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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 28


Volume 07 Chapter 28 - Heavy Losses

Within the darkness of the listening room, Luo Feng could only feel a sense of emptiness in his mind, he couldn't hear anything from the outside world at all.

’’We've failed?’’

’’We've failed? We've actually failed? How could we have failed? How could we have failed!’’ Luo Feng was swallowed by a surge of remorse and pain, with regards to the attack, he had placed too much, too much hope on it! Ever since the failure of the hydrogen bomb, humanity had had only one move left, to let Hong and Thunder God, the two strongest on earth go fight it out.

However, even a fight to the death didn't bring about any guarantee.

And the b6 grade laser cannon he had acquired was something that had a lot of guarantee. The entire earth's elites were all excited because of the cannon! Everyone was anticipating this attack!


The b6 cannon was incomparably strong! It easily destroyed the golden horned beast's brain, even shooting through to space. However!!! No one could have expected that even with it's brains blown off and left with only it's mouth, the golden horned beast was still alive and not dead!!!

’’How could it not have died, how could this happen?’’ Within the wrist cuff space, Babata was shocked and shaking his head, ’’Not right, not right. Be it humans or animals, the soul is kept within one's consciousness, and that is in the brain! Destroying the brain, means certain death. Unless it's spirit imprint is in every cell, where with just a single cell, it can be reborn.’’

’’However, a star level definitely cannot reach such a stage!’’ Babata constantly shook his head, ’’Unless the the golden horned beast has some special talent?’’

No one knew!

Within the universe, the understanding of the space beasts was too little, far too little. Even throughout the Yun Mo Planet master's entire life, he had never come across a golden horned beast. The understanding of the golden horned beast was far too little!

Within the listening room.

’’Hurry, the laser cannon, hurry and retrieve the laser cannon!’’ Jia Yi suddenly roared.

The 11 others in the house were shaken to their senses.

’’The laser cannon!’’

Luo Feng's eyes too were opened wide, staring at the screen, only to see the black metal robot grasping the laser cannon and frantically escaping, in the other scene, a huge silhouette was madly chasing behind.

’’The metal robot's flying speed is 2110m per second, the swallowing monster on the seabed chasing, is moving at a speed of 36069m per second, the distance between the 2 is 520km, 460km, 398km...’’ Within the listening room, the emotionless mechanical voice said non stop, everybody's expressions changed.

’’Hurry, hurry, hurry.’’ Thunder God said urgently.

’’It's not going to make it.’’ Hong's face was pale, shaking his head, ’’The two originally had a distance of 1000km or so. The swallowing monster's speed is 36km per second, the robot's speed is too slow. 30 seconds and it'll catch up. The laser cannon won't get the chance to fire a second shot.’’

The group of star traveller warriors beside were panicking so hard their fists were gripped tight enough to hear their joints cracking.

Luo Feng stared at the screen.

As the swallowing monster was progressing underwater, the satellites were unable to get a picture of it. However, it could still follow and trace the golden horned monster's large life force! Afterall, it's life force was too huge. Especially now with its speed quickly increasing to twice of that before, its life force was a lot stronger.

3200m below the surface of the ocean, the golden horned monster's wings were bigger than before, the scales on them were more closely packed, the golden engravings on the scales seemed to have some magical power, allowing the golden horned monster's speed underwater to increase to an unbelievable level!


The golden horned beast was raging unlike never before, even the previous attack from the hydrogen bomb before was just a superficial injury to it. This time however, the damage was 10 times, 100 hundred times worse! This injury that was unlike any other previous one stirred up the madness and rage within its bones.

Suddenly, the golden horned beast's speed decreased!


The two horns , one long and one short that had been floating on its back, the long one suddenly lit up with golden light and became a beam of golden light, rushing straight upwards!


As fast as lightning!

The golden horn instantly pierced through more than 3000m of the ocean, breaking through the surface. It was too fast, it didn't allow the black robot any time to evade! Both of the black metal robot's hands were grasping the b6 cannon;the cannon was still in the midst of preparation.


The golden horn immediately pierced through the crystal figured beautiful laser cannon, breaking the cannon's preparation. With a bang, the cannon broke apart like glass, and at the same time, the golden horn had fiercely pierced into the black metal robot's body. Rumble...the black yttrium metal robot was extremely sturdy.


The robot became like a shooting star, getting blown away in mid air and flying tens of kilometers back before falling straight into the ocean with a crash and sinking.

Within the listening room, Hong, Thunder God, Luo Feng and the others all watched the screen.

On the screen, the silhouette in the ocean was gradually sinking deeper, deeper...

’’Luo Feng, the robot has suffered an immensely strong attack, causing the control systems within its body to be damaged, I can't call it back anymore.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, Luo Feng closed his eyes, one repair robot didn't mean anything at all. However...the attack that carried the hopes of humanity, had failed!

