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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 22


Volume 07 Chapter 22 - The Rampaging Swallowing Beast

Madness enveloped Yang Zhou, one of Jiang Nan Base's eight large districts. Painful screams of agony and anguish filled the skies, several skyscrapers had been demolished into halves, some bursting with flames, it was as though the city was experiencing an apocalypse.

A small district under the moonlight.

A disc shaped battleship had landed in a grass patch, three special forces military personnel stepped out, almost like a breeze of wind, swiftly rushing into Luo Feng's house.

Deng deng deng!

The three men swiftly rushed up to Luo Feng's second story.

Up there, within the gravity room were beds, sofas, and computers.

Luo Feng's parents Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, his younger brother Luo Hua and his girlfriend Zhen Nan and her parents, and Xu Xin! All of them were staying within the gravity room, it was a good thing the room was 6m wide, spacious enough for a group of people to stay. Zhen Nan's parents were called over due to Zhen Nan's earlier panic by Luo Hua, who thought of them as his future mother and father in laws. ’’Mr. Luo Hong Guo! Please leave the gravity room, quickly! Staying here isn't safe for you all.’’

’’Mr. Luo Hong Guo! Please leave the gravity room, quickly! Staying here isn't safe for you all.’’

The three military personnel standing outside the gravity room, one of them said anxiously, ’’The ground and the buildings' foundations may all end up as targets for the swallowing monster. The head has ordered for us to take you Mr Luo and your family! Time is crucial, you'd better hurry.’’

’’I've already told you over the phone, I'm not going.’’

’’We won't leave.’’

’’You all better leave. We'll wait for my bro to return before leaving.’’

Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan and Luo Hua said.

The three men outside were helpless.

Suddenly, the leader of the group's communicator watch vibrated, he looked, color changing in his face: ’’Leader's official's number.’’

Immediately answering.

’’Leader, Representative Luo's family refuses to go.’’ The leader reported.



The personnel stood at attention , quickly ending the call.

’’Mr Luo Hong Guo, we've just managed to contact Representative Luo, He'll be here shortly.’’ The leader said towards the gravity room.

The Luo family within were all extremely excited.

Luo Feng is returning?’’

Tonight was indeed a nightmare, they were constantly worrying about Luo Feng within the gravity room.

’’Disperse!’’ The leader waved his hand, the three of them quickly left immediately.

Up in the sky of Yang Zhou.

Within the darkness, a beam of light swiftly pierced through the sky, Luo Feng had donned the cloud contact armor, standing on the soaring shuttle, right hand holding the curved shield. It was a weapon he had acquired from Yun Mo Planet's dead master who had left it behind for him...arc cutter blade! The arc cutter blade and the soaring shuttle were comparable to each other.

One was for fleeing.

The other was for attacking.

With regards to controlling the spirit weapons and their uses, Luo Feng understood already! Back then when he could only control 18 threads of spirit energy, he attempted to form the mountain drill's second stage, even with countless tries he still failed! That was due to his control of spirit energy being too crude, too weak.

And after the 'nine secrets of control', with steady progress, Luo Feng's foundation became more and more solid.

These two weapons, after two or three attempts, he managed to use them!

’’Luo Feng, why were we unable to contact you earlier?’’

’’Earlier I had gone to an archeological ruin, the signal there was probably blocked.’’ While flying, Luo Feng was communicating, ’’What's going on?’’

’’What's going on? That swallowing monster has gone on a mad rampage after being injured! It's currently destroying Hua Xia, India and some other bases. It's basically venting all it's rage in Asia and beginning to attack the big cities and humanity.’’ Jia Yi said anxiously, ’’Also, Yang Zhou has been involved too.’’

’’What.’’ Luo Feng panicked.

’’The little district of Ming Yue hasn't been affected yet, the entire city of Yang Zhou has suffered about twelve beams of golden light attacks, it's pretty serious.’’ Jia Yi Said.

Luo Feng was even more worried.

It was lucky Yang Zhou wasn't too far from the east coast, Luo Feng could reach Yang Zhou quickly.

’’My god!’’

Flying high up in the sky, Luo Feng took a deep breath.

The entire Yang Zhou City was filled with screams of pain and anguish even from far away, close to 10 million people were concentrated in the city, at that time, about twelve places had deep craters, and the surroundings of these twelve places, the skyscrapers were all set ablaze, fires burned in the small districts, large buildings had collapsed, it was almost like the city had been bombed by over a thousand tons of explosives.

These twelve places, had large numbers of military personnel, policemen gathered. It also had survivors crying in pain.

’’Bastard.’’ Luo Feng was raging within.

’’Lucky his venting is just like this, he's spreading it out over the various cities!’’ Within his mind, Babata's voice resounded, ’’If he had focused his rage on just Yang Zhou, he could have easily destroyed the whole city!

Luo Feng understood this!

Shooting out randomly twelve beams of golden light, was a considered a very normal and easy attack for the golden horned beast. Maybe from it's point of view, this was only a small city, the main district was the big city! Maybe it felt it shouldn't waste too much energy on a small city.


Luo Feng swiftly flew towards Ming Yue district, entering his own home through the 2nd storey window.


