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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 20


Volume 07 Chapter 20 - Robots

The black metal pathway was covered in dust, the laser attacks from before only left little marks.


The hercules jack was slowly and steadily raising the door up. In the laser pathway, Luo Feng had covered himself in the cloud contact armor swiftly. From head to toe, he was fully covered! At first glance, he seemed like a blood red statue.


Luo Feng rushed fiercely in, sticking close to the ground and charging forward! Above him, the soaring shuttle had transformed into the mountain bulwark.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Flashes of laser beams shot directly at the mountain bulwark and Luo Feng! The moment the mountain bulwark was shot, under Luo Feng's control, it immediately separated into 365 knife blades! With so many knife blades flying around, the laser's reaction system caught on and began to generate even more lasers, directing them at the blades. Luo Feng too was 'massaged' by a couple of shots.

’’Gather!’’ Luo Feng's entire body was hit by a laser and knocked onto the ground.

The lasers on the side even caused him to slide leftwards!

Within an instant...

Luo Feng had become like a ping pong ball, being shifted around wildly by the shots of lasers. Yet, he was strongly maintaining his spirit energy to guide himself forward. Forward! Forward!


Luo Feng slid under the power jack, which was lodged into the ground, rushing into the ship.

’’I'm finally in!’’ Luo Feng felt soreness and pain from his entire body.

At the same time, he felt the cloud contact vine's discomfort, as though it was still reeling from the many shots it took, Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh: ’’Don't pretend, it was no big deal, I'll feed you more when we get back!’’ The cloud contact armor's blood red color began shimmer and sparkle, as though it was very excited.

’’Shua!’’ The power jack behind immediately vanished, the cockpit door fell and crashed straight onto the metal floor.

’’I'm keeping the hercules jack.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings, he was in a spacious straight path: ’’Babata, now where do we go?’’

Luo feng didn't know what dangers awaited him in that dark path.

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you've already entered the black dragon mountain X81 ship. Relax, there's no more danger.’’ Babata said, ’’Walk, hurry and head towards the command room, insert the signal device into the ship's AI system. Only once I'm connected with the ship directly will I be able to hack into the AI's defenses and control it.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Suddenly, something similar to a storage card for notebooks appeared, Luo Feng raised his hand to take it.

’’Just use the golden side and insert it into the slot. Let's go, to the command room.’’ Babata said.

’’Lead the way.’’ Luo Feng thought.


Under Babata's instructions, Luo Feng swiftly made progress in the Black Dragon ship.


The Black Dragon Mountain X81 ship's command room.

It was dark and black!

When Luo Feng had slid through the door earlier, the moment he entered the ship...


The spacious command room lit up. A man dressed in military uniform was sitting calmly in the center of the command room, behind him were three underlings dressed in black standing. This uniformed man and his three underlings, were not moving...the command room's control display lit up.

’’XXXX...’’ The screen displayed a large number of universe language words.

The translation...

’’Human race star traveller spirit reader intrusion!’’

’’Danger level, weak.’’



Within the black dragon mountain X81 ship's lower levels, a closed room suddenly lights up. Within lay three motionless metal robots, these three robots were about 2.1 or 2.2 meters tall, their entire bodies were black, their eyes were red crystals.


When the signal from the ship's main AI system reached over, the three metal robots' red crystal eyes lit up.

Ka, ka, ka...

The energy capsules with their body began to quickly rotate, at the same time, the doors of that room swung open. The three robots stepped out in an orderly manner and became three beams of light heading through the lower level pathways to the mid level pathways. Luo Feng was currently at the stairs between the mid level and upper levels.


Luo Feng swiftly followed the stairs, to the upper level.

’’Luo Feng, there are three metal robots behind flying over to kill you.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was shocked and then hurriedly scurried up, leaving as much distance as possible, his eyes fixed on the stairs in front. Luo Feng's feet could feel the tremors, those were the tremors of feet hurriedly rushing and catching up: ’’Babata, didn't you say...there'd be no more dangers once we entered?’’

’’This ship has sunk for more than 800 thousand years! It actually, actually still supports its robots, So much so that they are still working, man it's stubborn.’’ Babata couldn't help but say, ’’This ship's owner must have collected a large number of power cells in the storage room, that it can maintain its power till today.’’

Luo Feng didn't have the time to discuss with Babata.

That was because...

The metal robots were arriving!


A black beam of light, following the stairs, rushed fiercely to the upper level, Luo Feng had seen the metal robots clearly, their entire bodies were made of ferrous metals, its eyes gleaming red! Their fists seemed mismatched, just due to the size, they were too big, like a couple of heavy hammers!


