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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 29


Volume 07 Chapter 29 - Luo Feng's Responsibility

’’Domain?’’ Luo Feng was somewhat taken aback.

Only Hong had his own domain on earth, and Hong became the undisputed number 1 on the planet because of it. However according to Hong , it seemed that even Thunder God had his own domain now.

’’That's impossible!!!’’

’’How can that be?’’

From the wrist cuff space, Babata's eyes were opened wide and he kept shouting out, ’’Domain! How can one planet suddenly come up with two who have their own domains, and they are both only star traveller warriors! This is just impossible, one's an abnormality, it's already like striking the lottery. How can there be 2?’’

’’Babata, there's no need for such a ruckus.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts communicated to him, ’’If Thunder God having his own domain, then in a battle to the death with the Golden horned beast, there's a little more hope, it's a good thing.’’

Luo Feng's mood was extremely heavy.

’’No, Luo Feng, you don't understand.’’ Within the virtual space, Babata said, ’’Let's put it this way, your soaring shuttles three big forms and nine levels, the conditions for the third form, you should remember right?’’

’’I remembered, reach the Universe level, multiplier at 48, and I must have my own domain. Only then can I train and put it to use.’’ Luo Feng remembered clearly.

’’3 conditions, reaching the Universe level is one, what does that mean? It means! Even amongst the Universe level warriors, there are those without their own domains! Universe level, normally, one galaxy only has one Universe level! And they don't necessarily have their own domain!’’ Babata couldn't help but say frantically, ’’According to the four stages of: Basics...Perception...Domain...World! Luo Feng right now, you are only in the Basics part of it.’’

’’Even in the category of Star level warriors, very very few of them actually have their own domain.’’

’’For a Star traveller level warrior to have their own domain? It's basically dumb luck, striking the 1st prize in lottery! Earth already had Hong, and now even Thunder God too? From a theoretical standpoint, this basically one out of trillions!!!’’ Babata couldn't help but shout out.

Luo Feng thought for awhile, Babata's reaction did have its logic.

One galaxy usually only produces one Universe existence, and they didn't necessarily have their own domain. The probability of a Star traveller warrior to have his own domain was basically impossible, and yet earth had two!

’’That's good too.’’ Babata nodded, ’’This Thunder God having his own domain, if he and Hong teamed up, with an ultimate life sacrificing attack, they do indeed have some hope.’’

’’There's hope?’’ Luo Feng was surprised after hearing those 2 words from Babata.

’’Oh, Luo Feng, you haven't muddled around in the universe before, you don't know how hard it is to acquire one's own domain. If Hong and Thunder God were to be discovered in the universe, they would either be killed by others who are jealous, or invited to join some big organization. Star travellers who have their own domains, are definitely labeled as geniuses.’’

’’And warriors with their own domains, once they risk it all!’’

’’Will be very scary, because they can use their genes and cells, body power, spirit and mental strength, consciousness all joined together. They can resonate with the space in the universe.’’ Babata explained, ’’and when they risk it all, their souls will burn. This combination of powers causes their strength to rise to a terrifying level.’’

’’Even when they don't risk it all, Star traveller warriors with their own domains, are naturally invincible in their own class.’’

’’The moment they risk it all, one's a Star traveller level 7 while the other's a Star traveller level 8. I believe that Hong's domain, is far more vast and deep, maybe even reaching the 2nd level of domain already. When they both immolate their souls and battle to the death, it'll be hard to say.’’ Babata sighed incessantly, ’’Two incredible geniuses...if they were exposed to the rest of the universe, they wouldn't even have to risk their lives.’’

Ming Yue district grass patch, Luo Feng watched as ship after ship left.

’’Hong, Thunder God, you must succeed!’’ Luo Feng muttered quietly.



A rumble from the east side, explosion, monsters' roaring sounds travelled over, fires ablaze. From early in the afternoon, the sea creatures had already begun their battle with the Jiang Nan headquarter city! However, with humanity's up to ten years of preparation, they could definitely withstand their attacks for at least quite awhile.

’’Creak!’’ Luo Feng pushed opened the door and walked into the living room.

His entire family was in the living room.

’’Bro, what's the matter?’’ Luo Hua stood up and asked.

’’Is the swallowing monster dead?’’ Xu Xin, who was originally sitting in the sofa stood up, nervously looking hopefully at Luo Feng. The 7 people within the living room were all looking at Luo Feng, Luo Feng had earlier disclosed that they were attacking the devouring monster today, and that there was a high guarantee of killing it.

’’No.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’However, there's still hope.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’There's definitely still hope.’’

Finishing, Luo Feng went upstairs immediately.

The seven in the living room looked at each other, Gong Xin Lan said softly, ’’The stress on Little Feng must be huge, Xu Xin, go keep him company.’’

’’Ok.’’ Xu Xin followed the staircase up.

Inside the 2nd floor's bedroom.

Luo Feng lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

’’Babata, is there any other way to kill the swallowing monster?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’No, even the b6 laser cannon has failed and been destroyed, there's no other way. You can only rely on the 2 Star traveller domain warrior genius to fight it out.’’ Babata said, ’’When they immolate their souls, there's a chance.’’