The gravity room's metal door automatically opened, there were a total of seven people inside.

’’Brother.’’ Luo Hua was the first to rise from his chair in front of the computer.

Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan carefully examined Luo Feng, only relaxing after seeing he had no external wounds. Beside, Zhen Nan's parents smiled, but it was clear their faces were pale.

’’When we entered the gravity room, the door shut and we couldn't open it no matter what.’’ Luo Hua said.

’’It's what I programmed.’’ Luo Feng said.

Compared to a government defense shelter, Luo Feng had more faith in the gravity room's sturdiness! The gravity room was something even Hong, with his maximum strength, could only leave a small mark on. That golden horned beast...even if a golden beam of light were to hit the room, it wouldn't damage it at all!

’’Xu Xin.’’

Luo Feng held up Xu Xin's hands naturally, they were cold and her face was pale, ’’Luo Feng, come and see,’’ she turned the computer's screen over and Luo feng looked down at it.

The screen displayed a large amount of footage and pictures.

One of the pictures, was the scene of the wreckage of a skyscraper.

’’The swallowing monster is rampaging all over the world! It was wreaking havoc earlier here in Asia, now it's gone to Africa. Look at it's speed, I estimate it'll head to Europe soon.’’ Xu Xin said.

’’How many from China have died or been injured?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Not clear.’’ Xu Xin shook her head.

Luo Hua said from beside: ’’Brother, following a few satellite images and footage, from the six headquarter cities in China, a conservative estimate would be that we lost more than 5 million people!’’ The moment that was said, everyone's expression in the gravity room changed immediately, they were obviously in pain and anguish.

’’A conservative estimate and its 5 million?’’ Luo Feng's heart sank.

Millions of his fellow countrymen.

’’The swallowing monster is mostly attacking the main districts, since the population and the population density there is greater. It attacked like crazy...if it just attacked the skyscrapers it would still be ok, since nobody is in those buildings at night. However, when it attacked the residential areas and communities, small districts...’’ Luo Hua looked at the blurred bodies on the screen and couldn't continue talking.

Beside, mother Gong Xin Lan, Xu Xin and Zhen Nan couldn't help but cry.

It was too tragic!

Luo Feng's face paled.

’’Golden horned beast.’’ His gaze grew ice cold.

However at that point in time, he was still powerless!

The leading bloodline in the universe, the space beast that was the most savage, named the golden horned beast, even though it had only reached the star level, for humanity... it was the end.

From it's birth to now, this was the first time it had been injured!

It was extremely furious!

That was why, it needed to vent and destroy! Hence, Asia, Africa, Europe and subsequently North and South America. A few bases, it just flew over and casually sent a few beams, ten beams of golden light. However, for a few of the larger cities, it would go all out.

Humans were weak and small, like ants.

And right now, the golden horned beast was like a giant, running from one ant nest to another and stepping on groups and groups of ants.

Humanity was trembling under the golden horned beast's rage.

Its revenge carried on for over 4 hours.

In South America, a cry of pain, explosion sounds were all mixed in the air. The golden horned beast opened its large scaled wings, it's chest scales seemed to have recovered fully, without a single mark. It looked down and surveyed the city below, its eyes cold and filled with madness, before it suddenly raised its head!


Its fearsome roar reverberated around, the air surrounding it all shaking from the sound. It formed an attacking wave that was visible even to the naked eye! It was as though it was declaring that its dignity and position shouldn't be disrespected!


The golden horned beast swiftly left, flying into the sea, down to the seabed to rest.

That one night...It had destroyed all of humanity's bases, suffered damage and subsequently rampaged madly! It had indeed used up a large amount of energy, it had grown tired and needed to rest!

Yang Zhou Ming Yue little district, Luo Feng's house.

The living room's television was still broadcasting, Hua Xia's leaders were all announcing to the country.

’’My fellow countrymen!’’

’’Tonight, we feel incomparable sadness and pain. This is a catastrophe for all of humanity, we fight for survival!’’

Within a short time, it seemed like all of China's citizens were watching and listening.

At the same time of the broadcast, large numbers of little screens and footages were being shown. It wasn't limited to China, all of the other countries on earth were doing it! The citizens on earth all knew...what exactly just happened! A catastrophe, much bigger than the Grand Nivana had come!

At that time...

The citizens who originally had disputes with the army, after watching the large numbers of deaths from both citizens and soldiers, changed. Several youths stepped up one after another to join the army! Large numbers of trained and ready personnel signed up! Large numbers of warriors and fighters began to join the army!


At the same time of the television's broadcast, the motherland's countless rivers, had countless sea creatures rushing inland to kill. All that could be seen was the army battling it out with the monsters. Along with the situations of the other countries.

It was tragic!

Humanity versus the monsters, it was a battle between the races!

’’For survival!’’ Luo Feng watched the television with a heavy heart.

Suddenly, Luo Feng's watch communicator vibrated and he answered.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng’’

’’There are twelve emperor level beasts that just flew out from the sea in the eastern region of Yang Zhou city, within them, there are six that are headed towards the south eastern military sector. Please head over there immediately to give support. Please head over there immediately to give support.’’ Jia Yi's voice was extremely panicked.


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