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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 3


Volume 07 Chapter 3 - Cell Phone

China's returns from the Misty Island incident were definitely not bad. However, Mu Ya Crystals were treasures, no one would ever complain about having more! When Luo Feng reached Kyoto headquarter city, news spread quickly, China's top executives began moving immediately. Luo Feng was however keeping a low profile sitting in a normal car with his family going to visit his great aunt.


An apartment in a small district.

Ring, ring.

Luo Feng and his family stood outside one of the several villas lined up together, father Luo Hong Guo pressing the doorbell.

’’Don't bother, there's nobody home. The house's old lady has been hospitalized, her son and his wife have all gone to look after her.’’ An old man walking his dog shouted.


Luo Feng spreaded his spiritual force to search the compound, there was indeed nobody.

’’May I ask sir, which hospital?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’It's definitely Tian Jin's People's Number One Hospital.’’ He said, ’’The Tang family is rich, it'd be weird if they didn't go to that one.’’


Luo Feng and his family took the car, one in front beside the chauffeur and the other three behind.

’’My aunt seems to be doing fine, living in a villa, much better than what we used to live in.’’ Luo Hong Guo smiled, ’’I can rest easy.’’

’’My aunt's family's grandson, granddaughter were all very clever when they were young. They had good scores and they went to college at the age of 15. Right now they are working in a government important research facility, that villa was given to them by that facility.’’ Luo Feng said, this was all information included in the file sent over.

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan laughed: ’’Brilliant! Just like my two children.’’

Luo Feng and Luo Hua couldn't help but look at each other.

’’Wahaha, this is called talent!’’ Within the wrist guard space, Babata, who was comfortably lying in a bubble bath laughed, ’’Luo Feng, looks like your mental aptitude probably came from your Luo family's bloodline. Being born after the Great Nirvana period with the Luo bloodline, you four, not bad.’’

’’I mean just look, your little brother is also really smart, being able to perform so well in the stock market by relying only on himself. Your Aunt's granddaughter and grandson all has your aunt Luo Hong Qin's blood, hence their cleverness.’’

’’People with high mental aptitudes are naturally clever.’’ Babata said, ’’Of course they are nowhere near you...haha...’’


Tian Jin city, one of the eight great cities of Kyoto headquarter city, the People's Number One hospitall, in a special patient ward.

An old lady with full white hair lay on the bed, her face pale and void of blood. Laying on the sofa beside was a middle aged couple sleeping, and a pair of youths, a boy and a girl, by the side of the bed talking to the old lady.

’’You people are?’’ the young girl curiously said as she turned to look at the entrance of the room.

There stood Luo Feng and his family.

Luo Hong Guo walked over, looking at the old lady on the bed whose breathing was a little uneasy. The old lady too looked curiously at the middle aged man, before her expression began to change, clearly agitated: ’’You, you are...’’ This caused the middle aged couple on the sofa on the side to get up.

’’Mom, what's wrong?’’ The couple ran over.

’’Who are you?’’ The middle aged man looked at Luo Hong Guo with some apprehension.

’’You must be Tang Chen.’’ Luo Hong Guo looked back, ’’in a blink of an eye, we've grown old.’’

’’You are...’’ Tang Chen looked suspiciously at the person in front of him.

Luo Hong Guo couldn't help but tear, looking towards the old lady, she too began to struggle to sit up, looking carefully at him: ’’You are...Hong Guo?’’

’’Yes, that's me, Hong Guo! Aunt, you still recognize me.’’ Luo Hong Guo was clearly emotional.

’’It really is Hong Guo, you look almost exactly like your father, that mouth...’’ The old lady excitedly extended her thin frail hand, holding onto Luo Hong Guo, ’’Hong Guo, you are still alive, your little aunt never thought that she'd be able to see you again in this life.’’

’’You are my older cousin?’’ The middle aged man looked at him.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Hong Guo nodded.

’’My god, this, it's been over 40 years, Cousin! Cousin!!!’’ The middle aged man Tang Chen was emotional beyond compare, the Great Nirvana period had broken countless families, separating the survivors all over. With the travelling functions broken and communications gone then. The countries lost many household names and they vanished.

’’I recognized you from one look’’ The old lady was extremely happy, ’’you look almost the same as my older brother. Hong Guo, where's your dad and mom?’’

Luo Hong Guo shook his head.

The old lady saw and sighed.

’’Feng, Hua, come over.’’ Luo Hong Guo waved his hand and looked at the old lady, ’’Little aunt, these are my two children.’’

’’Hong Guo, back then you were still a little kid, in a blink of an eye, you have two sons, and they are so big. Come, let me see.’’ The old lady struggled hard to open her eyes wide, Luo Feng and Luo Hua walked close to the bed. The old lady looked carefully, ’’Hm, not bad, quite handsome, they have the looks of our Luo family!’’

’’Yong Qing, Yong Yuan, Little Feng, Little Hua, come over, you four children should have a good talk.’’ The old lady gestured.


The ward door was suddenly kicked open, scaring a bunch of people within it. They all looked disapprovingly over. Three men walked in, a youth with a cold gaze along with two built men following behind. Seeing those three men, Little Aunt's entire family's expressions changed.

’’What are you doing here!’’ Little Aunt's granddaughter Tang Yong Qing stepped up, face filled with rage.

’’I'm here to tell you you only have three days to choose!’’ The youth with the cold gaze looked coldly at her, ’’Yong Qing, you should know my temper!’’

’’You, you should leave now, don't come here.’’ Tang Yong Qing said.

Her brother Tang Yong Yuan stepped forward, angrily pointing at the youth: ’’Wang Xing An! Don't push it, my sister and I are top researchers at the research facility, you...’’


