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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 25


Volume 07 Chapter 25 - Hong and Thunder God

’’Brother Hong,’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’No wonder I was never your match. The domain, is actually like this!’’

Hong laughed.


Even in the vast universe, it was considered a high state to reach. So much that a universe level fighter that happens to be born in one galaxy may not even have his own domain!

’’Second brother.’’ Hong looked towards the white robed bald headed youth, ’’After that devouring monster rampaged for one night, it should be at the bottom of the sea resting. Even if we were to battle it to the death, we have to get it out from the sea first. That's why, right now, I'll share whatever I know about the domain and its usage with you.’’

Thunder God nodded.

Stepping into the realm of domain, he finally realized...the domain level was deep and immeasurable. He could only be considered a rookie after just stepping in. Hong was someone who had stepped in for tens of years, he was definitely much stronger.

While Hong was sharing his experience and usage methods with Thunder God, the battle between humanity and the sea monsters had reached a whole new level.

Hua Xia, Jiang Nan base east, a few hundred meters in the air.

’’Arrived at destination.’’

A disc shaped battleship was in the air above the wide river, this wide and big river was Hua Xia's famous Chang Jiang.


Within Chang Jiang, there were countless blurry sea creatures! Randomly throwing a bomb in would kill a few 100 hundred monsters!

Countless sea monsters, were madly following the river and advancing inland!

’’Throw no.12 medicine.’’


A hole appeared at the bottom of the disc shaped battleship, a green liquid with strains of red flowed out into the river and mixed! The battleship followed the course of the river and flew, the medicine constantly flowing out, mixing below the river. A few seconds later...



’’Hiss hiss!!!’’

Various kinds of howls and roars sounded, the originally blurry Chang Jiang filled with sea monsters began to boil! Some of the monsters even jumped out from the pain, while others began to madly attack in all directions. A short time passed and Chang Jiang returned to its quiet state, the number of sea creatures moving seemed to have lessened by quite a bit.


Yang Zhou City, one particular command base.

Hua Xia had a total of six bases, why this place ended up being called the base center, was because these six bases had the strongest defense, it was humanity's final standpoint! After so many years, humanity had been using all kinds of methods and ways to strengthen itsit's defenses.

Within the Command base, Luo Feng was currently together with the just retreated Li Da Wei commanding officer.

’’Bastard!’’ Li Da Wei expression was ugly.

’’What's wrong?’’ Luo Feng asked.

The sea creatures following the river have entered inland! According to my plans...’’ Li Da Wei's face was ashened, ’’When a large number of the sea creatures flood the rivers, we would poison the rivers, causing a large number of them to die immediately! One was to kill a large number of them, two was to let the bodies block the way...

’’The result was nowhere close to what we wanted!’’ Li Da Wei's eyebrows creased.

’’The newly researched poison no.12, is actually better suited for the climbing types of sea creatures, and against the intestine types, thorn skinned types, the results...’’ Li Da Wei shook his head.

Luo Feng could feel the heaviness in the air.

Even though he could kill one grand emperor, just how much impact did he make on the bigger picture? The monster that made humans the most helpless was...the golden horned beast!

’’We aren't afraid of the sea creatures, the emperor class monsters even!’’ Li Da Wei said seriously, ’’Bases, we've been constantly upgrading and fortifying! No matter how vicious the sea creatures are, we'll never be exterminated! The only thing that frightens us is...that devouring monster!’’

’’No one!’’

’’None of the bases could stop it. ’’These two days, Li Da Wei's hair had all gone white.

January 15, wee hours 5 am.

Luo Feng sat in his own house in front of his computer, looking at the notebook's screen and it's many news. Because of the day's many groundbreaking battles, the monsters had suffered heavy losses, especially the loss of the grand emperor the eight claw emperor, they were frightened and didn't dare rush as quickly.

This allowed Luo Feng to take a breather.

His body was rested, but his heart was still anxious!

’’Yesterday morning, the golden horned beast entered the sea bed to rest, who knows when it'll reappear.’’ Luo Feng heart was anxious and worried, ’’Babata, when will the laser cannon be ready?’’

’’Luo Feng, don't worry don't worry, soon, soon.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng took a deep breath, trying his best to contain his worry.

Turning to look outside, through the glass window...outside, the sky was still dark.

’’When will dawn come through?’’ Luo Feng mumbled.


Luo Feng looked down towards his wrist cuff, his watch communicator was vibrating, it was his Head Hong.

’’Hello.’’ Luo Feng answered.

’’Luo Feng, immediately enter the wargod's palace virtual space.’’ Hong said, ’’I have important news to announce.’’

’’Alright.’’ Luo Feng answered.

’’Luo Feng, your power has grown by a lot.’’ Hong praised him, ’’Keep on working hard.’’ He ended the call the moment he finished his words.


Wargod Palace virtual space.


A golden robed Luo Feng suddenly appeared within a spacious room.

