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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 27


Volume 07 Chapter 27 - The Beam of Light That Shot Towards Space

On the balcony of Luo Feng's house, the twelve fighters' gazes all fell upon the black metal robot.

’’Luo Feng, are you certain you should let the machine control the B6 laser cannon?’’ Thunder God couldn't help but ask.

’’If we don't use the robot, who else is there? Which of us knows how to operate a B6 laser cannon?’’ Luo Feng laughed, everybody else laughed;their smiles however contained hints of nervousness! They couldn't help it, the pressure on them was too much. Afterall, if they meant the end of humanity!

Luo Feng looked at the metal robot.

’’Start’’ Luo Feng said.


The metal robot's red crystal eyes suddenly lighted up, raising both its metal arms, grabbing onto that enormous crystal figure laser cannon, sou! Immediately flying up into the sky!

As the sun set in the west, the black metal robot swiftly vanished into the sky with the crystal laser cannon.

Luo Feng and the others looked up at it.

’’Don't look anymore, let's quickly enter the house. We can follow it via the satellite.’’ Hong shouted, immediately, everybody else began to enter Luo Feng's listening room on the 2nd floor.

Hua la la...

The endless pacific ocean was gently swaying, the time now in Hua Xia was after 5 in the evening, however over there, it was late at night.

Tonight, it was all dark, there was no moon!


In the air above the pacific ocean, a totally black figure, with a horn covered in gold engravings;an enormous beast was flying. It's wings covered in black scales made it look even more like a black shadow.

It! It was precisely this existence that had the world cowering in fear...the swallowing space beast with the most elite bloodline, 'golden horned beast.'

In flight, its golden pupils surveyed below, they were filled with cold brutality.

More than 10,000km away from the golden horned beast, the sun had just set and the sky wasn't completely dark.

A 2.12m tall black metal robot was easily grasping onto a crystal figure enormous laser cannon, swiftly flying, leaving Hua Xia's dry land's range, entering the ocean range...The direction it was heading towards was closing the distance between it and the golden horned beast.

Yang Zhou city, Luo Feng's 2nd floor listening room.

On the left wall, it was almost as though the entire wall was covered with a screen. It depicted the swallowing monster flying in the night, and on the right, it was the metal robot grasping the crystal cannon flying towards it.

’’The metal robot's flying speed, is 2,109m per second.’’ A metallic voice reverberated around the room, ’’The swallowing monster's flying speed is 15,219m per second.’’

Within the listening room gathered the twelve fighters of Earth.

’’Luo Feng, the voice doing the explanation is an AI.’’ Hong said to Luo Feng softly.

’’Attention all, I've already prepared the celebratory wine we'll enjoy when we succeed in a moment’’ on the side, Thunder God took out a wine glass from the liquor cabinet and poured, a total of twelve cups of wine, ’’Attention all, let's all watch how that swallowing monster dies.’’

’’Haha, you are going to have to prepare more celebratory wine.’’

Luo Feng and the others laughed.

Everyone was laughing!

However, everyone of them were still tense and nervous, this was just a way to diffuse their tension and relax. No one dared to fully relax at the time! Time passed by the minutes and seconds, even though the distance between the black metal robot and the swallowing monster had reached 10,000km, the swallowing monster could travel tens of kilometers within a second!

Minutes and seconds passed.

The air in the listening room was becoming more tense, almost as though it had solidified, making it impossible to breathe!

’’The distance between them is 2,100km.’’

’’The metal robot has already stopped.’’ The mechanical voice spoke.

On the screen, the left side, the swallowing monster was still flying, as though it was headed straight towards China's mainland. And on the right, the metal robot had already stopped, it was floating in mid air.

’’The laser cannon has a light.’’

’’It's already started up.’’

Luo Feng and the other eleven people held their breaths as they watched: the metal robot was grasping the B6 laser cannon with one hand while the other was aiming it carefully. The enormous crystal figure laser cannon began to light up its entire body, the light followed the veins around through the center and all over.

’’It takes the 50 seconds to prepare the cannon for a shot.’’ Luo Feng said softly as he explained.

’’Hm,’’ Jia Yi was obviously nervous, he nodded, ’’The laser cannon's attack follows a straight path. They have to get closer, about 1000 km distance should be just right.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

This laser cannon was a weapon used all over the universe, the factors of air resistance and dust within a planet hardly affect the laser cannon.

Fifty seconds passed.

On the right side of the screen, the metal robot controlled the enormous laser cannon's muzzle, chichi...white light followed the cannon's muzzle to revolve one round, causing the entire muzzle to shine brightly.

’’It's ready.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’It can attack anytime.’’

’’Shouldn't we attack now.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say.

’’It's alright, the time is enough.’’ Jia Yi cleared his throat, staring hard at the screen.

’’Quickly, quickly, quickly.’’ Mo Henderson mumbled softly.

’’It's good, it's good, it can attack now.’’ Hong also said quietly.


Everyone was nervous beyond compare! The twelve on site were Earth's brightest with the highest level of mental strength. However, at a time like this... no one has ever been this nervous before. Even in the face of death, they never felt even a fraction of such nervousness!