The youth gazed coldly at Tang Yong Yuan, ’’Your research facility isn't worth my attention, don't bring up this bullshit research. Punk, don't think I won't hurt you just because of your sister, I've given her three days...three days later, if she doesn't submit to me. Not just your sister, you punk who already scolded me three times, I'll deal with you all!’’

’’Three days...’’ The youth raised three fingers at Tang Yong Qing, smiling evilly, ’’three more beautiful Yong Qing, I really hope such a beautiful flower won't wither this way!’’

Tang Yong Yuan was trembling with rage.

’’Yong Qing, what's going on?’’ The middle aged couple beside asked.

’’Dad, it's nothing.’’ Yong Qing consoled them.

’’Old man, listen well.’’ The youth stared at Tang Chen, smiling, ’’three days later, if your daughter agrees to be my woman, your family will live a good life! However, if she doesn't... I'll see that your family goes to hell! Your fates, now lies within Yong Qing's hands, haha..’’

Luo Feng was standing quietly at the side, Luo Hua looked towards him: Brother?’’

’’Don't rush, let's see more of it.’’ Luo Feng said calmly.

Luo Hua nodded.


Tang Chen and his wife were baffled, the old lady in the bed began to shout: ’’Yong Qing, just who is this man? What's going on?’’

’’Wang Xing An. You already have so many women, why do you pester my sister!’’ Tang Yong Yuan raged.

’’I have no other hobbies, my only hobby is to collect the many different types of women.’’ Wang Xing An smiled evilly, ’’Look at your sister...Tsk tsk tsk, her looks get 85 points, that scholar attitude can probably add another 20, exceeding the full 100. So alluring, my collection lacks such a woman. Yong Qing, if you resist, you know the outcome.’’

’’With such a sentence, just close your eyes and enjoy, no point resisting.’’ Wang Xing An smiled, ’’I really do not wish to personally destroy you, you know, when I destroyed the women who resisted me before, my heart ached so badly!’’ He grabbed his chest where his heart was.

’’You pervert!’’ Tang Yong Yuan shouted.

’’This kind of person, will never understand me.’’ Wang Xing An's gaze had a look of grandeur, looking pitifully at Yong Yuan, ’’that expression of rage, tsk tsk, in my eyes, you are just an ant.’’ Turning to Yong Qing with a more despondent look, ’’Yong Qing, we were so good back then when we loved each other, wasn't it? Do you have to force me to be like this, I'm not a person fond of using his fists.’’

Yong Qing bit her lip.

’’Pa! Pa!’’

Applause rang.

Everyone in the ward turned over, even Wang Xing An and his henchmen turned curiously over, Luo Feng clad in a casual black shirt was lightly clapping his hands, smiling at Xing An.

’’I really dislike people acting high and mighty in front of me.’’ Wang Xing An raised his head, gaze condescending and cold like a poisonous snake, ’’he clapped his hands, no. 2, go break his hands.’’


A sturdy man laughed.

’’Stop.’’ Yong Qing shouted, looking at Wang Xing An and crying, ’’I'll promise you, stop this, don't be like this.’’

’’Haha, isn't this good?’’ Wang Xing An raised his eyebrows, laughing, ’’No. 2 come back, I'll be the bigger man and be magnanimous, I'll spare him...’’

’’I never expected I'd encounter such a situation in Kyoto headquarter city.

A voice sounded.

Everyone turned, Luo Feng spoke. Wang Xing An's expression began to turn really ugly, gaze as cold as ice: ’’you must be looking for death.’’

’’Don't interfere.’’ Yong Qing looked nervously at Luo Feng, ’’He is Wang Xing An, a member of the Kyoto headquarter city's Wang family, and they have great economic authority, he is their family's first heir and his mother is from Kyoto headquarter city's main military sector...’’

’’I should call you cousin.’’

Luo Feng laughed, Yong Qing froze.

Luo Feng walked directly to Wang Xing An, calmly pacing himself.

’’Who are you?’’ Wang Xing An stared hard at Luo Feng.

’’Who am I?’’

Luo Feng let out a laugh.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Several pieces of paper suddenly flew from the bedside, breaking into six pieces that danced around, six pieces capable of destroying, with a speed so fast no one could react, it flew past Xing An's two arms, legs, backbone and lower abdomen! A trickle of blood flew out, actually gathering itself in the air and forming little balls beside Luo Feng.

’’You, you...’’ Wang Xing An wanted to struggle, but his entire body seemed paralyzed, only his head could move.

The entire place was silent, the two bodyguards were dumbfounded...they were clear, their enemy was a spirit reader! Everybody else including Yong Qing and others were staring at Luo Feng and his family, just what did this family do? Where did this fierce person come from?

’’You dare to lay a hand on me.’’ Wang Xing An gritted his teeth angrily.

’’This expression of rage...’’ Luo Feng overlooked Wang Xing An, ’’in your my eyes, you are only an ant.’’

’’You are courting death, courting death.’’ Wang Xing An's gaze was scary.

’’Courting death?’’

Luo Feng looked at him, ’’Tell me, who are you looking for to take revenge for you? Your mom has connections with the main military sector? Oh, China's army's number 1 person, is a person exceeding the wargods 'Jia Yi'. And your Wang family is one of the nine big families under the HR Alliance, the highest position in the HR Alliance is the Chairman, Isadora!’’

Luo Feng took out his handphone from his pocket, opening it, showing the screen to Wang Xing An, ’’These two numbers in the middle, one is Jia Yi and the other is the HR Alliance Chairman Isadora. If you want to look for them to take revenge for you, go ahead...don't look at the other numbers, the one on top is the Dojo of Limits Head Hong.’’


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