’’I wonder what the Head is so anxious to announce, gathering everybody from the different countries for.’’ Luo Feng was curious, leaving the room, he headed swiftly towards the top floor meeting room.

Along the way, he met a few friends.

’’Luo Feng, how are you?’’ A white man shouted.

’’Terrence.’’ Luo Feng walked alongside this man, ’’How's Europe's situation?’’

’’It's bad, there's already been three bases which have begun battles with the sea creatures.’’ Terrence, the European man shook his head, ’’I estimate within half a day, all of europe's six bases would have begun an all out battle with the sea creatures!’’

Luo Feng shook his head.

The entire world's situation was bad, the worse was definitely the American side, afterall they were the first to suffer the wrath of the golden horned beast. The Asian countries were still ok... however, according to the news Luo Feng received, places like Jiang Nan base were estimated to begin battling the sea creatures within a couple of hours.

Within the meeting room, a lot of people began to gather quickly.

’’Attention everyoneall!’’

Only two people sat right at the top, a black clothed Hong and the white clothed Thunder God.

’’Right now at this crucial moment, I've called everyone here to announce something very important.’’ Hong's gaze was sharp as knives, ’’I believe everybody knows, that the sudden appearance of the golden horned beast has brought upon Earth its greatest catastrophe to date, without killing it, Earth and humanity will be annihilated!’’

Everyone below remained silent.

Luo Feng looked at his surroundings, everyone's expressions were ugly.

’’The devouring beast, is a space beast from the universe, it's growth speed is incredibly fast! While we may not be able to deal with it now, we managed to hide in the ship and survive, escaping the threat. However, as the devouring monster gets stronger, there will come a time where we won't even be able to run.’’ Hong's face was filled with pain and anguish.

Luo Feng nodded his head.

He too agreed with this point, this golden horned beast was a space beast with the most elite bloodline! When it's fully grown, it could become a sector lord!

’’That's why, we have to kill it! Must!!!’’ Hong's entire aura immediately began to grow frantic and serious!

’’It must die.’’ Thunder God said coldly beside him.

’’First representative, we all know we must kill it, however...even a 1.5 hundred million ton hydrogen bomb couldn't kill it. What other plans do we have?’’ An old American man with a head full of white said anxiously.

Other representatives shook their head: ’’Even the strongest laser beam didn't even leave a mark on its body. It's too strong, there's no way, no way at all.’’

’’I have a son and daughter.’’

Hong stood up, surveying everyone, ’’I'm not a good father! I've put all my focus on training and martial arts, hardly caring for them. However...they are still my children.’’

’’I do not wish to let my kids live without hope!’’

’’My Dojo of Limits has an enormous flying ship, one so huge even the devouring monster cannot devour at this point. I can simply put all my children in and let them hide in there. But!!! I'm very clear, once that devouring monster matures to the universe level, there would be no safe pot anywhere on Earth!!!’’

’’Not a single place!’’

Hong's voice shook everyone in the room, including Luo Feng.

’’Thunder God and I have decided, to combine forces and fight it to the death, all to kill that devouring monster!’’ Hong's voice reverberated in everybody's ears.

’’To the death! Kill the devouring monster!’’ Thunder God stood up and said beside.


There was pure silence in the meeting room, everyone was shocked, everyone knew of the devouring monster's strength!

’’Head.’’ Liu He couldn't help but stand up.

’’Head.’’ Allure, wearing a golden mask also stood up.

A total of eight people stood up together!

’’The decision is made, no need to try and dissuade us.’’ Hong said calmly, however, everyone felt his resolve about that heavy decision, one almost as heavy as Mt. Tai, it was a resolve no one could shake!

’’First chairman, second chairman, do you two have any guarantee?’’

’’First chairman, suicide is not worth it!’’

’’If humanity cannot stop it, we still need to rely on you to lead the survivors.’’

Many from different countries stood up.

Hong shook his head: ’’If the devouring monster doesn't die, there will be no survivors!’’

These words caused a great many of people to tear up.


So much despair!


Luo Feng closed his eyes, what Hong said was true! If not for Babata who knew how to maintain, assemble and operate the machinery, even with a black dragon ship, there's was no way to repair it enough to use it!

’’Babata,’’ Luo Feng's thoughts shouted out.

’’Something the matter?’’ Babata replied.

’’Is the laser cannon ready?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’I still need one more hour.’’ Babata said.

’’Can it kill the golden horned beast with one shot?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Relax, this is the black dragon mountain's X81's greatest weapon, it can definitely kill the golden horned beast with one shot, destroying it's soul. There's no doubt at all about it.’’ Babata was extremely confident.

’’Very good.’’

Luo Feng opened his eyes...looking at the elites from the various countries all struggling in pain, along with Hong and Thunder God who were ready to sacrifice themselves.

’’Attention everyoneall!’’

A loud voice reverberated across the meeting room.

Everybody went silent, including Hong and Thunder god, everybody looked up. Under the gaze of the earth's elite, Luo Feng said seriously: ’’I have a guaranteed way to kill the devouring monster!’’


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