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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 21


Volume 07 Chapter 21 - Barbaric Destruction

Even after acquiring the three metal robots, Luo Feng wasn't in the least excited. The only thought plaguing his mind was to acquire a strong enough weapon to kill the golden horned beast.

This concerned the survival of the entire earth's humanity.


Luo Feng used quite a bit of strength to push open the silver door. This door hadn't been open since the time the ship had sunk! The moment Luo Feng opened it, there was a slight convection in the air between the inside and outside, a breeze blew out from the spacious and luxurious command room!

The command room was well lit.

In the center sat a uniformed military personnel, there were three black uniformed bodyguards behind him. Luo Feng was shocked from seeing people inside.


A breeze blew past.

The soldier sitting in the chair, just like dust, became powder, even his uniform had degraded to powder. It was just like this that his whole body, which had degraded to powder, began to blow off the chair onto the floor little by little. The black uniforms of his three bodyguards behind fell apart from the wind, landing in pieces on the floor, with a few pieces still hanging on their bodies.

At the same time, they revealed their bodies and skin! One of them was a female, Luo Feng even saw her half naked body.

’’This, this...’’

’’Babata, didn't you say this ship has sunk for more than 800 thousand years, what's up with these three people? Luo Feng used his spiritual force to sense that the three had no life force, they were clearly dead.

But they hadn't decayed, were they undying beings?

How was that possible!

’’Hehe, the one on the chair. That dead soldier was indeed a prominent figure. These three bodyguards are not actually human, they are a special kind of merchandise called liquid silver guards.’’ Babata said proudly, ’’These liquid silver guards, their main material, liquid silver, is even more expensive than the black yttrium. They even have a built in AI system. Normally, they behave just like humans! They can even talk and run errands etc.’’

’’What's more, because their body structures are made of liquid silver, their bodies are like water, even if they are attacked by strong opponents, they can easily mitigate the force of impact!’’

’’That's why they are extremely good bodyguards!’’

’’For example, when you encounter an assassination, they can use their entire bodies to block.’’

’’Even though their attacks aren't too strong, however when surrounded by them, even universe level warriors would have to use quite a bit of time to break free! They are extremely good bodyguards.’’ Babata said, ’’However these liquid silver guards, are different from machines. Liquid silver guards, one, only listen to orders from their master. Two, they require power to maintain their lives, power to them is like their life force.’’

’’Over 800 thousand years, their energies have been completed depleted.’’ Babata said, ’’Even if it wasn't, the ship's AI cannot order the liquid silver guards.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Looking at the control board at the side, the screen above it suddenly displayed a jade green haired woman figure, staring at Luo Feng.

’’XXX...’’ The universe language reverberated about the command room.

’’Please leave?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but shake his head. Over the last year, under Babata's guidance, the universe language may have still been difficult to speak, having to constantly translate to mandarin in his head before considering how to answer, but listening wasn't too big of a problem anymore.

'Luo Feng, insert the signal device into the control board's left side, that green entry point.’’ Babata said, ’’Don't bother with the ship's AI and her rubbish! matter how intelligent, are nothing but AIs. If they cannot control weapons or anything, then they pose no danger at all. Right now, she is nothing but a stripped naked woman who has been bound and tied up...’’

Within the wrist cuff virtual space, Babata sighed and shook his head: ’’Now, I'm going to ravage her. Gaga,’’ he revealed his two fangs.

Luo Feng shook his head helplessly.

He immediately inserted the signal device into the green entry point on the board.


An ear-piercing alarm immediately erupted within the command room.

Large numbers of words immediately appeared on the screen.

’’Haha, watch me, Luo Feng, this AI's system is not bad, however, within 30 minutes of hacking, this black dragon ship will be ours!’’ Babata immediately began focusing on his hacking, the ship's AI system too naturally began to resist and begin its defense!

’’Warning, system under attack.’’ The universe language resounded.

’’Please enter the password within 30 seconds, otherwise, self-destruct will engage.


When that voice sounded.

Luo Feng's expression changed.

’’Damn, self-destruct procedures? Luo Feng, we are in trouble! This ship's owner is too much of a bastard, he actually programmed the AI to self-destruct when it is attacked?’’ Babata too was obviously panicking.

’’What do we do now? Is there no other way?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’30 seconds, even the universe's strongest AI cannot possibly hack into this kind of system within 30 seconds.’’ Babata was in panic, ’’I have no clue about the bullshit password. It's over...I wanted to ravage this AI system, I didn't expect her to resist to the point of suicide! It's over, it's over...’’ Babata was feeling helpless.

Luo Feng couldn't help but rage: ’’Babata, at this point in time, there's no point in saying these kind of words. Quickly think of a solution, what should we do!’’


Within the wrist cuff virtual space, Babata's blood red eyes were wide open, he blinked a few times, he knew...Luo Feng was very angry! Indeed Luo Feng was raging within, there was no time to crack jokes with Babata.