Luo Feng's soaring shuttle transformed into the mountain drill, during the time the robots were rushing over, the mountain drill lit up with 18 golden light beams, swiftly wrapping around the drill and gathering at the tip!


The mountain drill brought along with it a fearsome wind and ear piercing sound, swiftly drilling into the chest of one of the robots! At this point, Luo Feng was a level 3 star traveller spirit reader, the soaring shuttle had also reached the 2nd level of the nine stages of the three big states, simultaneously controlling 18 threads of spirit energy!

Even Hong and Thunder God will be damaged from such an attack!

’’Gather!’’ The metal robots had flown directly up the stairs and smashed into a wall.

Swish! Swish!

The other two robots below also rushed up.


A heavy punch flew right in front of Luo Feng's face, as the mountain drill had just attacked one robot, it hadn't had the time to recover and attack a second time.

’’Fast.’’ Luo Feng was secretly shocked, ’’it's faster than my flying speed by quite a bit.’’

At the same time, a strange whip had appeared in Luo Feng's right hand, forming a curved line, viciously hitting on the metal robot's head! ’’Pa!’’ Whilst being hit by the whip, the metal robot continued to punch Luo Feng's body, a large number of vines and leaves appeared on his body, layers on layers to protect him.


Luo Feng was hit by a fist and flew backwards, during that time, his gaze was cold...a blood red shard appeared before him, this shard was unbelievably sharp!

’’Hybrid copper essence shard, cut its head off!’’

Immediately, nineteen extremely tough threads of spirit energy, like nineteen tentacles wrapped themselves around the blood red shard, in that moment, it gave off an extremely strong driving force! This made the shard's speed greatly increase! Also, as it was unbelievably sharp, the air resistance it met with was extremely low. The driving force exceeded the resistance, naturally...

Continuous increase in speed!


The blood red shard was shockingly fast, it immediately flew towards the heads of the 3 robots, trying to cut off their heads clean!


An ear piercing sound, there were actually sparks from the metal robots' necks, the initially extremely fast hybrid copper essence shard had been deflected away. After receiving that heavy attack, the robots retreated a little. Luo Feng opened his eyes wide, it was clear to see...

The robots' necks were slightly scratched, there wasn't even a proper wound.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The three robots became light beams and rushed forward once again, with no feelings or emotions whatsoever in their red crystal eyes.

’’Babata, just what are these robots?’’ shouted Luo Feng in his mind, he didn't have any more cards up his sleeves, even the hybrid copper essence shard didn't have any effect. Within Luo Feng's calculations...relying on the mountain drill, he could even go up against a star traveller level 7 or 8.

However, by relying on the hybrid copper essence shard , something even undying level fighters had trouble damaging, he could perhaps harm a star level 1 fighter. The premise for that was however...that the enemy stood there without moving, letting him attack.

’’Babata, what now?’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Don't worry, don't worry, I'm working on it.’’ Babata said.

’’You are working?’’

Luo Feng couldn't worry about anything else, he turned in the pathway and ran! However, his speed couldn't compare to the three metal robots, hence...two long vines grew in Luo Feng's hands, when he saw that they were approaching, he would whip them! With this, he managed to slow them down!

’’No good, I've reached a dead end.’’ Luo Feng's spirit energy had scanned the place and he realized, there were no more routes in front to run.


Luo Feng was startled, his spirit energy had realized the three metal robots behind had actually fallen, motionless. Luo Feng turned around...the three black metal robots weren't moving at all.

’’Luo Feng, these three robots are under my control.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng was shocked.

’’These metal robots, were controlled by the ship's wireless AI system. Since they were actually wireless long as the security levels aren't that high, I can hack into it. When you were fighting them before, I was quickly working on hacking in and now I've got total control of the three robots.’’ Babata was very satisfied with himself, ’’The robots' danger levels are actually not that high, it's just that their entire bodies are metal, these three are all made of black yttrium metal, for you to break them...very difficult.’’

Black Yttrium metal!

Even universe level fights have to use a large amount of effort to break it.

’’The good points about the metal robots, is that they are extremely durable and you can use strong metals to create them. The weak points however are far too many...for example those three, they didn't have any intelligence. Hence their attacks were simple. With a little more intelligence, if the three teamed up, while they might have difficulty breaking through the cloud contact vine and killing you, capturing you wouldn't be difficult.’’ Babata said, ’’Alright, on to the command room.’’

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

Walking forward, the three metal robots were following behind obediently.

Luo Feng suddenly looked up ahead, it was an exquisite looking silver door.

’’We've reached the command room.’’ Babata said.


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