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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 31


Volume 07 Chapter 31 - Indiscriminate Destruction


The deep pitch black ocean was roaring, the winds were howling, and all was dark. And above the ocean, humanity's greatest and most terrifying foe, the swallowing monster, was engaged in battle with humanity's two greatest warriors Hong and Thunder God!

Rumble! Rumble!

Within an instant, Hong and Thunder God had already begun to use the most powerful technique available to fighters with domains! If they didn't have their own domains, they would have no way to utilize such a skill!

Hong's entire body, including that spear, within an instant, was enshrouded in a black light.

Thunder God was enshrouded in a green snake-like light!

’’Haha.’’ Thunder god laughed loudly.

’’Haha.’’ Hong also laughed.

Xiu! Xiu!

The two immediately became two beams of light, charging straight at the swallowing monster from different directions. The swallowing monster was floating in mid air, its dark pupils coldly glaring at the two humans rushing at it...from its point of view, these two humans were nothing but ants, two ants that were slightly stronger than the countless others!

Yang Zhou, within the Dojo of Limits training room.

Luo Feng's was beside his family, watching the screen nervously.

’’They are giving it their all, Luo Feng, with Hong and Thunder God giving it their all, they've already begun their soul immolation! Their battle will last at most one minute. Within a minute, if the swallowing monster hasn't been killed, the two of them will not be able to resist.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's head.

Luo Feng's heart was in a frenzy, ’’Soul immolation, is it similar to the Yun Mo Planet's spirit reader's soul immolation?’’

Within the Yun Mo Planet's various books and manuals, there were many with regards to the basics. However, in the <Mixed>manual, there were also several secret techniques, for example, <Soul imprint>, <Tower of the Void>and others. Every one of them were profound and deep, naturally, there were skills regarding the soul immolation!

’’It's definitely different, in skill level wise, the Yun Mo Planet's version is much higher! However...while the skill level is higher, its power cannot be compared to those two.’’ Babata said, ’’What they are utilizing now, is an ultimate move only fighters with domains can use! Spirit, raw power, strength, willpower have all come together through the universe, exploding at an immense level of power. It's extremely scary, if they can kill the enemy in a short amount of time, they can still live.’’

However, if the swallowing monster doesn't die, then they'll die.’’ Babata said.

’’Have the liquid silver guards reached there yet’’ Luo Feng asked.

Back then at archeological ruin #12, Luo Feng had acquired three powerless liquid silver guards, however through Babata's repair and power replenishing, they can now be used again.

’’Almost! However, Luo Feng, the liquid silver guards are bodyguards. The two of them have gone on a suicide mission, so even the liquid silver guards won't have the ability to help.’’ Babata said helplessly.

’’We can only do all we can and resign to fate!’’ Luo Feng stared at the screen.

While the conversation with Babata seemed long, in truth, since it was just thoughts bouncing back and forth, it only took an instant. And within that short time!

The battle on the screen had already reached its climax!

It could be deemed as a star level battle, one that the ordinary folk couldn't see clearly with the naked eye. They could only watch the replays on the side, the slowed down versions and listen to the explanations.

And Luo Feng...

Was the only person in the entire training hall capable of watching the battle clearly.

’’Not good, the ultimate devouring skill.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.


The sky above the Pacific ocean.

The golden horned beast's tail had become a blur, quickly swishing past space and whipping towards Hong and Thunder God. A boom sound was heard, the golden horned beast felt an immense power from the enemies' spear, diminishing the power in its tail.


The golden horned beast raised it's head and let out an ear piercing howl, it...was enraged!

It had originally thought these two were just ants that were a little stronger, that it only required it's normal strength to easily squash them. However after engaging, it realized...these two tiny humans had powers that were way more shocking. More so than what it's bloodline memories and knowledge had informed it about the star traveller humans.

Also, sword skills, spear skills were way more shocking! Every slash, every shot seemed to be made by heaven, making it unable to predict at all!

It could be said...

This golden horned beast which had only been born for a year, with its long life ahead, was comparable to a human infant who had just been born and was still drinking milk. Even though its bloodline was elite, its bloodline memories vast and huge, but besides its natural techniques, the other knowledge and memories all had to be learned!

One year's time, how's that enough?

Theoretically speaking, even compared to Luo Feng, it was way behind! Compared to Hong and Thunder God who have stepped into the world of domains, the difference was as much as hundreds of thousands of miles.

The two warriors who were using the soul immolation, versus the golden horned beast which had suffered heavy injuries, the difference wasn't really that big.


The golden horned beast opened its mouth!

’’Not good!’’


Hong and Thunder God's expressions changed, the entire world watched through the satellite this scene, the fighters and warriors' expressions all changed, everyone had seen the golden horned beast's unique ability before, devouring.