The American general headquarters.

’’God, please protect your children.’’ The black skinned president's forehead had beads of perspiration, he drew a cross on his chest, staring hard at the screen.

Besides the generals beside, the ministers beside all held their breaths.


The Chinese general headquarters.

The first senior official old Zhou was standing with his back perfectly straight, his eyes glued to the screen. Beside him, the other leaders didn't utter a single sound.


Europe, India, Russia, the HR Alliance, twenty three bases, leaders of the world all held their breaths to watch the scene unfold, an incomparable amount of pressure, was pushing down on humanity!


Or die?

It was all about to unfold!

The distance between the metal robot and the swallowing monster was 1200 km, 1150 km, 1100 km...The entire world was nervously watching the scene, yet the black metal robot's metal face, didn't have a single trace of nervousness. It's red crystal eyes suddenly lit up! A signal was immediately sent straight into the laser cannon!

At that time!

An incomparably glaring, resplendent and enchanting beam of white light shot out of the 5m long muzzle of the laser cannon, flying straight above the pacific ocean!

Within the blink of an eye!

This beam of white light that was extremely enchanting, reached within 1082 km of the target, the swallowing monster space beast golden horned beast!

Within the dark night, the sky above the pacific ocean, the golden horned beast's wings flapped casually, it's golden pupils were overseeing the sea below.

At that moment!

Time froze!


Just like one's hair being scorched badly, with a ’’chi’’ sound, the extremely glaring beam of white light directly pierced through the golden horned monster's head! The light 'passed by' the entire top half of it's head, including a small top portion of its left wing! There was almost no sound or trace! Only that extremely short 'chi' sound.


The golden horned beast's head was immediately left with only the bottom big mouth, lower jaw, everything from the nose up was gone! Everything including the brain, was all gone!

The white beam of light was incomparably dazzling, when it was shooting past the golden horned beast and continuing forward, before flying into the atmosphere, it actually broke past the atmosphere and headed straight through to the star filled space!


Time stopped at that moment!

Within the listening room.

On the left side of the screen, was the swallowing monster stuck in its flying posture, its head however was only left with its mouth, there was basically nothing on top of that.

On the right side of the screen was the dazzling beam that shot towards space!

Within the listening room, the twelve fighters had almost stared right through the screen, before erupting in madness!

’’HAHA! SUCCESS, IT SUCCEEDED!’’ Jia Yi, China's number one person was excited and jumping up and down, waving his fist about.

’’AWW YEAH’’ Mo Henderson shook his bottom with pride.

’’HAHA, IT WORKED, IT WORKED!!!’’ Luo Feng shouted excitedly.

’’COME, COME, COME, HURRY UP, LET'S CELEBRATE WITH SOME DRINKS.’’ Thunder God immediately picked up a wine glass beside him.

’’GREAT!’’ Hong too was flushed with excitement.

And within Luo Feng's mind, Babata's excited voice resounded: ’’Aren't I something Luo Feng? I told you before, this is a laser cannon that can kill a star level 6, shooting this beast just brushing past it and killing it. It was super easy and it had no choice but to die. Wahahaha.’’ Babata was extremely proud and satisfied.

Every country on earth, suddenly erupted in glee!!!

Everyone was excited!


’’It's finally done, we've finally survived this calamity.’’ Luo Feng walked excitedly towards Thunder God.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was startled, the loud and excited room had suddenly gone silent, even the representative Zhu Xi who was originally shouting stopped, Luo Feng's heart trembled and turned to look at the screen.

On the screen.

On the left side, the swallowing monster's head was still left with only a mouth, the suspicious thing was, it was still floating, its two horns, one short and one long were still floating beside.

The two horns' engravings suddenly started shininged with a dazzling golden light!


The swallowing monster's body, especially the neck, back and golden engraved scales began to light up, the light swiftly flowed through the engravings through to the pair of enormous wings! In a blink of an eye, the pair of wings seemed to grow bigger a little, its shape changing slightly.


It became just like a golden beam of light!

The swallowing monster, with the top half of its head blown off and left with only its mouth, rushed straight into the ocean, rumble! The ocean exploded open!

’’We've failed?’’ Hong's face had gone pale, his body trembling.

Jia Yi looked at the screen, his face terrified as he shook his head non stop. He shook, and shook his head. Eventually, tears started rolling down his face.

Thunder God, who was holding a few wine glasses and getting ready to distribute them to celebrate, looked at the screen wide-eyed. The wine glasses in his hands dropped to the floor!

’’Pa! Pa! Pa!’’

The glasses broke, shards flew about, the sounds felt like they were piercing through their hearts, Luo Feng stared hard at the screen, there was no more emotion left in him...


His heart was as good as dead.

At this moment!

Everyone on Earth's hearts stopped beating, all of humanity felt despair!

At this moment!

It was like looking at humanity's extinction!

’’The swallowing monster is travelling along the seabed at a speed of 36063 m per second! It's 2.37 times faster than before!’’ Within the listening room, the mechanical voice reported without any feelings or emotions, oddly enough, there wasn't any reaction in the listening room, everybody was as quiet as figurines, almost as if they all died!


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