The sound reverberated and a countdown appeared on the control screen.


Luo Feng was extremely worried.

’’There's no choice.’’ Within his mind, Babata said with a dejected voice.

’’Chi chi...’’

Suddenly, the control board gave off an ear piercing sound, large numbers of words began to appear madly on the screen, a large number of the buttons and panels on the control board even began to burst in flames.


The control board's voice began to grow more obscure and stutter.

’’Du...du...du’’ An ear piercing alarm rang throughout the entire ship, it wasn't just the control board that was on fire, even the ceiling, a few pathways, and many other places in the ship, began to ring out, fires sprouting out all over.

It was as though it was about to explode!

’’Babata, what are you doing?’’ Luo Feng asked.


A sound rang out, almost like an explosion had erupted.

The control board's screen had gone all black, the lights within the command room also went out, shrouded in darkness.

’’Luo Feng, I could only do this.’’ Within his mind, Babata's voice spoke.

’’What did you do?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’This black mountain dragon X81 ship, was programmed by its master to self destruct if ever there were any external signal devices trying to hack the AI system, unless he/she can key in the password within 30 seconds. And hacking this system within 30 seconds is impossible, so...there was only one solution...using an overflowing amount of current and energy to destroy the AI system!’’

’’Barbaric destruction, the end result is that the ship's control system will be damaged, several transmission systems too would be burnt.’’ Babata said helplessly.

’’However, if I didn't do so, the result would be...the ship would initiate it's self destruct program and, with a boom, explode!’’

’’And Luo Feng, you need the ship's weapon, I could only do this.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng understood immediately.

In the beginning, Babata had wanted to use the soft approach to hack and control the ship's AI. However, the conditions didn't allow it! To save the ship from exploding, he could only resort to this.

’’Babata, thanks.’’ Luo Feng said.


Within the wrist cuff virtual space.

Dressed in a black robe, a disheartened Babata was obviously upset with his failure. His initial chest pounding and proud demeanor, ended up in a result that couldn't be considered winning.

’’Babata, thanks.’’ Luo Feng's voice spoke through.

Babata was startled.


Babata, who was originally disheartened raised his eyebrows and smiled, revealing his cute fangs, laughing: ’’No need for thanks Luo Feng. Hehe, Aren't I incredible! Such barbaric destruction also requires power, my abilities as an AI far exceeded hers, within that time span, I overflowed her with power till the point she couldn't resist and finally collapsed!’’


Luo Feng turned around to look at the three liquid silver guards and the powder and remnants the military man had left behind.

’’Luo Feng, back then, because earth was close and within a 1000 light years, with many races with good potential, the master had made earth part of his territory. Back then, it had belonged to the Silverblue Empire. That's why...the master displayed his powers, with one spirit energy attack, he attacked an enormous interstellar fleet, causing the soldiers' souls to be annihilated, the fleets falling onto the various planets.’’ Babata said. ’’This particular black dragon ship's master, should have been a prominent figure from that fleet.

To be able to afford a black dragon mountain X81, along with the liquid silver guards, within the milky way, he's considered to have status and rank.’’ Babata assessed, ’’His remnants should be good, take it.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Also, those liquid silver guards may have depleted their energy;I wonder if my reserve energy crystals are compatible. Hm, I'll keep those three liquid silver guards, fix them a little and see if they still be used.’’ Babata said, at the same time, the three half naked liquid silver guards vanished.

Luo Feng's thoughts moved.

The dead military man's ring, weapon and other remnants were kept away.


Once again using the Power jack to jack up the door, casually walking out the laser pathway and out of the ship.

’’Babata, when can the weapons on this ship be ready? Luo Feng asked.

This black dragon ship's AI System and control systems have been damaged, but the weapons and others are undamaged. However, over 100 thousand years, even if this ship had the three robots maintaining it, I estimate the weapons should still have several small problems. Relax, I've checked through, to build a weapon capable of killing a star level 6 or 7, is still possible. Time however...I'm not sure, about one or two days.’’


The black disc shaped ship instantly vanished.

’’I'll be keeping this ship and beginning on the the weapons repair.’’ Babata said.

’’Ok, sorry to trouble you, Babata.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but say.

’’Hehe, no problem, no problem.’’ Babata said, ’’Oh, right, when we head out, I'll also store the mother ship's remains.’’

The mother ship's body, was much much bigger than the X81.

Babata's storage space, was indeed much much bigger than Luo Feng's storage ring.


Luo Feng swiftly followed the pathways within the mothership, his family constantly on his mind. He didn't even know what was going on with the various countries and the situation with the devouring monster, just how bad it had gotten. After receiving the hydrogen bomb attack, what would the angered golden horned beast do?

Luo Feng was extremely uneasy and worried!

With his greatest speed, he swiftly left the sea bed and came out on the surface. Stepping onto the soaring shuttle, becoming a beam of light and swiftly heading towards Asia's mainland China...


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