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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 32


Volume 07 Chapter 32 - The Fall


When Hong and Thunder God entered the body of the swallowing beast, everybody's hearts were hanging. However, nobody could see what was going on within the swallowing beast's body!

’’Babata, can Hong and Thunder God win?’’ Luo Feng was also extremely nervous.

’’Don't worry. Hong and Thunder God are the two genius fighters of earth and are extremely intelligent and decisive! To deal with the 'swallowing' move, Hong brought out so much metal debris. He was probably worried that the golden horned beast would actually be able to swallow all of that, so he even brought a bunch of hydrogen bombs! This made sure that the golden horned beast wouldn't devour all of that’’

’’And Hong used that chance to prepare his ultimate move! Clearly, his ultimate move needed time to prepare’’

’’When the enraged golden horned beast swiped at the metal debris with its claws, Hong's ultimate move unleashed right on time! The tricks were all connected, how magnificent’’ reminisced Babata, ’’Luo Feng, don't worry. Seeing their performance from beginning to end, the two of them have clearly made sufficient preparations! Now that they have entered the golden horned beast, the golden horned beast isn't able to attack with its claws. Therefore, their chances of success have raised to around 50% or 60%.

How can Luo Feng not worry just from Babata's words?

He couldn't stop worrying!

Luo Feng continued to stare at the screen.

’’The golden horned beast is still the holder of one of the most supreme bloodlines out of the space beasts, and it actually let Hong and Thunder God have a chance to pierce its scales and enter its body. It's just..... so naive. Its battle capabilities are way too low.’’ Babata couldn't help but to say, ’’Looking at its previous battles, it only relied on brute force.’’

Indeed, with the golden horned beast's strength, talent, etc. as long as it fought more intelligently or skillfully, it wouldn't have ended up like this.

’’If it was even more powerful, then we would have even less hope’’ Luo Feng was a bit bitter.

’’I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying that this golden horned beast is probably very, very young. It just stepped into its adult stage of growth. Maybe it has no experience at all because it's too young. Its methods of attacks are so simple and crude.’’ explained Babata.

It was born with its body and talent.

But experience, skill, maturity, cunning, etc. need to be cultivated. Even Earth's genius Einstein and the wise Sun Wu from the Warring States period were 'naive' when they were babies. If you allow this golden horned beast to grow for 10,000 or 100,000 years, it will become absolutely terrifying.

But now?

It's still small! And this young, small golden horned beast almost caused humanity on Earth to go extinct.

In the sky above the Pacific Ocean.

’’WU ’’


The golden horned beast let out cries of pain. Chichi~~ Golden light spread out on the surface of its scales and then seeped into its body. It wanted to kill those two abominable humans in its body.


Since the battlefield is inside the golden horned beast's body, the golden lights let out by the golden horned beast weren't too destructive. Otherwise, it would be killing itself.


The entire body of the golden horned beast shook. Its dark golden eyes held a bit of anger and pain in them. Fresh, red blood seeped out of its mouth.


This peculiar trembling caused the golden horned beast to raise its head and roar in pain. Droplets of red blood started to seep out of the slits between the stacked scales all over its body.

’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’ ’’BOOM!’’

While it roared in pain, huge amounts of droplets of blood started seeping out of the scales on the surface of the golden horned beast's body. After around 10 seconds, its entire body was enveloped in a layer of blood. At first, it started to roar in pain. But as time went on, its roars continuously became softer. In the end, it no longer gave off any sounds. Suddenly

Its dark golden eyes started to become dim. Its gigantic scaled wings sank, and its gigantic body actually started to powerlessly fall downwards!

In China, on the displays on the streets, televisions in homes, and inside military camps.....

’’Its life force is weakening!’’

’’The swallowing beast's powerful life force is swiftly lowering! It only has its original 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%.....’’ an extremely excited voice rang around every part of China. Not only China, every other location on earth was in a state of extreme excitement.

’’We won!’’



Voices and even cries filled with excitement rang up. Everybody on earth around every location on earth went into an uproar! In this moment, no matter male, female, old, young, no matter what race or which country, every single person from every single country cheered in happiness.

In Yang Zhou city's Limit Hall's training hall, uproar!

Everybody was yelling excitedly.

’’Success! Its life force is disappearing!’’ Luo Feng looked at the falling golden horned beast's corpse that was covered in fresh blood with excitement.

It actually died!

This horrifying monster that caused humans to despair, is finally dead! Holy! Luo Feng could barely believe such happiness has arrived.

’’What about Hong and Thunder God?’’ Luo Feng looked at the display carefully.

The broadcaster's voice rang: ’’Everybody on earth, we must bring you a piece of saddening news. Right now, we cannot detect any sort of life force at all. Which is to say..... even though the swallowing beast is dead, the two of our most powerful fighters on earth, the heads 'Hong' and 'Thunder God', have sacrificed themselves! They are heroes, heroes who have saved the entire world!’’


The training hall settled down really quickly.

’’Maybe not’’ Babata's voice ranged in Luo Feng's mind, ’’Hong and Thunder God might not have died’’

’’Maybe not? I thought they can't detect their life force anymore?’’ a sliver of excitement and expectation raised in Luo Feng's heart.