Luo feng asked, ’’My hybrid copper essence shard, is incomparably sharp. If either Hong or Thunder God uses it, wouldn't it be extremely powerful? They might even be able to kill the golden horned beast.’’

’’No, one of them uses a spear, while their other a blade.’’ Babata said surely, ’’Only when using a gun and saber, can they maximize the power of their domains. This hybrid copper essence shard, is only a shard, how will the 2 fighters use it? Only you as a spirit reader can use it.’’

Luo Feng was panicking inside.

The feeling of waiting for humanity's extinction, was painful. He felt extremely helpless.

’’Don't worry, I'm in the midst of building a spear and a blade.’’ Babata said, Hong and Thunder God's weapons spear and blade, while they may be considered as godly weapons here on earth, in the universe, they are simply too weak. I'm using some metal materials from the ship to meld a couple of weapons, be it sharpness or sturdiness, they'll definitely exceed what Hong and Thunder God have now.’’


Luo Feng suddenly heard footsteps outside, Xu Xin opened the door and walked in.

’’You must be very tired?’’ Xu Xin sat on the bed, gently massaging Luo Feng's shoulders.

’’I'm ok.’’ Luo Feng sniffed the fragrant perfume from Xu Xin's body and couldn't help but to extend his hand and pull her over to hug her.

Xu Xin moved closer to Luo Feng, placing her head on his chest, saying softly, ’’Luo Feng, there's something I originally wanted to tell you after the disaster had passed, however, I'm afraid that if I don't say it now, I'll never get the chance to say it.’’

’’What is it?’’ Luo Feng asked curiously.

’’I'm, I'm pregnant.’’ Xu Xin said softly.

Her voice was soft, yet it resounded like thunder within Luo Feng's ears.


Luo Feng immediately sat upright, looking shocked at Xu Xin, ’’You, you are saying...’’

’’Yes.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

’’Haha, let me check, oh, hehe, indeed, it's a pair of twins, both boys. Haha...’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

’’Pregnant? This, this...’’ Luo Feng's eyes opened wide.

He was extremely happy and yet extremely worried.

What's up with this!

Indeed, during the winter holiday before he stayed with Xu Xin, and they began discussing marriage. When a man and woman live together, things were bound to happen naturally. If not for the golden horned beast, he would have been elated after hearing such news. However, now...

Humanity and it's society was facing extinction, yet Xu Xin was pregnant, and with twins!

’’Are you not happy?’’ Xu Xin was startled.

’’No, it's not like that, I'm very happy, just very troubled.’’ Luo Feng's worries, without any preparation, just increased ten fold.


When he was with Xu Xin before, they never thought of protection, pregnancy was supposed to be a good thing since they were about to get married. Who would have known now...

If they didn't kill the golden horned beast, all of humanity was definitely going to die.

Even if he had the power to protect his wife and children, how could he let them live such a lonely life? And Luo Feng was very clear...travelling in the universe without reaching the star traveller level would mean certain death!

’’Luo Feng, what are you thinking?’’ Xu Xin raised her hand and grabbed his arm.


Luo Feng gently hugged Xu Xin, lowered his head, resting on her abdomen. This made her laugh: ’’It's still too early, you can't hear anything.’’

’’I can hear it.’’

Luo Feng thought about it, this was the passing on of bloodlines. Hong's earlier speech about giving his children a chance of survival didn't resonate much with Luo Feng, but did! It was a very peculiar feeling!

’’Children, I don't know whether I'll get the chance to see your mom give birth to you. However, I promise, you will have a beautiful childhood, be able to go to school, practice martial arts...I won't allow you to live in fear, forever living a life without hope. I promise! I promise with my life!’’

January 16, Afternoon, there was some fog.

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle and arrived at Hong Ning base.

There was no pedestrians to be seen at Hong Ning headquarter city, only large numbers of military personnel swiftly advancing. Luo Feng landed on that interstellar transport ship's entrance.

’’Investigator Luo.’’

The guard at the entrance bowed respectfully.

Luo Feng walked directly in, swiftly heading towards the training room where Hong and Thunder God were. Along the pathways, he met two people, one guy and one girl, both youths. The girl's facial features were similar to Hong's. Luo Feng had read information about Hong's son and daughter before.

’’Investigator Luo.’’ The two youths bowed.

’’You two are the Head's children?’’ Luo Feng asked, while they seemed young, these 2 youths were actually older than Luo Feng, only because of the difference in power, they seemed younger.


The two youths' eyes were red, it was obvious they had been crying.

’’At this point in time, I won't meet the Head. You two can pass these two weapons to the Head and Thunder God. Also, this body armor, give it to Thunder God.’’ Luo Feng said, passing the bag he was wearing over to them, within it was the sharp weapons Babata had rushed out the night before. Along with it was the tight armor the owner of the black dragon mountain x81 left behind when he died.

Hong had the cloud contact vine to protect his entire body, so he didn't need it. Giving it to Thunder God naturally made more sense.

’’This...’’ The two youths were shocked.

’’The Head hardly ever looks after you two however, your father is very great and noble. Truly.’’ Luo Feng said before turning and leaving.


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