool breeze blew, Luo Feng was slight refreshed.

’’There's no use Luo Feng, give up!’’ Babata coaxed, ’’Earth has no hope, just let everybody else die, you can't stop it.’’

’’This doesn't just concern one or two people dying, it's countless people.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but rage, ’’Am I to just watch as countless youths, children and infants die? Am I to watch as the Earth becomes a playground for monsters? Humans going extinct? There must be a way, there must be.’’

For the Earth to be overrun by monsters, the thought alone was a nightmare.

’’The soul, is the root of life.’’

Luo Feng's eyes lit up, ’’That swallowing monster's life force has become a lot weaker, does that mean that its soul, is also much weaker than before? Babata, tell me.’’

’’Erm...’’ Babata was hesitating.

’’Tell me.’’ Luo Feng was getting impatient.

’’Right, it's very weak. However, it's still not something a Star traveller level 3 spirit reader like you can handle.’’ Babata said.

’’Babata, you said before, it's still very young! Indeed...A Star traveller level has no ability to wander the universe. It's currently only a Star level, meaning it was probably born on Earth! As strong as it is, if it was born much earlier, it would have been discovered by man much earlier.’’

’’To discover it so late, means it probably wasn't born too long ago.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’It's still young, it's soul should be more fragile.’’

’’Also, it consecutively received the B6 laser cannon attack, and Hong and Thunder God's attack. His power should be only about 20% of before.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, ’’If I use the Yun Mo Planet secret technique <Tower of the Void>and risk it... The original power of the skill is already great, once I risk it all...’’

’’And if it's not enough, I'll use the <six blades>secret technique, allowing the other strongest warriors on earth to combine strengths with me...’’ Luo Feng was swiftly simulating a plan in his thoughts.

The secret techniques of the Yun Mo Planet were very strong!

And Babata had always emphasized the importance of Luo feng studying these techniques. Till now, even though his studies hadn't been too profound, the more elaborate ones, with Luo Feng's current power, he was unable to use them. He was, however, able to draw his power to the maximum potential already.

’’Luo Feng, don't think such crazy thoughts!!!’’ Babata raged, ’’I don't allow it, I definitely don't allow it, I've waited fifty thousand years, for a disciple like you, I definitely don't allow you to go and commit suicide!!!’’

’’I'm not going to commit suicide, Hong and Thunder God's soul immolation, they didn't die did they?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’But they are in a coma!’’

Babata raged, ’’In the universe, even undying beings who receive heavy damage to their souls, some sleep for a million years before they recover! And some, just sleep forever. Hong and Thunder god may not be dead, but their souls are currently in a deep coma! Their souls were originally not strong, if they are lucky, they may awake in a couple of years. If not, they will never wake again and remain in that coma.’’

’’Luo Feng, don't be rash.’’ Babata raged.

’’I am Luo Feng, before I am a disciple of Yun Mo Planet.’’ Luo Feng said firmly.

’’You want to go die?’’ Babata raged.

’’Babata.’’ Luo Feng looked around, ’’you think I want to die? I don't want to die!!! I wish so much to watch my children get born, so much to hear them call me father! I want to live! Even in my dreams I want to live!’’

’’But you...’’ Babata hesitated.

’’Babata, right now I only have two choices! One, be like a cowardly tortoise, watch as countless of my fellow kind get killed, watch as countless innocent children cry as their parents get killed, watch as infants who are still drinking milk get as they die, while I, along with my close ones and children hide in the Yun Mo Planet ship, like a tortoise! After that, my children will get born, they will live their days without sunshine, without friends, they will only know from our stories that the Earth was once filled with many many children like them, the only thing is, they all died.’’

’’And Babata, you said before, only a Star level can comfortably get by in the universe! And my family and children who aren't Star traveller level, entering the universe and the other planets, is very dangerous.’’ Luo Feng said.

Babata quietly accepted.

It was indeed true.

The universe, was unfair! Battles occurred on every planet, every galaxy. It would be tragic to bring normal people into the universe.

’’I need to reach the Star level, to allow my family to live good lives in the universe, stable lives. And just how long will it take me to reach the Star level? Decades? My children will be living in a ship for decades?’’ Luo Feng shook his head ’’that's totally a nightmare, leaving society and passing life by in a ship for decades, I'd rather die than let my children live such lives.’’

’’The second choice!’’

’’I Luo Feng, with the <six blades>technique, allow five other Star traveller warriors to donate their souls, fuse and soul immolation! After, I'll use the <Tower of the Void>as my final attack and move! These two moves are Yun Mo Planet's secret techniques, along with the soul immolation, to kill a space beast with only 10-20% of power, there's hope.’’

’’There's a few outcomes, one, success, I don't die, countless people will have hope, that's of course the best outcome.’’

’’Two, success, I die. However...My children can live good lives, go to kindergarten, find friends and playmates. And my parents, Xu Xin can take care of them, they will just have one less father. They will grow up and learn the history of their father, I believe, they'll be proud of me.’’

’’Three, failure, I'll definitely die too. That devouring monster will be seriously injured, allowing humanity the hope to kill it!’’ Luo Feng's expression was calm. ’’Babata, which path do you think I'd take?’’

Babata wanted to speak, but he didn't know how to coax him out of it.

’’Babata, seriously, since I was 18 and I became a warrior, I've never feared death!’’

’’It's the opposite, I'm more afraid of my children living their lives in a ship for decades!’’

’’I'm even more afraid, Hong, Thunder God and the countless others who sacrificed themselves would be in vain!’’

’’Death, is not scary at all. Men, grow old or die of illness all the time, it's all a cycle.’’

’’I want to help my friends, Wei Wen and others.

’’I want to help my fellow people.’’

’’I want to help the countless unborn children, similar to mine.’’

’’On behalf of them, I want to fight.’’

’’It's also for myself!’’ Luo Feng laughed loudly, ’’One must know, Hong and Thunder God fighting it out, they are the two strongest fighters on Earth. And me, I'm the Earth's strongest spirit reader, how can I back down? Haha!’’

Luo Feng's laughed made Babata silent.

How long has it been...

Babata hadn't been in such a complicated situation, it was the first time, Babata felt towards this averagely qualified, no other choice disciple, some respect.

’’Alright, I'll help you.’’ Babata said seriously.

’’Haha, don't be like that, I've said, we'll fight it out, there's still hope for survival.’’ Luo Feng's spirit at the time was calm within.


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