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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 23


Volume 07 Chapter 23 - Beacons of Light

’’Received.’’ Luo Feng replied.

’’Luo Feng, at a time like this, I won't say anymore. Please!’’ Jia Yi pleaded.

Strength wise, there were only a few fighter on earth capable of killing a group of emperor class monsters. These were Hong, Thunder God, Luo Feng, Mo Henderson and a few others.


After hanging up the phone, Luo Feng turned to everyone else in the house, Luo Hong Guo and the others were all looking at him.

’’Be careful.’’ Luo Hong Guo only spoke those two words.

Luo Feng nodded.

With a thought, whoosh! Three pure black metal robots appeared in the room, which shocked everyone in the house.

’’xxxx...’’ Luo Feng gave an order using the common language of the universe.

He ordered one of them to protect his family, the other two to prepare...the moment Yang Zhou city came under attack, they were to go out and assist in the defense!

’’xx.’’ The three metal robots received their orders.

While their AI system's capabilities were low as they required a very precise order to be given...they were still much better than the battleship's AI from before.

’’Little Feng.’’

’’Big brother.’’

Within the hall, everyone looked shocked at Luo Feng, three robots? Earth did have robots at the time, but they were all clumsy and stupid.

’’Dad, all of you should hurry upstairs. Go into the gravity room when it becomes dangerous.’’ Luo Feng said.

When he was done with the instructions, he didn't dare waste a minute as he immediately flew out of Ming Yue district!

It had already begun to grow brighter in the day, the entire Yang Zhou city however had already been lit up way before. Large amounts of voluntary personnel youths filled the streets and armies were everywhere.

Up in the sky.

Luo Feng was on the soaring shuttle swiftly flying towards the east.

’’It's a pity those three robots were only repair and maintenance robots on that ship.’’ Within his mind Babata spoke, ’’attacking capability wise, they can't compare to you Luo Feng.’’

’’Have you finished fixing the Liquid Silver guards?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’How about the weapon?’’

’’The liquid silver guards use a C grade power source. However, it's been depleted for a long time. After using it for many hundreds of thousands of years, they require repairs. I think it should take about three days. As for the weapon! I've already taken the black dragon mountain X81 ship's most powerful weapon down and have begun repairs on it.’’ Babata said, ’’As for the required power source, I have some reserves.’’

Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief.

The laser cannon, according to Babata, was a very advanced weapon. In theory, its power could go close to being limitless! According to legend, the more advanced laser cannons could even pose a threat to sector lords!

’’How's the power?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’It can kill a star level 6 human fighter.’’ Babata said, ’’A Star level 6, compared to a star level 1, is stronger by tens of times! Even if it was a space beast! It definitely won't be able to block the laser cannon attack.’’

Hearing the words 'definitely won't be able to block' was a big relief to Luo Feng.

Babata may behave like spoiled brat at times, but he never spoke rubbish.

’’However, I need time!’’ Babata said.

’’As fast as possible, think of ways, the faster the better.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’If I rush it at my maximum capacity, I estimate it would require about 28-30 hours.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng pondered about it, 28 to 30 hours? That was a little more than a day, China would have heavy losses over such a long time, but it's main cities would probably still be standing! Unless that swallowing monster was to show up again...

Pray! He could only pray within his heart!


Luo Feng's flying speed wasn't at all affected by his mental conversation with Babata, he was heading towards the south east military district.

China's capital base, the general headquarters.

Several leaders were here, the general headquarters' screen was displaying two scenes from satellites, one was displaying six enormous emperor class monsters flying towards the south eastern base, while the other displayed a youth clad in blood red battle armor on the soaring shuttle, flying over.

’’Luo Feng is already flying towards the south eastern base.’’ Jia Yi said.

’’Broadcast this battle to the entire country immediately.’’ One of the leaders from China spoke, his hair white and his body thin and frail.

’’Old Zhou?’’ Jia Yi was shocked as he looked at the old man.

Old Zhou said seriously: ’’Jia Yi, you said before, even within the emperor class monsters, there were strong and weak ones. Even representative warriors may lose to the emperor class monsters. At this crucial time of life and death, we need our representative fighters to risk it all and fight for us. In a time like this, are you going to just let them sacrifice for nothing in secrecy?’’

The leaders within the headquarters were all at a high level of intellect and wisdom, they understood human psychology well. They understand everything from just a hint.

Representatives can only make the decision to risk their lives themselves, the country can't force them.

’’Only if they are willing. So we have to make them willing, we have to stir up their blood and determination!’’

’’Only with that can we win!’’

’’Only with fortitude!’’

’’Will they risk it all!’’

Old Zhou said.

Immediately, every television screen in China began to switch.

’’Southeastern military base in danger, Southeastern military base in danger.’’

’’Currently, there are six emperor class sea monsters flying towards the south east base.’’ Under the reporter's voice, the scene appeared in every television screen across China. Be it households, screens in the streets or the screens in the underground bases, they all showed the same scene.

Six emperor monsters, extremely malevolent!

One was entirely green and black, its abdomen was purple and long like a snake, its total length was close to 200m. That means, when it stood straight up, it was comparable to a 70 storey building!

It was like an enormous submarine in the sky, 'mountain shaking whale king.'

It's gaze had a mysterious red glow, this scaled long dragon, was the renowned east sea's green dragon.

Nearby was an enormous transparent jellyfish, its umbrella like skin span was more than 30m large, it's countless tentacles were all at least a few hundred meters long.