’’Sorry, Luo Feng, within my database, there's too little information regarding the space beasts. As for the golden horned beast, there's even less. I only know some common knowledge.’’ Babata apologized.

He too knew what this failure tasted like to the rest of humanity.


There was only silence within the work room.

Jia Yi stood by the window and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He lit one and smoked alone.

’’Give me one too.’’ Zhu Xi took one and also smoked.

Everybody else was either sitting quietly, or closing their eyes in pain. Basically, everybody was extremely silent.

’’Strong defense, incredible speed, and it can even explode with even more shocking speed than before! Not just that, even with its brains blown off, it can still survive and attack! It even has the ability of a spirit reader, as it can control its horn to attack from a distance! Also, its power is huge.’’ Luo Feng's mind was replaying the information, ’’It has an internal world within that can directly ingest a large amount of metal into that world.’’

’’And its speed of growth is extremely shocking!’’

My god!

How did such a space beast land on earth, and how could they resist?

’’Weng weng...’’

Suddenly a watch communicator vibrated, the 12 people in the work room all turned at almost the same time, it was Mo Henderson's tactical communications watch. He pressed the button and immediately an American English speaking voice came through: ’’Do you guys have any ideas on that side? Are there any more ideas? Ask Luo Feng, ask the 2 chairmen, are there any more ways?’’

’’Alright, I'll ask.’’ Mo Henderson said softly before hanging up.

Mo Henderson looked to the others.

Luo Feng shook his head.

Hong and Thunder God looked at each other, a smile appearing at the same time across their faces! A strange smile that seemed to contain a feeling of acceptance of death, a smile that shook one's soul.

This failure was a heavy blow to every country. Originally filled with hope, many people excitedly watching the golden horned monster's head get destroyed, some people even fainted from their excitement. However, all of this fell apart and the scene changed from heaven to hell, they had entered a nightmare.

The swallowing monster, was more terrifying and more powerful than what humanity had imagined!

Even without its head, it was still as strong as before, and it's speed was even faster!

’’My god.’’

’’Oh lord, save your children.’’


A few of earth's elites, even those who weren't religious, began to quietly pray. Only in such dire, hopeless times will man wish for a miracle or divine intervention! And at that time, even these elites were hoping for such an intervention! Obviously...they were in despair and totally helpless!


The rock stratum on the seabed, 23,000m or so below the surface.

The golden horned monster's body was lying within the darkness, its entire body was glowing with threads of golden light, its head which was only left with a mouth, had blood and meat intertwining, skin rebuilding and scales reappearing. Within a short time, it was growing back out! Even its ears have steadily grown out, and its pair of dark golden eyes have also regrown.


Its entire head had regrown, with one short and one long horn on its forehead, the only thing was that the scales on its head were more tender and not as hard as the rest of its body. Rage could be seen within its pupils, endless rage! It was like a blaze burning!



A low pitched howl that contained anger continuously echoed throughout.

Its injury was too severe!

It would never forget the instant where the white light pierced through its body. The light was so fast it couldn't even evade it and had no power to resist! Its entire body's power had gathered within...its horn! It was incomparably sturdy and incomparably sharp. Even though the laser had knocked it far away, it wasn't destroyed despite being heavily damaged.


Once its body had fully recovered, the golden horned monster felt a hunger like never before! Its internal world too was extremely ravished! Every cell in its body was shouting out!

It had used up too much energy, its power had decreased by a lot.

It required emergency sustenance, ’’Wu...’’ The golden horned monster let out a low howl, rushing out from the rock stratum upwards. It needed food! It needed metal!

Luo Feng's home's listening room, the sky outside was getting dark.

Luo Feng and the other nine people were looking at two people...Hong and Thunder God.

’’There's no chance for survival if we keep going on like this. This swallowing monster is too powerful, too strange.’’ Hong shook his head, ’’It'll get stronger just by growing, even if we humans hid within the archeological ruins, we would still end up being killed by it. Also, I believe that it has sustained severe injuries after receiving the attack from the laser cannon. I suspect its last speed burst was a struggle from the heavy damage. It might have even been its final last burst before it dies!’’

After he said that last sentence, even Hong himself didn't believe it.

’’Even if it wasn't a last burst, its power would definitely be a lot lower than before.’’ Hong said, ’’We have to take this chance while it's weak and kill it!’’

’’Right, once we miss this chance, there won't be any others.’’ Thunder God nodded.

Luo Feng and the others were a bit sad.

Were they going to watch Hong and Thunder God risk their lives?

’’Thunder God and I both have our own domain. If we really risk it all, there's hope.’’ Hong smiled, beside him, Thunder God too nodded and smiled.


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