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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 30


Volume 07 Chapter 30 - To Joke Together

Within the training room.

Hong was dressed in black, grabbing onto a completely black speak. And dressed in white was Thunder God, he too was examining a pure black blade.

’’Good weapons.’’ Hong's eyes lit up.

’’The blade's sturdiness, center, feels extremely comfortable to wield. It's extremely compatible with my skills.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but praise it, ’’And, it's very sharp.’’ With an easy movement, just waving the blade around gave the feeling of it slicing through the air.

Hong laughed as he looked at Thunder God, ’’That armor is a treasure, you've struck gold.’’

’’Haha, looks like it wasn't just us who earned some rewards from the ruins, this Luo Feng has gotten some too.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but praise, ’’Did he find an armory in the ruins? Otherwise, how else could he have found weapons so compatible for us, and of such quality too.’’

Hong and Thunder God both had their own domains.

They were of an extremely high level, even though they had just received the weapons, they just required a short movement and feel of it before being able to maximize its full potential and power.


A low voice sounded, ’’The swallowing monster has just appeared at America, it's roaming about the wilderness and it just devoured a broken down shipyard, swallowing many corroded steamers. It appeared for just 2 minutes and 18 seconds before flying back into the ocean.’’

Hong and Thunder God's expressions changed.

Last night, the swallowing monster appeared twice in a row, including this morning, that made it three times.

Every time it appeared it would come out for a very short time, devour a large amount of metal before flying back.

’’It has become extremely cautious.’’ Hong's voice was cold, ’’Obviously the laser from before has made it more careful. However, from last night till now, it actually come out three times to feed. It definitely has suffered heavy damage and requires ingesting large amounts of metal to regain its strength.’’

’’Right, we cannot wait any longer.’’ Thunder God said seriously.

’’Yes.’’ Hong nodded.

They were originally thinking of taking the chance when the swallowing monster comes out from the ocean to attack and kill it. They didn't expect the time it spent outside to be so short and retreating immediately!

’’We'll fly above the sea following its life force and trace it. The moment it appears...’’ Thunder God's gaze grew sharp.

’’Let's go.’’ Hong was even more frank.

They were clear...

The swallowing monster now was one that was still recovering, the moment they wasted this chance, when the swallowing monster had regained its full strength, their chances would be even slimmer then!

Yang Zhou City outside walls.

Jiang Nan headquarter city was separated into the main district and the eight great citadels, these eight cities surrounded the main city! That's why after the battles started, the real fights were in the eight great cities, and the main district was right inside and very safe. Unless it got attacked directly by the swallowing monster, it would normally be untouched.

’’Xiu, xiu, xiu!’’

Knives were dancing, flying past the metal walls into the spacious river, this river was filled with hundreds of millions of monsters following the course from the Yangtze river, digging their way through here. The river was 12 km long and 60m wide. Countless sea creatures swam along the course, killing in towards Yang Zhou city, not afraid of death at all.

’’Retreating, they are retreating.’’ The soldiers on the wall shouted excitedly.

’’The number of monsters killed are simply too many, the entire river has been clogged. The creatures behind can't even get past, along with the horde leaders in front, they were all killed in an instant by Luo Feng. They couldn't do anything but retreat and regroup.’’ Li Da Wei surveyed the scene below, ’’Hm, we have about two hours of time to rest.’’

Luo Feng surveyed the bodies that clogged up the entire river, shaking his head.

There were just too many monsters!

Everyday, countless more sea creatures were born, can humanity even keep up? They could resist for a short time, however as time passed, they would be worn down and the situation would get worse!

The worst thing was...the swallowing monster destroying the base's iron walls!

Once those were gone, the walls built over tens of years for protection, the sea creatures could directly enter and kill the populace...once that happened, it was over. The most pressing issue was to first kill the swallowing monster.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked at his tactical communications watch, it was the Dojo of Limits and Thunder Dojo's information sources sending out news.

The two great heads!

Hong and Thunder God had left and headed towards the Pacific ocean to battle the swallowing monster!

Li Da Wei beside him also lowered his head to look at his watch communicator.

’’Has it begun?’’ Li Da Wei's face had a hint of anxiety.

’’Commanding officer Li, I'll return first. If there's any trouble, inform me.’’ Luo Feng said before swiftly flying off.

Luo Feng flew high above Yang Zhou city, he clearly saw that several huge screens within the streets had already switched to the scene above the Pacific ocean. And on the screens, a man dressed in black and another bald man in a white robe, flying side by side.

Luo Feng felt his heart sink.

’’Humanity's last hope?’’ Luo Feng thought, as to the reason for broadcasting this to the Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, and to the rest of the world, Luo Feng was extremely clear! After all, the two leaders of the biggest dojos were about to fight to the death for mankind and they had a high chance of losing. Were they supposed to just let their leaders sacrifice themselves in silence and secrecy?

For the rest of the world, this time, also spurred on humanity's fighting spirit.

Should Hong and Thunder God succeed, it would of course be a joyous occasion.

Should they fail, they would still stir up humanity's determination and fighting spirit.

