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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 24


Volume 07 Chapter 24 - Realm

January 14th was fated to be a crazy day!

On the five continents the humans of earth were living on, countless sea monsters were moving forward through the rivers. Because of distance, most of them haven't reached the headquarter cities. And the 'emperor level monsters' and the human 'star traveller level fighters' have already begun their peak showdown! And every country and every headquarter city broadcasted their battles!

Each battle contained the hopes of many.

And all the hopes of everyone on earth caused a formless aura! That blood boiling aura caused a few hesitating representative fighters to become passionate and to stand up to fight!

Battles! Are always bloody!

Of course there are stronger and weaker monsters in the emperor level category. The weaker ones are comparable to a 'star traveller level one stage' while the stronger ones are comparable to 'star traveller level three and four stages'. The only advantage that human star traveller level fighters have are their black god sets! These caused the casualties of the human star traveller fighters to be lower than the emperor level monsters.

However, no matter how low they were, representative level fighters still died!

Since..... the biggest advantage the monsters had were their numbers!

The number of emperor level monsters on land were already much higher than the human representative fighters. And there were even way more emperor level monsters in the sea! Even though there were nearly ninety human star traveller level fighters, on just January 14th, 903 emperor monsters came out of the sea!

Ten times more than the humans! And this was just a portion of them.

The huge showdown between humans and monsters caused the names of many mysterious fighters to be known by all.

Luo Feng! Mo Henderson! Eastbourne!

Each of their names were shining!

And the most famous one was Luo Feng. In Luo Feng's first battle, he killed six emperor level monsters. After that, he swiftly went around China! When other star traveller level fighters move out, they might have a bit of difficulty dealing with one emperor level monster. Sometimes, they even have to retreat.

But Luo Feng is different!

Once he moves out, there will only be one result victory!

From dawn until 3 PM, the number of emperor level monsters that died to Luo Feng had reached a horrifying 37! Holy, all the emperor level monsters killed by the other star traveller level fighters in China hasn't even reached half of that number!

His name shook the ground!

In time, China and all the other countries broadcasting the battles caused countless people to praise Luo Feng!

And then!

Killing thirty seven emperor level monsters was a huge encouragement to humans. However, to sea monsters..... they were extremely enraged! Powerful monsters also have intelligence. The loss of thirty seven emperor level monsters quickly enraged the two grand emperor level sea monsters.

The Octopus Beast Emperor!

This octopus beast emperor was different from the grand emperor back in the misty island. The grand emperor from the misty island only got to that level from eating Mu Ya crystals. As for the octopus beast emperor and the lightning dragon emperor, these two grand emperors grew from battling in the boundless sea over and over again. They are much more powerful!


Around 120 km from Kyoto headquarter city, midair.

The battle on January 14th was still ongoing. On one side was the 'octopus beast emperor', which seemed like a floating island that covered the sky and earth. In terms of body size, the octopus beast emperor was one of the largest monsters on earth, much larger than the grand emperor monster back at the misty island. Just its gigantic brain seemed like a small mountain.

Its eight tentacles were much thicker than the tentacles of the grand emperor from the misty island, while their length seemed to be about the same.

And on the other side, was the human fighter 'Luo Feng'!

’’Representative Luo Feng is extremely fast!’’

’’Watch out!!!’’

Every country was broadcasting the battle. Since the battle progressing so quickly, they didn't have time to carefully explain what was going on.

’’You dare to underestimate me. You're scared of Thunder God and Hong, but not me?’’ with a wave of his hand, a golden arced blade that was a few dozen meters long landed on Luo Feng's hand and then transformed into the arc cutter blade.

Luo Feng also received the news.

When the golden horned beast was rampaging across earth, it went out of its way to visit Hong Ning headquarter city to attack the Dojo of Limits headquarters and kill the two most powerful human fighters Hong and Thunder God! The two grand emperor level monsters probably told the 'golden horned beast' that the two hardest humans to deal with are Hong and Thunder God.

However the golden horned beast didn't succeed.

Hong and Thunder God hid in the spaceship headquarters' training room to avoid danger.

The transport spaceship itself was already quite sturdy, so there was no way for a star level one stage golden horned beast to destroy it. And don't even mention destroying the even sturdier training room through the outer shell of the transport ship.

As for the weight?

The transport spaceship was over 10,000 meters long and a unit of 'a hundred million tons' was needed to weigh it. Keep in mind that an aircraft carrier, which is like a 'tiny speck' to the transport spaceship, is already a few tens of thousands of tons heavy. The material making up the transport spaceship was denser and the size of the ship itself was over 10,000 times bigger than the aircraft carrier. Its weight could be extrapolated from there.

A star traveller level one stage can at most lift up an object that is a thousand tons heavy. A star level one stage? To lift a transport spaceship weighed in the unit of 'hundred million tons' is impossible!

It can't destroy it.

It can't move it.

And it also can't swallow such a huge thing! Absorb it? Even it will need an extremely, extremely long time to absorb such a huge transport spaceship. The golden horned beast gets full after swallowing a few military bases made out of earth's metal, so its 'appetite' can be extrapolated.

So, Hong and Thunder God have escaped danger!

’’I wanted to get rid of you quickly, but who would've thought that your defense was so powerful. Then I guess we'll take more time’’ Luo Feng's gaze turned cold, ’’DIE!’’ the arc cutter blade in his hand waved once again. The curved blade pieces on the arc cutter blade quickly assembled and then finally transformed into a curved golden blade that was only one meter long and as thin as a cicada's wing!

Compared to the blade that was around a few dozen meters long before, this one was extremely focused and dense!