Hong and Thunder God followed their battle plan from before, immediately heading in the same direction and flying! The two actually stuck together! The golden horned beast's pupils surveyed these two little dots, enraged more so than before, these two unworthy little humans were basically asking to be killed. It thought it could first swallow one at a time, since they were together, it could just swallow both!!!

’’Chi chi...’’

The formless space spread out to a few hundred meters around, totally covering the Hong and Thunder God in the area.

’’Brother Hong.’’ Thunder God's expression slightly changed.


With a wave of his hand, Hong made a large amount of black metal remains appear between himself and the swallowing monster! It was so densely packed there didn't seem to be any space at all between. If it was based on mass, the huge amount of metal remains seemed even bigger than the swallowing monster by a little!

180m long, 120m wide, 100m tall, that was an estimate of the amount.

The huge amount of metal remains were densely packed together.

One must know that the black dragon mountain x81 ship that Luo Feng obtained was only 100m big. And while the ship's metal may have been a lot, there were large amounts of space within, like the big hall, the cabin, the control room etc! This meant that the battleship, the transport ships and others were all just shells! They couldn't possible be totally made out of metal.


What appeared was a densely packed metal remains form of a plaything.

’’We let you swallow, all you want!!! If you can't take it after swallowing a few military bases, these are ancient ruin ship remains that are probably way higher quality than the metal on the whole of earth! In fact, with so much metal, it's even enough to build ten scout ships. Let's see if you can swallow it all.’’ Hong's eyes were cold as he thought to himself.

Common sense...

It was similar to man eating something, once he/she's eaten too much, they'd be overstuffed.

’’I'll add on more for you.’’ Hong's gaze was cold, swiftly waving his hand!


Another set of densely packed long metals!

’’Come on, this were all from me collecting from the various countries, there's a total of 18 hydrogen bombs! There are other atomic bombs used to detonate the hydrogen bombs.’’ Hong just took out the hydrogen bombs.


The golden horned beast was so enraged it stopped it's devouring and let out a roar!

The last time, the 1.5 hundred million ton hydrogen bomb and its power, the beast still remembered clearly. Now another 18 bombs? While their size was smaller, the golden horned beast didn't dare randomly swallow! And...that 180m long, 120m wide and 100m tall, made totally of metal remains, it too didn't dare to swallow!

Why did it have to use a few trips to ingest metal, and not just once and just ingesting more instead?

That was because it's 'stomach' had a limit!

Humans eating too much will get bloated!

That was the logic it didn't dare to eat too much! After all these metals, just one piece was equivalent to earth's normal metals 100 of the same size a piece. Eating so much, it's internal world would be so bloated it would collapse, once the internal world collapses, it too would die.


It let out an enraged roar, the extremely angry golden horned beast's horn on its forehead suddenly started glowing through the golden engravings, its pupils too changed to a bright golden color! The gold light swiftly followed through its neck, back and all the way to its front claws, the sharp claws that it used to attack directly!


The huge amount of metal remains was struck till it flew all over, those sharp claws immediately attacked past the metal to where Hong and Thunder God were. However...the moment those huge claws dispersed the large amount of metal, a black wave immediately rushed over, its speed shocking!


A very soft sound, just like one's hair catching on fire, exactly like how the swallowing monster was hit by the b6 laser earlier!


The black wave brushed past the claws and crashed straight into the golden horned beast's abdomen! Its incomparably strong scales were actually drilled into, leaving a hole!

’’Brother Hong!!!’’

A mournful sound resounded loudly in the sky!

A flash of lightning madly rushed towards that cavity!

’’Roar!’’ Feeling the black clothed man actually drilling into it's body, the enraged golden horned beast began clawing towards the lightning covered bald white clothed man, ’’Chi chi...’’ the powerful air waves rushed towards the white clothed bald man, chi...fresh blood was spurting everywhere, the white clothed man's waist down had been sliced into minced meat, only his upper half was fine only because of the fitting armor Luo Feng had given him.


He didn't back down, even with the bottom half of his body was in pieces, he still had to rush in, he was clear on their plan, Hong would drill into the golden horned beast and the skill price he had to pay for using such a skill was terrifying. Their plan from the beginning had only been kill the golden horned beast, the best way was to enter its body.

’’All the way, regardless of death, we still have to kill it!!!’’

There was half a white human silhouette.

Both eyes flushed red, madness beyond anything seen before!

Lighting was wrapping itself about the lower half of the white man silhouette, he pierced directly straight into the cavity!

’’Roar!!!’’ The golden horned beast roared angrily, however those two darned humans had already entered into its flesh and body!


The entire world had gone silent.

Luo Feng stared at the screen only to see an extremely angry golden horned beast, while the right side of the screen was showing replays and slowed down footage.

In the replay...

Hong's skin was covered in blood, almost like a mad god, piercing through the golden horned beast's scales and into its body.

Thunder God, with only half of his body left, was madly rushing into its body, risking it all to kill the golden horned beast!


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