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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 26


Volume 07 Chapter 26 - B6 Laser Cannon

Everyone in the meeting room was suddenly dumbfounded, you could hear a pin drop in that dead silence. Nobody on earth could dare to say he/she had a guaranteed way to kill the devouring monster. Even the ones with domains Hong and Thunder God could only say they were going to fight it to the death, risking it all just to battle and give it a shot!

There was no guarantee!

’’Luo Feng!’’ Hong stared hard at Luo Feng, ’’You, what did you say?’’

’’I didn't hear it clearly.’’ Beside him, Thunder God too was staring hard at Luo Feng, ’’Can you repeat it!’’

’’Luo Feng, what did you just say!’’ Beside, Jia Yi grabbed onto Luo Feng, his voice trembling with anxiety.

’’Luo Feng.’’

Leaders from the various countries as well as representative warriors were all staring at Luo Feng, almost like people on the verge of drowning seeing a rescue boat pass by. Many of them began to clean and rub their ears, worried that they may have heard wrongly. Some even turned to their counterparts beside and asked if he was speaking the truth.

Nervous, anxious, apprehensive...different emotions filled the meeting room.

’’I said!’’

Luo Feng took a deep breath, looking at the surrounding people, ’’I have a guaranteed way to kill the devouring monster!’’

’’You really do have a guarantee?’’

’’Luo Feng, you, what will you use to kill the devouring monster?’’

’’Luo, you aren't bluffing are you?’’

Different skin colors, countrymen couldn't help but shout out. One after another, some with their hair all while, but faces still flushed red.

’’Silence.’’ Hong shouted loudly.

The meeting room gradually grew quiet, Hong said loudly: ’’I'll ask Luo Feng, everybody please remain calm.’’ The scene was after all filled with the earth's brightest. It was only due to their desperation to save their country, race, culture and earth's survival that they lost their cool. Hearing those words from Hong, they couldn't help but calm down.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng, everyone in the meeting room looked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng looked at Hong: ’’Ask away.’’

’’What will you use to kill the devouring monster, don't tell me, you'll be battling it out with it.’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng, the meeting room contained the leading experts of the world, after listening to Luo Feng will they know if he really had a guarantee or he was just lying.

’’Attention all.’’

Luo Feng surveyed the crowd, ’’During the last assembly, I requested a record of all of Earth's archeological ruins and their information from my Head.’’

’’I can attest to that.’’ Hong nodded, that information was indeed handed to him personally.

’’When that devouring monster appeared, I too was extremely worried. I thought of ways and thought that the archeological ruins might have some hope of saving the world.’’ Luo Feng said seriously, ’’There are many ruins, most countries have already excavated. The only three that remain are the three big dangers!’’

’’Three big dangers?’’

Many people were taken aback.

They were clear of the three big dangers and their level of danger.

’’No.1, 12 and 31, which of these did you go?’’ Hong couldn't help but ask.

Everyone of earth knew of the dangers from these 3 ruins.

No.1, at the sea bed of the Bermuda, the silver white pyramid and no 31's ship around the poison fields, I cannot enter.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’I went to no.12 ruins, the black ship.’’

Many within the meeting room nodded.

There were many who knew of no.12, however, no matter who was sent there from the countries all suffered losses.

’’That ship, to be able to maintain its laser path energy supply, I recognized straight away...that ship shouldn't be too heavily damaged. Indeed!’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up, ’’When I entered, there were indeed some weapons damaged. However, the strongest single target weapon...the laser cannon was almost perfectly fine! I obtained several repair robots from the ship and it's currently in repair, I believe it'll be ready to use soon.’’

’’Laser cannon? Is it that powerful?’’ Several people were suspicious.

’’Don't speak rubbish if you don't know.’’

An old white man with messy hair stared at Luo Feng, ’’The laser cannon you acquired, what grade is it?’’

Luo Feng was slightly shaken.

Within his mind, Babata said: ’’Tell him, it's a b6 grade!’’

’’It's a b6 grade!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’My god, b6 grade, humanity has been saved! Humanity has been saved!!!’’ That old man with messy hair was so excited he began to cry and laugh on the spot.

Immediately, several representatives beside asked: ’’Bruce sir, this b6 laser, just how powerful is it?’’

’’Attention all.’’

This Bruce old man surveyed his surroundings, saying loudly, ’’There are many here who know. We on earth who study lasers powerful enough to kill monsters begun our research from the ancient ruins and their damaged or broken laser cannons. Excavating them and research allowed us to build ours.’’

’’Back then, I obtained some information, the power of the laser cannons in the universe are separated into different grades.’’ Bruce said, ’’Translated to earth language, the grades are A, B, and C these main grades.’’

’’For example, an A1 laser cannon, can kill a normal star traveller level 1 warrior!’’

’’An A2 laser cannon, can kill a normal star traveller level 2 warrior!’’

’’And so on, the A9 grade can kill a Star traveller level 9 warrior!’’

