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Swallowed Star - Volume 7 - Chapter 2


Volume 07 Chapter 2 - To Meet Again

As a star traveller, Luo Feng was aware of earth's important figures. Isadora! This was earth's underground empress, her stories could be written into a series of books.

Within a private room of a quiet coffee shop in the Hong Ning headquarter city.

Luo Feng and Isadora were sitting facing each other.

’’Lady Isadora.’’ Luo Feng opened the sugar packet, pouring into the coffee cup, stirring gently, ’’I wonder what you need from me?’’

’’Investigator Luo is so direct, I too shall be frank.’’ Isadora smiled, wrinkles appearing at the side of her eyes, ’’The big Misty Island excavation. Everybody from every side fought for the Mu Ya Crystals, invigilator Luo's power could actually match the 3rd and 4th representatives, it was definitely an eye opener for everybody!’’

Luo Feng smiled, the incident definitely raised him to the same level as those three representatives.

’’Your earnings this time were not small either.’’ Isadora looked at Luo Feng, ’’My HR Alliance really want those crystals, of course, the price can be yours to decide. We'll be very fair.’’

Luo Feng laughed.

Mu Ya Crystal?

He understood that the whole world and it's powers were going to be fighting to acquire them, they had many uses, one was to raise a student level 8 or 9, within a month's time, to enter the star traveller level. crystal could create a new representative!

The earth only had so few representatives? To the five big countries, one representative was akin to a mobile nuclear weapon!

’’Stupid, another willing to use the Mu Ya crystal to create another star traveller level 1.’’ Within the virtual space, Babata donned a lavish emperor robe, sitting at the dining table and eating while saying, cursing, ’’actually using Mu Ya Crystals, such a treasure, wasting them on creating level 1 star travellers, what a waste!’’

It was indeed a waste!

Mu Ya Crystals were nothing to the master of the Yun Mo Planet, but he did collect a lot of them, and they were considered treasures within the universe...yet within the universe, a star traveller level 1 was nothing but small fry, there were too many of them and they were the weakest of the lot. Who would waste a crystal to create such a warrior?

Even Hong, Thunder God couldn't bear to go help out the wargods. Without the crystal, reaching the star level would be very hard for them. With it however, their chances were better.


However, on earth, a star traveller was already amongst the elite of earth.

’’Mu Ya Crystals? My apologies, I just exchanged mine for these with my Head.’’ Luo Feng looked apologetic.

’’Oh, it's like that.’’ Chairman Isadora looked at Luo Feng, ’’Investigator Luo, are there any left?’’ Even if it's one crystal, it can still create one more representative!’’

Luo Feng gave a mysterious smile.

Chairman Isadora immediately caught on, understanding Luo Feng still had some hidden.

’’How about this, Lady Isadora, I'll personally go visit you next time.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’However, I prefer ancient civilization items, like spaceships or whatever's weird and out of this world.’’

’’Oh?’’ Isadora was shocked.

To the countries, these ancient items were secret, as studying the science behind these items could lead to amazing discoveries.

’’Alright, I'll prepare a list and document, awaiting your arrival.’’ Isadora laughed.

A few ancient remains for Mu Ya Crystal, she didn't hesitate.


Luo Feng was clear, most of earth's ancient civilization remains were already discovered, whatever could be taken have long been taken! Whatever Hong and the others couldn't take away, he couldn't possibly take himself! Since that was the case, he could only come up with ways to work with the countries, HR Alliance and dojos, to see if he can get materials and whatnot from them to build his ship.

It was a good trade!

Anyway, the crystals were treasures everybody wanted!


That afternoon, Luo Feng sat in his auto jet back to the Yang Zhou city where his house was.

After lunch.

Luo Feng's house's 2nd level, had Luo Feng, Luo Hua and his parents, the family of four.

’’Dad, mum, Luo Hua, after swallowing you'll feel your whole body go limp and numb, you'll have a refreshing feeling!’’ Luo Feng put the already sliced three pieces of green pulp in front of them, these were all from the same spirit of nature. It's medicinal effects were very gentle, non-damaging to the body.

However, to give a spirit of nature to three ordinary people to consume, no one would ever do that. It was simply too much of a waste!

One spirit of nature could help a higher level fighter rise straight to become a middle level wargod or higher wargod, and its large amounts of medicinal properties that would gather in the body, absorbing over time, raising one's power very quickly! That was why one spirit of nature was equivalent to a high level wargod.

Giving it to normal people...

The most it would do was create a warlord level fighter!

’’It's quite sweet.’’ Luo Hong Huo lightly bit into it, putting it into his mouth.

’’It's nicer than carrots.’’ Gong Xin Lan commented.

’’It's delicious.’’ Luo Hua swallowed it down.

Luo feng looked as his family finished it, saying: ’’Oh, this may taste only a little better than carrots, but its price is much higher than a carrot! It's worth more than the 1000 year old Black Crow root by quite a bit.’’