Six emperor class monsters!

Every one of them were incomparably strong, especially the east sea green dragon and the poisonous jellyfish emperor, even if Jia Yi was to come, he would have to be very careful about them.

When China's 1200 million citizens saw the screen and the scene, they held their breaths. When have they ever seen such fearsome creatures? The reporter on the side was quickly explaining the details of each of the emperor class monsters, making them worry even more for the southeast base's hundreds of thousands of military personnel.


A little girl covered her eyes as she couldn't bear to watch.

’’It can't be.’’

The elderly were in front of the televisions, quietly praying to Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy.

’’Emperor class monsters.’’

’’Six of them!’’

Youths filled with hot blood were all wide-eyed, whatever they had trained for, and their knowledge of the monsters, were nothing in the face of these six emperor class monsters.’’

’’Before, that swallowing monster attacked the entire earth, the military districts and bases had all their lasers destroyed. Against these six emperor class monsters, the southeastern military sector has begun their retreat and evacuation, however their speed cannot compare to the monsters' flying speeds. Their speeds go up to 820m per second!’’

The citizens watching the screens all held their breaths.


Suddenly, the screen switched to a different scene.

A youth clad in blood red armor standing on board the soaring shuttle, flying at breakneck speed.


The countless citizens in front of the screens were all excited, flying? This was humanity's elite warrior...a being that exceeded the wargods!

It's representative Luo!’’

’’Representative Luo is currently flying at his fastest speed towards the southeastern military district! The calculations show that Representative Luo's flying speed is currently reaching...5610 m per second! Wow, I haven't misread it, my god! It's really 5610 m per second, 16.5 times the speed of sound!!!’’ The reporter's voice was filled with shock!

It wasn't just him, the star traveller warriors watching too were all shocked.

In terms of flying speed, even Hong and Thunder God couldn't compare to Luo Feng.

’’He's catching up, Representative Luo is catching up!’’

On the screen, it finally showed Luo Feng and the six emperor class monsters in the same screen.

When he first appeared, compared to the six ridiculously enormous emperor class monsters, Luo Feng was just like an ant. One ant against six giants? The scene made everyone watching nervous and anxious. Suddenly, the enormous jellyfish emperor suddenly spit out a green fog that spread over a few thousand meters.

It was a poisonous gas!

Suddenly, the screen had gone all green! The reporter on the side explained, this was the jellyfish emperor's poisonous gas, adding on with some details about the jellyfish emperor, which made the people even more shocked...This jellyfish emperor was one of the most poisonous monsters on earth.

’’What's happening?’’

’’What's going on? How's representative Luo dealing with the gas?’’

Everyone's hearts were tensed.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Xu Xin's body was trembling.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Wei Wen raised her head to look at the screen in the street, nervous beyond compare.

Within the poisonous gas.

Luo Feng was on the soaring shuttle;his spirit energy had formed a protective barrier around him! With the toughness and density of his barrier of spiritual force, there was no chance for the gas to even seep through.

’’Killing one emperor class monster is akin to saving hundreds of thousands and millions of my fellow countrymen.’’ Luo Feng looked at the six emperor class monsters rushing towards him, their gazes ice cold and filled with killing intent, ’’that's why, I'll kill all of you!’’


Luo Feng fiercely waved the arc cutter blade in his right hand!


It was as though space itself was cut open, the arc knife actually became an enormous golden colored arc blade, madly dancing around! The first to bear the brunt of this attack was the jellyfish emperor, it's flexible but tough body, under Luo Feng's controlled arc blade, was immediately sliced in half! The monster with a triangular brain, carrying a huge shell on it's back, was also sliced along with its shell!

Slice! Slice! Slice!

The arc cutter blade, compared to the soaring shuttle, was stronger in its attacking abilities!

The six emperor class monsters, while the one east sea green dragon was a little harder to slice, eventually it still succeeded! Six emperor class monsters, under the frenzied dance of the arc knife, were immediately cut into seven or eight pieces, various pungent smells, fragrant smelling blood flew out.

China, countless people glued to the screens, their hearts all tensed.

The footage about the devouring monster before had all of humanity feeling dejected and hopeless. Now...all of Hua Xia's sons and daughters were all hoping for victory, for something to give them hope!

There was a little hope for survival!

On the screen.

The poison quickly dissipated, there was only Luo Feng waving his hands in mid air on the soaring shuttle, the golden blade which was at least tens of meters long returned to his hand. The surrounding space was filled with large amounts of body parts falling, be it large claws, a tentacle or scales or minced meat...

’’We've won.’’

’’We've won.’’

’’The monsters have all been killed.’’

This scene made countless people erupt in joy! Finally! Finally! There was some good news.

’’Representative Luo is too powerful.’’

’’His flying speed is 16.5 times the speed of sound.’’

’’With representative Luo around, we can win.’’ Countless people at the time remembered Luo Feng's name.

’’The southern central military sector is in danger, Representative Yao Wei Wu is rushing to assist.’’ The screen changed quickly again.

Luo Feng may be very strong, but he was still one man, he couldn't fight two battles at the same time.

Battles happened all over one after another!

In the motherland, beacons of light were lit all over!

In the dire times of humanity's survival, representatives were stepping up and appearing!

One after another, mysterious names that no one had ever heard of were being recognized by countless people, ’’Luo Feng, Zhu Xi, Yao Wei Wu... At this time, they were humanity's strongest warriors and they shone the brightest in the time of need.


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