He didn't want Hong and Thunder God to die like this either.

’’No, your planet's life force detectors were found in the ruins of spaceships! These detectors actually have an effective limit. When one's life force lowers to a certain point, the life force detector isn't able to detect it anymore. And the detectors themselves aren't that good. It probably can't detect any life force below the beginner student level fighter’’ explained Babata.


Shocked voices rang in the training hall, ’’The, the swallowing beast stopped’’

Luo Feng froze, Xu Xin beside him froze, everyone froze.

Luo Feng looked over. The golden horned beast that was originally falling powerlessly on the display has indeed stopped its fall. It just hovered there. And the screen displayed..... that the golden horned beast is regaining its life force.

’’The life force of the swallowing beast is becoming more powerful!’’ the broadcaster was full of shock.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

’’What, what.....’’ Luo Feng widened his eyes in disbelief.

Why is it so hard to kill?

They sacrificed so much! WHY WON'T THIS SWALLOWING BEAST DIE!!!

The golden horned beast hovered in midair, its life force continuously strengthening, strengthening..... when it regained 10% of its strength, it continued to rise, 20%, all the way until 30%! When its life force raised to 30% of its original level, it stopped increasing.


Countless people on earth despaired! Countless people cried without making a sound! Countless people fell to their knees in pain!


In the sky above the Pacific Ocean.

The golden horned beast slowly opened its eyes. Its dark golden eyes were a bit powerless..... it has never been so close to death before! This time was even worse than the experience with the B6 grade laser cannon.

’’wu’’ it roared powerlessly.

The golden horned beast looked towards its abdomen.

What was seen was a black clothed man and a white clothed man drenched in blood falling out of the hole in its abdomen. After that, they directly fell down towards the ocean below. The golden horned beast looked towards these two people..... these two seemingly insignificant humans caused it to approach death like never before. After this experience, it understood one thing!

You need to seriously exert your full force even against the weakest of foes!

’’hu’’ the golden horned beast swiped with its claws!


On the surface of the Pacific ocean stood a silverish white human. It started expanding ferociously right after appearing! From around two meters, it instantly expanded to a height of 200 meters!

A 200 meter tall silverish white giant! It was about as big as the golden horned beast!

’’wu!’’ the golden horned beast was shocked as it looked at the silverish white giant below it.

The surface of the silverish white giant's body seemed to have a flowing silverish white liquid on it. And now, it directly extended its gigantic palm between the swallowing beast and the two fighters Hong and Thunder God!

’’PUCHI!’’ the claw smashed into the palm, which actually started to depress from the impact. But when the golden horned beast retracted its claw, the depression in the palm automatically repaired itself.

When the silverish white giant was blocking the golden horned beast, another silver man extended his hands and caught both Hong and Thunder God, and then swiftly started escaping towards the distance.

There were two liquid silver guards in total!

Luo Feng told Babata to arrange them to come over here in advance. If they have a chance, then save Hong and Thunder God!


How could the enraged golden horned beast watch those two abominable humans be taken away? It spread out its wings and went around the liquid silver guard that was blocking it as fast as lightning. It chased towards the other one..... in terms of speed, the golden horned beast was indeed fast. The liquid silver guard was moving at a little over 10,000 m/s.

The swallowing beast quickly caught up!

’’Hu!’’ the liquid silver guard that was being chased ferociously expanded and transformed into a gigantic silver giant. In a moment, it wrapped around the swallowing beast.

The other liquid silver guard in the back swiftly picked up Hong and Thunder God and started running again!

Only after a while was the swallowing beast able to get out.

’’wu!’’ the swallowing beast looked at the liquid silver guard that has contracted back into the size of a normal human with rage. Even though this weird thing isn't as fast as the swallowing beast, and its attacks aren't as powerful as the black clothed man and the white clothed man, its only advantage lies within its liquid-like body that can swiftly expand and contract. It could wrap around people like taffy.

The liquid silver guards could mitigate the swallowing beast's most powerful attacks.

The swallowing beast understood.....

That it actually might not have a chance of stealing those two human bodies with these two liquid silver guards working together.


The swallowing beast, which is currently extremely damaged and weakened, let out a roar of anger and then directly flew into the ocean.


Ming-Yue sector, hallway outside of Limit Hall's training room, Luo Feng was holding his phone.

Luo Feng's face was purple from anger.

’’Yes, I sent them. There's no use, the liquid silver guards can only stall people and act like a bodyguard. They can't kill the swallowing beast’’ Luo Feng hung up his call with Jia Yi. His heart was filled with an unimaginable amount of sorrow. Other people were shocked at the appearance of the two liquid silver guards and even started to get a little hopeful.

But Luo Feng was clear.

The liquid silver guards were high tech products in the universe and their function was extremely clear: bodyguarding.

’’What should we do, what should we do, just what should we do? Babata, tell me, what should we do?’’ Luo Feng was about to go insane. He closed his eyes in pain, and a bit of glistening could be seen in the corner of his eye.


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