’’And the B grade laser cannons, are very precious in the universe. The B1 laser cannon can kill a normal star level 1 warrior.’’ Bruce laughed out, ’’And so on, the B6, can kill a star level 6 warrior! According to the information, this grade of weapon wasn't even found in an interstellar fleet.’’

Suddenly, the meeting room erupted.

’’Haha! There's hope, there's hope!’’

’’There's no need for more deaths, no need for so many others to die.’’



Many leading experts and elites lost their composure from their happiness. Nobody bothered...what was composure over this piece of news.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng, smiling, ’’Thanks!’’

’’Head...’’ Luo Feng was just about to open his mouth.

’’There's no need to call me Head, if you respect me, then be like Thunder God, call me Brother Hong.’’ Hong smiled, he was indeed very grateful to Luo Feng...even in a fight to the death, he only had a 20-30% chance of winning. If he could avoid death and still kill the devouring monster, who would still willingly go suicide?

’’Brother Hong.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Haha, good, haha, happiness, I haven't been so happy in a long time.’’ Hong lost his composure completely, Thunder God walked over from the side.

’’Oh right, Luo Feng.’’ Hong's expression grew serious, speaking, ’’I know the laser cannon's speed can reach light speed, that devouring monster has no chance to dodge! However, if it doesn't die from one shot, that devouring monster can definitely escape underground and swiftly find a way for its revenge to destroy the cannon. That's why...there's only one chance to kill it.’’

Luo Feng was shocked within.


Laser cannon, also known as the light cannon, was indeed fast! However, after the first shot, the second shot took some time to prepare and charge, within that short time, the devouring monster, with it's unbelievable speed could definitely escape. The moment it wouldn't give Luo Feng another chance.

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

His consciousness left the virtual space, back to reality, it was already after 6 in the morning.

It was already bright outside.

’’Night has passed, the day has come.’’ Luo Feng stood on his balcony, breathing into the glass, his hot breath causing the window to fog up.

’’Luo Feng, it's done, it's done, wahaha...I, Babata, am just too awesome! Over eight hundred thousand years of non usage, I still have my ways to fix it.’’ Babata 's proud laugh resounded in Luo Feng's mind. Luo Feng was happy, he didn't have the mood to bother about Babata's arrogance, instead he asked: ’’Where's the weapon? Take it out and let me see.’’

’’Damn, don't rush.’’

Within the wrist cuff space, Babata stretched, ’’This laser cannon may be a single soldier's weapon, however, it's still a universe's single weapon. It still takes up quite a large space. It requires 6m long, 6m wide, 3m high, such a space. Your balcony here cannot take it.’’

’’That's called a singular weapon?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Call any robot or warrior and they can easily lift it. Of course it's a singular weapon.’’ Babata said unsatisfied, ’’Don't you see, the huge ship based weapons, just their bodies alone are the size of your Earth's mothership!’’

Luo Feng rubbed his head and laughed.

That's right.

An inter galaxy weapon compared to just a weapon for space, the difference should be huge.

Also, Luo Feng, you have no way to use this weapon, don't you have those 3 repair robots, pass one over to me. I'll give it instructions, passing this kind of jobs to robots is just right, even though they have no sense of creativity, they wouldn't commit any form of error for such a job.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng definitely agreed!

Those three black metal robots, one of them was quickly taken by Babata into his storage space, engaged in its reprogramming.

’’Why hasn't the devouring monster appeared from the sea bed?’’

On Luo Feng's house's balcony, Hong, Thunder God, Jia Yi and others, including Luo Feng, a total of twelve people were gathered. The sun was high up in the sky, it was after 12 in the afternoon.

’’What's the rush, if it doesn't come out forever, that would be the best.’’ Hong laughed as he glanced at Thunder God, Luo Feng was however looking at the big black metal robot in front of him, calmly settled with the enormous weapon...6m long, 6m wide, 3m tall, it's entire structure looked to be made from crystal.

It's interior was extremely complex, it made them dizzy just looking at it.

The mouth itself was 5m.

’’Can one shot really kill the devouring monster?’’ Mo Henderson from America was worried.

’’Relax.’’ Luo Feng said confidently, ’’Don't be fooled by that devouring monster's 180m long body, it's brain is only 20m long. A laser beam with a diameter of 5m shot...will completely blow its head open, destroying its body and soul, it'll be so dead it can't even die again!’’

’’Oh, blow its brains out.’’ Mo Henderson was excited.

The group was waiting anxiously.

Only the black metal robot was moving at all, with the sun glaring down on its body, there was hardly any reflection.

Minutes and seconds passed.

Noon, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm...

When the sun had reached the west mountain, just as it was setting.

’’Hello.’’ Hong answered his watch communicator.

’’Head, the devouring monster just flew out from the Slovak island close to Antarctica! It's out from the sea! A voice transmitted from the watch, the twelve people present were excited.

Almost at the same time, everyone else's watch communicators vibrated.

It's here!

The devouring monster had finally come out!


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