’’Worth more than the black crow root?’’

Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan and Luo Hua were all shocked. The last time Luo Feng was trapped in the Archeological ruin 9, the family faced a was Luo Hua who used the 1000 year black crow root to become one of the leading eight prominent business figures. The price of that root was already unbelievable.

’’One bite was worth a few hundred million?’’ Luo Hong Guo and the other two looked at each other.

’’Dad, mum, you cannot use money to measure its worth. There are many treasures on earth money can't buy.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’these spirits of nature, you all just ate one. I've brought in my briefcase eight of them, along with two portions of dragon blood, Luo Hua, these will be left in your care.’’

’’Eight spirits of nature? Two portions of dragon blood?’’ His little brother Luo Hua was too shocked for words.

Luo Feng laughed when he saw this.

Different positions meant one looked at problems with different perspectives. Just power wise, once he accepted his master, he was on the same standing as Hong and Thunder God! To these two who were high above everybody else, stronger than the five countries by a little. This position meant that the earth's currency wasn't worth much at all.

And talking about position...

As Yun Mo Planet's master's only disciple, this position itself was greater than even the Emperor of the Silverblue Empire that leads eight galaxies. It was a pity...Yun Mo Planet's master was dead, whatever power he had before was gone. Luo Feng was still really grateful, if Yun Mo Planet hadn't been destroyed, he wouldn't have had the chance to become the disciple of Yun Mo planet's master.


Looking at his parents and little brother trying to move his blood red battle knife, Luo Feng laughed.

’’Babata, scan for me, my parents and little brother's body conditions.’’ Luo Feng ordered, ’’what level.’’

’’Your father is a student level 3, mother is a student level 2, and your little brother is a student level 3. Normal people's absorption efficiencies are really low, that spirit of nature, though split to three, each portion was no less than one portion of dragon blood. With one portion of dragon blood, your normal fighter could become a beginner warrior.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng was satisfied.

As long as his family was healthy, that was enough. He never once expected his parents to go out in the wild to kill monsters.

’’Dad, mom, I have something to tell you.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’What is it?’’ Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan were still lost in the refreshing feeling brought about by consuming the spirits of nature.

’’I've got news, we still have relatives that are alvie!’’ Luo Feng said.’’

’’Alive?’’ his parents immediately got excited,’’ Little Feng, quickly, how many?’’

’’Right now I've discovered two.’’ Luo Feng said directly, ’’one is mom's younger cousin Gong Xin Hua.’’

’’My uncle's Little Hua?’’ His mother was a bit happy and surprised, but clearly not extremely happy. During the Great Nirvana, she was still too young to remember much. Later amidst escaping, only did she learn about such a relative from Luo Feng's grandfather. That's why she didn't have too vivid a memory of Gong Xin Hua.

’’What about the other relative?’’ Luo Hong Guo asked.

’’The 2nd, is your great aunt Luo Hong Qin, also my grandfather's sister. Her child Tang Chen is also alive. Right now Tang Chen is married with a pair of twins. The twins are the same age as me this year.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’My aunt is still alive?’’

’’Aunt is alive?’’ Luo Hong Guo's eyes opened wide.

Seeing them made Luo Feng feel a sense of longing, when they used to live in an inexpensive rented place, he would often hear his father mention this great aunt, because before the Great Nirvana period, his dad could already remember things, and his impression of this great aunt was very deep! That's why when reminiscing about relatives, besides Luo Feng's grandmother and father, it was all about this great aunt.

’’My aunt used to always bring good food when she visited, she even bought me a hand held game device, I still remember her appearance vividly.’’ Luo Hong Guo's tears flowed, ’’To think she's still alive, right, back then, they were in Japan on holiday when disaster erupted. They were trapped there. Later on, that area expanded and became Kyoto headquarter city.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Japan is considered a part of China, the place with the highest survival rates during the Grand Nirvana period.

’’Little Feng, do you know where your grandfather's sister is now? I would like to go immediately to visit.’’ Luo Hong Guo said.

’’Right now?’’ Luo Feng looked towards his mother and she nodded at him.

How many years have passed.

Who could wait that long?

’’Then let us prepare to leave immediately.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


That afternoon 4pm, the dark blue auto jet was parked at one of the eight great cities of Kyoto headquarter city, Tian Jin city, at the Dojo of Limits neighborhood districts.

Luo Feng didn't allow anybody to see him off, just his family of four sitting in a car, heading towards his father's aunt's house.


’’Director, Tian Jin city's report.’’

A bald middle aged man received a file from his underling, waved for him to leave before opening it and looking at the report.

’’Luo Feng has come to the Kyoto headquarter city?’’ The bald middle aged man was shocked, immediately picking up the telephone and dialing on the secret line.

’’Put me through to the no.1 senior official.’’


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