With a flash from the golden curved blade, as if it was entering an apple, it directly sliced into the mountain-like brain of the octopus beast emperor.


The octopus beast emperor let out an ear-piercing cry. HUALALA~~an ink-like poison ferociously sprayed over.

This battle caused everyone on earth to hold their breath.

When Luo Feng was completely covered in the black colored poison, countless people were worrying. Keep in mind that other than the swallowing beast, the strongest monsters in the sea were the two grand emperors. One of them was the octopus beast emperor while the other was the lightning dragon emperor. The lightning dragon emperor wins with its speed, electricity, and power! The octopus beast lord wins with its defense, regenerative capabilities, poison, and strangling power!

In terms of poison!

The octopus beast emperor is number one!

’’ANG~ANG~ANG~’’ the octopus beast emperor suddenly let out cries of pain and its eight thick tentacles started crazily shaking around. Its gigantic mountain-like brain continued to bulge and depress. Its two eyes that were bigger than houses were filled with madness and pain.


A wound that had a diameter of two to three meters exploded on its head. Instantly, white and red liquid directly sprayed out like a fountain.

The octopus beast emperor's eight large tentacles fell down powerlessly and its gigantic body started descending rapidly.


Its gigantic body, which was like a floating island, smashed into the wilderness below, causing the ground to shake as if an earthquake was going on. A few houses that have been standing there for a few dozen years were split apart because of the shockwave. Dust emanated everywhere.

The octopus beast emperor of the two grand emperors, is dead!

And in the black poison, Luo Feng stepped on his soaring shuttle and flew out of it to take a look at the corpse of the octopus beast lord that fell to the ground.


People of all ages, gender, skin color, and nationality were extremely excited.

Yet, Luo Feng was calm.

’’This octopus beast emperor sure was suicidal’’ Babata held an apple in the wrist guard space as he insulted out of disdain, ’’He isn't even Thunder God or Hong's opponent after leaving the ocean! Now that Hong and Thunder God are hiding, it thinks it's invincible? Luo Feng, you're actually even stronger than Thunder God, so taking care of that little shrimp is like eating breakfast! What an idiot’’ as he said that, Babata ferociously took a bite out of his apple!

For the current Luo Feng.

Using the arc cutter blade was enough to kill a star traveller level six stage monster emperor.

Once he uses the hybrid copper essence blade piece, he can even rival the world's strongest fighter 'Hong'.

The whole world was in an uproar because Luo Feng killed the monster emperor!

And the star traveller level fighters who stood at the peak were even more shocked. The grand emperor! After so many years, even Hong and Thunder God couldn't deal with those two grand emperors in the sea. Even though Luo Feng and the grand emperor had their battle in the air and not in the water..... other than Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God, is there a fourth person on earth who can battle with the grand emperor?

The third chairman Ice Emperor Mo Henderson? The fourth chairman Eastbourne?

None of them can!

Only until now did the fighters all over the world understand..... Luo Feng was a genius whose strength was comparable to Mo Henderson and Eastbourne right after stepping into the star traveller level. And one year later, he has strength comparable to Hong and Thunder God!

In terms of strength!

Luo Feng should be the third chairman, and maybe even the second chairman! But Luo Feng never challenged anybody and quietly stayed in Yang Zhou city.


Hong Ning headquarter city, Dojo of Limits headquarters.

The transport spaceship had sustained some damage on the outside, but the inside wasn't damaged. In one of the training rooms in the transport spaceship.

A barefoot man in black quietly sat cross-legged.

In front of him was a bald man wearing white and was also barefoot.

One black, one white.

These two were precisely Hong and Thunder God who were hiding in the transport spaceship's training room due to the 'golden horned beast'.

’’This Luo Feng sure is Earth's genius spirit reader, his strength actually was able to grow so quickly’’ Hong opened his eyes, and his eyes were calm, ’’With his strength now, he is the undisputed #1 spirit reader on Earth! He probably isn't too far off from second brother either’’

’’That's a good thing’’

’’For such a genius to be on Earth, if I die, I'll be able to rest in peace’’ Hong's eyes were as calm as the ocean.


A bit of electricity started to slowly appear in the entire training room, which caused Hong to let out a face of surprise. The white robed bald 'Thunder God', who was originally calmly sitting cross-legged, still had a calm expression on. However, electricity started faintly appearing around his body. In just moments, the entire training room transformed into a domain of electricity, with electric snakes flowing.

The white robed bald man opened his eyes. Lightning could barely be seen in his eyes as he let out a smile. This smile seemed to be like the smile of China's legendary Buddha.

’’Brother Hong’’ said Thunder God slowly, ’’The legendary 'man and Earth as one' state in ancient Indian yoga and the completed state of 'man and body as one' in China's internal martial arts. The way of stepping into the state of the domain was to surpass them’’

’’Congratulations’’ smiled Hong.

Hong himself was an expert in Chinese internal martial arts while Thunder God practiced both of them. Some of the instruction manuals on Earth were based off of combining these ancient martial arts and the power of humans today! Maybe they are much more powerful, but in terms of their realms, Hong and Thunder God have greatly benefited from ancient civilization.

Man and Earth as one, man and body as one, man and blade as one, completed Tai Chi, etc. these were all descriptions of the highest level.

And then.....

Above them, was the domain!

’’Brother Hong, me and you have been brothers to the death for a few dozen years! It is unthinkable that we retreat this time’’ Thunder God looked towards Hong.

Hong looked towards Thunder God, as if he saw the scene of the two of them fighting on the border of life and death back during the Grand Nirvana period.

’’Okay, let's go together’’ Hong slightly nodded.

’’Let's go together’’ Thunder God let out a smile.


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