Ming Yue district, as a small district of the Dojo of Limits, all the residents had already begun gathering and heading towards the dojo.

Within the Dojo of Limits' biggest training hall, approximately 1000 people had gathered, the huge walls at the side had big screens on them, projectors projecting the footage on them. It was the pacific ocean...

’’At this time, Hong and Thunder God, the two strongest warriors to date on Earth, are flying side by side above the pacific ocean, their target is the sea creatures' strongest existence...the swallowing monster!’’ From the side came a voice explaining the scene and this particular battle, this pivotal battle, was being broadcasted to the entire world.

This included the various countries' leaders who were watching nervously.

Humanity's two strongest warriors! They were risking it all!

’’Investigator Luo, just how powerful is the swallowing monster? The two heads will definitely win.’’ A youth said softly from behind Luo feng.

Luo Feng glanced at the youth, he was a new fighter, one who had just moved to Ming Yue not long ago. Looking at this youth, Luo Feng felt like he was staring straight to when he had just moved from his rented apartment to Ming Yue district some time ago.

’’Definitely, they will win.’’ Luo Feng said firmly.

With almost 1000 people within the training room, everyone raised their heads to look at the screens. As time was short, the dojo didn't have the capability to gather so many chairs, especially at such a time, no one could have prepared for this.

Luo Feng's family was present too. Luo Feng held onto Xu Xin's hand, quietly watching the screen.

At that time!

The entire world was watching two of humanity's strongest fighters to date, one in black while another in white, the two were like legendary gods flying in mid air! Indeed, it was only afternoon in Hua Xia, but for Hong and Thunder God who were way out in the ocean, the sky was already dark.

’’Haha, Brother Hong, how many people do you think are watching us two right now.’’ Thunder God grinned and laughed.

’’More than six billion I guess.’’ Hong laughed and glanced at him, ’’At a time like this, is there a need for such things?’’

’’Heck, can't one be proud even before one's death?’’ Thunder God was smiling.

’’That mischievous face, decades of that mischievous face, even at a time like this, it's still the same.’’ Hong smiled as he said that. At that time, their souls felt a never before sense of emptiness, they had already disregarded their imminent deaths, thrown everything else away from their mind, their target was only one...

To kill the swallowing monster!

Under such circumstances, the two however felt totally at ease! Every cell in their bodies were almost boiling, all ready to battle.

’’Master, the swallowing monster is swiftly swimming upwards, it'll fly out from the surface very soon.’’ A voice resounded in Hong's mind.

A calculating AI system...

Actually, the number of AI systems Hong had acquired were numerous, like the construction of the wargod palace's virtual space, like the speaking voice within the Dojo of Limits that always spoke in that soft voice. Hong could take out so many treasures to exchange, so his earnings must have been much more than that. After all, he was the Earth's strongest, most of the treasures from the ruins earlier were taken by him alone.

Like back when Luo Feng was attending the investigators' ball, Hong just flipped his hand and the investigator's scroll appeared, this was because he had a space storage compartment, just like Luo Feng.

With regards to the quality of treasures, Luo Feng had acquired more than him.

However when it came to quantity, Hong had much more than Luo Feng.

’’Flying out of the surface?’’ Hong's eyes it up.

’’Go, over there.’’ Hong shouted.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One black and one white, two beams of light swiftly headed southwest.

In the dark night, the winds howled, the deep ocean was madly stirring and waves crashed against the surface, wave after wave tens of meters high formed.


A terrifying creature fiercely rushed out from the ocean, with enormous scaled wings, four claws, a powerful tail, and that golden horn that seemed to pierce the skies! However the golden engravings on the horn seemed to have dimmed a little from before. Yet, it's dark golden pupils seemed even more crazy and terrifying!

It was an oppressive rage kind of madness!

It was regaining its strength gradually, once its strength was sufficient, it would definitely take revenge, savagely!


The golden horned beast immediately flew out of the surface of the ocean. About 10km out, it suddenly stopped, slightly moving it's head, the dark golden pupils seemed to be able to see a 100km out, noticing the two energies ahead! However, these weak and small energies actually dared to challenge it, this enraged the golden horned beast even more.

Its pure and elite bloodline made it extremely proud and arrogant!

Looking to the vast universe, it was the leading and most elite bloodline. On such a small and weak planet, the puny humans actually dared to challenge it?


The scaled wings started to fan, within an instant, it became a beam of light headed straight towards Hong and Thunder God!

The entire world held its breath at that moment.

Within the training room of the Dojo of Limits in Ming Yue district, close to 1000 people were nervously watching the screen. On the screen, above the deep ocean, the enormous body of the swallowing monster was less than a 1000m from Hong and Thunder God. ’’Rumble! Rumble!’’ Hong and Thunder God's entire bodies emitted a heart palpitating light.

In an instant, they had already began their soul immolation!

The battle had started within an instant!

’’Hong, Thunder God, it's all up to you.’’ Luo Feng held on to Xu Xin's hand, looked at Xu Xin's stomach, and back up at the screen.


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